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what aviaton offers young women of today - f What Aviation I Offers Tfounq Women, of To...
f What Aviation I Offers Tfounq Women, of To day /^AMELIA EAR HART World-Famous Aviatrix Discusses Aviation as a Profession for v Girls, Pointing Out That the Same Opportunity Exists as in Any Other Field of Endeavor, Emphasizing the Lessening Hazards of the Air As Told to Haydn S. Pearson dreams corns true. AMELIA EAREABT first woman to " a ? , f ? I* f rpHAT was a memorable day in the ·*· aaga of the conquest of the skies when two clean-cut American youths and a tall, slender, blond-haired girl climbed nonchalantly into their airship and, like the Vikings of a glamorous past era, went sailing off on a glorious voyage of discovery. discovery. Furthermore, it is a never-to- be-forgotten event, because it chalked i;n on fho scnrpVinarrt of the world's attention the fact that modern woman is her brother's equal in the newest of the world's modes of travel. Throughout that black night of June 17, 1928, Wilmer Wilmer Stultz drove their airplane, and the prayers of a great nation followed them. It seemed as though hearts stood still. The older generation marveled at the daring of the younger, who calmly threw aside the shackles of the past. Fathers and mothers saw in those trail-blazers of the air their own children, while the youth of mode of travel. The historic flights of the Nation watched their own tie last two decades or so have done a great deal to arouse America to a realization realization of what aviation Is going to mean ^gh"^ York to ESWS Ond BenMtt l ° thp North Polc . TM* "TM TM l (h TM w H f BynJ ' B edition t° TMnquer toe South mother m the Old Worli is one of Po]e ^ ,, the ,,, ^ k t the ,,,, the great pioneers of history. Her achieve- u c te yed up. Even the tragic flights have ment marked a new era. As women have not stopped . ^ worl ^ pays a foUowed tar brothers in every field of trlbute to tho£e who have -^ ^ e!r endeavor on the earth Itself, now they Uyes to forward thls new mdust but are going Into aviation, to share the lt ioss no{ , de ^ j feel tha{ w o r d s commerce of the skies. these defeats should act as a spur to what has this new realm of science 'carry on.'" Which has given man control of the third "if a gfrj has determined to become a great element, air, to offer modem fl i er , now 8houW 5he go about entering woman? Will the fact that this vast aviation to the best advantage?" I in- Seld has opened up simultaneously with quired. woman's complete emancipation from the » H a ^ has ffiade up j, cr mmd to musty ideas of hoary tradition start her be come a pilot, she should remember that from ^scratch in the race to conquer hard work is required, as It !s In perfect- the skies? j ng aEy 5iUj .. :ili55 Eu - iilir!j rep ii et t. "As There was only one person from whom for danger, I doubt if there is any more I wished to find out about the modern in learning to fly under proper conditions woman's part m aviation-- Amelia Ear- than there Is In learnin- to drive an au- liart. This tall Vikingess, In her lovcll- tomobile. ness and charming sincerity, represents « A physical examination is necessary, the finest and best of the young woman- f or it is essential that all pilots be in ho «L cf t!le Natlon ' good physical condition. Certain of the What has aviation to offer the young body's organs, like the eyes and heart, woman of today as a vocation?" I asked, must be normal. The Department of "The same opportunity awaits women Commerce of the United States, through In aviation as In all other vocations," she Us aeronautics division, has charge of answered. "In the last analysis, it comes these tests. Virtually all cities have corn- down to a question of individual fitness petent medical men who give these en- and ability. There Is perhaps some dls- amlnatlons, advantage to women at present in the Jact that aviation is a new thing, and iirTS natural that with interest in avt- women have not entered deeply into its 1 a ti on growing tremendously, there development. This means that they have should be a chanco for Instruction at not 'the advantage of a background of most of the larger airports and landing ejpenenca that men have." flelds scattcred aU over Ara e r ica. At these How ana wnen was your interest in points there are capable instructors, who aviation awakened?" aro also i lcensed pllot3 _ wuh certlflcats "My interest was probably awakened which mean they have passed the neces- durlng the war, when I was serving with sary qualification tests. the Bed Cross In Canada," she replied. "I "people should keep in mind the fact was able to see a great deal of flying, and that aviation, while It has apparently as' I had always been very much inter- grown up like a mushroom overnight, Is ested in. all forms of outdoor sports, avi- m reality going through all the stages of atlon had a very direct appeal. The boys growth and development that all busi- there, most of them very young, inspired nesses have gone throuj;\ We can sec my interest and enthusiasm. Today by looking backward a few years the modern woman, the new type of keen, growth of the automobile industry At alert, citizen, is interested in this new first It was merely a curiosity oJ great A expense. Many people people thought automobiles automobiles would never be practical. There was n famous story about the farmer who said automobiles w o u l d never bt allowed outside outside the cities because they frightened the horses. "It was a dubious pleasure at firslv--mo- toring. The engines were uncertain and roads were not built for cars. If one went on a long ride it was quite possible for the car to break down miles and miles from any mechanic. But now we can see how motorcar manufacturing and the conditions conditions to help its growth developed hand In hand. As