1922 Dixie Classic- A&M Football gets rewards for winning

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1922 Dixie Classic- A&M Football gets rewards for winning - BRYAN DAILY EAGLE VOLUME XXV. BRYAN, TEXAS,...
BRYAN DAILY EAGLE VOLUME XXV. BRYAN, TEXAS, 'WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 4, 1922 (ASSOCIATED PRESS.) NUMBER 150 AGGIES WILL GETDIAMOND FOOTBALLS! ROPE IS FOUND AROUND NECKS OF DEAD SOLDIERS KNIGHTS TEMPLAR HAVE BANQUET AND ANNNUAlCONCLAVE Disinterred Bodies ol American Soldiers Also Had Black Caps on—Hubbard ells Senate Committee of These Atrocities in Europe (By Associated Press) 4 Hufius P. Hubbard of New York eni- llon. Giddings Stone, of Brenham, accompanied by Sir Knights J. E. Em* brey and A. W. Kershaw, of Brenham, Brenham, representing the Grand Commander Commander Knights Templar of Texas made an official visit to Ivanhoe \(M «he resu^n_of hearing« charged by Senator Watson that American soldiers were hanged III bo< _________ Identified by a cross on the outside of the coffin and »VIII IIIOl .1 1* . V. • ---------------------------------without ---------------------------------without trial in France. Hubbard without triûl ill r rance. . iiiûnHfiwi üorîios were the coffins by Which the *dl» juldidentme^ÄXk before the Dallas, Texas, Jan. 1.—Gold footballs footballs will l>e presented to the member» df the Aggie squad that defeated Centre College, 22 to It, Monday* b\ the A. & M. Club of Dallas, according to an announcement made as the climax climax of the banquet Monday night in honor of the team by Tyree Bell, president of the club. Each footha» will have a diamond inset and will carry the inscription, “Southern Champions,” in commemoration of the game. „ GREATEST GAME IN SOI IH, Dallas, Texas, Jan. 3.—Mrs. Lee J. Rountree of Bryan, who witnessed the Centre-Aggie football game in company company with Mrs. Wilbur F. Wright of Dallas, before lea\ing for El Paso, said: “It is the end of a perfect day and the Aggie-Centre game was the I heat I ever witnessed. The Aggies TEXAS AGGIES WIN PRESTIGE SOUTHWEST IN FOOTBALL FIELD OPPOSED TO DRILLING OIL WELLS MEXIA CEMETERY SSàssar « cítm 1 , _ i i / u i #ht<ir anna overseas leaned forward and listen- room who hud - » thia rnr^Ipssiicss and sonic* were chipped home as the three soldiers hanged Gunner against allowing .. {n to lie on tbe ground over night in the rain- mmandery 248 on Tuesday evening evening and made the official inspection with Eminent Commander J. I). Martin Martin and Recorder W. E. Saunders and a full corps of officers and members »if Ivanhoe Commandery were present present in uniform. . After the conclave at the Masonic are the Southern (Jtampions. Temple the Commandery and visitors ________ nn/TnmrnTnn RoTtheVh: FORMER PRO DIRECTOR Mr. Lee J. Rountree acted as toastmaster toastmaster for the occasion and intro- luced General Henry Bates Stoddard,) former Grand Commander Knights — Templar of the United States, who ex- i (By Associated Pres») tended a Masonic welcome to the i New York, Jan. 4.—Harold Hart, guests and visitors who were assem- former prohibition director ot .xew bled around the banquet board. {York, is among the score of defend- Sir Knight Dr. John A. Held spoke ants in a secret indictment recently on the “Duties of Knighthood,” and returned by the federal grand jury m- made a splendid address along the vestigating the enforcement lines of the tenets and principles of ¡Volstead act here (Dallas News, January 3.) The story of the Aggie victory over Centre has been w ritten. Remains the . aftermath. There can be no question that Dana Bible and his fighting machine machine won prestige for the Southwest ! in the 22 to 14 victory as the wires flashed the news of the game. Ex Protest Filed Before Texas Railway Commission By Judge Hasse—Lot Owners Want to Drill Near Craves of the Dead (Special to the Bryan Eagle) . . ~ v 4 ___ludee J. W. Hassle, chief oil and gas f the game, ex- j Austin, Tex., Jan. . g received today what he pected to go down fighting to defeat supervisor of the rail|’oa against granting an oil drilling