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1942 movie listings - probably internment camps in Montana. Just how...
probably internment camps in Montana. Just how many of the local Japanese have been put away for the duration is not known. Some say hundreds, some say thousands. They are rated agitators agitators and suspicious characters by the Los Angeles police and J. Edgar Hoover's men from the FBI. Among them are several prominent Japanese known as "Neis" or American born, who are citizens of the United States by birth, but whose sympathies are suspect. rpHE Loa Angeles police and the FBI now have the Japanese situation here pretty well in hand but continue to "case" "Little Tokyo" and all other section where Japanese reside very closely. The search for radio equipment is unremitting despite the fact that the alien Japs almost almost broke their legs running to the police with their radios and cameras at the recent call to turn in articles of this nature. Only one short wave transmitter was handed over and the authorities are by no means convinced that this ends the danger of transmission transmission of information to the enemy from this quarter. It would be extremely foolish to doubt the continued existence of enemy agents among the large alien Japanese population. Only recently city health inspectors looking over a Japanese rooming house came upon a powerful transmitter and it is reasonable to assume that menace of a similar similar character must be constantly guarded against throughout the war. The indications are that the Los Angeles police and the FBI had been spotting the more dangerous dangerous aliens in "Little Tokyo" and elsewhere long before the war, because they began gathering gathering them in immediately on the declaration of hostilities. They raided briskly through several days and had the county jail loaded with suspects who were subsequently transferred to Terminal Terminal Island where there is a branch of the federal prison. Some hot shot German bunders end also a number of Italians were nabbed. A few were later released. There were about 63 Geitnans and 19 Italians picked tip against the hundreds of Japs. The raids covered the Nipponese fishing colony on Terminal Island Island itself where there is a naval operations base. No names of prisoners were given out but the jail blotters disclosed the prominence prominence of some of the suspects. One Jap arrested and still in the "hoosegow" the last we heard is an American born editor of a Japanese newspaper who was supposed to be intensely pro-American, pro-American, pro-American, but whose associations got him in jail. Shortly after the 'iii, several cars loaded with alien suspects and making up a special train left Los Angeles ostensibly headed for Fort Missoula Missoula and armed guards kept newspaper photographers from getting close enough to the train to take any pictures. This may be the explanation of the rather permanent aspect of the closed shops and offices in "Little Tokyo," and also of the extreme ly aloof manner with which the residents of the district move about Actress Mary Astor shows two-year-old two-year-old two-year-old two-year-old two-year-old son, Tono, to his father, Manuel del Campo, when he is on leave from duty .with the Royal Canadian Air Force. It's an AE wirephoto. WALTER WINCHELL It Happened in 1941 DRESIDEXT Roosevelt was inaugurated for the third time, the first Chief Executive to he thrice honored. And the brightest memory of 1941. TOMMY MAXVlLLK made his customary appearances in print, which is why lota of people if a paper shortage don't care comes. & LADY MENDEL MENDEL did her bit for the greater glory of civilization b y announcing that she had a cellophane cellophane window put in her glove so as not to i d e her dia- dia- mond wrist watch. fr B R OADWAY lost two of its oldest land marks: "Hellzapoppin bacco Road." But wi ...... . . . a?'