Brooklyn Parks Superintendent bars William Merritt Chase from painting in Prospect Park

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Brooklyn Parks Superintendent bars William Merritt Chase from painting in Prospect Park - - - a 3oen. Mary Anderson's Marriage. Tho...
- - a 3oen. Mary Anderson's Marriage. Tho marriage of Mr. do Navarro and Miss Mary Anderson, in England, was published in Tuesday's Eaqlk. The quietness, privacy and simplicity of tho ceremony differentiated it from many marriage occasions. Those characteristics, however, aro not only the dictation of the best taste, but their observance in this instance will go far toward rendering them the rule, not the exception, in the cole - bration of so solemn and joyous a sacrament. The Eagle has noticed no criticism of the course pursued which does not proceed from those who wore denied tho opportunity to witness it, for their own curiosity, or to describe describe it to satisfy the curiosity of others. Tho faot of necessity removes their objections from the right to consideration. It is a subject for satisfaction that probably probably the most popular interpreter of the highest highest forms of dramatic truth and thought on the stago, and a woman everywhere renowned for hor distinguished beauty as well as respected respected for her blameless and reverent life, should set so needed and fragrant an example example of simplicity and privacy by her wedding. Any course adopted by the lady would bo exempt from animadversion, for tho period of the bride's sovereignty of all arrangements coincides with the day she becomes becomes a wife; but it is mo3t gratifying to note that Mary Anderson threw her great influence influence on behalf of unostentation and of the exclusion of tho mob, whether the mob of society or the mob of the thoroughfares, at a time when she renounced the property of the public in herself, by becoming tho comrade of hor lover and tho queen of his lifo. Tho American people will wish the fairest of their countrywomen abundant happiness, length of days and a full measure of the gracious prosperities of homo and wifehood. Her conspicuity to the vision of the world for over sixteen years has been greater than that of most of her sex and less than that of none. In a calling which is exacting and testing, her course has been a triumph of study and capacity capacity and a victory of character. Her lesson to tho public has been admirably learned and grandly grandly rondered. Her duty to herself has been nobly discharged. Her influence upon hor profession has been elevating and inciting. Hor place in her art has been set high by the concensus of the scholarly and ratified by the acclamations of the multitudes of every center of culture in which the English spoken drama has a shrine on the earth. Hor refining and exemplary effect on the motley associations inseparable from hor career has been attestod by tho knowledge of all who havo been aware of her personal life and will bo the prido and praise of the trno and earnest earnest women and men of her profession as long as the traditions of the stage aro tho topics of its representatives' or the themes of its literature. literature. To the fortunate and onviablo gontleman who has won her hand, by manly devotion and by the strength of an ingenuous and attractive character, all respoctful and hearty congratulations aro duo and from him they have not been withheld. By all accounts his latest achievement matches with qualities that will tenderly guard tho treasure he has secured and which will win for him in the duties of lifo or in the arena of opportunities opportunities distinctions which will justify no disparity of estimate between himself and hi3 wifo. The happy pair pass into the estate of marriage and out of the category of public characters for the future. The stago has lost a presence which the home has gained. May the coming years be replete with happiness happiness for them both, and together may they find strength at the Source of strength for the duties of their station and for the obligations they have vowed in the name of religion and of love at the altar of their mutual worship. The New Autocrat of the Park. Not artistic circles alone but tho public generally will be interested in the announcement announcement that Aneurin Jones, tho superintendent superintendent of Parks in Brooklyn, has refused to grant permission to Mr. William M. Chase, A. N. A., an artist of excellent repute, to sketch in Prospect Park. According to Mr. Chaso, tho ruling of the superintendent rests on the ground that while thero is no objection objection to the sketching of amateur artists in tho city's pleasure ground, professionals aro not wanted, although for what precise reason reason we are at a loss to understand. Park President Brower when interviewed by a Sun reporter said that artists of all kinds, amateur or professional, were welcome, and that the course of tho superintendent in deciding against tho application of Mr. Chase was inexplicable inexplicable to him, as it must havo been also to his associates. "We have a beautiful park," said Mr. Brower, "and are proud of it; and never for a moment have we dreamed of excluding excluding professional artists from the advantages advantages thoy may dorive from tho scenery." It is gratifying to observe that the conduct of Jones is thus promptly repudiated by his superiors. It would, however, be a mistake to suppose that tho superintendent of the park has waited until this lato day to obtrude his personality on public attention. As a matter of fact, Jones is a pretty well known quantity both in New York and on this side of the river. At ono time he was superintendent of Central Park, but tho clamor for his dismissal for marked queor - uess was so overwhelming that he was finally given his walking