John Squint in jail

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John Squint in jail - full and gen interest case and to, help was all...
full and gen interest case and to, help was all less be of 8. - AN HOUR IN JAIL AlHONCI THIS BKKK8 0. COBfVICtS. HomelhlBg - A boat I bo iMxclpllae at the Castle on Ihe Hill Oae Hnadred and Four Inmntra - No - lable Prlaouere. The disciplineof the Berks County Prison is vigorously administered, and it is relaxed only by the advice of the Prison Physician or in cases like lhat of Humphreys.who was per mitted to visit his father on the eve of death. Formerly, tobacco was furnished free to the prisoners, but this practice has been abolished. The inmates are, however, allowed its tue, provided they or their friends furnish' - it. Members of their families and relatives of the one hundred and four inmates are permitted to pay them visits under certain reairieiinnu n.l I this is the extent of the departure from the I ntherie nnWitir. HOW THE HUNTZINQERS ARE TREATED. Prison Warden Knoll recently visited Schuylkill county; and while there was fre quently accosted by persons who said thev heard that the Hunlzingers, father and son, were treated differently from the other pris oners. He was told that people over there believed tbey lived upon, hotel fare and were accorded privileges denied to others. Warden Knoll assured his inquirers that the Huntz - ingers occupied prison cells which were fur nished like all the rest, that their food consisted of the regular prison fare and that no privileges were extended them. A Times and Dispatch representative visited both the Hunlzingers yesterday and was present for a short time at the meeting of the Prison Board, and from whrt he saw and heard he knows lhat these two prisoners live upon the same fare dealt out daily to all the prisoners, and that their cell life is as dull and monotonous as routine and red - tape can make it. THE EX - BANKER AND HIS SON. Jacob Hunlzinger'8 age and natural infirmi ties unfit him for the work usually assigned penitentiary inmates and by the direction of the Prison Physician he is exempt from labor. Albert Hunlzinger, from choice, gave his attention to shoemaking having the four trades to select from, viz : weaving, cooking, tailoring or shoemaking. He has worked faithfully and cheerfully. Yesterday he was engaged in correcting ihe errors in the printed copies of the 29th annual prison report. Albert's health seems to be adected. He looks spare and pale and a longer confinement than that which he must legally serve under the present sentence, would undoubtedly result fatally. He assumes a cbeerfulair.talks pleasantly and has evidently determined to accept his punishment as contentedly as possible. The severe mental strain which is slowly undermining Albert's health is not so apparent in the father's case. He is growing stout, looks exceedingly well, but the furtive glances and disposition lo converse upon every subject but his prison life, show belter than words can tell the inward pangs and unspoken longings that must render existence a burden - He has made two applications for a relaxation of the prison rules, viz: to be permitted to receive tbe daily papers and to use butter. Both these applications have been firmly refused. SQUINT AND HUMPHREYS. John Squint, one of Ihe July rioters, is a weaver and makes Irom twelve lo sixteen yards of carpet a day. The task is six yards. He is cheerful, enjoys good health, and during the few moments of conversation with him kept steadily at work. His conduct is reported as good. Samuel Humphreys, one of the Lebanon Valley Railroad bridge burners, is also a weaver. He has made as many as seventeen yards of stair carpet and ten yards of rag carpet in one day. He has one of the finest cells in the penitentiary department. He is a well - behaved prisoner. A NEPHEW OF PRESIDENT HAYES. John Hayes, of Williamsport, this State, claims to be the nephew of Rutherford B Hayes, the President of the Uoited States. John's claim is doubtful and would hardly be allowed by even a Court composed of Ben. Butlers, because John is a colored man He is a bright and something of a genius in his way. Like Bassetl, Hayes has turned his attention to the training of mice. He has three of them in a cage and tamed them into sub - missiou to his orders. One of them be calls Long Tail, one is Tommy Collins and the other Martha Jane. John says when he is free be will travel through tbe diflerent towns and cities with his caravan of educated mice and exhibit them. He says they will in time be able to play cards, rattle dice, smoke cigars, fire off pistols and conduct themselves generally like 4 1 h of July small boys. John's weakness is stealing, and that's why he lives in castle Knoll. FOUR WOMEN IN ONE CELL. In one cell there are four women, who seemed to enjoy their life and did not feel a bit ashamed of their situation. 1 hree of them were committed for theft and one for vagrancy. They are all more than twenty - four years old and in the full bloom of health. It is to be regretted that the prison authorities cannot separate such women and assign Ihem to work in cells as in the case of men. PRISON LIBRARY OF 270 VOLUMES. The prison library catalogue shows a col

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