the Aggies crossed the dope seem- says is a most graphic prote. t ■ aj S* * J |rd in the Mexia ingiy impossible. Looking back over permit for a well in the Hancock pr va g ^,vact position of the unusually flawless game played by t fjeld. The protest is a blue-print Bhowing the exact position oi the team — they committed but two derrick, the location of each grave, the name of the person football errors in tbe course of the Luried therein and whether a tombstone or mere headpiece adom^ i-ame- the astonishing fact thatjiV avuw The nearest grave is but seven feet from one corner MRS. MATTHEWS IS ON TEXAS FARM BUREAU TRIAL FOR ANDREWS MEETING AT DALLAS NAMED IN INDICTMENT of the Announcement stands out is the make-up of the team ¡[^^<1 derrick floor. Another is fifteen feet away. The applica- that turtwj^he trkk^or three_ . and protest will be considered tomorrow in an open hearing. piayed t on ana protese wu j . develoj> oll in the fourts of the game the Aggies piayea | 1 » —-private burying ground seek to develop Whhen Hebde* W ier was * can: iecT to the I plotand near the graves which provoked * protest from relatives side linos in the first period with a ' 0f those buried in the place. _____ _____ __ broken leg and when Morris followed ------ in r.i. SSS DALLAS DEATH CAR LONG SESSION IS “”• ‘ — "1 FOUND BY DETECTIVES; SEEN FOR CONGRESS McMillan might be counted as more of an alternate quarter than a sub, but Miller, Johnson and Beasley were second string men. The past tense r JPB9 _____ act the most ancient order in the world, i was made today by United States At- j .g uge^ advi*edly. For never again Dr. Held spoke of the fraternal side torney Haywood that three high offi- wip th}g trio of younRSters be reward- of Masonry and quoted Dr. S. P. cials connected with the federal prohi-ij ag second string material. Beasley Brooks who said after he had made the j bition headquarters in New ) ork City ; yesterday was not even a letter man. mystic journey: “At least I know;anc| two politicians number in the al- , reqUire a special meeting of more than I ever knew before and'ieged fake drug concerns named in j ^ athletic council to give him the MURDER WITH HUSBANO Dallas, Tex., Jan. 4.—Farmers from .all parts of Texas are gathering in * ______ Dallas for the opening 'Wednesday (Special to the Eagle.) ¡of the second annual convention of Madsonvitlt, Tex.,, Jan. «—The th, Texas f«» r „»rainst Mrs Annie i The convention will last through h rise rise of the state against Mr. Ann j ^ % Approximately U Mathews, charged Joint.y with ne j farmers are expected to attend. husband, John Mathews, in connection j^e_or^g from aq commodity organtza-. erati w ith the death of Ed Andrews which j -nonsored by the bureau will be H« it is bound to benefit me in the affairs) the indictment, of life.” Dr. Held made a notable address. Appropriate Masonic talks were made bv Sir Knights Travis B. Bryan, Bryan, J. E. Embrey and A. W. Kershaw of Brenham, and Dr. J. N. Goodwin of Bryan. Each speaker believed in the teaching of Masonry as handed down to us from generation to gcn- ion. BRIAND WILL CONFER WITH LLOYD GEORGE 4.—The police Cannes By Associated Press) France, Jan. 4.— Premier coveted honor. What They Did. For the substitute quartet did what the regulars could not do. They scored I two touchdowns on sheer offensive | play. It is true that a fluke put the ’ elven within reach of both, but it j was brilliantly conceived and perfect■ perfect■ ly executed football that sent Evans 1 over with the first touchdown from Dallas, Texas, Jan. Washington, Jan. 4.