papers. Our esteemed esteemed contemporary, tho New Yoi'k Evening Evening Post, unless we are mistaken, gave more of its valuable attention to Jones than to the enormities of Quay, or to the defects of tho Blair bill more even than it is now devoting to Brother Wanamakor and Dr. Funk combined. Its heaviest guns wore trained on tho superintendent, and on the day he retired the editor in the fulne3S of hie heart presented a hand - somo suit of clothes to each of his associates by way of signalizing tho triumph. Prior to tho entrance of Jones on tho stago of local affairs, Prospect Park was under tho superintendence superintendence of Joseph Forsyth Johnstono, an Englishman Englishman and a professional landscape gardener, gardener, who excited the animosity of Mr. William Hamilton Gibson, that gentleman contending that the way to beautify the pleasure ground was not to level the hills and uproot the trees, but to maintain the natural scenery as far as possible. Johnstono retired under the bombardment bombardment of Gibson, and was succeeded by John Hamilton, whose appointment was purely purely a political one. It is not definitely known to whom the credit belongs of importing Jones to Brooklyn. Brooklyn. Rumor avers that . one fine morning General John B. Woodward, of a former Park Commission, reoeived a postal card stating that Jones was a great man, and that he know more about tho Park in one minute than Citizen Stranahan and John Y. Culyer put together. This startling intelligence must have carried duo weight, for Jones' was brought to Brooklyn, secretly domiciled until tho Board had opportunity to sit on his case, and then exhibited to the admiration of a guilele3s and confiding public. It was then learned that he is a Welshman and that his name is Aneurin Ap Jones. Subsequent experience experience has demonstrated that he is something something of an artist, a good deal of a crank and wholly a Welshman. We have dwelt on these points in order that our contemporary, tho Post, may be thoroughly apprised of the fact that Brooklyn Brooklyn is inflicted with its old time enemy. It is certain that wherever Jones is there will be a row,for he is a cantankerous cuss and would rather fight than be President. In offending tho artists, however, it is questionable whether he has not oarried his animosities a little too far. - For one thing, he will encounter the ire ofthat high minded citizen, Mr. Gordon L. Ford, and the Brooklyn Art Club and all the amateur photographers are sure to get on his track. Unless he sees fit to explain his conduct and make a suitable apology for the affront he has offered to the guild, it is safe to predict that he will be ex - ij - I.a - 6j.jjapa .cu.iven from Brooklyn t 1 t I s m. III 1 1 111 II 111 II Ml 111 III M 1 1 III MHI Willi iSjIBEnmh Bw w awe. I ""''rlifMlffmiMMWBWmimiWW MiHl II M I I Ili nnin ti rani wiibwitmh - h iiiiim im nw w in imi mm i i im mi i will formidable au element of the population as the artists. What with Jones who pays the freight aud Jones the autocrat of the park, a discriminating publio cannot fail to appro - " ciate the growing value to the race of so largo and interesting a family. An "Armory Site, The search for a site for a publio bnilding is apt to bo interesting and the latest quest of the kind is no exception to the rule. The Fourteenth Regiment Armory Commission met yesterday, but arrived at no conclusion. What is done on the surface of such movements movements is only one side of the case. It is inevitable that something shall go forward at the same time out of view of the general eye. Of course, this does not imply any underhanded proceeding on the part of the Commission. But it is not in speculative human nature to refrain from taking advantage advantage of a sudden demand for a particular piece of real estate. If anybody expects an owner of land or his agent to pat down the price or keep it down when he hears that tho covetous municipal eyo is fixed upon it, anybody is pretty sure to be disappointed. The most is made of ciroum - stauces in this market as in others. The owner needs to manage the matter shrewdly. He must avoid asking less than he may reasonably reasonably hope to got. On tho other hand, ho should be careful not to ask so much that the possible purchaser shall withdraw and invite competition by other owners. Obviously competition is what he would gladly escape, because its effect is to reduce the transaction to the commercial commercial conditions of supply and demand which commonly control such negotiations. If for competition can be substituted the art of pursuasion a "pull" it is sometimes rudely called so much tho hotter. The site for tho Fourteenth Regiment Armory which seems to be most in favor is the block bounded by Eighth and Ninth avenues and Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets. Colonel Michell inclines to it and ho may fairly be supposed to represent the military opinion on tho question. Evidently the owner of this land has been subject to tho hopes and fears just indicated. Tho property is assessed at 30,000. The tentative selliug price put upon it was 122,000. Even as an experiment the figures imply a rare measure of courage. Tho owner seems to havo been convinced in a few days that his terms were rather magnificent, and that thero was some danger that ho would miss his opportunity through excess of eagerness to embrace it. The committeo was able to report yesterday that he had come down to 96,000. Tho Mayor pertinently remarked: remarked: "You have done very well. You have made $26,000 in one week. You might continue the work." But if the proprietor proprietor of these desirable lots has run tho risk of a huge blunder ho still occupies a commanding commanding position. He offers an entire block aud the argument in support of such a site, furnishing