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 - SOME PICKETS PERM) Under Ruling of Judge Sater...
SOME PICKETS PERM) Under Ruling of Judge Sater ORDERJSSUED U n d e r The Decision Which He Rendered In The Niles Case. Formal order allowing t h e Nile? Bouicnt-Poud company, New Yoik, ninjoiity ounoi ot-the stock ot the Niles Tool Woiks, Hamilton, an injunction against officers and members of llron Holders' Unions Nos. 68 and Buller; Jos. Brady,' s Jpi3 Domingcr, Clus Biush, Arllnu Kcckor, Jolm Cozy, Geo. Curtis, Adam Diuglcdiiio, Ervin Eokhardt, Jas. Dierkin, Tlios. Hill, Jolm Fetxor, Fred Gnrvor, Henry Gardner, Walter L. Furroy) Unbar, John IJeok, Louis Hufnaglc, "Win Humphiey, Chas. Jackson, Gcu 01, John Huber, J. C. Reed Henry Kuppcr, Frank ;Kelley, Pete: Kupper, Mark MeNonl, Jas. Lock- lieiul, Wiu'.lMiddendorf, Jos. Mcl/Jcr. Chas Migncioy^ Finnk Jlillei, Pclci Mb]ii»sl.,v, J II Moon, Pnnl Oitolf Robt. 'Soliol?., Clarence Phillips Chas. Steplian, John Stein, AVm. loi', Henry ·Vogclgosung,; W. F. brod, 'Win. Brown, Jus R.'Jones, Brnnucr, Barney Ruhl, Jacob Brun nor, Wm. Yaclie, R. P. Jack SOP, Frank" Reingrahcr, John Dick, Ro^ Dees, Ralph Gardner, Wilbur Jack son, Andrew Hill, Earl Huber, Thof ITaydcn, Clins. Pcrrine, Win. TTeisor Wm. TIcrtyeger, John Jlc-sauer, C ·Scidenfadcii, Frank Theobold, Rn Tutns, Pied Ileisei, 3m fUe\ ncr, Alois Bnniner, Ed Bnehcil Chns. Pel/or, Hubert Grcb, Frank Hamilton, w a s issued by United " Dnl ' Jos Lllc S e 's. Jo1 ''' L *"^' is District Judge Snlei- yester- i r ° n n a n ^egvrs, 'f.J! Jlantdinns, A tiny. " °~ ~ "" »ert Perrinc, Jos. Olir, Stanley 0;,*' All the defendants named in l n o · 1 °'»i Ohr, Albert Pclevs, Jvhn R. order temporarily are restrained from 1 . P f c f f p t '' u - *'· Slmlloy, Walton Bol- coiigrcgalihg nt, in or about the Nilesj 1 ""'' A - Overman, John Anderhaltcn. Tool works or on the streets ot H n n i - l B - W.' Borlsch, Frr.nk McCoy, Loim jlton or elsewhere for the purpose of j'. 1 *" 1 ' 1 * c - Schmi(U and Frank Belhorst, assaulting, intimidating, annoying,'individually and as members of Iron harassing or interfering in any man- Mo'ders Union Local Xo. 68; Her with employees or other persons Defendants, desiring now or in the future to work i"Buiu") West, Tor, nl or to visit the company's plant, (John Reagan, or liaving bnsiitess or connection with ' donwald/ \V. R. Smit the company and from congregating! paper mill, -- Beotl, William (alia? Clmrlcs Vnuglni, Jones, of L'»- working in £ Chnrtof nt or about or-following to their Bender, Jacob Morton, George K i homes any of the employees or other all other members i n d i v i d persons. A limited number or pick-J members of Iron .Holders Union els may he stationed noav the plant, cnl Nos. 08 or 283. Tlio injunction order also proliibits The officers, agents, servants, ai- t h e defendants from calling cm- lorncys, those in active concert wit'i ployeos or oilier persons'"scabs' fol- or participating \('ilh above dcfcmt- olher opprobrious names;- from arils, and all persons whomsoever are threatening, i n t i m i d a t i n g or coercing j likewise temporarily by menncing al'.itiidos, expressions, (congregating a;, in, or'about Hie gestures or otherwise; from assault- j'tory ami plant of the defendant, ing or otherwise interfering with cm-'Niles Tool Works Co. (excepting ployecs and from advising, enconr- a limited number ot pickets may lie ""' ov aiding others Uo do the samc-.'stalionort near said company's or on the streets of-,Hamilton or clso- v/here for the purpose of .assaulting, i n t i m i d a t i n g , annoying, or interfering in any manner w i employes or other persons or any. them desiring now or in the futtir* to work for, or at, or to visit said company's plant, or having hnsiuc^fc or connection w i t h said company: from congregating at or about or lowing to t h e i r homes anv of 1 troni lining, ,, . . , .. ' .-. ? aloresaid cmplovcs or other ,peraor,s cr specified, ,. ,, - , . . , , . i l o r the purposes aloresaid, loinod being , ,, . .. , . Iron Holders Union Local No. ES; t l l ( n n ' f r n l " !ll " sln - a n y o( an « l '""' 'Iron holders Union Local' No. 2S3: ' )lo - ycs ° r othor l c r s o n s " ow m ll - cr ' Tlio Court's Order. The order of the court is as lows: P l - i i n t i f f - having given bond in thr* sum of $5,000 conditioned according to law and approved by llio court; it is now s: . Ordered tbnt tlio following named defendants and each ot them bej and they arc restrained and enjoined un- t i l tlio flirt her order of this court, nnd arc ordered to desist from dnin; any of the acts her said defendants t h u s enjo; each . unincorporated society ciafion located nnd lra\'in 283- ' sso " cl Corking ''"' Sil ' ( ' company 01 its nlncc CS "''"S '° ( '° s0 ' ^ r0 '" calling them I i . _ _ - ,.ii ot business in tho city of Hamilton, l s c a l l s or olllcr O inTM uio " s Ohio, and being governed by officers and euillicls; from thrciitenin; nnd rules and regulations adopted by i'"l"-S, coercing by the members thereof; Frc-d J. Stc- phnu, individually and as president:. Tim Farleigh, individually and as secretary, and Harry Hansel, Individ- s an nl't'lninl reprcsenia- live o f . said defcMidant, Iron JToldcra tu'des, expressions, gestures, or otherwise anv of said employes or oth'n persons; from interfering with, jostling or taking hold of any of Nt : .:l employes or other persons, and from ing, beating, wounding, abus- Union Local No. 08; A r t h u r Marks, individually and as president; Thomas Bcalcs and John | from advising, encouraging 1C. Ciiliulncj individually and as ofti-i others to do the same or any or otherwise m a l t r e a t i suid employes or other persons, and aiding of the ccrs oC said defendant, Iron Holders Union Local No. 283-. Defendants, Krvin Kckimvdt, Louis Knlialk, W a l l e r Fiirruy, Lnuis Huf- nngle, Peter Kuppcr, Win. Middendorf, John Stein, \\ r . V. Weisbrod, Frank Heel, Herman Leugers, Albert Perrine and Jos. Doininger, indirid- ually and ns committees of said Iron Holders Union Locnl Xo. 68; Defendants, Jas. Branuon, Frank things hereinbefore temporarily enjoined. The motion to vacate the restraining' order heretofore issued is over ruled, !o which Die defendants and ach nf them expects. And thereupon the defendants -a nfth of them gHV» notice of an i.i- ention to appeal this pause to the lircuit court of appr-n.'s of tlic .Sixth udical cii-jiul.

Clipped from
  1. Hamilton Evening Journal,
  2. 12 Oct 1917, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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