—Congre have located the death car which ran faced & mas8 of business that may- down and killed Miss Lucile towser ^ ^ ^ work unU1 late in the sum- on the viaduct early Sunday morning, ( when it got down to work today but by e no clew to the identity of the j ^ program. Along with the man or men who were in the car at routine a joad oi appropriation bills the time. . . . . will be handled for the first time in The automobile belongs to a local ^ form. There confronted the rent car company and the description j genate a probabi!ity of more or less occurred near North Zulch in the vv — end of this county iti the spring of 1920, went to trial here today. The jury was selected after the state had exhausted its challenges and the defense defense all hut one of ¡ts challenges, Bri.nd -M. .the low forward P»» afUr th. tripla of a man who made arrangements for the rent of the car has been given the officers. * Captain W. R. Moffett feels confident confident the driver of the car will be arrested arrested within a short time and has levery available man at work on the I case. protracted debate over the new International International agreement» while thè house faced important issues including thè pending anti-lynching bill. on. Giddings Stone, of Brenham. Uh e French delegation of ajlîed su tione sponsored oy toe buh-mu «*»» ^ --T",” ~~ jiv“c - - Diav. And it v as sheer driving power made during the sessions, and mem- who made the official visitation and preme council, arrived here today to ed twenty yards t0 the goal hers will learn how wool, tomatoes,) insp^tion representing^ the Grand | confer with Premier Lloyd C.eorge., ^ w playg from scrimmage -te eco when a fumb]e put the Aggies on the yard line later. As the Aggies took the field they son, * ' " " - ' ■ ■ "x ■>■*- i’..* itoes alfalfa hay, watermelons'Commandery was introduced by j ^ save Europe from mcomplete eco and other farm* products have been Toastmaster Rountree and made a nomic disintegration and prevent thu.. ^ ]ater sold successfully during the past sea-! splendid address. He complimented j entente from falling apart are tasks ’ > son according to John T. Orr, presi- Ivanhoe Commandery for its splen-1 to be unaertaken by the two premiers sixty-one men being examined I dent of the organisation. did achievements during the years onlv one disqualified. The disqualify Prominent speakers will address the and said that it was a genuine pleas- ration was declared on the grounds j delegates. Among these are: Aaron | ure for him to visit Br>an and mee that the venireman could not try « ; Sapiro, California marketing expert; i the Sir Knights again, espc uilly Gen- woman upon the same plane as man. ,car( williams, Oklahoma City; Na- 'teral Stoddard who had received . “It is understood that Mrs. Math-i^bari Adams of the American Ex- ews* defense will be that she shot in change National bank, Dallas; Dr. W. defense of her husband, who is alleged \ p,. Bizzell, president of Texas A. and to have been engaged in a difficulty M. College; C. O. Moser, secretary of with Andrews. This is the first time (the American -------_ _ . dard, R. A Cody, O. E. Saunders, C. M. Cole, R-jthe Free Baptist church Tuesday evc- C. Stone, H R. Brayton. I). P. Dansby, | at R.aft ftVlork Rev. C . B. Thomp- I)R. BIZZELL TO ARLINGTON. College Station, Texas, Jan. 4.— President W. B. Bizzell attended the game in Dallas Monday and then left yesterday for an official visit to Grubbs Vocational College at Arling- NAVAL EXPERTS HAVE REPORT NEARLY READY Cotton Growers’ Exin Exin the history of the county that a ¡change; T. O. Walton, director Exten- white woman has been charged and sion Service of A. and M. College; tried for murder. Sheriff Leonard F.. ¡Walton Peteet of the Texas i arm Bu- Morehead of Bryan is here with wit- j reau and D. G. Hill, secretary of the nesses in the case. The jurors chosen Texas Farm Bureau Cotton Associa to try the case are: Arthur Sandle, S. I tion. Secretary G N. Batson, J. S. Riley, J. J. Bean, J the years jybe trajn tbat brought Briand from Cannes carried copies of a newspaper quoting the French premier as favoring favoring an alliance of France and England England as the bdst possible solution of the European problems. many honors of Masonry during his long and eventful life. The following were present laat KLOCK-CLOUD WEDDING. evening at the conclave and banquet:; jjie ,carriage 0f Miss Olive Cloud, \i D. Martin, D. C. Jones. T. B. Brv-! daufihter 0f and Mrs. W. E. Cloud Kraft, Gen. H. B. Stod-jof ^ dty> and Mr Neal H. Klock Harrison, J. ( . \ icks, * • 1 of chenej-ville, La., was solemnized