Frank Timoney 1897 Dam burst wipes out

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Frank Timoney 1897 
Dam burst wipes out - DEMOCRATS ·«!U..-fu. ?·!·! an." ··:,! v-...
DEMOCRATS ·«!U..-fu. ?·!·! an." ··:,! v- ars ii 1C. 11- y.*,- u^ht to ! Ju -- «j-^,j y,"- pur^se. as Dritiuc- th- .'olds after a Kentucky's Th-r? of oratorv and Hen^y a thou- a:i-i which was to th-»ir as- too. that with the party of bitt-r- founl to fight the advocates almost the the true effort parted enable Kentucky a soliTl the Republican foe. the work read In the the delegates came, expressed in victory success content Adair nominated of the court *t^^ a Earvest of Death in Two Few York Tovras. EIGHT LIVES PE03ABLY LOST. Five Hodte-i Itevowtxvl and Thrc · Other-, M i~Iu~-Ou«. of t'ae V l o t l m Wu.-. Wu.-. Ue^-ued From the Johu-. t «wi KltXHl.untl MurrUtI Her Ke~i-uer Moetlnz. to vacation at Aur. 24, to Grand Army and on at the the Twenty-third near of ex- same of Mte« ex-president delay President fo- exercises inst. John residence in aged 77 a life removed was educated Subsequently and was as 1SKL He and was a member dat° practice X. Y.. July H.--The two large reservoirs in the Fishkill mountains which supplied water to th- towns of Matteawan and Fi^hkill burst their walls at * o'clock yw-u-r- day morning, and the water that \\a» released swept through th* ruches-! valley, causing ruin and death. Five bodies have been taken from th wreckage left m the wake of the Hood, and there are known to be t w o ami probably three more lying jionieuher-- beneath the uiied up debris, which is all that remains of three houses tbtt were swept away by the mighty torrent. torrent. The names of those u hose bodies have been recovered, as ortU-ially K iveii out by Coroner H. B. Bevier. Jr. JUt- teawan. are: Mrs. John Conroy, aged 35. wife of th.» engineer in Timoney's brick yard. Her body was badly bruised by contact with trees and wreckage, and was covered covered with mud. Mrs. Mary Ferry, aged SS years, a. widow. Her body was in the worst condition of all the victims, being covered covered with mud and bruises. William Ferry, aged 9 years, son of Mrs. Ferry. The body was in good condition, condition, except for bruises about th~ head. John Sruka, a Hungarian. CS years old. Phllameua Deluka. an Italian girl G years old. The body was unmutilated. The missing are: John Conroy. aged 2 years, a son of Engineer Conroy; Julia Conroy. aged C years, a daughter of Engineer Conroy: an un!*sown Hungarian, Hungarian, whose brother declares that he was drowned? There were two floods. Thf first was not disastrous, but alarmed the inhabitants, inhabitants, most of whom left their houses. A short time later the second dam burst, pouring the I!oo-l down th" mountain, carrying with it a. great mass of debris, pans of !«uiH:In:rv *tc This struck the buildings In the roar of Timoney's brick yard. One was a boarding house, conducted by Patrick Murphy. This building contained IK- e families. A short distance from the Murphy boarding house was a building As soon as the excitement attendant i«« the awful catastfMflu- !·.;-.,! sub- Md«-d t!se thoughts and .in-rvation of the hundreds of !«:·!. w h o E-ithered at the scene ami of tlie tlents oi the twin village* r Landing and Matteawan tuined u question ut responsibility f«r the Blaster. M«.»rgi*n H. Hoyt. u in*-j;!«er of the rj..r.-,-rV Jury, said: "1 believe that ll:e F»hkill and Mattea. «ari Water o»£.|j. a iiy will be held for criminal SiKt-uce. One of the dams at !eat Levti n-torix»uMy unsound ever since \»;ts built, ten years ago. and has leaking all the time. The dam wa« one half feet above the water :t:sd and a half below-, ar.d buils of eol.ble- Blo!u»s. People have been predK-ting eoU.i., M . t. vor s i nc . i have lived here." S:«u:ur txM-e.ssior.3 cou!J be heard all aruund the village. Ftrjc-r-11-Y..ur-Olit CJIrl .Mm-derort. Wilijamsport. Pa.. July 13 -- X e a brutal muider at Hill's Urove. Sullivan county, just over the I.ycuining line, reached this city yesterday. The victim was 13-year-old Katse Dovit. daughter of John Dovit. am! her remains remains were found along the banks Loyal Sock creek, not far from her home. Katie was engaged as a domestic domestic by Samuel MeBrlde. and it her custom to walk from her home McBrldo's every morning and return in the evening. About 2 o'clock Sunday Sunday morning Stephen Pollnski. lover Katie, came to her home, where he boarded. The girl's father an.' h- quarreled, the lover making the statement statement that he would