. to WALTER WIN C HULL and "To- "To- will acquire another an alt raid siren. ON DEC. 7 the America First spieler began to sound as idiotic to their own ears as to the rest of us. LADY IN THE DARK," the hit play, showed what a wonderful thing psychoanalysis is. Gertrude Lawrence had a very serious in feriority complex which the doctors cured with star billing. TTllY CONN Jarred the heavy . . ,. weiRm crown on io uiun knob for 13 rounds, then in the 13th he forgot to duck. GEORGE U. HARVEY, president of the Borough of Queens, who promised to go to Canada (if FDR was returned to office) bowed to the will of the voters and looked for another job. GOV. TALMADGE of Georgia broke out in a cold sweat in a fear that the Yankees were about to invade the Cracker State. He fired a college president for the crime of spreading education. Jt THE BASEBALL writers, most of whom had claimed the Yankees were unbeatable, blamed Brooklyn's licking in the world Series on Mickey Owen's muffed third strike. -V- -V- -V- -V- -V- -V- VICTOR MATURE stated that he couldnt see what women saw in him and that he, personally, found himself "revolting." THE PULITZER prize Judges honored E. Hemingway by skip ping the novel award. They were too prissy to bestow the ribbon on "For Whom the Bell Tolls," fltid lacked the moxie to give it to any of the runners-up. runners-up. runners-up. N Isolationist ever liore was Interrupted while telling what a reasonable guy Hitler was. The butter-In butter-In butter-In said Rudolf Hess, No. 3 in the slaughter party, had i lammed to England, the enemy Sheridan Gets Morocco Story When Annie Sheridan returns from Waco, Texas, and checks in at the Warner studio, she will be told of the purchase made for her of "Casa Blanoa," an unproduced play by Murray Burnett and Joan Alison, with a French Morocco locale. She'll have two leading men In this movie Ronald Reagan and Dennis Morgan. The story deals with a cabaret singer, and, of course, the war will play an Important Important part. All the gossip and whispering that "Two-Faced "Two-Faced "Two-Faced Woman" has washed up Garbo s career is ap parently untrue. MGM is hasten ing to get Robert Hlchen's noted novel called "The Paradine Case ready for her. There was a strong report last week that Garbo would sign a contract with Warners to nlay "Mr. Skefflngton,' but she de cided against doing that story. "The Paradine Case" is not cen sorable, and G. G. is eager to make a picture that will take away the taste of "Two-Faced "Two-Faced "Two-Faced -woman." -woman." which has caused her much unhap- unhap- piness. .g. ifr The shadow who accompanies Gary Cooper bowling, punches a bag with him and spends all of his spare time at the stars side, is Lefty O'Doul, formerly with the New York Yankees and more recently recently with the California Seals. O'Doul's job is to teach Cooper to throw a ball left-handed, left-handed, left-handed, and it's some job to unlearn the practice of a lifetime. O Doul not only Is Cooper's coach for the Lou Gehrig movie, but he also has been retained retained by Samuel Goldwyn to act as technical adviser. Goldwyn told me that he win can nis uenrig film "Pride of the Yankees." Coasting on the Coast Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Paulette Evans, cousin of Mrs. Jack Warner, and Jack Browning, business man, were mar ried at Roserlta, Mexico. Her gift from the Jack Warners was a case of flat silver; the new diamond and ruby earrings Rita Hayworth is wearing were a New Year's gift from her husband, Ed Judson; Marion Davies, Carole Land is, May Sunday and Bill Haines, all celebrated celebrated birthdays New Year's Day, Dorothy Lamour left last 'night for a month of defense bond sell ing. She gave up her entire vaca- vaca- nrnmntlv marie a liar out of hlmition to take the stump for Uncle by torpedoing the Robin Moor, anjSam; David Niven, according to nis inenas nere, wiu leave ror North Africa to Join the King's Rifle Brigade. He is now a major; Universal is announcing no 1942 plans for Deanna Durbin who brought eo much money into their treasury. Miss Durbin and Vaughn Paul opened their new