at B. Knight, B. J. Scott, W. L. Goree, •A. H. Francis, L. K. Hale, Will Bradford. Bradford. J. L. Cooper and R. F. Wakefield. COLLEGE MEN XILL SIX BIG BUCK DEER H. Alford announces announces that Mayor Sawnie Aldridge of Dallas will deliver the address of 'wecome. Members are looking for- \vard with great interest to the annual address of President Orr. A new feature of the convention will be the part which women will I play on the program. A general in- 1 vitation has been sent to farm worn■ worn■ en all over Texas to be present. At, T. K a special group session Thursday aft- kor, | ernoon singing of farm bureau and W songs and a one-act play are on the program. had no apprehension for their line. It j ton arf(j jobn Tarleton College at Ste- was in go<^<! shape. It had proved it- j phenville. He will return to the Col self. Rut‘the back? were a different j ]e?(? priday. nroDosition Heinie Wier, the pleas-1 ant-faced Georgetown youngster, who I eleven at San Diego. There were no captains the team, admitted as much j returns Monday for the ends, Wdson Sunday, the day before the game. “We are in pretty bad shape," he said. “Morris and I have bad legs of our backs are pretty light. and Evans, were down even under Miller’s phenomenally long kicks, and all ¡Covington made one twenty-yard re- We are turn. going to do the best we can.” They Amplifying his views expressed undid undid the best they could. They only | mediately after the game, Tiny Max- made two touchdowns executed | well, the umpire, who as sports editor u on«1 of the the Evening Ledger of Philadelphia ,„r0uBh a team „W astone1 ^ aIso one ^ „ forV^*1h»o C14Uvfctory o’er the- eleven ¡«¡tics of the year declared that .V i By Associated Press) Washington, Jan. 4—Practical completion completion of the report to be submitted by the committee of naval experts to the naval committee at the arms conference conference and an agreement of the subcommittee subcommittee on Chinese tariff on a o per cent basis, were the two important important developments today in ference situation. con- HAYS UNDECIDED ON MOTION PICTURE OFFER DEBATE ON OVER (Special to the Eagle.) College Station, Texas, Jan. 4.— Two parties of College and Bryan men brought back six big bucks from ( Southwest Texas as the result of Christmas week hunting trips. One party composed of S. G. Bailey, W. VV. Kraft and It. K. Chatman of College College and Wallace Peverley of Bryan returned Saturday night with four big ones. Another party consisting of A. S. Ware, R. J. McCall and Frank 0. Martin of College Station and Sam J, Cavitt of Bryan returned Tuesday debate on the Dyer anti-lynching hill nioming with two. All of them were j — ----killed ----killed in the country near Crystal: Charles Parks of Dallas, and uncle City. Me. Railey took the big honors of E. F. and Eugene Parks of this of the chase by securing two beauti-1 city, spent New Year with Mr. and fully horned specimen. Chatman, j Mrs. E. F. Parks at their home on Peverley, McCall and Cavitt each got College avenue, returning to his home buck. 1 last night marct, VV. B. Roman, H. Cassidy, H M. Milton, IL S. Locke, A. M. Wal- ami drop, Dr. J. N. Goodwin, J. M. Dunn, C. A. Lewis, Dr. John A. Held, W. E. Saunders, T. C. Braden, R. W. Howell, C. C. Hedges, J. M. Robertson, Lee J. Rountree, A, .1 .1.undin, S. G. Bailey, Lawrence, A. C. Love, M. L. Par- George Smart, W. M. Sparks, B. Lanham. Visitors: Dr. C. A. Searcy, Bernham; J. C. Embrey, Brenham; A. VV. Kershaw, Brenham; ¡J. R. Oliphant, M. R. Bentley, W. I and M. E. Hays. ANTILNNCHINGRILL QU E EN na Cox of San Antonio, Ethel Evelyn Crawford, bridesmaids; little Misses Mildred Cloud and Jessie Myrtle Hensarling, junior bridesmaids; bridesmaids; Tommie Mayo, College Station, Station, best man; Dudley Baker and Charles Crawford, groomsmen; Cal Graham and Earl Ttaum, ushers; Billy and Elizabeth Holmes, train bearers; Ralph Griffith, ring bearer; Genevieve Barron and Simmie Wheel- flower girls. Mr. and Mrs. Klock departed on the midnight train for a short bridal trip, after which they will be at home at Cheneyville, La. A full account of the wedding will appear appear in the Society Columns of the Eagle on Friday. p :no. K„r.i. nf and M. had done a wonderful thing 1 for the Southwest and for Dallas. “They gave Dallas more advertising Monday than your Chamber of Com| Com| merce could have gotten with $200,- iOOO to spend in advertising,” he said, j “Murrah is as good as any guard (By Associated Fress) Washington, Jan. 4.