"Promoter" Pennington description of his exploits in Indiana newspaper 1893.

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"Promoter" Pennington description of his exploits in Indiana newspaper 1893. - "PROMOTER" PENNINGTON. ins MAN V SCHEMES AND...
"PROMOTER" PENNINGTON. ins MAN V SCHEMES AND JiUMEItOUS VICTIMS. UIS Some of 111. Great Invention" TVWeh Did 3ot Dclop Ills Fly - . IiiC - Macblne m rn!lur People Aro Jtxat rindinsr IHm Out. If sr York, August 26. The Tiroes's Chicago special says: Compared with tho visionary projects ot a young man named Pennington, whose disappearance, tho other day from Noblesville, Ind., simultaneously with tho collapse of a colioss&l cl' ctric railway swindle was duly chronicled in tfceso dispatches, the imagination of Jules Yernc the theoretical demonstrations of Mr. Keeley and of tho Rev. Dr. Jasper, and even the practical application of science by Edison, pale into insignificance. Pennington bad ideas and inventions with which he intended to revolutionize the adrld. He meant to make a name fr himseli, arid onto wealth incidentally. He raised tha money, but has vanished, gone nobody know where, while he has le.t behind him nothing; except a small lot of assets iu the way 01 tin models the originals of which were never developed, an old air - ship that does not fly, and numerons monrning investors whose money wiil never como back. 1 His moat recent swindle had for the base of its operations a number of Indiana towns. He proposed to connect tboso places with Indianapolis and Chicago by means of an electric motor, that never enisled .except m his lert.lo braid. The most mysterious circumstance about the Indiana exploit is tho met that h succeeded in interesting" so many carelul capitalists after lrequeat exposures of tho shallow and useless schemes. As long ago as June, into, the Chicago Aewspapers wero exposing hio palpable swindles. Yet the fish kept on biting. ; 1 . His has been a huge confidence game all the 'way. People who know him say he r.a magnetic wits. Tbey caif understand to his smooth address, conbddntial manner, and unspeakable pro eta of. Untie ry e tabled him to win over men and their - money who, were they approached by a person less adroit, would havo pitched him out into the street without a grain o: compunction. Bnt Pennington has finally "plsvcd his string u'' and is not liko y to ecprrate any uioto taual'sts from their tank account tot. cn: this wty at least, ili .t - piotls in Caicago and the iicighborietr county aemoiistrato at the same tim how shrewd a 'win Her wes this "promoter" and howtasdy fin incial victims may be plucked by an adept in the art. 1. I - EKKIXGTOir'S EARLY CAUI1K. Biographer have been unable to trace Pennington's personal history to an earlier period than lst - 3, when he was found nt tho little city or Clrcicvilie, O. There he evolved a plan, in the operation of which Circleville was f o t e transformed from a quiet, easy - going lilt e country place to a burring, - seething metropolis of industry and commerce. After erecting ono factory and organizing a half dozen companies with an ample amount of pa'd - un capital iu each, of w h.co ho was invariably tteasutvr. ".ho bottom loll irom the Cirrlcvi.le toetiu. Peo - ntnglon kiokei the Circleville clay irom his bom heels. ' Tho base of operations wes then removed to Djtrunce. O. The history of cueeviilo was repeated there. The Standard matliiuc - worhs become the leading business Industry of tno town. A bonus was voted, stock freely sub scribed lor. and Pennington disposed of a big batch of patents. But the lactory didn't