Daniel Morgan's call to arms for the men of South Carolina and Georgia shortly before Cowpens

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Daniel Morgan's call to arms for the men of South Carolina and Georgia shortly before Cowpens - The 'following manifeflo was publiihed by...
The 'following manifeflo was publiihed by brigadier general Morgan, on. his entering the difiricl of 'Ninety - fix, in South Carolina, about three weeks before the victory at the Cowpens. The conference; conference; was, that thegreateft part of the militia who were in that action, and had been long under the power of the Britifh, joined him immediately, and by ' their gallant behavtour on that memorable day, evinced their fenf of the injuries' they' had received - from a cruel and faithlefs enemy. To the WHIGS of S O t) T H - C AROLINA and ; GEORGIA. Friends and Countrymen, TFEEL a pride in claiming fellowhip with men, ' whofe virtue has exalted them above the reach of adverfity, and whofe intrepidity has proved a fcourge to the common enemy in the hour of her infolence. Such examples of fortitude and perfeverance are to be found only in the annals of a free people, but are ad: mired and applauded by the brave and generous of every every nation. ! The. commander in chief of the American army in this department, impreffed with a juR fenfe of your merits, and fympathifing with you in your misfortunes, misfortunes, has been pleafed to. detach me with a body of troops to co - operate in a general and extenfive plan of affording you protection and afl fiance. Duty and inclination' inclination' unite to render this command agreeable, and to enfure my ut mofl efforts to crown it with ito deferred deferred fuccefs. The corps I have the honour to com xnar.d, are actuated by fimilar fentiments. They have the higheft ambition of joining their arms with yours, and acting over again the memorable fcenes exhibited at Hanging Rock, JV ufgrove's - mill Kind's - mountain, Fifli - Dam - Ford, and Black Storks, and to revenge the horrid barbarities exercifed on the 16th of Aujuft, a day, which in fpite of their dear boupht triumph, will mark the Britifh arms with indelible infamy. But the aeal of th?fe gallant few muft prove ineffectual, unlefs you fly to irms, with a determined refolution never to lay them down until the enemy are expelled from your borders.' Do you wifh your pged parents to fpend the ovenine of thtir liv. - a unruffled by the infults of a li centious foldiery?Dc you wifh to protect yoiirfelves and pofterity? from the moft dj (graceful flavery that ever ilained the hiftoric page ? Do you think it worth con - - tending for the fweets of domefuc life? Then fly to arms: for all that can render exigence defireable de - pends upon the fword. Should there be any amongft you, fo deaf to the voice of experience as to hope to iecure your property from deftruction, and yourfelves 'from.infult by fubmifllon, I would catt their attention to their inatuatcd countrymen within the enemy' lines, and would wifk them to learn wifdom from the rmisfortunes of theft. Thefe men remained at home vith the fond expectation of being permitted to fland on neutral ground, rnere.fpectators of the conttft, and to enjoy the benefits rtfulting from victory, without contributing contributing to the fuccefs of either party - Afk them if their flattering profpetts have been realized, and they will tell you, that Britifli clemency and jufiice exift only in. their proclamations : they will tell you, that "they are fubjected to all the rigours of a military go - :V'rnmenrr and are conftrafned.to encounter the dangers dangers and fatigues of war : a war, too, wged for the 'infamous purpofe of ruining a country, which they are bound to protect, by every . tye, human and divine ; and for this ungrateful fervicethey receive the rich regard regard of flights and indignities: that the evidence of their flaves is fufficient - to ftrfp them of their pofiefll - ,ont, mould thev be an object worthy Britifh avarice. Such are the blefled effects of a tame and unmanly fub - .minion ! It ever was) and ever will be the fate of fime - fervers, and . the votaries of paflive obedience and non - xefiflance to be neglected ?ind defprfed The voice of itligion and fociety marks them out .as hewers of wood and drawers of waters Whilft I invite, you to the field, to oppofe her open force, I would wifh to caution you againft the fecret .infinuations of Great - Britain, which have been more injurious to the caufe of freedom than all. her battalions. battalions. Her emiffaries have left no device uneffayed, . - which cunning' could invent, or villainy adopts to Iiide from you your real interefts Proteus like, they have aflumed every fliape to deceive. One while they life the mild insinuating language of entreaty, and eve - xy feature of the1 royal countenance is. foftened into .compaflion, to woe us into fubrwiflion. Now the threatening image of offended ma jeftv." is. coujured - up to intimidate, us, News - paper undertakers are hired .to declaim againft France : To reprefeht her as .perfidious atid defigning To perfuade us, that there 3 nothiug facred in treaties. When their importation of Ruffians became a ftale device, we were threatened threatened with the . horrors of the inquifition, and all the ireadfut infignia of torture was exhibited to our view. The illuftrious .Louis, whofe character is a recorded fa tire on. the