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conventions mention along with christmas giftwrapping - 18 Ntwporl Dally News, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 196»...
18 Ntwporl Dally News, Tuesday, Nov. 17, 196» for being outgoing national pos ter chairmen. Dorothy was s kind to bring along souvenirs lor our dub from the convention Margo Couch wilj resign a program chairmen after th ·November social. Pat Finn sai she would take over. Pat's firs program will be an adult Chris mas party. Dorothy Sisti too over as master-at-arms. ·ulV'for recording messages is[ wi , h the , theme; "Christma follows: :-Past Present and Future 1 ' ,-.Nov. 13 · Davis. Dyess, Des-! miml ; Martna C r a m , Jud .trover Squadron IZ^statf. ( .ind Eampsc h and Pat Finn w i 1 be working together on a floa for the Anchorage Association' Bj r. I). STREETEE - PHONE 141-MM CruDesLaiit Offers Tapes CHRISTMAS MESSAGES RECORDED. Wives and rjfamilies of personnel stationed aboard a destroyer or a member of a squad or a division staff homeported -in Newport that will be deployed over the Christmas holidays will be able to send those men taped Christ mas greetings. The Christmas messages will Ire recorded by the Cniiscr-Dcs- ftover Force, Atlantic F l e e t Public Affairs Office in t h e Force Recording Studio in the · Fleet Facilities Building on Pi- ~,er 2. The time for recording messages will be between 9 a. ·ft. and 4 p.m., Nov. 13 to 16. ·', The studio and the photo lab are on the seaward s i d e . (the building. There will be signs "posted to direct families. Sched- "ficstroyer Division 122 staff. ..Nov 14 - Basilone, Fiske, "Destroyer Division 102 staff. Nov." 15 - Sticknell. Richard "t. Page, and Julius A. Furer. - Nov. 16 - Purvis and the Gain- ,, ·» r "- Christmas parade Dec. 14. Viola Winfield and her com mittee are working on the Chris for our : The committee Is Molly Hagenj . -., ft - , . , M. · , Approximately three minutes . to help make their messages, robes for the pediatnc wa run smoothly and it is recom- ! at the hospital, are Hena Ma- mended that they be kept in al'one, Palma Coatney, Barbara happv Christmas mood. | Fuller, F r a n Davis, Judy SNIPER'S VICTIM -- Lance Cpl. Michael Synod, 18, will come home from Vietnam as a hero. The young Marine died Nov. 1, cut down by a sniper's bullet in Quang Nam Province. The oldest of the five children of Mr. and Mrs. Hohn Synod of Grosse Pointe, Mich., he is also the first Vietnam casualty from Rev. Demetrios Kavadas' Assumption Greek Orthodox Church iu Detroit. Rev. Kavadas has invited Michigan Gov. George Romney and Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh, among others to attend Synod's funeral. (AP Wirephoto) * Thousands Attend Armistice Day Ceremonies P R O V I D E N C E (AP) - rbousands of spectators and participants, undeterred by :hilly temperatures, turned out Monday for Veterans Day ceremonies and marches throughout Ihode Island. Hundreds lined the streets of Providence for ah eight-division arade which wound up al City lall with a 21-gun salute honor, ing the war dead. Other marches and ceremonies were held in Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, Newport, Woonsocket, Bristol, Barrint;- ton, Westerly,- West Warwick, South Kingstown and Foster. A few antiwar demonstrators ap peared at the West Warwick affair. In Providence, Lt. Denis Casey, a Catholic chaplain at the Quonset Point Naval Air Sta- Iraq Official Assassinated BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -Former Foreign Minister Nas ser el Hani of-Iraq was assas sinated in Baghdad Monday nisht, Baghdad radio reportei today. The radio gave no details o his death. Deputy Premier Gen. Hardan Takriti represented Presiden Ahmed Hassan el-Bakr at th funeral ceremonies this morn ing, the radio said. an, traced the history of the servance which evolved from i Armistice Day celebrating c end of World War I to a holi- y honoring the load of that nd other conflicts since. He said Americans arc unncc- sarily worried over todav's iuth. Today's servicemen are irhaps the best ever--better lucatcd. better equipped and s patriotic as any before them e said, adding, "I'm proud to ervc with them." At Woonsocket, U.S. Ren. For. and St Germain criticize! draft card burners and demon rators" and said the majority of. Americans agree that the nation has a responsibility in Vietnam. At Cranston, Mayor James Jiprcte Jv. said the foreign policy aims of (he country must be debated but once a course is seeded, Americans should follow it. "This is indeed our country, right or wrong," he said. We must work for peac* 10 that your youth may have the chance to live in a world