U se long. Pcnnirgton tound the climate loo sultry and wai soon lornottcn. The machine - work are still in operation, but histoiy does not record that the Peuntngton patents aie the cause of the prosterity. ' - WHAT 82 DID AT W. WIVSE. . T ' Ft. Wayne. Ind., became the new feat of Penntcr;t,on's maneuvers. An ordinary "kund - resawitig machine." for tiso in wood working, cost 771 or 500. The price nt which Pennington could supply these machines tilled Ft. Wayne ' investors with joy. . A ntnuhor of prominent citizens paid him over tJ15.C03 for bis ptrtiorns. It was not long before a largo number of b' - h britliantly - tlevh - etl reach. nes wore bvokepaad sold or - ofd into, wit "i rhy had been fully itested. Ho organised the Pennington Mach'taeComriaoy,capiia$ - O.Cei ; Pennington pulley - works, capital to0.i6ii, and the Elevator Machine Company, ctipitaj f;K0.0o", but the latter never titan nied out owing to the eany demise of the oilier t wo rout ems. The - principal losers by ti e h t. Wayne opei a - tions were .Montgomery Ham ii ion. - John C. I e'.eis, P. A. Kaiiual, K. II. McUonalii, Meyer Brothers & Co., and O. W. Seany, ut i - roini - uent lceal capitalists. if ; Though Pennington went away ovi (12 .CTj ahead oi Ft." Wayne, ho le.t his truai belnud to ba levit d ou by tho hcii:f lor ,ieat end grocery bills. I . . . f W;hile at Ft. Wayne this Napoleonic promoter did not couuiiA his enorts toji.e car - low limits within tho Ft. Waynp - j.reeiiitt. While he kept the irons hot in tbGe 1 uciu. 11.1 town, Pennington made occasiaiir.l jujnts into Kansas. At (nvcKDhe'rrt.iniel a - fvinr - any with il.COO'.OOO capital 1o inanu.uctuce iieifht delators. Before he had succeeded in lleeo - ; leg tbe Kansas folk a co.nin.t eo Was cent' from Cswegd to invert. n,te matters at Ft. Wayne, and its report shut o:f another source of reicnue, but not until Pennington hail collected a lew hundreds to pay expenses. During 18 - - 7 snd l&cni Pennington resided at Ft. Wayne, a?ifi the wonder is how ho mau - aged to last ithat long tlo - re outside of the county jail. Incidentally, t! c promoter raid hi respects to Kdlnhuie; snd M c ore's Ilr 11. Ind.; where local capitalists were induced to look into hi scheme. He did not succe;i in fleecing Moore's Ii iii, snd the Eilinbur io!!iS were wary, and icfuseJ to eoutribtitj until Pennir.gton thould furnish suthcitr.t 4'uartn - tce. Ibis he could not or would not uo. ho b parted couir.sny with Edintiurg. (inortly belore theso smal:er exploits, dazzled by his constant run of eiiccers, ho decided to attack a larger field, and int oay he turned up in Cincinnati with an elaborate plan for the organization of a wood - pulley tsctci - '.tou, with $J.i0,tOO capital. The people in Cincinnati, however, taiied to appreciate the value of the patents, and were prool ajraitist hisjaliure - ments, and lailed to net bim any financial ro - turns. ; . r - . ; ' I that Ata smr. , The carter of tl.e inventor is eomewh'at ob - scurca auer nis cepanure uera n. iViyn, hut a con t was being evolved umicr h's hit. It was trfne marvelous rtnr.inirton; aip - ship Previoustjlo issuing the prospectus of this t.a - pendous. project, Pcntiiniiton wcr.t to Mt, tunnel, f ih, in ijctoocr, i.vfcu. 1 he urst ticp - wa the er' - antzaticn of a company with a capita! of 260,000, in which, Strar.jje to relate, tho inventorrLcld a controlling interest. Jairifs Cewliiig, - ; deceased; J.' hhal'icntcrgt - r, mid Robert Parle '.nson, wealthy c fiens," r. - ore induced to take about 1 wenty thousuiid rtoihir' worth of stock. That money w as represent - in a Ceirrusstfd iron laclory, the greater pto - jxirtion 01" which was aJterward disp,nei of ata prii e brincinir little more ti.an sv"il - iro' - Tho Standard M. - iehine Coiiipaiiy . w, nt to pieces, but its failure, aj might nave lleen f x - peeted, did net deter tho daring promoter frm executinir his tiifign. t Then nine tbs Mt. Citrmol mfo'V. ilp.e and puliev - woi ks, with a cap.tai of fl' ).