house New Year's Eve; Bob and Dolores Hope held open house New Year'a Day; the Barbara Stanwyck-Rob-ertt Stanwyck-Rob-ertt Stanwyck-Rob-ertt Stanwyck-Rob-ertt Stanwyck-Rob-ertt Taylor soiree lasted until breakfast, and was the only big party given in the film colony. The rest were small "at homes." . HEMLINES DIP Hollywood Irene, who designed Loretta Young's elaborate wardrobe wardrobe for "Bedtime Story," recommends recommends dipping hemline's for after dark . . . natural line shoulders . . . tapering skirt and lower hemlines hemlines for daytime wear. Irene also continues to use dolman sleeves . . . tunic length jackets . . . and de- de- country where the humane Adolf couldn't reach his throat. THE SINGING commercial came back to the radio. Some of us were beginning to wonder how they could be made to sound sillier Rhyme and music accomplished the trick. SOME OF the more public spirit ed rumpots gave up Scotch and swizzled rye and bourbon in order to support home distilleries. When they get high they smash up Ameri can-made can-made can-made furniture, to keep it 100 patrioftc. JOE GOEBBELS told the stay- stay- at-homes at-homes at-homes that the Heinies on the Moscow front needed warm clothes. They were running toward Ger many, he explained, in order to keep warm. He didn't report that the Bolo troops were co-operating co-operating co-operating by giving the runaways plenty of heat in their rear. THE CRY BABIES tore their hair when the income tax wu upped to support the national defense. defense. Some people don't know e bargain when they see it. Where could you get better terms on battleships battleships and fighting planes? K- K- 4f -X -X MAYOR LA GUARDIA clicked with a great quote when he commented commented on his appointment of Judge O'Brien. Hizzoner admitted: "When I make a mistake it's u. beaut." TOIIN CUrjAHY came back from LI. UL Mlw-In. Mlw-In. Mlw-In. A juit ui aiiiiiaBBauuiuifL xe- xe- ure us we had nothing to worry about from HHIer & Co. They . For Stage Successes By FREDERIC C. OTHMAN JJ OLLYWOOD (UP) The lads all the other comics are envying these days are the Messrs. Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson, chain store purveyors of lunatic entertainment. Yeah, lunatic. They re crazy like a couple or bwedisn foxes. On the road, afttr Just comnletine' a Broadway run It ran 163 performances .there. io raws j j f Roaffsmi nSHOWM! ' MANX SCNUSIRT J Lives lailN IN f f V 9 GMAT WAlTZ Offerings Today at Theaters Here Star tinf Umti of main featurtt joUom: Temple (On etage) 1:30, 4:00, 7:00. Palace 10:42, 1:38, 4:34, 7:30, 10:26. Loew's 12 :10, 3:25, 6:40, 10:00. Resent 11:00, 1:50, 4:40. 7:30, 10:20. Century 11:30, 2:05, 4:40, 7:15. 8:50. Capitol 12:00, 3:23, 6:46, 10:09. Strand 10:50. 1:40. 4:30. Little 1:45, 3:45. 5:40, 7:40, 9:40. !. g Mk'keji Rooney and Judy and Gracie Alien and William Tost. jr. in -'Mr. -'Mr. and Mrs. North." raiacr Bob Hope and Vera Zorina in "Louislm Purchane" and Dennis O'Kefe and Jane Wyatt in "Week- "Week- ena xor inree. Century Krml Flynn and Olivia de JUvilland in "They Died with Their Temple Cab Calloway and his Cotton Cotton Club Orchestra and review on Btae and James KUison end Virginia Virginia Gilmor in "Mr. Pintrict Attorney Attorney in the Carter Case" on screen. Kerent "Dumbo," Walt Disney'a feature-eng;h feature-eng;h feature-eng;h cartoon and Jack Oakle and Linda Darnell in "Rie nn ?Nnine. I.lttieJlona Manaey, Alan Curtla mna Aioeri uasserman in "New ftlvlr 1 lhi,ttr C .. - J w . t (I1 airport) Betty Grable and Victor Mature in "Hot Spot" and Laurel m naray in "ureat (Juns Dixie Dennnii Durbin and Charles i-uRnten i-uRnten i-uRnten ,n "It Started with Ev" and W. C. Fields and Gloria Jean in American freighter. KAISER WILHELM died in Holland. Holland. The present race of barbarians barbarians in his homeland was too much even for him. WITH CIVILIZATION in agony and Britain in great danger, Lady Astor rose in Parliament one day to point out, with matchless illoglc, that it is not true that men