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The Charlotte Observer  1 Feb 1903 - DERRICK AND THE PRESIDENT. THE OLD DABBET AT...
DERRICK AND THE PRESIDENT. THE OLD DABBET AT WA8HIXQTOX. Uoae Not At tract Hlm-The Hlm-The Hlm-The Nlrg.w to Waehlagtoa Blgftti, aad too White roth moM-Oer-rick moM-Oer-rick moM-Oer-rick moM-Oer-rick moM-Oer-rick Goto Mad and la Locked lip-Mr. lip-Mr. lip-Mr. aUstta Take Him Out and Sendi Him Boma Coaumd the Place for the Oltf Begro-He Begro-He Begro-He DM Bo Like the Yankee Written for The Observer. "Good morning. Uncle Derrick, where are you off for to-day to-day to-day ?" asked J-r. J-r. J-r. smith, of Concord, of Wis fellow townsman. Derrick Alexander, the old colored wood-chopper, wood-chopper, wood-chopper, ai he trudged a tone the street. I s g wine tio do Big House at Washington, Washington, where de Preside! lives." said tne old. darkey. "Yes, sir, rs on niy .vay to see Presdent Roseaarelt. "What ate you going to see Mm lor?" inquired Dr. smth. "Why ain't you been readln' in 5e papers 'bout dtm big fevierbuls oat Mr. Roseanfelt an' his flne lady been havin' epechhlly fer de niggers? Dat e it, sir! Dene's Whtere Uncle Derricks goinV The old fellow was In earnest He wore bis best shoes a new pair of number 14 brogans a weather-beaten weather-beaten weather-beaten steve-plpc steve-plpc steve-plpc hat and an antiquated suit of livery. In a bandanna handkerchief, handkerchief, swung over the end of a stout cane across his shoulder, he carried a few odds and end of dress. '"Well. Uncle Derrick, how mu money are you taking with you? Can you go in good tyle?" "Boss, data de weak pint 'bout my if lp. De ole rigger's d gut ernuff o git lo Salisbury, but et he can't flne fritn' dere to hop Mm on he'll wall i's gwine to aio ef de Lawd let's me live. Do time dat I's been waitin' fer Is done come. It sho' is. All de nig-iters nig-iters nig-iters In nor. part u v de town is talkln' bout goia'. President Rowanfelt let's what de Dutch "foks uv Keebar- Keebar- iia county calls hrm sho' is de frlen" de nigger. Think uv it! Niggers Id dcyer shlnln', clothes on eatln' wld rich white foks uv de Ian': I ami a'?t rta flnec lothes but ef de ole nigger kin des git dere he'll fee all rlgnt; Home good white gem'man frum de Bouf will hand me out er thanky-sult. thanky-sult. thanky-sult. No sir, L ain't 'spectin' no trouble ar-ter ar-ter ar-ter I alt dere fer de ole nJrgor's mighty handy 'bout de house. Ef. I can't git In at de fust table I kin be at de seeon ." "But, Uncle Derrick, 'they won't let a corn-field corn-field corn-field negro go in the White House; it's high-toned high-toned high-toned negroes, like Booker Washington and John Daney. that attend th receptions of tne rrest dent." "Whaft? Dem yaller niggers' Dey uiu t fitton fo go wld de duality. It's de rlsfht black nigger dat's got de 'nstocrat blood In Mm. My ole mars t a lister to slav dat a lUhtskln nigger an' er roan mule wut de wust things in de wort'. No, sir, I ain't skewed uv no Meter wld er yaller skin. Ef I des kin git to de Big Hlonse dat's all I ax; I'll da de rest'." Dr. Brnith. Hng that Derrick war serious. furMshSoHMm with money enough to buv a ticket to Washington and uraed Mm tio Bo Death and be ltw-rrv. ltw-rrv. ltw-rrv. But. a week latar. Derrick returned to Concord, rugtud and bruised. Ill clothes had been rent In many place and his bead badly wounded, He hob bled un town and called win Dr. Smltl to whom he told the story of bis visit . "Marater, I 'ctera fo Gawd dat 1 11 never leave