Miesner Homestead Birthday Party Hy D Miesner

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Miesner Homestead Birthday Party Hy D Miesner - LIONS AUXILIARY FORMED AT TUESDAY'S MEETING...
LIONS AUXILIARY FORMED AT TUESDAY'S MEETING Last Tuesday Club meeting ovoning's l [ull( - s> Lion night Hi Lions' lailies showed what • Hoiiesli-nems wore made of hy takinff even U-dy had 'demann, Arthur Wc:seloh, Edwin Ross, Ed in m: d Versenvmn, Herbert Mueller, GOOIT;C WelxM-, Arthur, Al- h-M'l, . Marl.in Arbiet.-r, Elsie and Ella Versemann, R™ DarnH.taedt. served and derl'ul time, t hoy \VC-CT chaw of tho entire meeting and rr . ooc votim-; down any attempt by fno : SHJP LINES REPRE Lion-, to gain possession of their mooting. The tables wore prettily in keeping with the e/e Tho entertainment was pro SENTATIVE HERE Jos. P,orra, local representative of the United States Lines, yester- vido'l by tho ! : f .\ tho Lioan ciuartots, plan Ingii. The m prised by tho to wlr-J C-:mi ;\o!'in in recit'ils and i were surely sur- talent shov/n their nvjmbors* On mo lion madu by Mar- rl.iy entertnined William A. Carter liu.U ol-'si. Louis, district passenger reid-ja^nt of this organization, Speaking of tho exclusive measures of the recent immigration act, Mr. Carter explained 'that all steam- m ,u wife of Dr. C. 0.1 ship ii n9S had suffered greatly beim unanimously carried, the cause formerly the third class or formed a Lions' Auxiliary, steerage immigrant passengers had \rtor roaring for MH- Indie* ih* i/:-'provided one of th- principal w nnd I ionosso<; adjourned to tho sources of rovonuo. II bocame nee- rn.s- Motor Sales opening night, to rssary to .seek now sources of reve- ,. ()p ;;;..; |ltl;iu; Lion '...su.,- I'rossaiul mjo . Tho United States Linos ac' ,7 ro> . llim . roniplishod this by inaugurating .... - ! ihe tourist or slmlonl cabin and un- CONGRESSMAN DENISON IN !N."iir«ly renovating tho old third rCR-PARLIAMENTARY SESSION | dsiss. Tho plan was In immediate I success. Americans who could not Cri"T".s/.ir::!) M. K. Honison of I afford first or sc-coud class travel, •|'.< Twl'iilv-linh ('onnressioiial dis- [ and who formerly refused to travel rri'-l lia-i gone to \Y:is!iingl.«n to i.hird class, are now enjoying for j utond ilic- Int.'i'-l'.M-Jiamnnlnry Un-, the ilr:-;l. time thn bonollt of travel j •OP to whirii ho is a drdrgalo from j ,, n dor satisfactory onmlilions at a .•,(->ssi"!Ui I'M.-.;/ BIRTHDAY PARTY AT MIESNER HOMESTEAD; Ilv IX MioKiHM- ri'lohrati-d h!s ;|( . |h ~ bhthday at his homo in tho Sunday. In i.ho i::i!ly part (•vising a li'io dinner wa. ; ; ,, n ,l Hinsp rn.'sont \v<To: 'i,: Mr,. Hy. -I. :\M'...r,inr n»"l Ivon, John, Otto, Eugene, Rn,1 ,|,,j. c. OI-.M-; 'Ah. :MM| Mrs. ;vr« ,1,,;!. i-ntsrho; ?-!<•. :r,ul Mrs. Ar.h .•IiH-i.-'slMh; Mrs. llov. Strothmauu I .-,;[ H,i:,lrou, lU'inlioi'i, OlU;. Uu- i.i.,, Hutii. Esther. -.Martha; Mr. , m! ' \[^ rjr.nlieh Miosncr and H.n^Vn'/Kisio and V^ia; Mr. and \hs. .loiui Ovtjon Sr.: Mr. and Mrs. | f ;lm O.'tjt'M, Jr., and son. Alirod; .Mr. and Mrs. Ali'ivn lirunkhorst ,,Pd uii'i:o, i'.v<i'i' Urunkhnrsl; llu- (1(1 |,,h (Mr-torsloh; .Honnan and A'-lhur llolimitun. l«>il'/. Oc-tjon, I'.ml Oi-lj-n. \V:ilt.rc Ootjon. I-alor in ib.o cvonir,'; many more- 01 Mr. .\ii ( .SUIT'S frioihis joiiu-d llr* cro\v(l alKl MMMIUS' ihoso wcro: Mr. rmitj,, Mf-iMaii OiK't^r.dC'/' and ;-:ons; Mr. -Mid Mis. Konry CncUM'^oh Sr. , ;l(ul ( . h ;!d»vu. Martin, \ValU-r. Ed-1 win, Willii:, lltv.-ijori: .Mr. ami Mrs., I!v HoUr.uinii i»:i (l t-liildi'LMi, Kl- frlodn. Loo, Waller; Mrs. Anna _ r;.uc-li-ivloh end f.'hlldron, Frieda^ Mcta. John, Ilolono: Mr. aiut Mrs. i F-.Til Miosnor and rM'.ldri'ii, ^oo, , (iillsort. (.'1,-irouoo, Maiio, L-onard, M:. and Mrs. lOnu'/i LuodtMnauu ai-.d L-hi'.dn'U, Mabol and Harold; Mr. and ;u'd Mrs Airs. Fred Oetjon; C.i^st Hnrnslaedi and h)h, Jr. : Mr. i» ' Mr. and Mrs.! .MWV.MunM and daughter, j Mr. and Mrs. lOdwia ; Mr. and Mrs. Hy , nii-l daa^htoiv Klor::<\ Mrs. Julius M:>r ; ekol; ....".'.. Prdu Ktthjon; AI Ton H("-ii'.-'' ' t-ludolph lioins, Kr\vin .\io:'(]vo!. Tcd'iy aud lludolph Oot- ji.-u, (.loorcvo !)aru--1.nodl.. Honry Liiodomann, Arnold and Oscar Krni'It-H, r.ydia Lnodeiminii, Uosi' \\'ol;or, Floret la C!roh, Ed win Luu- Railroads are just beginning the transportation, 1 - The was opened;Septombei- railway operation/in tl?'is time'-later, It is particularly, centennial of the^ailroadfi the'-important benefits which derived from rail-way transportation. political unity is one-beneficial transportation. One country was made up with transportation limited were difficult and dangerous to roads which were frequently development as a politically in speech and 1 in ideals, growth of the railroads, the communities that have'provided channels among them. economic unity is another railway transportation. No

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  • Miesner Homestead Birthday Party Hy D Miesner

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