Washington Post, Martch 8, 1908

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Washington Post,
Martch 8, 1908 - Saar WaHaa food Judgment - brteg JVTonurrKnt Co...
Saar WaHaa food Judgment - brteg JVTonurrKnt Co Rockefeller aim somethte 1 can runners etra - like Ha - th tn plainly turn s1n Vi t ri 1 1 i - t i n i i i i omm T Hi r i - couian - i aplee GIGAHTIC TOWERtO BE ERECTED IN TETA TWAT XVTT T WR 60 for w1110 lu 2 fiKilUiiiU in TEXAS THAT WILL BB u toi oth Mkv Make ther Ill EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD ttt - Ial FoeMXapetca1 AMOiVMENT to rival Jh Fit - tha veflerable oU king remains In tha flash mMs of Egypt la being construct - h wHTba Invited to lay aside his phl - ed toy a rlch man at Denton Su L WAimJ Texas that la unless the Criminal Courts Texas to honor the nama of of Texaa or mm nt t inf ZorZn ZZTZZZZZ X3 Sat cl - similar shape to Itaboary predecessors on 1 Dreen - a bt tnB - hftnn v the nu Work has not vuu JgfJ PfL0 person i - i n im rrjrtlcrtl - r meet and IU your - pieces - m uuur w imitad stitMA iT - TT plenty pHte tha undertaking before Rockefeller SuteBuf itft u alfvndcanwlS passes away so that the oil magnate like out f ear of awest It Is a saf W haTwd meet of oldTmay look upon his John wl5 bV on haSd to tnt VaU batter f ytt w pon M lifted from his roednvraml5 as - - - - - - J He will come wig smile humility Jimmy Meanwhile as the great tower xf stony Mtutenes shrewdness and golf sticks cigar rtse lowly hfcner A hlh toward t - - Hfl m J Jf w - - - - - - u4vtatiiM at Ul UIXU1IU4 skr the fame of it la anreadln over tha r at everybody and nrobablr fcTi rai - - - - while he Is there that Texas la thoroni HuuWW - - i w - w ly Ued up by th Standard OaComDanr course pyramid at Denton U regarded by ppl Alfred Gregory Letnas t er b3 of 4 t 3 - 1IM UUUUCr OX tr iva a a vfva rnine r Ta raa imb nTramM wtt w - w m wba iiai mj ni wiwm ni wvjix av nsw you nt nt tha pyramid of Cheops cjoines purchased especially for the 00 on But who is constructing this peculiar nlt UI t th ike of whl n - L IS monumeat oa - W era seenon S Tex - 2SSK t 1 W TTIlJ n JrM ftmw mmVWI ti - wwT - t UQ w - - - nv - - cti wu JIU ia - - i evening matteinr ttT - iSlfaS see wants to perpetually honor tha nam of oPSIte tfmeas then tht lllunnatlo Inquiry John V Rockefeller And why does he flaring toshes fed withen2 to M vay whwi nlne tenth of tho ftom tdS oSS pnSanttoSa - - ountrv unon tj reflneries wu P - U - anthropIo pwjuoj o - um uiuuujr wu uyuu tv t t a it w i - - vmi i win uzLva in af f aimia say ooujuaravui - Ooiyay a iae o - Alfred TSregorT VlTiiii n w Xt it - fenderSong all th trusts and upon hand Tha monumenTn - vf l ri the John D Rock6feUer M th worst offender and the sky wuHmackiu Uoafor - late JO ocer i II w t p 5or Yer3r a aa m0l aangerous oi in trust creators - - - feca - majung xaat your - Wo farmer And the answecjo tha last qus The a viawr silt mi answer to me nrs ox uiass quea - BTihai - Th m v - gusner There will b musio by a brass tions la Alfred Gregory Lee a former band Perhaps H Clay Plerc will de - Alabama politician and now a wealthy Pver th dedicatory address remark ing Neither myself nor my company are nrhn The Ieuer Ia m conviction mat ma ou man is and the greatest philanthropist who ever livad John D Rockefeller has been called a good many things ln his time All th tion will astonish most people for Mr in Snv ha r - fr - ra9 to 1 j MOn for i6nlliBK t0 honor - cja d RockefeUer or the Sudani oil Com pany jjut honor u x Mr Lee that ha is tha greatest philanthropist that ever lived with th possible exceptions of John L Beggs and Russell WhereuDon all tha nmu m vi set up a mighty shout and th monument will be had of modern newly coined trust - bred epithets viu the in - a7Z J nt WUI post hay