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 - NEW YORK at WASHINGTON. American Aaaoclatlon....
NEW YORK at WASHINGTON. American Aaaoclatlon. Ns games scheduled. By Jack Ryder, racial, aisrtrca to tai ajamaaa. Chicago. September 4. A battle of the old-time old-time old-time Tltana wared at Weegh-man Weegh-man Weegh-man Park thla afternoon when Christy Mathewson. former Giant hurler and now manaaer of the Iteds, hooked up with the famous three-fingered three-fingered three-fingered twlrler, Mordecai Brown, winner of many atlrrlng battles for the old Cuba In the daya of their !ory. Matty won It out, 10 to 8, after a bitter itruggle In which both men were hit hard, but the Red manager had a little more In reaerve and came through to victory In tha laat game he will ever pitch on the big line. In aplte of the brutal manner In which tha two veterans were treated by the opposing opposing battlers It waa an tniplrlng sight to aee them matched once more In a championship game In the old league which they bcth have helped to make famous. Neither man waa the pitcher of old. Their atuft waa gone, their apeed waa lacking, their curvea were connplcu-oua connplcu-oua connplcu-oua by their absence. But both were still there with the brains and the courage of yore, with the spirit that would never acknowledge defeat and with the undying nerve of tha true artlit. Their work was a lson to the younr? pitchers, who aat on the benchca and uexi a1 tha old masters. Kach man cava only one base on balls," a treat in Itself. In. tha tighteat plncea they worked tha hard eat, and neither would admit the weanneaa that ovel-came ovel-came ovel-came him as the lonf etrusgle wore on. Both men pitched the full nine roundi, refusing to acoept relief. Tha spirit of the game wna on the two great hurlera and they would not Rive up. Even ill the laaMhalf of the ninth, whin Brown waa on second and Manaurr Tinker wanted to give him a runner, Brownie ahook hli head, atlcklng to the paths and eventually aeoring his run. lie wanted to alay In the a-ame a-ame a-ame to lis completion completion and drd so. Matty's work was somewhat superior to that of the miner. But fur a lucky home run over the abort rlcht-flrld rlcht-flrld rlcht-flrld fence after two were out In the ninth Inning he would have had a more one-sided one-sided one-sided score to diaplay for his afternoon of labor. lie waa steady as a clock In the pinches and his hitting- hitting- waa very hard. The First Game. Eason and Second Game. Matty and Brown both got a great reception reception when they started to warm up on opposite sides of the field as soon aa the first ganiea waa over, the applause for Matty seeming to be rven greater than that for Brown. The funs realised that they were seeing two wonderful pitchers at work for the last time and they sat back to watch the proceedings with Intense Intense Interest. Brown retired the Reds In the first half of the first Inning without without scoring and waa wildly cheered aa Time of Game l:M.' NOTES OF THE GAME. erEcut. piarsTcH lo int gNqt iais. Chicago, September 4. The Rede will cloaa their aerlea In Chicago with a single game to-morrow, to-morrow, to-morrow, which will mark their laat appearance at Weaghman Park thla aeascn. Kred Toney will pitch for tha Tteda. with Jimmy Lavender working for Tlnker. When Matty walked Into the clubhouse after tha game ha aald to the players: Boya 1 thought I could pitch a few more sjamea, but I find I haven't got the atuff any more. I anau never attempt to pucn a . hamntonshin anma again. If 1 aver go Into he walked out of the diamond. Matty ,n x ,lln l Wlll buy every one of you waa not so fortunate. With one (one, !a suit of clothes." When Matly became Doyle singled to right, and scored on ! manager of tha Rede he at drat announced tnai ne wouia neve. im ii n b"i" Kelly's triple to center. Kelly followed over on a sacrifice fly, of which Griffith made a fine catch near the fence. Wil liams singled, but waa out stealing. But ha haa been working In practice and hla Injured back seemed to be about well, ao he determined to take this one ahot at tha old game. He had no trouble In go- go- , . , .. ,. , . Ine through tha nine Innings and finished The Reus began to hit It up In the . " wlth ,., of cour,, bul he second, scoring once on singles uy wngo. lluhn and Matty. In the third the Cubs got one on Hack's triple ami Doyle' a double, but by thla time our hoys had the range and they tied the score In their half on Rnush's triple. Chase's single and Griffith's double. Mu'ty got the aide In order In the fourth, but the Reda look the lead in their half on Neale's single and (irnh'a double. Once more the Cubs went Into the lead In the fifth on Hrovtn s single, a walk to Klack, whii h waa Matty's only pass, and Baler'a double. their half and ucrc not headed again. la through aa a big league hurler. Thla waa the only game he ever pitched for any club except the Olanla. and It will be the laat. Before the game Matty and Brown were preaeuted with huge bouqueta of flowera by the thoughtful Mr. Weeghman. Both teams gathered around the plate during Ihe presentation presentation and tha two great veterana had their plcturee taken hand In hand with a backgiuund of leaser lights weie good for two runa. ami two more wcrr. added in the sixth on doubles by Matty and Neale and two sacrifice hit A walk to Oroh In the eighth, a steal and a v. lid throw by Wilson gave the Reds nnothrr. and their laat tally came in the -invn'. -invn'. f, ,,.