not marry th- girl, for whose Interesting condition was responsible. The two men came to blows, and the girl tried to them. She was not successful, and left the house. On Monday her dr-ad body was found, and her father a:ul lover are under arrest. C. Heydlauff. sensational yester- engros- occupied by about 25 laborers. mo«tly Slavs, with a few Italians. From th-se two buildings the victims were taken The body of Mrs. Mary Ferry was recovered recovered yesterday afternoon, dug from mud and debris 10 feet deep. Thirty- five men worked all day in the ruins." Mrs. Conroy. one of the lost, before her marriage lived at Johnstown Pa. where the great flood occurred several years ago. She was rescued there by John Conroy. v. ho afterwards married her. There are three of the Timoney brick yards. Two of them are badly damaged. damaged. The north one, managed by Frank Timoney. Jr.. i s a total los ; The flood swept directly over the valley, valley, carrying away everything but the sheds. The brickmaking plant, wagons wagons carts, etc.. were swept across thc- railroad track into the rivir Groek Indemnity to Tiirk«v. Constantinople. July 13. -- Important ministerial ··oum-lls wt-re he!d on Sunday Sunday and Monday, at which an indemnity indemnity of £6.MO.OOO was agreed upon as thf extreme limit of Turkey's concession. concession. This agreement was sanctioned sanctioned by an imperial irade. Tho council:further council:further prepared a report sti^matlzin- the concert of Europe as a "leajoii- cross agralnMt crescent." The sultan after considering the report, answercci by the followinc Irade: "I am convinced convinced t h a t the effort and en»r£rv she powers are directed entirelv towards towards the maintainance of peucr- an the prevention of fresh complication!:. In these Hr.-umstances H Is the plain duty f,f Turkev to nut an end to tha present abnormal situation." fTiie I'rcMilonr. Detroit. July 15.--Leonard J. Crawford, Crawford, of Xewport. Ky.. was yesterday afternoon elected president of the National National Requblican league. The result of the second ballot was not announced, because Mr. Crawford's opponents all went over to him and made it unanimous unanimous before the figures were add_-d. The onlv candidate feared bv the friends of Crawford was Frederick W. Fleitz, of Pennsylvania. A. M. Hle- gins, of Indiana, was third In the race for president. According to the indications. indications. M. J. Dowling, of Minnesota, will today he re-elected as secretary, which will complete the leading slate of Crawford. Dowling and Omaha for tl.^ next convention. I'd I * A « the nortnprn I' ar «i ^ere 60 arches I of green" brick. -55.000 in each arch. in anci I rr.1 " «-.«.«- TI.-JW m eacn arch. in ish- T £ eTwa , ter softened these, and lot the chargTof ? - - """ '"" a mass of c!a "- A 090 During have number to Heydlauff killed of Pusary was yesterday which rector man in severely eyesighL also 3Ic- pension reducing effect it gone publisher Philadelphia his aged 69 condition attack part of Scott at West to who for a. Ambassador Behring stabbed i to arch kiln was burning. The flood pu- out the fire and partially ruineu th, brick. Most of the ruins havo been search" over, and it is possible that some bodie have been swept into the river Th water stili runs through the yard which is covered to a depth of se'vera feet wjth gravel, mud. trunks of trees parts of wagons and like material Hading its way thence through a cu! vert into the river. The three buildings In which the la borers had quarters were totalH wrecked. There Is hardiy a pi«ce o wood two feet long anywhere In the ravine there are great rocks, some of them weighing five to ten tons each rolled down the mountain by th° torrent. torrent. One rock, w-igrhing ten tons at least, lies on the site of Murphv's boarding house. It is supposed to be the one that knocked the hous^ of its foundation. Frank Mc^innisf a'15- year-old boy. a machine tender In Timoney's vards. was on the piazza of Murphy's hous--. He says the hous- broke in two. The flood carried th* first half, with him clinging to it. down towards Hammond Freeman's yards which adjoip Timoney's- He went under several times, bat managed, to swim, and was at length pulled out In an unconscious condition by Charles "White, a feilow workman. He had not a siitch of ciothing on when rescued. His body was badly bruised, and he has a great cut on the face from the right eye across the mouth to the chin. When he recovered consciousness, half crazed, he started for the water again