without war," Town Council President Monroe 0. Knight said at Foster ceremonies. In West Warwick, Lawrence A. Cahoone, past department commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, condemned "draft dodgers, traitors apd Communist dupes' 1 who he slid give "aid and comfort to the «t- cmy." Such persons,' 1 he said, "should not and .cannot be tolerated in our society." ", As he spoke a few youths be- 2an chanting, "Slop the svarl" They were dispersed by police'. CREATORS 115 Billvvut Av*)nu« TEL. 846-0687 WALK IN SERVICE Serving Wigs and V/iglets SHAMPOO and SETS $ 3.25 HAIR CUTTING 5 2.25 '.AMP CUTTING $ 4.75 Expart Stylist in High Styling and Permanent Waving IMPALA 66 CHEVROLET IMPALA SPORT SEDAN - V-8 Power Glide, power steering, radio, heater, white wall tires. 100% GUARAN- (I · · J · $ i/95 TEE. This beauty is in mint condition. MIDDLETOWN MOTORS, INC. Lie. No. 333 853 West Main Road, Middletown, R. I. Lie. No. 333 847 - 2550 Opposite Warwick's Shoppers World 847 - 2550 Dependents also have their portraits taken. Then the pictures and tapes will be forwarded to the men aboard the ship in time for Christmas. GUEST SPEAKER -- Attention to all wives clubs program TM chairmen. Walter J. Casey has' offered to speak and show films, Rampseh along with B e c k y Hart, Pat Abrahamson a n d Joney Caudill. Those working In the Thrift Shop next week are sorting Nov. 13. Palma Coatney: selling, Nov. 14, Virginia Wymore. Hel- Oswald, Barbara Fuller, y Caudill, Pat Abraham- ion and Palma Coatney; hos- describing the effects of sales and distribution of pornagra- phlc literature and photographs to teenagers. If you are interested, he may be reached at his home, 1416 Wapping Road. Middletown, or you may phone 847-1866. NWCA 197 -- Now that the fanfare and elections of nation al and local Navy Wives Clubs are over -- all have settled down to map our aims and plans for the coming year. President Ester Dozier presiding at the first meeting of the new year, asked for the indulgence anc cooperation of members to make this a bigger and better for 197. Because of the illness of Chaplain Virginia Roberts, Bonnie Smith will fill in as pro-tern. Vice - President Elaine Lussier was parliamentarian pro-tern in the absence of Mavis Reese. Sarah Walter introduced t h e guests, who were Dorothy Sisti of NWCA-1 in Long Beach, Calif., Viola Winfield of NWCA ·169 in Nantucket, Mass., and Mollie Hagen of NWCA-148 in Ifewport. Georgia Hendricks transferred her membershin from NWCA-86 in Jacksonville Jla., to 197. Her hubby is stationed aboard the destroyer Xorris. iThank-you notes w e r e received an,j acknowledged from Carol Stanley and Esther Dozier, C.P.O W i v e s Club and NWCA-148 for gifts. A special t ank-you was received from rs. Rusk of the Newport Coun t}r Chapter Red Cross, for the gpnerous monetary contribution mad e by each member of the Vietnam shop early for Christ njas projects. "Nov. 13 is the deadline for lap cSjrd prizes. These should be de. livered to C a r o j Stanley or Oharleta Downing. Prizes are fjbulous for the lap-card party being given Nov. 20. The event ll being sponsored by members IB order to help them continue tteir numerous welfare projects. The event is open to the public, ·nd information and d e t a 11 s rtay be received by phoning 3»rol at 847-7144. 'Program chairmen E l a i n e ljussier announced the Nov 20 it' the cut-off date for making reservations for the a n n u a l diristmas party at the Odyssey In Newport. Good luck and farewell to IJbnnie Smith who is enroute to Charleston, S.C. She was presen- tid ·with a silver bracelet and a 191 charm by Sarah on behalf of the members. From mem bfcrs of the out-going executive board, It was a club apron pre ijnted by the club presifcnt. ;In keeping with their excellent reputation, weather doesn't de tir 197 girls from carrying ou club projects. In the wind and rain of last Thursday night, Es tfer. Charlcta, Georgia, am Leslie Burke made a gcnerou donation of supplies to the Gold ef Age Best Home. Scvera members baked refreshment aftd the girl) served these while vWting the homes' guests, NWCA-14JThis club held tut-together Nov. 7 in Buildin, 7 pit the Naval Base. Guests In chidcd Rcna Malone, Gcorgi llfndricks, NWCA-197, Quonset Davisville members. Viola Win field of 169 and Dorothy Sist frpm Long Beach, Calif., Is i NT'CA-1 joined us in 148 New port. JJorothy Reichel, proxy it th NWCA National Convention, re Parted on things of interest, sue is regional vlciprcsldenta ir niw presidents and national by hjp changes. She presented a pital nursery volunteer Nov. 13 will be Joney Caudill. * » · · NWCA-197 has invited our members and their