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nwi : s4 "Hi aavj m.1 J - fliiAtoulii NEW YOIUC is ALL SEDENE' V (By ThV Assncfatnl Preea) , - NBW TORK. - FeO. 14. An old Ohin se, veteran of thV Ton wars' of other days, sat drowsily agunat the doorway ot ajcurio shop in anfcattas'a CUnatewn to dky and stroked tba head' ot pop that niy at his feet His sttitode wastypical w the quarter. Chinatown was too lasy, or. perhaps too uninterested, to get" ex dted over the new that Tone wars had started in several sectlona of the Pacific coast and that the Chines Qnarteri in San Francisco was in a farment, fearing that it would be drawn into the battles. Patrolman John Abtl tusrdltn of Man - hkttan'a Chinatown, on post - at lott afreet and Cbathaa square, yawned and dryly remarked: Chinatown is a Joke not enough pep to chase a cat" Patrolman Abt has been 'walking the narrow streets of Pell, Doyer and Hott for more than ten years. He firat waa sent there in the exciting daya that followed the killing of Elsie Siegel, and the shooting of Mock Duck, those bloody days of war that ended in the signing of a treaty between all the Tonga. Tep," aaid Apt, "pep la all gone. The only fighter left in Chinatown Is Georgie Lee. He's a bantamweight - and, goes up to Madison Square Qarjlen to scrap. . "Five years sgo there still was a lot cf queer doings down here, but Doyer street now is Just like a aidewalk in Woodlawn cemetery. Opium T Not enough to fill a pipe. Gunmen? Well, tbey may come down here but they don't operate on my beat, ace, .. What me got is a 'soft Job? say, I have to be a doctor, lawyer, undertaker's man, spiritual adviser and what not for these people. .. ' .The reason they quit their Tong wars was. that they learned that Sing Bing and the electric chair could hold the Chinese the same as . anybody else. That's what' ecared the bad'men. "Why there's a dead chap up in number 12 right now, lui nobody'll touch him afraid of the spirits. I'll have to 1,T him out mT,5lf' when they w,nt 1 doctor they como to me and I have to call him. When they want" At this juncture Chinese , boy came running to Abt, muttering sngrily. It developed that he had had a dispute with , j.wiBh merchant around the corner. i, tk. Hicnnfa nrwl rame back to lauv dvwvu . v. his post. "Know these people pretty well ?" he was asked. "Nope. They don't tell you anything until they've known you twenty - five rs, I've been her only tea."

Clipped from
  1. The Huntington Press,
  2. 15 Feb 1922, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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