approach aud defense on all sides, is very strong. Supervisor at Large Kretzseh - mar objected to take so much land from the orea of taxation, but this consideration will scarcely carry much weight. It is also said that if tho whole block is occupied the old men's home in tho neighborhood will bo injured, injured, but it is not yet made clear that the peace of tho inmates would be greatly impaired. impaired. Other ownoia have been, tempted by a public public purchaser, more opulent and probably legs particular than a private buyer. A plot 457 by 100 feet on Seventh aud Eighth avenues and Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, may be had for $1,000 a lot. Another piece, 425 feet long, lying on Eighth and Ninth avenues and Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets, will be very cheerfully conveyed for 68,000. Thore is no danger that either proposal involves a sacrifice on the part of tho citizen citizen who submits it. In the circumstances it is just as well not to hurry. Tho Mayor's suggestion is a good one. Let the committeo continue to make money for tho city, if not at tho rato of 26.000 a woek, as much as possible. By anu by an armory site may be bought for what it is hono3tly worth - PERSONAb ME.VTIOX. Baron Von Zedwitz and Miss Caldwell, one of the benefactors of tho Catholic University, were married in Washington. The Duchess ot Fife, daughter of tho Princo of Wales, is seriously ill. Mrs. Langtry has discharged her entire company. company. Her health is broken down. Tho eldest daughter of Lord Sackville, lato British Ministor at Washington, was married to her cousin, Lionel Sackville Wost, heir to the family estates at'Soveu Oaks. KECEST EVE.VTS. Ul attempts to roscuo tho entombed minors nV Dunbar, Pa., havo proved futile. The College of tho City of Now York has ot. - pelled two of its studonts accused of trying to purchase examination papors. Application has been mado for the appointment of a receiver for tho American Steamship Company. Company. The Mahdi has released all his European prisoners. Bunker Hill day was enthusiastically celebrated celebrated in Boston. ' Tho Court of Appeals has granted a mandamus compelling Commissioner Gilroy, of New York, to issuo a pormit to tho Third avenue Railway Company to change its motive power to cable traction. . Counterfeit Italian 5 and 10 franc notes aro being circulated in Now York. Says a dispatoh from Annapolis: Clem Smuh. r colored fiddlod well known in Annapolis, was, it is said, apprised of his approaching end through a droam, which interpreted moant that ho had only one day longer to liyo. On the day ho died he related tho dream to some persons with whom ho worked, who noticed how melanoholy ho appeared appeared and who oommentod on his gloomy condition. condition. Smith had been working at Bay Bidgo and was taken ill on his way to Annapolis. Ho died shortly after reaching home. Palmyra, N. Y., is flooded by a cloudburst A Mexican onys trust has beon formod with a oapital of $1,500,000. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain will sail for this oouutry next Saturday. Arthur J. Pollacheck, of Boston, who was to havo beon m arried yesterday, was locked up at tho last moment on a charge of grand larceny. The population of the City of New York is estimated estimated at 1,800,000. Count Horbert Yon Bismarok has been betrothed betrothed to tho eldest daughter of tho Countess of Dudley, in England. POLITIOAL POINTS. Tho Senato changed tho House Silver bill into a freo coinage measure and passed it. The nouse passed tho Sundry Civil bill and took up the Appropriation bill for consideration. Tho Democratio Convention of Erie County (Pa.) renominated William L. Scott for Congress. Congress. The Tenth Senatorial Distriot of Louisiana has elected a senator who is opposed to the licensing of the lottery. CONTEMPORARY IIUHOR. 'Play ball," shouted the umpire. "Aw, what's de uso o' tollin' 'em dat," said a habitue of the bleaching boards. "Doy can't." Washington Post. CenBUB Taker And er are you an idiot, mad - ame? Madame Dear raol There it is again. So many people get that idea from seeing the husband I married. Binghamton Leader. Mm Cumso - - John, dear, I wish you wouldn't get your hair cut as short as that. Cumso Why i Mrs. Oumsc It looksjiko a reflection on my ami. ability Life. Louisiana Postmaster (who is assisted in his duties by his young bride) Why, Mary, what are all these postal cards doing here 1 They should have gone in the last mail. Young Bride (who was a Massachusetts school mistress) O, I have just put them aside until I should have time to correot tho spelling JVeio York flerald. Fire Artist I reoeived a magnifioent tribute to my skill the other day at the exhibition, Socond Artist - Indeed. What was it ? First Artist - You know my picture, "A Storm at Sea?" Well, a man and hiB wife were viewing it and I overheard overheard tho fellow say: "Corao away, liy dear, that pioture makes mo Biob." Exchange. WILL HATCH THE WISHERS, Bah Fbakotsco, OaL, June 18. Being duly authorized by all the parties con. corned, the California Club directors Monday night decided to matoh the winner of the Sullivan - Jaokson battle against the winner of the Hlavln. MoAuliffo contest, booked to take place shortly in fjondon, These men will oxpoot a purse of at east $10, 000, and the club officials are prepared to offer fully this si of Dr. a a at too of or to to are of a to his to all miseries. tho the in the Ab A little to of Of opportunity It its -

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 18 Jun 1890, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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  • Brooklyn Parks Superintendent bars William Merritt Chase from painting in Prospect Park

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