Oct 21, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Hirn Points fingers pg 2

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Oct 21, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Hirn Points fingers pg 2 - A-2 A-2 A-2 Saturday, October 21, 1995 Green...
A-2 A-2 A-2 Saturday, October 21, 1995 Green Bay Press-Gazette Press-Gazette Press-Gazette From A-l A-l A-l Hirn room called the 3-4 3-4 3-4 room, not too far from where the beating allegedly allegedly took place. Hirn testified that he said. "Where were you?" and Kutska said. "I have an alibi." Kutska told him he had been with David Wiener all morning, Hirn said. Hirn said nothing directly to implicate Piaskowski. However, when Piaskowski's lawyer, Tim Pedretti, asked him, "Did you tell the FBI you thought Mike Piaskowski was involved in the murder?" Hirn answered. "I don't recall." Hirn then said he and his lawyer. Gerald Boyle, had a theory about how Monfils died. "That's why we gave information information to the FBI. Mr. Boyle had a theory, and that's what we've stuck with, even today," Hirn said. Pedretti. a former prosecutor himself, tore into Hirn, attacking his credibility. Pedretti got Hirn to admit he had lied to police and to an unemployment compensation examiner about whether he told his supervisor he was leaving his work station on the morning of Monfils' disappearance. But most of the attack on Hirn came from prosecutor Larry Lasee. Under his questioning, Hirn: Said he knew Kutska had lied to him about stealing an extension cord from the mill, but that Kutska's lie meant less to him than the fact that Monfils had reported Kutska's theft to police. "Is it fair to conclude honesty is not a big concern?" Lasee asked him. "No." Hirn answered. Said paperworker Pete Delvoe was mistaken when he testified he saw Hirn confront Monfils immediately immediately after bumming a cigarette from Delvoe. Hirn testified he bummed the cigarette, returned to the No. 9 smoking table, smoked the cigarette cigarette and then returned to the No. 7 machine to confront Monfils, at Kutska's urging. Hirn said Delvoe was mistaken, but he earlier had called another paperworker, Dennis Servais. a liar for saying Hirn was in the No. 7 control booth that morning. "Why are you calling Dennis Servais a liar and saying Mr. Delvoe is mistaken?" Lasee said. "Is it because you appreciate the greater significance (of Servais' testimony) to your defense?" "No," Hirn answered. Contradicted Kutska's testimony testimony that he had instructed Hirn to "go give (Monfils) some s ." Hirn said Kutska told him, "Mikey, you're a good instigator; go say something to Tommy." Monfils trial at a glance Prosecutors say: On Nov. 10, 1992. Tom Monfils, a James River paper millworker, called Green Bay police to report that co-worker co-worker co-worker Keith Kutska planned to steal a mill extension cord. Kutska was suspended from work for five days after he refused to open his duffel bag for mill security guards alerted by police. Kutska got an audio tape copy of the police tip, identified the caller as Monfils and repeatedly played the tape for others at the mill. Kutska and others confronted Monfils at work Nov. 21,1 992, and one or more of them beat Monfils. His body was found the next day in a paper pulp vat. Defendants: Keith Kutska, Dale Basten, Mike Him, Mike Johnson, Rey Moore and Mike Piaskowski. Charge: First-degree First-degree First-degree intentional homicide. All six defendants are charged with being party to that crime, a provision provision covering those who aid and abet the commission of a crime or take part in a conspiracy conspiracy to commit a crime. Penalty: Life imprisonment. imprisonment. Source: Brown County court documents "Are you a good instigator?" Lasee asked. "I don't know why he said that," Hirn said. Lasee, known for his often loud, aggressive questioning style, eventually eventually raised a protest from Hirn's lawyer. "I object to this yelling stuff," Gerald Boyle said. But Judge James Bayorgeon answered, "Yelling is OK. It depends on the subject matter." Hirn, for his part, handled many of the attacks on his character simply by admitting to them: "Because I was foolish," he answered when asked why he was upset Monfils had told on Kutska. "I wanted to be one of the boys," he said when asked why he responded to Kutska's urgings by confronting Monfils. "1 had no business going up to him in the first place," Hirn said when asked why he felt bad about having confronted Monfils. "I didn't want it to look like I was any less of a man for not giving giving Tom some s ," he said when asked why he wouldn't tell Kutska what he had said to Monfils.

Clipped from Green Bay Press-Gazette21 Oct 1995, SatPage 2

Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)21 Oct 1995, SatPage 2
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  • Oct 21, 1995, Monfils Homicide: Hirn Points fingers pg 2

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