but was held back. The Montreal express train arrived at the scene about three minutes after the accident, and was flagged through the efforts r.f M. H. Reiily. an employ- of Timoney?. -who boarded at Murphy's. Murphy's. He thought nothing of the heavy rain ?trrrr: until he heard somebody somebody on the piazza, about 1:00, speak of the reservoir on the hill. After making inquiries he apprehended danger, and went down to the track. Soon afterward afterward he heard a tremendous roar in the mountain, and then the crash of the buildings swept away. A freight train had just passed that portion of the tra^k and -stopped below, having struck a rock that had rolled down the mountain. Reilly hurried down the track and told tho flagman that the MIehnel to Uecome a Sprinter- Boston. July 15.--All the long distance bicycle matches arranged for Jimmy Michael have been cancelled, and after this the Welshman will confine himself to short sprints only. Michael yesterday yesterday changed from his 120 gear to"one 105. and the pacemakers that have been employed for his work have been r»- leased. In private trials, not only 01 the Charles River park track, but In Buffalo and Xevr York, Michael has shown wonderful ability as a sprinter He will Immediately be ready to ride against the best men in America, and Is open to meet any sprint racer in world for a match race at any time. Kl'l' d by « I-iRhtnlnc rhL-h. Jersey City. July 15.--A youns? man believed to fce S. A. Bastino. 2T. v-ars Old. of Xew Tork city, was killed by lightning late yesterday afternoon on the Hudson boulevard. He was observed observed taking refuge under a tree from the rain. There was a blindinjr flash, a crash of thunder and a rush of wind and rain. When people looked avair from their windows the younrr man was seen stretched out under the tr~?. They found him dead. His *ocy showed but few discolorations by the lightning. l-c-f, Knnrfl President Foiiro. Paris. July 15.--In view of anarchist hreats. special precautions were tak«-n for the r»ro:»rtion of M. Faur". tt-r- )resident. while r-ji route to the re'.-i-^w vesterday. Many suspects w~er- ar- ested. The thicket near the Cas-r- a j · n the B.iis de Boulogne, the seen'- *jf he last bomb outrage, was surround--'/. y detective. More than la*) oih-r '=.-- ectives mounted on bicycles wer-_- r^acv t various jw.ints to carry out jn^trr!--- tions and t- pursce anarchists In cav- any emerseii'-y should arise. Amerit-nn-5 Gala Their Point. Tangier. Morocco. July 15.--Th" tSifri- cuity arssinsr over the disincUnatioi, O f the authorities of Morocco against Americans "IK refusing to permit them to empioy native help, a privilojro' allowed allowed Europeans, has been settle-?, a-d the United States warships San Francisco Francisco and naleish, which recently arrived arrived here to support the prot/st of tTnited States Consul General Kurke against this dis^nmiiiation. said today today for Xew York, via England. anxiously McGovern go men sent a f coal a this Cleveand m«n nd success the the Yesterday Th«n teived roadbed was covered by the flood and he had better flag the express, -which he did. Reilly lingered around until the flood had partially subsided. Then he saw something white In the rubbish, rubbish, and. reaching down, pulled out tlie body of a little Italian girl. John T. Lundy, of Matteawan, one of Timoney's employes, rescued Patrick Murphy and four little boys. Ife waded waded out to a building and carried them one by one to a place of safety. This wa» directly after the flrst wave. They had no more than got to the bank bc- M:«» Tylor a I"»«tm!«rr«;«. "Washington. Juiy 13.--Miss Mattie R. Tyler, granddaughter of the former president of the fnited States, was yesterday appointed postmistress at Courtland, Va. The selection ends a long contest, in which Miss Tyler came here and presented her claims !n person person to Postmaster Genera! Gary and Fourth Assistant ErJstow. The" office pays $5S5 per annum. Miss Tyler succeeds succeeds Eugene C. Barrett. t fore tfjc hou»« watt swept away. The- Xpvrorth . Toronto. Ont.. July 15.--The Epworth ^easue cabinet met yesterday and decided decided that the convention next year will be held at either Seattle. Washington Washington or Omaha. Neb. The latter place's claims will be pushed by a delegation delegation consisting ol tbe mayor tity couactt. d«* struck mine under ^Vest miner* Flemington. today. v.-ill nel there they lead. Des on the on bullet prove Tlswl vould

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