—In face of opposition Southern Democrats in the house voted today to dispense with other business and plunged into Tonight-Tomorrow Officials Are Loud in Praises Texas Aggies (By Associated Press) Dallas, Texas, Jan. 1. Referee Quigley, Umpire Maxwell and Head Linesman Sproul all praise the showing of the lexas Ag­ gies against their heavier and more famous rivals, the Centre College squad, in Monday’s football game. Quigley said the quality of football exhibited by the Aggies was equal to that played played anywhere; Maxwell said the game furnished him with the surprise surprise of his life, while Sproul referred to the Texans as "a wonderfully wonderfully coached team along elementary lines.” Every member ot the victorious Aggies is a Texas high school product. The team finished the season with only one defeat, suffered at the hands of the University of Louisiana early last fall. The score was b to 0 Among their victories was one over Arizona I niversity, wlu£li was defeated by Centre at San Diego, Cal., December 2G. The Centre players left I are last night for Danville, ky„ to resume their studies at college. Bo McMillin was accompanied by his wife formerly Miss Marie Meirs. They were married early Monday Monday at Fort Worth. Mrs. McMillin witnessed Bo s valedietoiy performance performance Monday from the side lines. Next season McMillin w £k? »5. Ws duties as coach at Centenary College at Shreveport, for a salary reported to be $10,000 a year, that beat Harvard, the fact that the Aggies turned the super- upset of the year with a newly recruited backfield, the mak-up of the team presents an even more astonishing astonishing feature. ...VP'1 in the East- ranks with Brown Captain Weir, Murrah. C a. lutaerr,,! ^ Harvard> with Schwab of Lafay- Morris and » le.ench t. ette, Sack of Pittsburg, Garbisch of men left over from 1920. Uvans and ^ ^ CruikshaVi of Yale in DuBois came off the freshman _team. ^ ^;r,inT1 And j want to add that 1,UUU1S ~ * mv opinion. And 1 want to But Practically e% er> o hei^ e Miller, substitute though he may be, PLOT TO WRECK TEXAS SPECIAL IS SUSPECTED (By Associated Press) Washington, Jan. 4.—Postmaster General Hays said today he had not yet decided whether to leave the cabinet cabinet and accept a place in the motion picture industry. It is not likely that he will decide within ten days. the first string squad is a : gave from my viewpoint an exhibition has been at A. and M. for two or more I Qf perfect football play. Not alone recruited rrom the wonJerful kicic which was - . - f | the turning point of the game, but for from company and organization teams defensive and offensive play iaiTsSto. comSTom a1 throughout." mpiHoly Land May Soon Be Millan won lasting) ■ glory against Centre. NO CHARGES TO EXHIBITION. Secretary W. O. Sanders and Mr. J. Webb Howell request the Eagle to correct an erroneous impression that has gained circulation to the effect that a charge will be made for entrance entrance into the Brazos County Poultry Show on Friday and Saturday, January January 6 and 7. There will be no door entrance charges and everybody is invited invited to come to the show. (By Associated Press) Muskogee, Okla., Jan. 4. The dei dei »-ailment of a freight engine and one car of Missouri Kansas and T exas train here Monday night in which 1 George Hanson, engineer of Denison, Texas, was painfully, but not seriously seriously injured, was regarded today by authorities here as an unlooked for development in an original plan to wreck the Texas Special of the same road. Taking the play of entire eleven from whistle to whistle, it was prac-j tically faultless. Its defensive play was impeccable. 