November 24 1882 Funeral of Franciscan Monk

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November 24 1882
Funeral of Franciscan Monk - xixt Tiarrna man. TAetarlalof the FnuKbeaa...
xixt Tiarrna man. TAetarlalof the FnuKbeaa nook, Ear. TJionytiu Abartb, yesterday moraine, conducted la a moat imposing ntaaner. Resting in a almrda coffin, which vJaeed en eaiafalmje lust without the aactoary raOlar, th od priMt, eto4 ia hr coarse brown habit, lay. ia fnll view ot tbe Imrnectss oongregatloa gathered fat tbe church of Bt. Boniface, on Gne street, of which hw otic pastor. Tb catafalque waa covered with aa ample black pail, and about it war placed twelv burning taper ia maarive candelabra. There were bo flowers, the priest friends of tbe dead maa deeming it desirable to .dheoorag thia sort of display. Tbe church was haarir draped ta black, the alter especially. TbRt.KT. Bishop MoCloakay, who had been absent ia Vlacenaee, Indiana, arrived at 7 o'clock ia the morning- morning- and was driven direct to tbe ebarch of St. Boniface. A temporary throne for him , had been erected at tbe gospel aide of tbe saactaary. Pron .ftly at o'clock the serrieea began with tbe rK"H"f of the ofBc for tbe dead by the aswambfad clergy fat the aactttary. Tlito consists of the intoning of a Bomber of psalms, Scriptural readings and pVescribed prayer. When the preliminary eerrlce was eoodnded, the requiem bums wa began. It . was celebrated with coram tpUcopo, which (the order of tbe ritoal whan tbe Bishop is present at tbe mam tbs orncKBS or th mass. ' Tbe procession of the officer of tbe mast, the Bishop, tbe attending priests and other taking part in tbe sarTioe. into tbe sanctuary vras very Impressive. First came the eroBs-bearer. eroBs-bearer. eroBs-bearer. with aa acolyte on each side of the cross: then a a umber of acolyte the censer and incense "bearer; these followed by three lay brothers of tbe Franciscan Franciscan order, nine candidates for tbe priesthood priesthood of the same order, and a boat of ri siting siting priests. Then came tbe officer of the mass, and lastly the Bishop clad ia cape and mitre of mooning, surrounded by his immediate immediate attendants. When he had taken his . place oa the throne, tbe aiaat began. Tbe celebrant was tbe Tery Rev. Lucas Gott-loooede, Gott-loooede, Gott-loooede, of Cincinnati, Provincial of the Franciscan order in this country; tb Deacon was tbe Iter. Maximilian Scharfer, of tbe Church of Bt. Francis. Cincinnati, and the Hubdeecon, tbe Rav. Daniel Beide, of the Church of St. Boniface, Lafayette, Indiana. Tbe Master of Ceremooie was tbe Rev. Raphael Hesse, O. 8. F. The attendants oa tbeBisbnnwereasfoUws: Assistant Priest j Iter. Louis O. Deepen, of the Cathedral; Deacons of Honor Rev. H. J. Brady, also , t( the Cathedral, and Rev. Ignatius Klein, of St. Mary's church, New Albany. There were present ia tbe sanctuary besides: the Very Rev. Vtear General, M. Boachet, of the Cathedral; tb Bishop's brother. Rev. George McCkwkey. President of j St. Thomas' Thomas' Seminary; Very Rev. Prior JJcFeery, of St. LouiA-Bertrand LouiA-Bertrand LouiA-Bertrand church: Revs. Dr. Louis Miller, O. M. C, of St. Anthony's; Vincent and Anthony, O. M. C, of St.! Anthony's, JeffersonviUe; Lodgerus Beck, OL 8. F., and Constantino, - O. 8. F., of St. Martin's; U bald us Welwndnke, O. 8. F., Alexius Centner, O. 8. F.. Ignatius M. W. Wilkeus, O. 8. F.. Eugene Butterman, O. 8. F., all of Ft. Boniface and associate of tb late priest; Aktysius KurU, O. 8. P., ot St. Joseph'; Peter Baptist Englert, O. 8. F., ot Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Ind.; Francis