(; ."11 'ihe wreck Of tli.s concern, uior.g with thef - chti ot tl.e machine works, gave I'onr nton un opportunity to spring Ins air - ship - plait. St.ie Ci.icaKO cripllal wn - ott n Into the project ns wcSl as Mt I'tirtcfl money. An off.i - with a safe and a set of Looks was opened, piopttri - tions were mtuie fir jaetory and tiie inveiitcr octnally fcuilt the r.ir - fhip. Some who saw the vehicle of err': - ! tran - it asset t to th is day that lenniv gton's inveirtion was rt - atlv u be.na fuie icierriiiic one. aittl that it rtrttiiy did tSt.at w ben. ia January. 1 - vi, it was plac'd on exhihition in tiie oh! Ch icai'o 'x - positien, wntte tho Art Ir.stii ufe now vane... The trial trins were ma.le iiisi n the pubiic w ai tiiorooehiy :.! i a rirl. suroenout'U fHmg t.ia' - i tw ks lutt r, wl - ca some sri nt. Ttct it'll, which rtf.tute.1 ia tt e tire :. - ..'!. snd e ! that it - a as ;ie hut ii a s tT.rn'e mi Ui - i"ccverv th.rr. tne alleged BT - hi; was imu - i i.e - l ty wire xr - 1 ror id not fly ot ail. Aaiot.; the - was Jules Lane, of tli's city, win, hi.s ma - hr a 4. e study of the problem of aen.i navigi - .for. In "November, 1, P;:ini:',4.oii c. - .u - ci V e ctrculatton of a rumor ito tee eiV l that on Janrary 1 foliowii.f tn air - .li''p wofid I i - ' - :: Mt. Caimel to New York, It v.j to t o ti...l 01" rlli iriinurii. Thst's t ire t'.t i - ,'' he hi. "W' - b p'i.:1 : - tijm time 1 - !!. s a rs; i.e r, tn ! 11 n. o 1 - . f.'T - 'rr.yetj. 4'. it.i a n n. r t'h - c - i.'.' Itliri ihliC rt i r r; 151 W t1 ay .1 1 - 1 J . t: i - ii .r s. 'a 'ct. zj was iu I 01 me - ,. 1 r'ri 'J 11. elit - T. tii.l tl C V. - e' - the v ii. - t'supe t tit - t. 'iri! - ..I vent. tv.t ti.n - v 1 r 1 ' v. tt ii.rftrn wts not i - i t - - . : - .K CO .'V Vf - j ot pu , 1 t; and c sutrseri r Pi xvi ;, .At title of atifction jren v. a ; ', - .1 i.i r 1 iri I, - . He :. - .y lie ! loir ov. l:y . r :. : :: i - il it - .. ;! - r - . - - l ; , tain lectures upon r.eriol traniita' - l r tsr y - ancy of (lamJium. "Tho Arr...(.:;(,a t lime" was a never - wearying to; ,r. Investigation revealed the fact tr.t C. Fer. ; Iiington air - ship was nothing raoro ti.i.a ac - i. - mon yellow tailoon. A wtlrr.c? t - - i - n I srrangeracnt fastened ot the tiM ci t. e r gave the impression of tiropuirjon tj, tr i t agency. In re.idty a man rora behind & f 1 r - operated the fi.nisy at'a.r with wires a i r - v , As it was the so - calied f.,i;ht t..o r was inside a radius of JOO feet, Anoi - .: m,r a load of hay would bave navi . utra 1 .1, t. r with eejual facility qnder the ciicu:ctti - . Tho ScUcntifie American at th t.;n? c. : - 1 the impostor and his dirry Cy.c,rr n.m .. . Soon after thft Pcnninsioa rcuiivd t machine to Mt Caraicl "to uciierj;a i, t. provements." That was thelot heard of jhe a?r - sJ.!n nr.'. I May. ixs - i At this time the: flying se'..,, , after undergoing irtgrm oirch. - t.'. 1 .. .i n ; 1 Mt. Csrmel, made a succes - - .l trip f. - cia 1.1 heme to Chicago. Th tranitioii .,.. flying trip. 1 1 was hy the prOsaic r - vt t r - r.er.e i method ot a Chicago & F.aatern ll.ir.otA n... road freipbt train. Tho Mt. jariiiei Ainu. , tic Navieation Company tii.!j" a eoi.t reel tv t a suburban land ctrrporation for the c. ii .irut - tion of a building to hoo t,U tig risv.'