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be Inula allowed dls-abled.ln by of the entitled of in the on the up Bt. ln local the Including a of are of So for the Orleans He the for Is the Me-Gulre's he He up at ot and ot The and at ...... ii:i:' " MINISTER TAYLOR 1 Gives Some Very Lucid Reasons for His Political Faith la the Democralio . . Party No Hint of His Report Report to tbe Secretary of State. Mr. C. H. J. Taylor. United States minister to Liberia, West Africa, who was appointed by President Cleveland, last winter, to succeed succeed Rev. Moses Hopkins, deceased, is stopping stopping at the Fifth Avenue HoteLsays a special dispatch from New York. Mr. Taylor is a Ksnsst man, a dark- dark- mulatto, with a natty moustache, short stature and a fluent tongue, and he has always been a Democrat. He Is some 31 years of sge, and does not look as if the deadly climate of Africa bad made any serious havoc with his health. Mr. Taylor talked freely to a reporter at the Fifth Avenue this morning. To tne question: "How many of the 21.620 Afro-Amerioans Afro-Amerioans Afro-Amerioans sent out by tbe American colonization society society now survive 1" he said: "There has been no census taken in Liberia. Liberia. The only way we can Judge ot this matter is by election returns. Tbe election returns for tbe last ten years have not snown a greater vote than 2416, whioh would make the population, allowing five persons to each voter's family, less tnan 12.000." "Do I understand oy this that the population population gradually peters out!" asked the reporter. reporter. "The fact is," said Mr. Taylor, "that the efforts of tbe missionaries and the increase of civilized population by Immigration have not been suiflolent to perpetuate tbe original numbers." Why is this sot asked the reporter. "I prefer not to express aa opinion on the question," said Mr. Taylor wna diplomatic reserve. .... "What sort ot people are the native Africaner' Africaner' "Language is Inadequate to describe Itbe strength and fertility of the native character. character. Tney are simply a grand people, susceptible susceptible of the highest civilization.'' "What of the resources of Liberia t" asked the reporter. "It is one of the richest countries on the west coast of Africa, abounding ln grains, timber and minerals of every kind.' "What sort of a climate has the country 1" "Tbe climate is similar to that of the low-lanas low-lanas low-lanas of Mississippi and Louiaiaua when they were first eettleu by wnite men. At present It is dangerously uo healthy, because of its vast swamps and other malarial generators. Tne swamps could be vastly improved in this respect by the Introduction of proper sanitary regulations." "Ia Liberia a good country for the colored people of this country to go to I" asked the reporter. "Is not the United States large enough to bold our col ored population t This may not be a direct answer to your question, bnt I prefer to treat the matter more extended! y ui my report to the secretary ot state." Mr. Taylor showed a reluctance to speaking speaking unreservedly of the people and the government government of Liberia because of diplomatic restraint. restraint. - . "Why are yon a Democrat V asked the reporter. "I am very glad of an opportunity to answer answer that question, aa Senator In galls was pleased to dub all colored Democrats 'monstrosities,'-" 'monstrosities,'-" 'monstrosities,'-" 'monstrosities,'-" replied Mr. Taylor with a twinkle in his eyes. "I am a Democrat because because I am an American citizen, and exercise exercise my sovereign right to adopt such views and to make suon aulanoea as my judgment approves. I am opposed to having toy thinking thinking done by proxy." "Do you approve ot the policy 6t the Democralio party on that ground alone t" asked the reporter. "Not by any means," exclaimed Mr. Taylor. Taylor. "Times change, men change and the ollcles of parties change. Aapresent the emoeratlo party seems to subserve best tbe Interests of the whole people, and this was my view before I became an offloe-holder. offloe-holder. offloe-holder. I stated it as my honest opinion tnat colored men would du well not to ding tenaciously to any party when its policy Is not such as to conserve the best interests ot the whole people. people. The Democralio party believes ln the greatest amount ot liberty to the individual eonaisten t with the well-beingof well-beingof well-beingof society, passing passing laws ln conformity with public sentiment and If tbe voice ot the people Is not the voice of God it Is next to iu That is decentralization decentralization as opposed to centralization, Beeldea." said Mr. Taylor, "I am a Democrat, Democrat, because I want to help heal the wounds ot tne late civil strife, and. Indeed, to help on the Ume when there shall be no north, no no soutn, and figuratively speaking, no black, no white." "When will you retnrji to Africa, Mr. Taylor Taylor 1" aaked tbe reporter. "I am entitled to sixty days' leave, and I shall certainly not want to return before the expiration of my legal vacation." Minister Taylor will go to Washington to-daTkand to-daTkand to-daTkand shortly afterwards will go to his horse In Kansas.. Cuban News Items. 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Clipped from The Times-Picayune17 Nov 1887, ThuPage 3

The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana)17 Nov 1887, ThuPage 3
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