Paul, O. 8. P., of St. John's, ' Cincinnati, a schoolmate of tbe dved priest; M. L, Brandt and M. Oiwruukels, of the Immaculate Conception; tbe veoerable mnatonary. Father Father Durban; H. H. rTaggenborg. of St. Michael's; Michael's; L. Rax. O. 8. , of St. John's: Font, of St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum; John A. Creery, of bt. Bridget s; two Passion-L-U, Passion-L-U, Passion-L-U, Passion-L-U, Passion-L-U, Father Charles and James, from tb Retreat on New burg road, and tbe panegyr-t panegyr-t panegyr-t of the dead monk, tbe Rev. Jacob Leit-ner, Leit-ner, Leit-ner, 0. 8. P., of St, Vinoeut do Paul's, a fellow-countryman fellow-countryman fellow-countryman of Father Dioaysiua. This large aewiub age of clergymen nearly hued the tanctuary. THB SBBJiOH of Father Jacob Leitner was principallT devoted devoted to the religious life o( tbe dead priest, lie told lu eloquent terms of his devotion to tbe pour, which was the strongest char-artrrixtio char-artrrixtio char-artrrixtio of Father Dtouvaius. He gave of his lire for hU people, for it wa ia their service he met bis death. While on a jour-iwv jour-iwv jour-iwv of forty umes, in tbe winter of lb7w. on burset-eck, burset-eck, burset-eck, in the aeigfaburhood of Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Indiana, both of hi legs were f rosea, and resulted ia raralvsK causing his death. after two year of almost total helplemaeen. lie was on missionary work at the time he was so badly f rosea. The eornUued choirs of the churches of ftt. - Martin and St. Boniface rendered Schmidt's Requiem Mass, .Mr. F. Schrtmpf presided at the organ, and Constantino Colroea wa . director. Wans the nuwe waa ended the Bkdjop began tbe. absolution, winch lasted about a half hour, and completed the ore mneism ia the) church.. An Immense proot Michael' Cemeterr was tbea bells of tbe church tolling Bcbnesder e band heath playing a funeral dim. ' cortege in tbe following order: ' . M. MfohaeTs Society. t'alformed Knights of m. Ueorge aad BC Boat. face. Bora' Sodality of ibe Bleaead Virgla. Ht. Akrtur Vuung Mea's SocMtjr. M. Louis eea Aalhvmr Beaevuleat ttucietfes. Braaoh jio. M the liUgl ajalfhta of amtrira Men's Society of our fcavkmr. Tbe lall-bearers lall-bearers lall-bearers ia two carriaKes. . The Heme, draws by four aorsea, and atx - Knigjna of St. Oeurs-e Oeurs-e Oeurs-e oa each side oa foot, j lite l ieivjr la eania-ee. eania-ee. eania-ee. . The Choirs ( 8k iUrua aad M. Boaifao at earrtaicea. Member of tb tiocregatkav ' . Carriages. The line or march was up Green street to Ciav, to Broadway, to Logaa, and out to the cemetery. When passing tbe churches of M. Martin and St. Vincent the bells of those churches tolled. At tbe grave the Rev. Father Ubaldua; assisted by many of the ttriesta. oiUciated. The combined choirs sang tbe psalm, "A-iaersre "A-iaersre "A-iaersre ifstiAstis," after " which the clergy chanted the lamentation of Jeremiah, "Benedict Doatiaa Dens 1-rxtel." 1-rxtel." 1-rxtel." AftertheAnal prayers tbe Concordia Concordia Singing Society rendered a mournful " song aopropriate totb occasion. The remains remains were laid beneath the immense cross . which mark the center of the new St. Michael's, Michael's, and by tbe time tb last mourner . Jf V the sua was going down on tbe newly -utade gravs of this good monk. aatoa so r. t prats d. the meanwhile. 1 tbe proc ihs, and then oaino tbe

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 24 Nov 1882, Fri,
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  • November 24 1882 Funeral of Franciscan Monk

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