flomsj.argin wane t nve. Dere's mo' good foks in Concord dan anvwhwp else. I'll die right bete. Den Washington foks is de meanea people dat I ever seed. De niggers is biggity atf' de white men don't pay no Hen tlon to you. an' dat's one place de po lasamens, don't take no draggln' fer dov'l! knotR You down fer lookin' mad I sho' did think dial Judgment day had come when I got dere. "De trio uo dere on de train wut fust class. I seed lots uv fine people on de wav. But no sooner dan I ita on ae sntoun' at Washing ton my trouble atarted. I followed de yudder travlers frum de train out to de street, wbere I met er big buck nggr wearln' uv a basver. I knnw'd dat he wux flxtn' to BO 'to de festerbul. He had on er Jlm- Jlm- s winger coat as' high-top high-top high-top boots. I step up to mm an' say: is ens ae oay ier de President's Wg oiow-owt oiow-owt oiow-owt to ae niy-gers niy-gers niy-gers an' de big white-folks white-folks white-folks '' De rascal look me un an' down an' all over an' a; 'What Is you talkhV 'bout, ole nube? What do you know 'bout de President's functions' I stop righit dere fer 1 seed de kinder Mgger I wus IBlkta' to. He wut too blgh-ferlutln' blgh-ferlutln' blgh-ferlutln' fer me. talkln' 'bout funclions: when er nigger quits sayln' festerbul it's time to let him ericme. i axea nrm ae way to de Btg Bouse an' he raid go 'to de yavenue an" go up. -I -I lay: "What's dat?' He answer: 'It's de blgges' street In de town.' "I move on till I meelt er pleasnnt lookin" white gem man who say flat He's frum AlabaMl. I knowed dat he wuz uv . de bes' sbock In dto country fer he bad, on good clothes an' er big wile nrlm hat. one la k oie marsror use-ter use-ter use-ter wear. I pull off my hat an' say: "Boas. does you live here?' 'No.' he say, 'why?' "1 eed dat be wut all right, so I pop or few question? to him. 'Boss, 1s dls de day tv de festerbul at de Pig House rcr ae collud peoples an yudflers." Well, air, he smile way down to his Adam's apple, des la'k de (luestfon do him r-od. r-od. r-od. an' say: 'Is yob thinkin 'bout 'tendln' one -uv -uv de White House lO-ttoer lO-ttoer lO-ttoer " 'Yea, sir; dat's what I oime up here rr: I lh'es in Ooncord. North Car- Car- llnv, wild Mhvse Jim Cannon, ICarse John Wads worth an' de rest. I sho' dc wish dat you'd hep me git In. I's des aa good aa dem yaller niggers dat's been 'vited.' "He des, chuckle when I tor him 'bout my Mzneas up dere. He reech in Iris pocket an' fetch outt a ticket wld his r.nme on it an' witter be write. 'Let dto nigger in de White House to de festerbul.' be banded It to me an nay: Dat'll git you in " 'But, uncle.' be say, 'dY don't all de to-dos to-dos to-dos fcsterbula, la'k dey do down Souf. but dey is functions an' Vep- Vep- " Well,' I say. 'des so dey bave good things to eat dial's all dat I care 'bout We calls dem fefterbuls.' "'Why,' he 'claTe, 'dey don't hay riotbln' to eat. Ton des go up dure ind snake hands wld de big folks. wit's .all you do. Dere ain't no eatln' "bout it.' "Dot didn't cult dl nigger an I wuz hot under de collar, fer Marse John WadBworth tolt me, 'for I lef dat dey wul have er 'posum as big a er nheep a' sweet-taters sweet-taters sweet-taters an' gravy hv de gailun. Dat wu wbt I went fer. I Mr. shake ban's wld foks at borne. I though de gem'mah wuz trying to fool me, but I didn't tell Mm so. He PaStaa; Beard Of Mm Bl-Oatesed Bl-Oatesed Bl-Oatesed Bn-ttesa Bn-ttesa Bn-ttesa M the Whit Imw, the Oaaea Negro MikM a Trip to the Capital-He Capital-He Capital-He Bartaaldaa That the President Is OlTtaa Bagabw