1-acing a team that, can run, pass, kick and plunge, the> presented an effective defense. Experience Experience has shown that theie is but one way to break up a good passing attack, and that is to rush the passer. passer. It is impossible to recall a single single time when Bo McMillin had time to make his passes. The Aggie for wards were on him every time and he was forced to resort to his short running pass all afternoon. McMi - lin has been noted as a long passer, but long passes can only be with some time allowance. Bo did not get it. The Aggies rushed the and rushed the kicker Drilled for Oil, Is Belief CHILI BOWL HAIRCUTS ARE BANNED BY ARMY arid in EDEN and RETURN” Friday-Saturday “DON’T TELL EVERYTHING’ ______ | No Centre formation tricked (By Associated Press) i Aggie defense. They always knew San Antonio, Texas, Jan. 4.—Freak where the ball was—and they were haircuts were banned by the army of- j always on the ball. It was this a er ficers at Camp Travis here. An order play that made Centre s famous m- was issued from headquarters putting teiference running look bad were five and six Aggies on the man the ball. Centre ran interfer- novelty patterns for scalp adornment on the* shelf. The order was directed especially at the “chili bowl and the “layback.” Styles in haircutting were with ence, but time and again it failed to brush aside the Berserker tackier» getting back to the Chinese custom too much, officers said. THE WEATHER Wilson and Murrah and Winn and Evans. No Long Returns. No small factor in Centre’s spec tacular success has been the ability of its shifty backs, McMillin and (Special to the Eagle.) . Covington to¡ make long ^J^hrough New Orleans, Jan. 4.—For Bryan a broken field after receiving punt.. and vicinity: Toniht fair and colder. Covington slashed a touchdown in a Thursday /air and colder. fifty-yard sprint through the Arizona (By Associated Press) Jerusalem, Jan. 4.—Great interest has been aroused here by a semi-official announcement that an agreement has been reached reached between the British government and a group of men representing representing the Zionist organization for the exploitation of lands lying beyond the River Jordan and the Dead Sea. It has always been known that proper development would reveal the presence of oils and other minerals in great quantity in that section of the country. country. From reliable sources, it is understood that the agreement involves a tract of land extending from the Syrian coast on the north to the Valley of Mojeb on the south and from the town of Eltuba on the east to the River Jordan and the Dead Sea on the West. The company is given a period of five years in which to carry on the preliminary work. Should oil or any other minerals minerals be found, an extension of time wmild be given provided the company pays to the British government 1,000 pounds as a royalty royalty fee] Besides, a straight tax of one shilling is demanded on the each and every ton of oil or other minerals taken from the ground. What such a venture will mean to the life of Palestine is not hard to guess. Closely connected with the search for oil would be the need for generating electricity from the waters of the River Jordan Jordan with which to carry on the work. Railroad lines would also have to be constructed in all directions, in order to facilitate transportation of the mineral products found. With oil, electricity and railroads, Palestine would be bound to receive a great impetus impetus toward industrial progress. The striking feature of the whole affair, is that it points to a departure on the part of the government from its waiting policy as regards new enterprises. The government of Palestine is poor and lacks funds with which to develop the hidden resources of the land. Only bv private initiative and private capital could the country be built up. It is asserted here that thus far the government government which takes its orders from London, has not only failed to lend moral support, but has gone so far as to discourage and even stop new* ventures. There i

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