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roseland - They're Riding the Business Merry -Go-Round...
They're Riding the Business Merry -Go-Round -Go-Round -Go-Round -Go-Round wi As might be expected of Ihose who revel in the enter-4ainment enter-4ainment enter-4ainment business, three industrious industrious Canandaigua men ride with ease on the merry-go-around merry-go-around merry-go-around merry-go-around merry-go-around of big business administration. administration. Handling the reins of several several successful enterprises is Lester C. Boyce, "Mr. Canandaigua Canandaigua of 1972," head of a close-knit close-knit close-knit family. ''He's &4, an excellent administrator administrator without the flamboyance flamboyance of a promoter, a stickler for detail, self-effacing self-effacing self-effacing in public public appearances. Working "everyday at my side" are two sons whose efforts efforts have made enormous contributions to whatever success success he has attained, Lester said. , Richard L. Boyce, 34, educated educated at Canandaigua Academy Academy and Syracuse University, unmarried, has an amazing faculty for knowing all the facts of the jobs he's doing : and functions best under stress. He's an idea man and ', a doer. ; Allan, 28, schooled at Can-aiidaigua Can-aiidaigua Can-aiidaigua A c a d e m y and old Lakemont Academy, is mar- mar- to the former Florence JJJirner of Victor. They have 4vo children, Christopher, 4, "and Sarah, 2, and reside at 2105 Risser Road, Town of Canandaigua. A deliberate, unprepossessing unprepossessing craftsman, Allan has multiple multiple talents and directs the maintenance staff. Although their rise to prominence prominence in Ontario County community activities has changed the lives of the three Boyces, it does not seem to have altered their personalities. personalities. They remain dynamic. -They -They have to be. Lester, whose career began in his native Gorham where he delivered eggs in a pickup truck, is: Chief executive officer of the corporation that operates Canandaigua Lake-front Lake-front Lake-front Rose-land- Rose-land- Rose-land- Rose-land- Park, an amusement center advertised as the largest largest in Upstate New York. Head of another corporation that operates Roseland Bowl, "a 36-land 36-land 36-land bowling alley across the street on Lake Shore Drive." Franchise owner and operator operator of the ultra-modern ultra-modern ultra-modern Sheraton Sheraton Canandaigua Motor Inn, "on the lakefront. near City Pier and the only full service motel-hotel motel-hotel motel-hotel recreation center on any of the Finger Lakes." A real estate developer and owner of "many acres of land in the city and township of Canandaigua." Greater Rochester 'It's a 16-Hour 16-Hour 16-Hour Assignment Every Day We Are Open' Owner of a Canandaigua warehouse, "some 400,000 square feet of storage space that several companies rent." Also, Lester is a former Chamber of Commerce president president and six-year six-year six-year director. He headed a United Fund campaign campaign that exceeded its quota, contributed to other community community drives, and donated the land for the newly-constructed newly-constructed newly-constructed chamber building. Despite all his achievements, achievements, Lester has not abandoned abandoned the sense of caution developed developed in the old days. He weighs every decision carefully. carefully. After purchasing the truck he used for his egg route. Boyce founded in 1931 a tractor-trailer tractor-trailer tractor-trailer tractor-trailer business known as Boyce Motor Lines, Inc. His huge fleet thrived. In 1968, when he decided to apply his energies to interests in other holdings, particularly Rose-land Rose-land Rose-land Park, he sold out. Ryder Truck Lines, Inc., a Jacksonville, F 1 a .-b .-b .-b a s e d trucking firm, assumed temporary temporary control Dec. 1, 1965. About 150 rigs were involved in the sale. A Norwalk (Ohio) firm later took over the lines. Some of Boyce's time Is now devoted to traveling with his wife, Grace. They live on West Lake Road when not visiting visiting other amusement parks throughout the country and in foreign lands or spending time with their daughter. Mrs. Donna B. Fargo, her husband and their child in New York City. Their three grandchildren are, naturally, "our favorites." favorites." His work, although still demanding, demanding, has been fun and rewarding, Lester said as he told his story modestly and engagingly, almost as if he had happened to somebody else. At Roseland, a 60-acre 60-acre 60-acre family family funland, Richard serves as park manager and Allan handles handles the technical operations. "It has been developed over the years by my father," said Richard, occasionally refer ring to such rides as "Crazy-Daizv," "Crazy-Daizv," "Crazy-Daizv," "Flying Bobs," "Rok-n-Roll, "Rok-n-Roll, "Rok-n-Roll, "Rok-n-Roll, "Rok-n-Roll, " "Satellite," and "Skyliner," commonly known as the roller-coaster. roller-coaster. roller-coaster. "We as well as the park are family-oriented. family-oriented. family-oriented. Our operation usually runs during spring-summer spring-summer spring-summer months, when kids are of school, and winds up on Labor Day. There are 11 major rides and eight kiddie rides. As my father put its, when the school bell rings we close. "Of course, there are a lot of other attractions besides rides at the park. Our promotions promotions include picnics, restaurants, restaurants, two major snack bars, musical events ... "It's a 16-hour 16-hour 16-hour assignment for me every day we are open. When I first came here we used to wait until night to attract any business. Now, our facilities are opened at noon." The Boyces agreed: "This, our 13th season, was extra good." They traced then- then- good fortune to instituting, a pay, one-price one-price one-price policy for rides; we feel it increased our volume considerably." Roseland Park is neither a Disneyland nor a Disney World, the Boyce trio made it clear, but it does stress clean-cut clean-cut clean-cut entertainment, spotless spotless grounds and ' topnotoh supervision." It's shuttered, but "business goes on 12 months a year," said Mrs. Elsie Voit of Newark, Newark, a commuter who "works on the books." New developments in amusement centers demands incessant reading of technical papers, documents and publications. publications. "We are always trying to improve our product, "said Lester, a widely traveled director of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. "My wife and I have been to Disneyland, Disneyland, Disney World, the Orient, Germany and other places throughout the world. "That's where we gather and exchange ideas. In foreign foreign countries, for example, 1 found the rides are becoming more decorative and more attractions attractions are featuring thrill conveyances." Lester is a veteran in show biz, a man who knows his subject subject intimately, but he still appreciates the joys of simple life. He's grateful for his promotional promotional instincts and the sure sense of the men gathered around him his sons. iiwiBFWiw"y.;iwi.wi4i IV ' fi', 4, lit : X FA $ D&C Photo by John G. Walter -Park -Park manager Richard Boyce on merry-go-round. merry-go-round. merry-go-round. merry-go-round. merry-go-round.

Clipped from
  1. Democrat and Chronicle,
  2. 14 Oct 1973, Sun,
  3. Regional,
  4. Page 9

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