Old-Tlme Old-Tlme Old-Tlme -rMietbaU -rMietbaU '-Bat '-Bat '-Bat th ook at me an' laugh an' den bo on 'ttmt his buanest. "I go on up de yaweuae an' meet all de foks. I didn't know dat dere wut so many people la de wort' I stop In front uv er Mce lookin' man an' ax: Boas, la enure outr I seed de crowd an' thought dat wut de trouble. Rut de man haim answer my question ylt. He look me In de eye, stick out his nan' to shake wld me an' say: 'Jones is my name. What did you say yourn wus?" Dat wut somefhV else. I wmtn't tutor shakin' wld white foks, but I thought dat he might be kin to de President, an I ketcned his lion' on' 'clare: ."My name is Derrick Alexander, Alexander, frm Concord, North Carllny.' Well, de bref lef' tne when be say: What kin I do fer you, Mr. Alexander?' Alexander?' I'm 90 years ole but dat's de fust time dat er white maa ever caltt me 'Mister.' I slip erway frum de man nuick fer I knowed dat he wut one uv dem Yankees dat ole marster uster cus so hi id. I went on up de yave-nue yave-nue yave-nue but kep' lookin' back to see ef ha wuz arter me. Frum dat time on it seuu to me dat all de foks dat I see wu Yankees. Dey la'k ter driv me crazy. Dat's de truf. "Dat wut de longes' street dat I ever seed fer It took me er half er day to git to de Big House yard. I wus dee wile fer all de niggers dat I seed wuz btglty an' de white foks wut mean. De little niggers look at me an' laugh. Bf I had been back in Concord I'd busted sow uv deyer noggin's, but I wuz sl.een'd to do it up dere. By de time I gut to de Big House gate I wut mad an' 'stracted. It 'peers dat evcrybudy wut crgin me. As I start to step up in de gate er man wearln er uneefhrm an brass buttons come outr rum be unt or bush an' say, sassy la'k: 'Don't come in here, ole man! Dls's no place fer niggers! "Well, sir, dat raised my dander. I des made up my mine to go in dere any how. So I say: 'I'm goln to tee de rresldent tf I bave-ter bave-ter bave-ter lick you.' He grin' back at me an' 'dare: 'Dere's de President now. He an' Ins boy s p)ln' .er er rte. "I tumt my head an' looked roun an' show 'miff dere wut er man an' er boy rtdln' bob-tail bob-tail bob-tail I horses. I yell oin: 'lieiio. Mr. resident' us ts ole Derrick, from Concord. He's come is ye' festerbul.' I don't know why, but ' tt peered to make him mad an' his upper Hp Msterd op ia- ia- er winder 'hade an his lower Hp fall down. I 'clare fo' de Lawd dat I never seed sich er mouf full uv teef in my life. Dey 'hirfe so diat dey look la'k dem new rombationea In Red Hill graveyard. An ie ain't stop at grinnln'. fer he ay to ie plesimn close to me: ' I:ei; dat crank uv er nigger an nek him up! Dat wut de las' straw. I des square mysef fer to flgbt. But dat's all dat I knew den fer de man wld de uneeforin wnack me over de head wld his blllv stick an' put me to sleep. Dat's what made de hole In my fold. As I wuz on Ie way t de geard house wid de oilier, oilier, I heatrn eoraebudy say: 'Why, d'at's ole Derrick Alexander. What's be been doin. Mr. Officer?' Trytn to ?it to de White House.' 'Well, des as oon as he gits able to travel I'll send him home.' "I didn't know who It wut den, but I ' m later dat it wut Mr. Theo. tCluttz, from Salisburg. I bad fetched water fer Mm to drink at er speakln t Concord, one day. "Dey took me to de lock-up lock-up lock-up an' put no In er Iron cell an' It wux late in de irtit 'fo' I knowed er thing. Den vaked up an' looked 'roun' me. I seed 'is-gers 'is-gers 'is-gers 1n all de cells; an' mos' uv dem laid sore heads. Dev had ben rtyln' io git In de White House. I cried des la'k er chile an' wish dat I wuz back at 'orcord wid de people dat I know. 