. l" This solicitude for the weliarec I ti.o f' a and tho intimation that it was coitf - uried v. - . 1 a desire to fly was - rejr.sriied with scorn hy t .s mrtU hnanciers of Houtacrn 1 i.iiio'.s. n tv ir - chrel to soorr nt the Pounir.g'.on venture i: had developed that tho cause u.' tho icmo l to anew habitation arose out of the tn - i - ni' t that its Inventor should take wires hut - . ..' tod fly from Mt Carrcel. Matters Ld iK.eot.ia too hot for bim there. this - HfwcLr 'yrs7s. It w as expla'ned to the Cbicago csp'lalts. - interested that a new method had iwi in, covered that insuroiJ the success of the air - si Vertnr. More money eanie io. A Hi r at wi: ..o the buhble burst complete ly an - l Pcnn.r, r". n le!t Chuiigo. Nothing had leen hoai l 01 hint since that time until ho turned tip with ii o Inoinna electric road venture. When it is considered that his rerord i known more or less all over this feet ton, tho presumption Is that the recent losers bv Pen - : ninston's swintlltng methods tlo tot rcAit ti e newspapers aad may not know that tho war ,s over. - roil irAitniso.v ij.'. isdc. CTinlrmaa Cnrtct SuUl To Ho Alrcn.ly ; "FT - tlnvr' Th!n - H. Sjieclal to The Indianapolis ;.'.') W'ashinotow, D. C. August 2r.. - - - .;hiilriiiai Thomas II. Carter, of the Ivepuhhc.oiis'a: i.;ii - .l Committee, mads a quiet visit to Wmhitnti n a icw days ago, and conlVrr J with ti nuinhcr of leading Republicans. 11a went 'to New York yesterday. It dffcl.jpit thitt his - visit lieic was for. Ci, .llt. pose of cs'.ahlishing pcrman. - ut Jicailu - r - tcrs for tho Repnilicati csmraicn ij.ni'i., 1 1 , . Strange to soy, a stout lit publican jre - . t t - i. - Ti ha already devclopo.1 agait . i. pm, . Sition. Many tdleptid reasons afW a - '.v.,i et t for tho opposition .to persnrtifioi.t. "Jiea - "'!, alters, but the roal rtiiiiion wgs le.iri isi to - fronia leading Western i:epuhiiti ;,:,;,,(, , "Apermantnt hesdoucrters ttat r.i,ii work for the general advancement ot the p - ..V icr.ii party luight do soma gooJ," .ai he ' - .oid would not bo Objectionable, br.ttwe nn ;,r - stand Mr. Carter. Ho is tlr. - ady 01a t. ,. yes in a schemo to make ex - l'resi - U nt i 1; risou the presidential nopiiuet: of the 11 jiG s - - i - an party in I8:c MithcneT 1. ,,1 o.hcrs are with "bim, Ycu rrineiid i r that Carter was with tho es - i'r. st t i.t at Indianapolis before he attended the Liul t - viilo convontion, and ttflerwartl quietly pa - .1 1 .1. tho word around tor Harrison for l.V ri. I thin ' tho whole object of Carter's permanent: coni - Inittee hcadjuartcr plan totia uu organized campaign ior Harrison fn lsjj." XOliTOX'S SKSSATIONAI, STOHV. T . He Snys Ho M'as Attacked lit Sea' lly Pirate?, Eut Jcajiod. Atiantto Citv, N. J., AuiUBt r.C A your r man aliout twnty - tiTO ycura of a e, who sa a" hois Louis Nprttn, a clothing nierchar.t 01? New Jiavcn, Conn., talii n trom the surf here Tlmrsdii.y iiht. H. - t lis a mnrv.i. ousstory. II e Buys i at cn 'lter.'.i.y he hit New Haven In a cat - boat; that whi.o i,i Lon;4 Inland stv.ud two im - is ir - m n sthc r.r. Jumped aboard his vest tl, Viv ciii a i.f :i s. 1,1,0 - ' less, and when he icnvi ledhe loir ml l ,.! in tne hold o; the schooner, lie - , - tvs ho t - s - eaptd Irom the Fiiiooncr ia a snmli, bent, i ot was overtaken t y W e inesdrv 1,,; ? t s s .1 1 1 , and bis boat wrteiicd. i'e o.ung to i e tr. ' boat and drifte t about tho tt - n uv . be .rn washed ashore litre hot thi. A. U. .Seiir ... 01 ew itaien, who ire ant is hi tuieis, been not lficd by t eie: rjf,;,. 