Oct. 12, 1912 Mabel Sanders Death

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Oct. 12, 1912 Mabel Sanders Death - ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. POST-DISPATCH....
ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. POST-DISPATCH. POST-DISPATCH. ; Coun- j Eu-1 Eu-1 Wife of Dr. Percy Farmer Dies . , ' After She Has a Tooth Pulled j 'mm ' 'mm 'mm BLOOD 'mm AND PNEUMONIA DEVELOP r. Otto-i Otto-i ' j ; in 'M? Mi i I I M i 1 jtttfms&2 91 YiKtr j ia-i tJ j "J ' j a Si -JS -JS fti: ' mum & I ! ' ! , ;. ave-i i sncom-! at to of of ! j to the; j no a to of is an of i WW ; - I I 564 S 4 -IS -IS - t ' " i . Ill I I C4- C4- '-',; '-',; '-',; ' Srfe J III Ojf6' $pg j j i ITm ft jS--T jS--T jS--T jS--T tf?' ;V45?5; i I I ftfr&!(;-? ftfr&!(;-? ftfr&!(;-? .J ' II II VV,, 4f. II? ni.-i ni.-i ni.-i ?,?!;' 11 yrni " . p vi ' ..Lilt VxVl' . -I&rn -I&rn : MRS. PERCY J. FARMER... Funeral of Woman Active in P. E. O. Work, Whose Death Is Similar to Mrs. Clooton's, to' Be Held Today Today From West Pine Home. The simple operation of extracting p tooth caused the deatn of Mrs. Mabel Sanders Farmer, 29 years old. wite of Dr. Percy J. Farmer, of West Pine boulevard. The' tooth became ulcerated about W days ago, and Mrs. Farmer went to a dentist, who removed it.- it.- Quick healing is the rule in 'such cases, but in this case,' the physicians who later treated her say streptococcic germs, were communicated communicated .to the iurgs. resulting in septic pneumonia. Poisoa Jet to l ungs. The iifrection started at the root of the 'disease tooth. !t was explained, and traveled through the lymph vessels, or channels, which cover the entire body, ,:vir.g- ,:vir.g- in snost vases, and particularly particularly about tho neck, close under tho skin, but which also reach Into the lungs. .Tho poior. germs traveling through these vessefs communicated to tho lungs, weakening them to such an extent that pneumonia developed. Acording to a nurrvber of physicians interviewed, the .development of pneumonia pneumonia In such a. case is remarkable and has happened only in rare instances. Blood poisoning is the thing usually guarded against. Drs. W. T. Coughlin. Vilroy P. Blair. AValter Baumgarten and Elsworth Smith were called in, but their efforts were untt vailing and Mrs. Farmer died Friday afternoon. The funeral will take place at thi residence at 2:30 p. m. today. Mrs. Farmer's immediate surviving rel.i-"ives rel.i-"ives rel.i-"ives are her husband, their 3-yea.r-old 3-yea.r-old 3-yea.r-old 3-yea.r-old 3-yea.r-old son. George Sanders Farmer; a brother. brother. Iff. A. Sanders of 4350. MePherson avenue, and- and- two xisters. Mrs. Frank Canter of 44tvl Laclede, avenue, and Mrs. C. M. Avery of Webster Groves. ' Mrs. Farmer was a daughter of the late George W. Sanders of. Webster Troves. She was a graduate of Mary Tnstitute and had been married about five years, the was an active worker n the P. E. O., social and literary organization organization for women, and was vic.- vic.- J president of Chapter O of that society. bimonthly meeting of the chapter vns to have taken place last Monday 'nit was postponed because of Mrs. Fanner's serious illness. Similar to Mrs. t'lnptoii'n Death. Mrs. ..Lily Lambert e'opton, wife of Dr. Malvern B.. Clopton End sister of Albert B.. Marion, Jordan, Arthur W. and Wooster Lambert, died about a vear ago from the effects of an operation operation for the removal of a tooth. The circumstances we.-e we.-e we.-e almost identical with thoe surrouriing the death of Mrs. Farmer.

Clipped from St. Louis Post-Dispatch20 Oct 1912, SunPage 27

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, Missouri)20 Oct 1912, SunPage 27
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