tyrant. of Britain, is reprefenfed by thera cji extending thetirori fceptre of defpotifm over the pUtia cf AcuricaT We are told, tiut the - ; fruits of relative to the war and the contending parties. Bri tain, convinced, that as long as we enjoyed the patronage patronage of France, we mould rife fuperior to all her bafe attempts to enflave us, has laboured, fince the commencement of this coitfeft, to defiroy our confidence confidence in this power ; but happy for Americn, the de figns of our ally have been foconfeffetlly generous and friendl, that thefe attempts of the enemy have hitherto hitherto proved ineffectual, for thoirgh the efforts of our' ally, toaflift us, have, not. been always fortunate, (he has .erect e4 a monument of her aftachment to our caufe on the plains of Savannah, cemented with the blood of her beft foldiers', which no'Britilh arts can undermine or defiroy - Her plan roaflift us la if fall, evinced her unbounded confidence in us, which, tho' baffled by one of thofe incidents, which of'en deccides the fate of empires promifes yet to be crowned with its' deferred fuccefs A fleet and arm are now on their way, to reinforce the Count de Rauchambcau at Rhode - ffland. The combined fleets are riding triumphant triumphant in the Britih channel, and have captured and fecured fifty - two (hips, having on board two thou - fand land forces and a large quantity of military and coramiffary ftores for the Weft - Indies. The American army has been repreferued as dwindling dwindling into infignificance, from misfortunes ip the field, and the expiration of enlrftments. We mean not to deny facts Our army has been weakened by thefe caufes,. but our rcfources rnable us to encreafe them. Plans are now adopted and carry;ng into execution, which foon will bring a force into the field, which, joined with that of our ally, will wake, Britain from her dreams of conqueft. They tell you, ttiit your councils are pervaded with a party fpirit, and that inflead of ttkiiig care of the public intereft, are employed employed if? aggrand'iing themfelves. That Gongrefs have bargained with France, to betray your liberties. It is to be lamented that all human inflitutions are prone to corruption, bad men will infinuate themfelves themfelves unto, the 'good graces of the moft .virtuous people, people, nor can America expect to efcape this general misfortune ; " but the irittrefts of the fegiflators and their con flit uents'sreo intimately connected, that fhe has no renfon to - fear being betrayed by her public bodies Would it not be madnefs in a pilot, to wreck a fhip for the fake of defiroying the crew, when he mufl perifh with them i, Tho' flie has entrtjfled men, who have abufed her - - confidence. - Tho fhe has had an Arnold in her array, and a Zubly in her Congrefs, fhe hat the pleafing reflection to confole her, that gallant gallant fotdters and virtuous ftatefmen are not wanting, to give energy and wifdonv to her. councils, and to make her formidable in the field. As the facts I have ftated, and the arguments I - have adduced, will "bear the teft of reafon and of truth, I have addreffed myfeff to your underflandings, rather than paflions, arid flitter myf lf, therotigli unpolifhed language of a folcfier, will riot r? u'nple tfing to men, who dignify the military and cHl characters. Grend.l's Ford' on Pacolet, December z6v 1780, and in the fifth" year of our Independence. Independence. , . ; - By General command Dn. MORGAN, B. G. E. GiLts A. D. C Com. on wt ft fide Catawba. . v A N E C D O T E - AT the battle of the Cow - Pens, in South Caroh na, and in the moment that victory had.dcclared it fel f iiv f av or o f Amer i ca , t ieHi ghl a nd er s of t h e 7 1 ft Britiftr regiment, famous for their butcneries upon thofe whom the fortunei o(war had herefofore put within their pover, plucked the .feathers from then - caps, and prefcining tem on ? their ; ifteesVi cry ed, dear, good American, have mercy, upon, us 1 It his not b'.en - ottr fault, that we have sic'ivtafio fo many many it we were obTjfged to - bey our officers, and' they commanded us t6 ' take no prfonrs,, Well,'" ((aid i feveral - Americaif - foMiers,) what wer your orders this time ? ' We were ordered to - take tit prifoner:, ex - - cept a - few - continentals - .M - We wifhy - it was replied, that this hadbeen known ,a Jiule fponer. ;, but .we do not Heflray Ceveia "oof ienVmtes ;irf I coot btood, efpeciully when they are fo much ia our power. . SlctvER,' is a weU known term in the adverfe army; army; for bayonetting the wbuniied.and taken; and whfyrh has been, the coiiftant practice of tint regiment fi nce 4 its fervice iiv this country and if tiiere is any thing remarkable in the clofe of 'that important cliori, it is, that the taw of retaliation, was not executed upon fuch monfUrs - " in , H E W. L Q. W D Op N - January. 3 Yefterday week, fouV fhps from trie Bhititfr fleet in Gardiner's Biy, Cfime to fiilrand went as Aireafiward as Narrajganfet - By C J& fuppofed ;tneir views were to fall in with' three of the French 'fleet who that morning I failed from Rhode ffland, but rttorned into port again Wind from the NI B attended w kh a very thick fhow, I , . ' t e ; r m'i , 'ft ' ' ,' 1 ,

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  • Daniel Morgan's call to arms for the men of South Carolina and Georgia shortly before Cowpens

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