eat more than women. Because she eats more than her huaband. X- X- -9t- -9t- -9t- -X- -X- -X- AMONG OTHER things the newspapers fell for but historians won't is the fact that Lana Turner was voted "The Sweetheart of the Harbor Defenses of Sandy Hook." x- x- HOLLYWOOD continued being an endless source of those "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" "Who-the-Hell-Cares" stories one of the best being that Veronica Lake will get kissed nine times in a new pic ture. Apparently, to make up for a I signs suits with both jacket and completely kissless cinema career, skirt lowered slightly to the back. of more than tnree years, is ineir musical review, "Hellzapoppin." On Broadway is their new muaical, "Sons of Fun," playing to standing room only. And r.ow there is opening opening in theaters everywhere their film version of "Hellzapoppin," which is a movie such as nobody ever saw before. The picture starts without any titles, name or credits. All you see are some devils chasing other devils and a taxicab which explodes explodes and turns into a horse with Napoleon riding side saddle Comes an announcement: "Any re semblance between Hellzapoppin and a motion picture is purely coin cidental." Raye and Herbert Support Olsen, Johnson, Martha Raye, Hugh Herbert, Mischa Auer, Jane Frazee. Robert Paige, Gus Schilling and Shemp Howard go on from there, breaking every rule that Hollywood ever established for movie-making. movie-making. movie-making. Consider the moment when Miss Frazee and Paige are singing a beautiful love song in a bower of roses. It ia beautiful, too. You d think it was a MGM musical epic, until there slides across the screen a slide: "If Stinky Williams U in the house, please go home." The slide goes away and the sing ers continue to warble. Comes an other slide: "Stinky Williams. Your mother wants you." Miss Frasee and Paige sing on about love. And then, for one of the big laughs of ny movie, the shadow of a email boy crosses the screen and grows amaller as he leaves the theater. Herbert, the private detective who is on the scene for no reason in particular, walks behind a post as Chief Flying Cloud and comes out as General Ulysses S. Grant, or Hiawatha, or a wooden soldier, or any of five dozen different characters. characters. Whenever he feels in the mood, he stops everything and has a chat with the audience. Beautiful bathing girls litter the proceedings. Whenever Johnson spies a particularly luscious one, he yells to the operator in the booth to stop the film and run it over again. The film does stop and does run over again, and John son gets a second look. Trouble In Film Booth The operator is having his own troubles with a blond in the booth. They finally start to wrestle and bump into the projection machine. That causes the film to jiggle and makes the actors look hazy and Olsen yells up to the operator to keep his love-making love-making love-making for after working hours. And so on, with one gag after another, so close together together it's hard to catch them all There also is a plot. Its actually a plot within a plot, concerning two neophyte movie actors our heroes trying to act out a scenario, which contains a stage play. The grand finale comes when all hands jump on Schilling, the meek little scenarist responsible for the entire debacle. The director shoots him with a shotgun. "That's all right," says Schilling. "I always wear a bullet proof vest when I have to work in movie studios." He goes to the water cooler. Takes a drink. Water spurts from a dozen holes in his chest. Finis. Some other important movies are being released for the holiday trade. A comedy is "Playmates. starring Kay Kyser and John Barrymore in their own private version of Shakespeare. One of Claudette Colbert's best is "Remember "Remember the Day," wherein she is the school teacher of a boy who eventually grows up and runs for president. In "The C or lean Brothers" you will see Douglas Fairbanks Jr., playing opposite Douglas Fairbanks Jr. in one of those