better automobiles were built, a noteworthy network of good roads began to be built. Garages and gas stations stations became numerous. "The same evolutionary growth !s taking place in the Held of aviation, and modern woman has the opportunity to srow with it, Better, safer, good-looking airships and airplanes are being built. Routes are being laid out; cities ire busy getting commercial and municipal airports into operation. Good landing flelds are very vital to the growth of aviation. A con- tern to all pilots when they are in the air is, 'Where am I going to bring my airplane down to earth If some trouble develops?' The great Importance of a suitable landing place has been demonstrated demonstrated time and again in transcontinental transcontinental flights. Some needless casualties can very often be traced to the fact that there wasn't a suitable landing spot available available In case of emergency. The increasing increasing number of landing flelds and airports Is going to be of inestimable value to furthering aviation." The fact that modern girls are looking on aviation as a vocation can be seen from the enrollment lists at the flying schools. Qlrls rom all walks of life are represented. School teachers, farm girls, shopgirls and society matrons arc "sisters under the skin" in aviation. x fA£f * j. * *J$ Amelia Earhart, ace of American airwomen and the first of her ses successfully to span the Atlantic by air, first became interested in aviation during the war while serving with the Red Cross in Canada i f c fjIRLS drive automobiles, ride horseback or drive fast motorboats. motorboats. There is nothing mysterious or secret about driving an airplane. It will be fust as casual an experience for a capable girl to learn to handle an airplane as it is any of these other vehicles of sport. The risks in tho air are no greater than on the ground when under proper conditions and control."--AMELIA EARHART. "There are just as many ways of get- without trouble. Day and night, even as ting Into danger on the earth as in the you read Oils, aviators are flying on sky. Flying may be dangerous or It may schedule time on their daily' routes, be safe. It is a matter of skill, equip- "Yet serious and fatal automobile ac- ment and type of flying indulged in. cldents happen every day, but it isn't a There is safe automobillng ind that which matter ol interest except IB the Inriedi- is unsafe; the same is true of boating. ate locality. So it will be with flying acci- "People do not realize that, 50 far as dents in the future." statistics go, airplaning on a regularly scheduled line Is safer than tmtomoblllng! f(TS IT as easy for a woman to operate Girls drive automobiles, ride horseback i an airplane as for a man?" I asked, or drive fast motorboats. There is noth- "That's a question people ask me wher- ing mysterious or secret about driving an ever I go," she replied. "Of course, I can- airplane. It will be just as casual an ex- not answer definitely, but I fall 1 to see perience for a capable girl to leam to any logical reason why it would be any handle an airplane as it Is any of thesa harder for a woman than for a man. The other vehicles of sport. The risks In the airplanes today are built so scientifically, air are no greater than on the ground with such good construction and balance, when under the proper conditions. Miss Earhart has been the center of enthusiastic public laudation ever since she completed her flight to England, where the above welcome was tendered her that it doesn't take much muscular effort to operate them. It's just the same with airplaning as it is with automoblllng-- the important element Is skill, not strength. I believe women in the future will enjoy flying just as much as they do driving today. There is a close parallel between what has happened in the automobile automobile industry and what is happening today in aviation. The manufacturing companies are beginning to turn out beautiful airplanes which will appeal to women. The Inside of a plane will be as beautiful and comfortable as the Interior of a sedan. More attractive landing fields will help to increase feminine Interest. -When you ask me if women are likely to keep their heads when qulcs thinking Is essential, I am unable to answer No conclusions can be drawn at this present stage due to the fact that comparatively few women are flying." I had one more question: "Do you think people will grow 'air-minded as time goes on?" "I certainly do," replied Miss Earhart with emphasis. "It Is a matter that time will bring about. As the children of today grow to maturity there will be no mo,-e idea of risk In their minds about flying than there is in yours when you step into your automobile for a ride into the country. "What obout the dange. la flying?" was "Aviation would not be so far advanced "Take a ride to an airport any nlee my next question. "Frequently one hears as it Is today without the newspapers, but Sunday and you will see men, women some such remark as 'You'll never get mo still it has been at a disadvantage In that and children eagerly waiting in line t* off good Old Mother Earth,' or 'There every time an accident happens to a pilot take a short spin In the air at froni a are plenty of ways of killing one's self or machine anywhere In the country it to $5 a head. without taking to the air.' Do you con- is front-page news for many newspapers. "Women today drive their cars on h* slder flying a -hazardous occupation'--as It is magnified and talked over. At the land, their boats on the wat«r wh« «· the insurance companies say?" same time the public falls to realize that their planes through the air?" Miss Earhart smiled. thousands of miles are flown every day ctnaaa t v p uMto

Clipped from
  1. Modesto News-Herald,
  2. 28 Apr 1929, Sun,
  3. Page 24

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