'naglned dat J seed all de good foks here. "Parly die nex' morntln' de bossman uv de place come to me an' say 'Ef vou'U git outen dls town des as fas' as "U kin hurtle we'll let you go. A gem'man lef er ticket home fer you Tike it an' gft!' "Dat sho' wuz sweet mtisdc to my vears. I wuz ready lo go right den. I vent out de do' an' a linos' skip to do leiot. "Thank Gawd dat Se ole nigger's back home ergin. Dat's where he's to'tT ter stay. Dem niggers what wants to go to de WMte House 'cep-Uons 'cep-Uons 'cep-Uons kin go, but give me my ole fryin' pan, er big fat 'possum, a peck uv nters an er pint uv gravy. Dat's what stills dls nigger. I ain't hankerin' u-tT u-tT u-tT sfhakin nobudy's Imn.' " TMs said, Uncle Derrick moved on. K. E. C. BRYANT. Rev. Cornelias MUlor to Leave OoUford Coaatj Imn Ore. Correspondence of The Observer. Greensboro, Jan. 80. A called meeting of Orange Presbytery was held In this city yesterday afternoon for the pur nose of considering the advisability of accepting the resignation of Rev. Cornelius Cornelius Miller, of Stokes county, who has received a call from the Knoxvtue, Tenn., Presbytery. The resignation was accepted with many sincere regrets. Ma Irvln Donnell, living a few miles ast of the city, has ore on his lands Recently he brought a sample of it to Mr. Isaac Prosser, manager of the Bm-pare Bm-pare Bm-pare steel ft Iron Company, of this place. Mr. Prosser says It is iron ore, but is so Impregnated with titanium that It cannot be worked. He is having it analyzed, however, to be sure about it. North Carolina abounds in ores, but most of it is of this kind too much titanic acid in it. The ore coming from Wilson's Mills, however, is very flne ana tne umpire people are aeugntea with tt. Not a trace of titanium Is found In it, and It Is turning out finely, tax ing the capaoity of the furnace here The output was expected to be about SO tons a day, but it Is making 80 right iong. Mr. J. M. Baley to-day to-day to-day sent to the aepartment at Washington iris resigna tion as custodian of the government building In this city. Mr. Baley will continue, however, as deputy in United states Marshall Millikan's office here. Rev. Dr. W. B. Rainsford. of New York, and sons, who have been spending spending a few days Jn this section hunting birds, left to-day to-day to-day for home. Tournament of the Sonthern Half Aasoela- Aasoela- i ion to be Held 1st tutierftte. Chattanooga, Tenn,. Jan. 31. The er- er- waive committee of the Southern Golf AsBrdatlon met in this city to-day. to-day. to-day. all tnemners being present. It was dectd- dectd- ed to hold tne tournament in Ashe-vlile, Ashe-vlile, Ashe-vlile, N. C, May 20-23, 20-23, 20-23, inclusive, and tne annual election of officers will .e hM at thalt time. Seventeen cities are now reprinted in the association and the cities of Louisville, New Orleans. Nashville and AshevUIe presented invitations for the tournament. Plmt-riaMto Plmt-riaMto Plmt-riaMto 411 Ways. Rev. P. R. Law in Lumfbertun Robe-soMan. Robe-soMan. Robe-soMan. The Charlotte Observer Is a dally and a first-class first-class first-class paper In all ways. It is edited wiiflh great ability. It gels ahead of us with our semi-weekly. semi-weekly. semi-weekly.

Clipped from The Charlotte Observer01 Feb 1903, SunPage 9

The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina)01 Feb 1903, SunPage 9
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