Wa - j to without stint sky will Bay Zum - yum After th T bar - veilinir eeremnn - r a t - il - V and he has been denounced with round iJwmtpnly six lo - Saxon profanity It remained for w - sredr tho food having Stop Airreo 7 J - the principal auTt n - nr f 51 CaiCSL illiJlaaVatJ4 VUV tltlU C1C4 UlUt - - f TV la UJ UOUOl Not only did Mr Lee speak out this raa Promnent men in attendance unique opinion but it was so strong with nPwl resPnd to toasts Perhaps the in him that he went to work - at once on S0 am of toats will be something like Le considered it a - A tar v U Upon the Troubled Waters by Senator Bailey F h PJedRocks Int0 Keerv Fund by Mr Rockefeller by XrTli R0J lDt V 4hn the Ja C r Mr Pierce i ua enmng by Judge Lan - dozen race with and she two felt waft said a right exact figures in regard to height emnniaa i V ana cer - re - Very probably he will allow the work to njt wlll1inien 50ncIuded the monu - continue until his esthetic discrimination a Vjonnr fK t0L ks th 8k - r unl the monument Mr big thought that he bad uttered and decided that only a big tower would be worthy to Illustrate it The pyramid he la having constructed covers an acre at the base already is about 100 feet high and when completed will overtop the Washington monument savs Mr Lee He has never given the The first stone was laid March 19 1907 dls WTU he rymaklng nd u mo Vjauuu r UB - - - ii lu euucation - the landscape he will be better able to nausea him to become so devout a tell bow high it ought to be and when It itJm A tno - ead Standard Oil be ls en0 he w5 haV lCah5dn has made to rhl RocfeI - er a point and then make ready for the un - 7aa a Chicago University and veiling h o - 11 loatituUons ntitl hmi from Meantime Mr Lee resides at the John rz caUeI y everybody what ha - a 11 - ttt1 t - im v i - uib rntTr fen xvocaeicuer xiuiu uuautjr ua v - - i viiuiropisl that v - r - ui y until and peculiarly developed sense of th fit - noraoiaj Sisterhood of Texaa Old ness of things Is perfectly satisfied All eJ op a Petition to hav the pyr - he desires la a gigantic monument that j r1 aRaln will be a fit tribute to the greatest phi - - re1 weonr Lee master builder of lanthroplst that ever lived When ha n pyrad - Kreatly Interested in edu - sees how his pyramid shows up against aon - II J this Interest ln education D - chased ana renameo at uenton e spenas - -to uperlntendlng hi agricultural t Greasy Cove Eto - the interests and other business enterprises wal County Alabama In 186L H mad but th major part of his days are spent mnJr becUn rich according to Greasy - directing tha construction work on the VTT - 189 married Luiu great pyramid He has a large force of f Fry at Cleveland Tenn Toratlm - men at work quarrying the stone haul - r fL nfS - he resided with his had ing it to the monuments base and build - Washington but his health failed - ing it into the Immense atructure Jfe and returned to Alabama In Mr Lee is roy proud of his pyramid Mh riuor Congress but was dfaat - H love to Ulk about It and to explain T maU margin what it will look like when completed Jut how long it will tak tn - n - t 7 1 - j - i - th ArMmM VJ I - - y rr - - - - 7 vrnvr ih - - M - v wmpi e also aettgnis in tauaiug iuo uu oi can say Mr Lee stl - - i amt - m matu th tin i 5 rr iuo otanuaru jh uuiimujr aim u icmui - - - w unjuirea at u years vuw Buuwav vr uuvj - - nuuw t a years all w - ha nMan Bnpkafallar tha trraat - Th QUarnrmen and team - est philanthropist that ever Hved masons ar Instructed to exert themselves - Of the monument he says I had a rAplSly as possible for Mr LeeL Tl definite purpose In using rough unhewn alny desirous of finishing th task the stone as th building material I desire before i th final summons comae foorTld inai mm Bnui lm u ruiuu uiuuuuicuu