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 - Bom Telegram Bead. ' t Q Read such tslegratns...
Bom Telegram Bead. ' t Q Read such tslegratns aa you have In your hand? A-v-BarbourvUle,, A-v-BarbourvUle,, A-v-BarbourvUle,, A-v-BarbourvUle,, A-v-BarbourvUle,, Ky Jen. 22. 1900. H. Clay Rio. Ptnevillet How many can you procure from Bell? Wire me immediately. C. POWrR3." That was In refereno to the men he setting up. "Barbourville. Ky.. Jan. 22. 1900. F. M. Seaton. Middlesboro, Ky. : How many can you insure from Bell? Wire Immediately. - "C. POWKKS." Q He waa ons of tha men? A Hs was on ot th men I took a receipt from in Moore's offlca "Frankfort. Ky.. Jan. 20, 1900. John L. Powers. Barbourvllle, Ky.: Come to Lon. don- don- an Sunday morning train; my expense; expense; Important. C. POWERS." Thla ia a telegram to my brother to meet me at London. Mr. Rice and Mr. Donaldson were there; this th Urn I took a receipt from my brother for IS. "Barbourville, Ky.. Jan. 2. WOO. To H. H. Howard, Hagan. Vs.: How many can you Insure from Harlan? C. POWKRS." Mr. Howard is th man who mat us In Moore's oflle and from whom I took a receipt for that money. "Barbourvllle, Ky., Jan. 25. Tuesday. Tn H. Clay Rice. Plnavllla, Ky.: Wire m thia evening the prospect C. POWERS." Mr.'-Rice Mr.'-Rice Mr.'-Rice Is th man who met me at London and from whom I took a receipt. Jk don't remember the amount of money. He waa to se about getting th men from Ball county, and this telegram haa my name marked out. Mr. Flnley Anderson testified, if I remember correctly that after having written my nam I had scratched It out with a pencil. I don't remember to hav don anything of that sort. I had no purpose in doing It, bo O The same sort of telegram you sent to divers ot tiers 7 a xes, sir. ti Signed your nam to it? A Tea, sir. Mr. Campbell Comment of counsel is objectionable. Bv the Court There la only one way to do, and that Is to object to questions to ths court. Barbourville, Ky.. Tueeday. Jan. 21 To M. H. Howard. Hagan, Vas Have ex pectations been met? Wir tnm evening. . ... "C. POWERS." Mr. Howard is the man who was In the Commissioner of Agrloulture Moore's office in th meeting concerning wnicn I hav given testimony, and from whom I took a receipt for the money. He waa to set th man in Harlan county, ana this telegram was tn reference to thos nn. My nam on thia telegram haa bn scratched out. 1 don t tnui i aid any, thing of th sort; I had no purpose In doing so, Mr. Flnley Anderson testified. I think, that- that- that Is a telegram I had scratched my name on: ot. "lxmdon Depot, Jan. 16, 1900. To John L. Powers, Barbourville, Ky. : Don't sexid witnesses from Knox till further orders." I hsd got down to London oa my way to Frankfort, on th trip after witnesses in Knox and thos counties, ana Mr. ixl Parker, of London, had taken hia witnesses witnesses to Frankfort, and had com back and reDorted. saying there were more wit nesse there than could possibly be used before th Contest Board, and that it was not necessary to hav any more to go; so I wired my brother to stop thos men in Knox whom he waa getting up to tea ta Frankfort. Q Who was that signed by? A By myself myself -Barbourville. -Barbourville. Ky, Tuesday, a" (It does not say January, but that is when It was If I remember correctly,) "To Hon. C harks Flnley, Williamsburg, Ky. Can you come to Frankfort this evening? Wire outlook. C. POWfcRS." I wanted him to wire outlook aa to Whitley county, the ntimhee that h bad already to go. I wanted to confer with him about our trip at BarhourvHIe. 1 hadn't had any con. au tat Ion with Mr. Flnley anout tms mat ter at all up to this t:m. He was not In the meeting at Moore office. 1 had had no connection with Mr. Flnley ao far a the people going to Franarort were concerned at all. 1 believe I wrote Mm a letter or two Irorm BarbourviHe, and also th telegram. "January 24. 1H. To H. Clay Rio, pine, vtlle Ky How many can you Insur from pell? V.r Immediately. C. POWKRS." This was In reference to th men that he had In rewdlnesi to go to Frankfort. He Is the same Clay K:ce concerning whom I hsv nvm trstlmonr. KarbvurvlSte,. Ky., Wednesday January ?. li." (That del quaht to he ISou.) "To Hon. Charles Flnley, tislt House, Louisville,' Louisville,' Ky. We have suliiclent trei!Siorta. t on 'here, fsll we pav your-chock? your-chock? your-chock? Wire. CALKB POWKR." Mr. Flnley bad gone to Ivoulsvllle to be sure that there should be no luck of transportation for our mn; and after these railroad had com through my end of th ooutitry up there, and 1 hsd the Information from Mr. Noaks and others thore as no necessity of sir. Flnley procuring any further transportation transportation sine we hod already th transportation transportation there, aud u waa to know wiKUUoc or

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