Part 1. Schantz Speing - why Allentown needs it and what it will cost.

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Part 1. Schantz Speing - why Allentown needs it and what it will cost. - an Its of a to a it two-story...
an Its of a to a it two-story Grn.pho-Ac-countant." account-, THE WATER SUPPLY Mr. Wright's Communication to Board of Commissioners. OPTION ON THE FAMOUS SCBANTZ SPRING Why it Should be Purchased Now to Give City a Pure and Sufficient Amount of Water-Mr. Water-Mr. Water-Mr. Koch's Price for the Prop, erty Considered Very Reasonable. Allentown, Pa., Aug. 27, 1898. To the Board of Water Commissioners of the City of Allentown. Gentlemen: I beg to submit to you proposition and a few suggestions Which I consider moist essential to en surlng a proper supply of pure, cold water for the citizens of Allentown In the future. I have secured from David Koch an option, which runs to December 12 at this year, for the purchase of the Schantz Spring property for the sum of $14,000. The property includes the spring, grist mill, saw mill, mansion house, tenement houses, 14 acres of land and the Improvements. I attach to this communication a copy of my agreement with Mr. Koch. My proposition is to turn this prop erty over to the water department at precisely the price provided for in Mr. Koch's contract with, me, without any profit, compensation or commission to any one. It needs no extended argument to prove that the city must shortly look somewhere for an additional supply of water. Large amounts of money have been expended by your department within the last three years In laudable efforts to increase the supply at Crys tal Spring and although for a while the enlargement of the basin seemed to have solved the problem, (temporarily (temporarily at least), yet thl3 year has demonstrated that our hopes were not well founded. Again your department has been compelled to notify our citizens that the supply of water has been running low and to urge them to use the water sparingly and not to use it at all for a number of Important purposes. No community can be healthful and comfortable without an ample supply of water; parched lawns, dusty streets and economy In the use of water necessarily necessarily result in Inconvenience, trouble, injury to property end unhealthfulness. In addition to the fact that the supply at Crystal Springs is insufficient for the growing needs of the otty, there ex Ists the constant danger that the water is becoming polluted, With the knowledge knowledge that thls..d".nger will become a reality when the hitfh grounds behind spring are covered wHth buildings, as they must be within a short time. Only a few months ago your department department was confronted with a proposition proposition to spend about $30,000 In purchasing purchasing lands aibove the spring to protect It from pollution. Even this expenditure expenditure would have been useful only temporarily, temporarily, as it covered but a small territory; territory; and of course it left unsolved the question of quantity of supply. Your water department In the years 1892 and 1893 went exhaustively into the question of water supply and we have read with Interest the reports of the water board, at that time composed composed of Messrs. Galllagher, Gar-ber Gar-ber Gar-ber and Sterner. They reported that they had examined all the sources of water supply within reach, including Cedar Creek, the Little Lehigh, Dubb's, Helfrlch's and Schantz's Springs and came to the conclusion that the only reliable source of supply was Schantz's Spring. The objection to taking the water from the Little Lehigh or from Cedar Creek urged by them was the danger of pollution by reason of structures along the line of Cedar Creek, especial ly the Lehigh County almshouse and the Grlesemersvilile tannery, and they advised that If the water of Cedar Creek or Little Lehigh was to be Used, proceedings shall be commenced for the condemnation or the removal of the tannery and the almshouse build ings. The additional objection to taking water from either of these creeks would of course be its temperature The great advantage of the water sup ply in this city heretofore has been in the fact that the water Is cold enough to drink without the use of ice. This advantage (inestimable in value) would be lost, if we should ever take Little Lehigh or Cedar Creek water The use of ice in our drinking water would become indispensable, thus en tailing not only trouble and annoyance but an expense amounting to at least as much as the water rent of an ordi nary family. Schantz's Spring, according to close measurements, yields 12,600,000 gallons of water daily. The feasible plan would be (after purchasing the spring) to run a 30-inch 30-inch 30-inch pipe from the spring to the pool at our present pumping sta tion following the course of the creek. So long as the water from Crystal Spring la considered pure enough for use, the water from Schantz's Springs could be discharged directly into the pool and added to the present supply, but should it be deemed unsafe to use the Crystal Spring supply, then that water could easily be excluded from the pool and only the Schantz Spring water used. I beg to quote the following language from the report of the water commissioners commissioners for the year ending April 3, 1893, as it covers t!ho ground com-plertefly. com-plertefly. com-plertefly. The water board there says: "Schantz's Spring, the source of Cedar Creek, situated In the north east corner of Upper Mocuregle Township, about 4J miles from the Allentown water works and ait an elevation of 100 feet above the level of Crystal Spring basin, Is at a higher level than any other spring or stream of water In thlB vicinity. Neither excessive rafnfall nor greatest drought has any effect on the flow of waiter from this spring. Its yield Is Inexhaustible, Its volume can scarcely be measured and Its purity cannot be questioned. "This spring would yield us an unfailing unfailing supply, and with our two engines, engines, the water works would be capa- capa- Continued on Second Fare.)

Clipped from The Allentown Leader30 Aug 1898, TuePage 1

The Allentown Leader (Allentown, Pennsylvania)30 Aug 1898, TuePage 1
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  • Part 1. Schantz Speing - why Allentown needs it and what it will cost.

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