1 , A dispatch from New iiaven eav: (!r! , v - titetiienl was created here by t...j 0111,01. ne - ltiout that l.oum Norton, the young hn ir. s luun who dmap; euiod mi sud - . ie - nlv a !or : ur. ',S ago, and was supnosed to l o un.en, a, 1 s.i turned coin Atlantic City. 'A ho wdtnns w. - .. brougham a telecr. - .tn to A. O. ;.ut...n, tno young man's lather, lioth puren'tt of thu young man aro prostr.rd bv the nm - xpecf. 1, though joylul retvs. 'i tu y bd tl.o - ii i.S th. r son lirowne'd, but will j o at imee t.. Atl - i - . - .i t iiy to verity tut stttteii - tiu t of, h is ;ii t v. j , i, story thst the young nun whs tan en bv . ,; 1 here while in hatnint; and ket t ai Vrw - .i r lid yesterday, when he made h.s es - a; u f. - .,l. got Ut shoio in tbo norm, nnpeari mcieiM i, - , . out tho details of too ti - ciipjitie ;,. - av - iii ed hero with interest. : , KIELED HY IIHi IIWA YM Henry Ilclrnfck Attacked :ll Miot to Doatli ISy lfoliieisi(.: - DA.VVIf.i.E, lit, Aurui - t I'fl. W!, uo He Ilelnilek and wie weie returning home f church at Pilot Chapel, about tiiti'vis n; northeast of this city Ltt iiiVht, two 1. waymon suddenly griif pod Ii is 1.01 - it - ' i t while two other rotter Haiej icfo carriage, . Mr. Kil.oick hit Lis i.orsei v, .'.'1 ivliia and they reared, breaking k - ss f. r 1 Kijh.waymt'n. At th'S 1.1. inerr t t r.e of roblers lired, tho ball u liter.' 11,; t.'m 1 n:k of - Htfimick's head. He liiej li.st.r. - .tiv, t l". Into his wii's lap. Tho !i!,,iif r.vt'i.c.i t prsng out of the bug - ry, but ' tit.i'r - . - ii; a the horses pliined forward ' on i.i.; n tine thot r.arr&wly missed tho almofct .: - ; 1 wife. This morning the lii(;h w nyinni were tr 1 to the li'g Four bridge at tho tn - ,t t; d - ! city, lb entire nti,i i. - o. - ho.o U wi. j'o the murder, ati.l tbe ; lice of thi tl'y I joined in tho search. Tho t wnv u ) not hree other persrn in th - r ri in j. . i ;. ous to the - attack 011 l.'eiir.i - . 1., m ; i, - 1 1, : ,1. ever, but Rule money. nry lion t!.3 Ha .x - . r, rt THE HOME p.n.i: MM. Tlie 1'Iual Veto On I'is(T - o BO "S'fXt Woilllo,,,! riy. IyO.vr.OM. Auurt 21. After m.r. ' hate the IToueof C o. - u. - rn. tis tiin tiie borne rulo li!I in comru't. . r. port stage - 'late last tii,; - , $ c . - having a r.ir.joriiy of t. i on t: When the l,v t amcinl ..nit v - 1 4 ;. carried tbe Liberals a. - td J. - ;. h, W'. only rh'irht entlnisiat t - a d r - - : j - rocetdiiii" - turd out wi,!, ; ,, ,1 f t l.eeis. r 'i i.o r;;t.ri.r, t 1 he I - realer Hri.oiiiiti .( t; 1 .. . the home rui 3 bill h - r t . ...,. Died I roti ilii'ri.;.',,,; Atlim.i, tilt, A CUst 2 - - r f - iirtef n y; - .i: eld, eiol , ., . !roi hclia. lhr rr.nlr.s , 1 . - . - , V a on the ci.'.t' c l the i ' i r. Noii:lltr Was lhtv.hl, f! 1...., tone, jctd jt ijtiicxlv Ur - ' r.ooll 1 tht toy V c S t s . r - j v , 1,1 - . - . 1 nceor.ij i.r.i. ,J I y 1 s., a. ; . . . . donng tho n - .rt.t mn f ( ...... rriehiV tttrrnouii 1 . r , ; . t i up mi'! tiiii.' ralior.:; ;. 1 . 1 .. . '1 r.rs v - 'hs oirry t - r a. t 1 e ru ...V ci - v wf . .. ... - : t.,lt r (.l,!iri'h.''il n v - . ,. . $ - i.,;r ! oifi oi h y'l 1 . l - is. - . - is was tt.ati. tt, h re v... - - - .. j A I'u'ne In i. .,!.,,. 1 hrvr, At - - .'it C . ; T f'r. rr V rrs I . - . ! 1. f I t ' . I r irri'Tit:.' f I' - r'!..,' i. f . t - , ; i ' - i - ' ir 1.1 .: ; .rd Is - ;,, !. .' ii " v. i r. . ! I r A f. 1 h c - r I " ' '

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  • "Promoter" Pennington description of his exploits in Indiana newspaper 1893.

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