il all dignity and attraction being It magnitude and grandeur ot slxe rather than splen - - dor or polish The unhewn stone will give - it a rugged look ln harmony with the character of the august Individual ln a whose honor it Is being erected - n r engaged Mr Lee says n is preparing to nave Tr oevenin made a hug bronte tablet with suitable Aer Detng - defeated for Congress I car nothing tor notiti v serve th cause of educaUon by going to Congress aa I had promised If elected to giya half my salary tor th publto triCt th fiavanth maae a auge womo uuiict wnu luiuun - ueituiisa ror Congress Mb inscriptions on it w recuuui hu uy - w jnxas nuea with a burn - - tha manifold philanthropic virtues of his ns admiration of John D Rockefeller - admired Rockefeller This tablet will be fnd an irresistible desire to da something an built Into th rnasslve masonry of tho j perpetuate the glory of th Standard pyramia at some point wnere aai wno ap - mw e remembered tha k - slMnMii mitnp ran raad ff mid Of lPn - vrt nt mere - or me monument sussing tne saies ana i n other noetlcal flcures Says Mr Lee wl J Ra h aataa u aaw Aai - a v - v - nraah the alaantlc structure can read It mid of Egrnt nicturaa wrvLl with ease otfntten H looked about him and saw When the object of his liveliest admlra - that there was considerable stone near tlon - John D Rockefeller himself Is Denton Then he conceived his brilliant mentioned Mr Lee grows eloquent in - Project H would erect a pyramid tn deed His language takes on a richness Rockefeller u and galidiness of word embroidery almost This huge task was begun within as glowing as - a Texas sunset He speaks year and the 100 - foot structure now 1 - 1 of the monument kissing the skies and ug is hardly mor than th foundnt - wnat U to bt Mr Taa - - s a wk Maalaat nf rr ri - j - i man ni I na r - nV a e rlt 1 - - SClf coceivea sue thfc Tow - T5STia - 1 SS Xl flnrOnid - 0vPrii S k Lr Phnthropy has wm phll J id iTt i tlon Tt h - Vl l wn ln d thanany man who ever ved but In my tlon to th pyramid H Is promoting twe onlnion uniustlv so I consider that he has made his money as legitimately as wide In their scope institution of hta rsmz - - - - una - 0 - n t m vk t any man in the entre country He has as Hie Worlds Diathetic Institute and given a large share 01 11 ror Deiienng uie otner a The Internatioral PoUUcat tho world ln many and diverse ways Mr Specialists School Mr Lee pu4os to K naL Tlo 0f Sinktod I la the exact ed phlanthropy JXSffSSffil VnJTT W gS - ta hWWr of what he h tw schooU wH b locttjl dj passes that visitor do not But the T BtStS4ir ret wrk if 1 tP7md t0w be h - S - SffiH E1 demnlng Rockefeller others admitting unnumbered centuries tn m t t that the oily old oil man has some good stand and kiss the sky tor ares a th Dolnts But Mr Lee stands alone In his emblem and si nf 71 inteni dvoUon to tho astute head Of ation ot onejiumble phllanthroDst tor Staudard OU - greater andolher Dhllanthmnit jn auuuaa v - v ywyiv ux kuivu uv John D Rockefeller out to the Lees farm where the pyramid 1 being ercf - - r - - MAPS OF THE AIE Caleago Tribes A A iaw mh nrnvni haa Mft w - v w - m - iv - - - - tofd 0 th woiderfS stoni tower wd Tb oTPhles WO bav map most oVthmaK trip T tott th f Th Aero Qub of Franc Number of person from distant points bout to draft a series of aerlal atlai hava d Denton fo5tb J - The rWent of the dub wTrt superSlS SrSswaSFa rr that U the pryaild th mplt th Overbad cables hav neen foundff - o - - JUo rtinct - v - ylng Wh pot5w eSSLuTaooSS yiTSSffaSSK ffi 2fi If an b - SSt T - t - - - - - - - - b iu nDanon rr as Daer m Phts are not awaiV of it m - T xn - nqveiunr - or the pyramid promise nt to help aeronauts to avofd Tat v 1 SfiwTli SSSS SftSS

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