(!, .i..a ui. I bv lluhn and nn error bv Wortma.n. Lucky Home Run. Malty had the enemy ten to five when he eanie nut 'for his laat Inning, lie was tired, but name, and acfit at his work like a master Brown ed off with a single. Flack flied to Griffith. Uoyle singled to ilsht. Kelly forced Doyle al second nn a grounder, to the tax. Then Snler lifted the ball over the short fence for a home run. and three ru,na were In, putting the Cubs only two behind. Williams Williams and Wilson singled, but Mollwlts. batting for Pechoua. Ilfed a fly to Neale for the final out In Ihe last game In which these two great pitchers will ever take part. Hrown also rot two hlta and both men fielded their positions perfectly. I The announcement or tho contest between between these famous stats brought nut I a .anncltv crowd of more than IT.issi This was a rapid-fire rapid-fire rapid-fire contev., with i fans, and many were turned away. The Trendergajft outpitlilng Heinle 8. hul. landH were packed to the limit and hun-The hun-The hun-The Reds' were completely stepped by , lln,dll gtood. up hack of the seats, while Mike's curve ball, as they have t-en t-en t-en In ' many occupied benches stretched around every game he has worked against them jjne outfield. There would have been this year. They got only three singles, .'several thousand more If there had been two by Eddie Roush and one by Griffith. ! atcnnimodations for them, snd did not ft a man o second base in ' Matty and Hfown pitched the aeeond the nine rounds. Prende'rgast had per- per- game of tho Ijibor Day double header, feet control, and only four lteds reached and an Matty secured an even break for drat base. Rough singled in tha first, but the Reds, who were abut out la the Oral The crowd Jammed the capacity of the pnik. There weie oxer 1 7.000 puld adinia-aions. adinia-aions. adinia-aions. nearly a thousand mors llotn the Keila niiiveil to here on the opening dny of the The Heds went to the front In season. The crowd swarmed on the field be'. r,.re ihe s. conil game slarteil smi a arounii Singles by Wlngo, Gritllth and Louden , lnla ,h, ,Toa. ", 7 J -inree r Iloush and Wlngo achieved the hitting nnnnra or ins nr. r...u. m"' t i" three hlta off Premlergaat In the drst game. l .nn-a .nn-a .nn-a ntf Urnwn In lh. l.-V l.-V l.-V coulrt not touch Mike, but he had a i record off Brownie, getting four pretty In singles and a aacrlflce fly on Ave times up. I; in the aeeond game every Red In the line- line- I .. . I--.. I--.. I--.. I--.. hit anrf ll K.,1 UmI. . up ao. . ..... - and Chase got more than one. It -na -na a tough day for Chase, who got only one hit out of eight times up. but hs played a great game at aeeond base. The Reds ahowed their appreciation of Matty's tiietaode and their fpndnras for him bv working their beada off to hold Hie Cut down In the second game. Every man 'on the team played right up lo nia limit or a little beyond. Neale and Griffith turned In spectacular catcnea, wnicn aaveu a lot ur trouble. In the Second round Neale came In on the dead run and nisde a beauilftil diving catch of W'llson'e hard liner to left. He scooped It off the grass and turned a somersault, but came up with the ball .in bis hand. In the eame Inning Griff went, a mile for Wortman'a long fly and nailed It just In time to save a trlpls. Both Greaay and Tom alao pulled off other great catches later In the game. The boys would have been very much downcaat If Matty had loat hla laat game on the big line. Matty baa tha honor of winning the deciding deciding game In the Cub aeries for the aea-eotf. aea-eotf. aea-eotf. which la the only series our boya have won to date. Hla victory In the aeeond game raa the twelfth for the Reda over Tlnker'a men, who have won only nine. Aa there Is only one more game to be played It is plain that the Reds hava copped the aerlea front one club at least. If the nther teama had been aa easy for them aa tlla Cuba,' they would be a mile out of laat place. They-tuue They-tuue They-tuue loat tha aeason'a aeiiea to all the other rlube In the league, except tha Pirates, whom they still hava a chance to beat. St. ! Fred Teaey waa sick to-day to-day to-day with teat coca- coca-

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