WAS@DET 6/24/1935 part 1

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WAS@DET 6/24/1935 part 1 - Auker Hurls Single Inning to Get Victory...
Auker Hurls Single Inning to Get Victory Detroit Twice Comes from Behind to Win Thrilling Struggle By Charles P. Ward n.,, eleventh victory of the sea-. sea-. sea-. proves -'l"sive -'l"sive for Tomtny p,Hi,S Wednesday the little lad Tennessee pitched 12 innings fr!'1 ,t the New York Yankees but ji.Mii M. I' vtprfav at Navin mil 1 ll '" . . j t"l(i Tommy again worked oyer-, oyer-, oyer-, L He hurled 13 innings against Washington. And although the l-,,rS l-,,rS l-,,rS eventually won the game. 9 ,7s. in 1' innings, he again failed in hii Quest. This despite the fact ttot he pitched shutout ball for FM.n Auker pitched the fourteenth fourteenth for the Tigers after Bridges La riven way to a pinch hitter, .nil was credited with the victory .'hen he drove in the winning run with a long fly to Johnny Stone. Whitehill Is Disgusted Auker's fly broke up an exciting rriitde and sent a Indies' Day crowd of "tout 15.000 home to late dinners with vocai miua r, fr wear. It also sent Karl Whitehill, who went the route .r the Cliffs, stomping from the .('id in disgust. Whitehill thought L hid the game won when he kViit the Tigers from scoring after thev had staged menacing demon-stiVitiona demon-stiVitiona demon-stiVitiona in the ninth, tenth and eleventh innings. The Tigers had to come from M-ird-fnr M-ird-fnr M-ird-fnr M-ird-fnr M-ird-fnr behind twice in order jo achieve their triumph. Bridges rn wild t the start of the game rd -not -not led the Griffs a 5 to 1 lead the first two innings. But the Turns wiped out that edge in the fi'th when they scored four times, 6ml s-nt s-nt s-nt the game into extra in-T.rx in-T.rx in-T.rx , In the thirteenth the Griffs br,,k" through again and scored threp times when the strain began to tell on the Tigers. Those runs (.periled to clinch the game for Whitehill but. the Tigers came roar-ii roar-ii roar-ii U bark in the home thirteenth ml made it all even again by scoring scoring three runs of their own. ii: north Onens Rally Kay Hay worth opened the rally in the fourteenth by which the Tigers won the game. He blasted a single to right field and then turned the base-running base-running base-running duties over to JcvJn White. Fleii Clifton advanced the Tigah-tiin Tigah-tiin Tigah-tiin to third with a dingle to center and the Griffs called a conference n the mound. Cochrane decided to let Auker bat for himself in the hope that "Lucky Al" would on able to hit a long fly. He was, for he drove one to Stone in front ef the right field bleachers and White raced across the plate like a frichtened antelope. The thirteenth inning was even more exciting than the fourteenth, for 'ho Tigers battled gamely to zt bick on even terms with the Griff after they apparently had the game away. Th tennis were tied at five runs ch wivn the inning began. Joe lv;he! opened the Griffs' half by fliiitmg a double to right. Stone ;-.;:! ;-.;:! ;-.;:! li'ivvn a bunt, intending to gao i.Iiie, hut both runners were safe when Flea Clifton failed to cover iiM b.ise in time to take Bridges' 'hmw and retire the oncoming Kuii'T. Two On and None Out That put men on first and third with none out. With the infield drawn In to make n play at the plate, Buddy Myer hit a sh w roller to Gchringer who threw him out. Kuhel scored on 'ho piny and then Heinle Manush hit a high fly between Goose Goslin ar 1 (.. Walker. Both fielders laiinl for the ball and both tried tor it. Goslin got his hands on It. t i pulled back when he heard Wvk. r come charging toward him, '"I :e fly fell for a two-base two-base two-base error. Tti.u,- Tti.u,- then singled over Rogell's hen', moling both runners before Turn to Page 15 Column 3 'Lucky Al' WASHINGTON AB R IITBPOA Kuhel, Ih . . Mnne. rf Mer. '.,';, Manush, If Triuls, HI, . 'Illlltf, cf Bllnn, c 111,,. " .T15 II 2 ' S' . ss . Whitehill. i, 7"'-d 7"'-d 7"'-d .w 8 15 17 40 17 2 One unt when winning run scored. DKTKOIT II TB TO A K 3 5 1 n ii 0 0 3 0 0 3 2 18 0 2 S 17 1 0 3 4 5 0 8 0 O 6 4 0 2 2 8 1 0 1112 0 1 1 1 2 ' 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IS 20 42 18 3 l'iv. rf '' V.alU.r, if. ".hnnijer, -h -h . reenhers, II, '"'ii. If K"S''II, M Hil'irth, c 'i""". :it ... Bride,.,, Aiikt r, i, Owe,, ' While . 6 . 5 . 4 . 6 . 7 . 7 . 5 . 7 . 4 . 1 . 1 . 0 .53 Ttal, . t't' d fr Bridges In thirteenth. aii for liayworth In fourteenth, liinston 1400000000003 08 lr"u ... 1000 4 00 00 000319 (,., l)u"''d In Goslin 5, Myer 3, . Travis 2, Manush. n.i,i, V, A!,k,r- A!,k,r- Two-bas Two-bas Two-bas hits Mali,. Mali,. ' -TV'11'-1- -TV'11'-1- -TV'11'-1- -TV'11'-1- -TV'11'-1- Oreenlwrg, Owen. (io-hise (io-hise (io-hise ,r'',,-na ,r'',,-na ,r'',,-na hit Fox. Stolen "t-7rh,'re- "t-7rh,'re- "t-7rh,'re- "t-7rh,'re- Xarrlfli-en Xarrlfli-en Xarrlfli-en Ohr-n Ohr-n Ohr-n .uhi "'"icr. Ilavworth, Stone. -i-hr. -i-hr. -i-hr. -i-hr. I'1")-"!' I'1")-"!' I'1")-"!' ravin- ravin- to Kuhel; "n , ' K"Cell, (.reenlM-rg (.reenlM-rg (.reenlM-rg 2. I-ft I-ft I-ft II Washlngtiin 13; Detroit Hk., ' n balls Bri.1e 7: . " "in SIHlioniilti L .1.1 . "Mlt., " 6. Hit- Hit- rft uvM,- uvM,- i -! -! ! " l:s "in- "in- ".'"': Auker 0 in 1. Win- Win- ! n ' . 1'llrher AnLor I ,.,!,. " ,v nnd OiM-L OiM-L OiM-L Time 3:23.

Clipped from Detroit Free Press25 Jun 1935, TuePage 13

Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)25 Jun 1935, TuePage 13
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