twin roles. Ram Causes Chance TOWN TAXI Safety Service Low Rates Alt 8000 this, in and out does, he's you Mother get rm In Movie bcript Hollywood Hollywood went in for a bit of realism that wasn't on the program during the shooting of "Cadets on Parade" and came up with a production experiment that may have a far-reaching far-reaching far-reaching effect in the studios. After two nights delay due to rain on location, the Freddie Bartholomew-Jimmy Bartholomew-Jimmy Bartholomew-Jimmy Lydon star ring film was stymied. Wallace MacDonald, the producer, became tired of waiting, so he called in a writer, changed the scenes to a rain sequence and shot them in a downpour downpour at Columbia ranch. Ordinarily, Ordinarily, rain effects are obtained by overhead sprinklers and wind machines. machines. Mil LAST THREE DAYS ADULTS Ik TO I P. M. SSc AFTER i P. M. CHILDREN 17c TAX INC. u H;ililTti:?.N ON SCKIIN Mr. Dbtrid Attomy ia Tin Carter Can VlrfMa Glssrt heu-i heu-i heu-i BALC. 20c TO 3 W -1 -1 a. -i -i r- r- - j f ti i ween-cna ween-cna ween-cna ror inree 0KEFE.J::i WYATT I Lionel Barrymore FHw. Arnold THE PENALTY Cha. Starrctt "Outlaws of the Panhandle" Joan Crawford "A WOMAN'S FACE" Jamrs Cagnrr "DEVIL DOGS OF THE AIR" "Never Give a Sucker an Even tsreaK. Madison Deanna Durbin and Charles Laughton in "It Started with Eve" and Edmund Lowe in "Flying Cadets." Monroe Henry Fonda and Barbara Barbara Stanwyck in "You Belong to Me" and Jene Withers and Jane Darwell In "Small-Town "Small-Town "Small-Town Deb." lameo and Went End Ronald neagan and Olympe Bradna in "In ternational Squadron" and Robert Younur and Kuth Hussey In "Mar- "Mar- rien tiacnelor. cnter Ronald Reagan and tiiymne Bradna in "International houanron" and Rosalind Russell and Ion Ameche In "The Feminine i oucn. Itlalto (East. Rochester William roweu and Mvrna Lov in "Shadow of the Thin Man" and Joan Davis and Jinx Falkenburg in "Two Latins irom juannattan." Grand Rohert Young and Ruth Himsey in "Married Bachelor" and William Boyd in "Border Vigil- Vigil- Lake Jear.ctte MacDonald and uene Raymond in "Smllln' Throueh" and Robert Preston and Nancy Kelly in "Parachute Batallion." Arnett Cliirles Boyer and Olivia de Havilland in "Hold Back the Dawn," Walt Disney's "The Reluctant Reluctant Dragon," full-length full-length full-length cartoon feature. Strand Robert Young and Ruth Hussey in "Married Bachelor" and Charles Starrett in "Riders of th Badlands." TO PAY'S g'uVd'I Betty Grable Victor Mature "HOT SPOT" PLUS Laurel Hardy "Gnat Guns" Stt V lLibertyl Cfias. Laughton Deanna Durbin "IT STARTED WITH EVE" Plus MADISON "FLYING CADETS" DIXIE W. C. FIELDS 'MadT jON ' DIXIE Thru Sat. ;aM!.Oj "VVEST NOW Ronald Regan Olympe Bradna "INTERNATIONAL SQUADRON" 'Married Bachelor" Ruth Hussey Barbara Stanwyck Henry Fonda "YOU BELONG TO ME" "Small Town Deb" Jam Withers GRAND Ruth Hussey Pnhert Young "MARRIED BACHELOR" "Border Vigilantes" LAKE Jeanettr MarDonald "SMILIN' THRU" "Parachute Battalion" Ronald QwCesTEH" Raafan International Squadron Faminina Touch W aV M Bale 2c to 3 Children 11c fMBT msmt nti mmmt ROONEY GARLAND FAT IAINTEI YIRBINIA'WElOLEI I AT McDONALO mm QIHE DONALD KEEX AIEUNIO WOOLLCOTT. BALC 20c TO 3 SECOND WEEK! ERR0L FLYNN OUV1A DeHAMLIAND ijim iJMimib c::k cren duly w:30 . u Ham 1 ' " ' . . i i ;Wi::iai? BH afclM 1 AND THIS WANT AD DID IT Get "Cash Aid" through the Wa nt Adt of The Democrat end Chronicle Chronicle Today. Votk Bench Boy's, like new, bathinette, hahy farriaRf. Glrnwood 42S6-J. 42S6-J. 42S6-J. S CALLS 5 PERSONS WANTED THIS USED WORK BENCH. 4 ARE STILL SEARCHING THE WANT ADS. PLACE YOUR AD NOW. Take Your Cash Problems Problems to Mii$ Want Ad. She Will H a I p You Solve Them. PHONE MAIN 7400 MISS WANT AD BALC. 20c TO CHUrrn ISc Tax as it for a dress-it i to is 3 i mm JACK GAME UMDA DARK ELL GEORGE MURPHY mSE-wSHINE mSE-wSHINE mSE-wSHINE ALL SEATS 20c TO 6 T" ALICE FAYE JOHN PAYNE CARMEN MIRANDA "Week-End "Week-End "Week-End in Havana- Havana-

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