spouses to ioin them in Bingo Nov. 20 at 3 p.m. in Building 7, hospital side. NAVCOMSTA WIVES - The Naval Communications Station Wives Club will meet Nov. 14, from 10 to 11 a.m. The get-together will take place at the Newport Furniture Community Room on West Main Road. Middletown. The theme be swapping ideas for holiday gifts .nd decorations. Hostesses for he occasion will be Mrs. .Tac- uelinc Comeau and Mrs. Cha- eta Downing. GRAND CANTON WIVES - jrand Canyon Enlisted Men's 'ives Club met Nov. 5. Re- reshments were provided by onnie Berry and Patsy Klston. For those who have a sweet ooth, the girls are having ig bake sale on board t h e jrand Canyon, Nov. 15. Anyone 'ho wishes to make goodies for event may do so. Bring onations in Patsy Elston's ome at 710 Craven In M e I- nlle, or deliver to Jeanne De- 'ber's house, 30 Livingston Mace, Middletown. All contribu. ions will be greatly appreci- ted. The club will begin Christmas gift-wrapping on the Grand Canyon Nov. 18 and will con- inue to do so every Monday hereafter until Christmas. Plans are in the makin? for he annual children's Christmas party for member's children. The kids seem to get luite a kick out of these little larties. All girls whose husbands are in the Grand Canyon are in- 'ited to attend the next meeting Nov. 19. It will take place n the Newport Furniture club- ·oom at 9:30 a.m. If you need i baby - sitter or traasporta- ion. call Jeane Doliber at 8461116 or Donna Finan at 847-1290. CROMWELL WIVES -- A cof- ee will be held Nov. S at 8:30 i.m. at th e home of Royce \Iarcucci, 327 Davis St, Mel- ·ille. Wives of men aboard the Iromwell are invited to at- cnd, both officer and enlisted. r or further information call Mrs. Marcucd at S83-9138. C.P.O. WIVES - The C.P.O. Wives Club will hold their "Welcome Aboard" coffee Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. at the C.P.O Club All new C.P.O. Wives in the area are invited. Membership s open to all chiefs wives. The club has a monthly luncheon at the C.P.O. Club and Babysitting is provided frc e at .he Anchorage Day Care Cen- ler for those attending the so- set to Molly Hngen from Nitional Preildtnt Illih GliH cia's. The purpose of the C.P.O. wives is to aid the naval career family ana bring the wives in closer contact w i t h wives in other areas. The next monthly lunch will be held Nov. 21 at 12:30 p.m. Reservations may he made by calling Fran Tarpey at 6833202 or Ilen e Ferguson at 847- 5S79. Ducats for the luncheon are $2.25 and the menu w i l l consist of baked Virginia Ham, tried shrimp, candied yams and fixtas'. Luncheon reservations (hall be available it the coffee. BASE MOVIES - Tonight It'l 'Tii,. Penthouse" starring Tor ranee Morgan «n ( | Suzy Wendall Nov. 13 "The Vcngence of| Mike Bove Says: ALL PRICES DRASTICALLY REDUCED ON USED CARS FH4 4(P*^, *»"K Superb sales of '69 Chevrolet has created a surplus of exceptionally fin* used cars. W* just don't have any room. We're forced to move them-we're forced to lower prices. »*J3 66 COMET WAS $1595 A 2 doer model with p f*f*f two ton* paint. | *w kW 67 CAMARO SS Hardtop Coup* with WAS $2795 350 engine, power steering and automatic transmission. 64 CHEVROLET WAS $1395 A Malibu SS Hardtop with V-8 · n g i n e and automatic transmission. 1195 66 CHEVROLET . . . . . W A S $2195 An Impala 2 door hard- ^4*. ·· top with V-S engine and 1 OO *\ standard transmission. | ^fflj 65 CHEVROLET WAS $1795 An Impala 2 door hardtop. 1495 64 CHEVROLET WAS $1495 A 2 door hardtop Impala. 1295 67 CHEVROLET WAS $2695 An Impala Convertible with full power. 2395 67 CHEVROLET WAS $2595 A 1*1 Air Station Wagon. 68 CHEVROLET WAS $3395 A Caprlt* 4 door hardtop with full power. Su*' witb Uriuli Andim. 65 CHEVROLET A Malibu Sport Coup* WAf *'··· with 6 cylinder angln* and automatic transmission. 1495 64 PONTIAC A leMans Convertible with V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes. WAS $1395 1195 65 RAMBLER WAS $1095 American 2 door. 65 OLDS An '88' 4 door hardtop, with power Jteering and power brakes and automatic transmission. WAS $1795 1595 On OK Used Cars 64 FORD A Fairlon* '500' 2 door hardtop with V-8 engine and automatic transmission. WAS $1295 1095 64 FORD A Country Sedan 9-pas- senoer itation wagon. WAS $1195 65 FORD A Galaxle '500' Sport Coup* with automatic transmission and a '352' cu. In. engine. WAS $1795 1595 T ¥ 24 MONTH I WARRANTY V ^ ^O»»^ NC MONEY DOWN with credit approval N U U P O R t CHEVROLET / O West Main. Rd At On* Mil* Corner Open Nlghti Dial 146- 3600 AS IS SPECIALS 64 CORVAIR $595 63 CORVAIR 495 61 T-BIRD 695 63 FORD 795 64 RAMBLER 295 62 FORD 295 63 FALCON 495

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