My Great Grandfather Henry F. Fairweather

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My Great Grandfather Henry F. Fairweather - Police Jus ace case of Henry English barit.fce,...
Police Jus ace case of Henry English barit.fce, the prisoner's which led ban square, dUgblsed the effect in - bis be Tuesday, to Soon after tile thtv xner TrAisury scrutinized Wat Court, yesterda rather or Con ment of Publi Broadway : DH seventb-streett seventb-streett seventb-streett r ourteenth-st ourteenth-st ourteenth-st 4b Co., and) on Justice wben Falrweatber be presented the Kev. Vr. the Swedenbdrgian The writer of as a very respects nubbell said Dr. Bayley, genuine. tapers in his rtom Battering testtnonlals ment document of the from tbe Lonclun. or 36 8s. closely Among tbem 01 tne opera bearer as a character; tbe - choir o Kensington, more, Vlear Falrweather that the docu cased bariton absence of teimony justice oraeraa Thompson were not thuloaly selves in tatrsv M. yesterday men rang the to converse however, at morning men and the officers of ce rated vocalist Usher, wrote he bad $25 wife in Londo Astor-Plaee Astor-Plaee Astor-Plaee H ralrwealher after his dtscbkrge. confer with a ployment. A letter iety of this that that society win, tr desired tbat may be tL aessan I wottta fr frorn THE POOR TOClLIbT'S GOOD L UCK FALBWEAThLb. FINDS FBIEND9 AND IS &B- &B- 1 CASED FROM JAIL, v ' i Bixby's severe diroosal of tha F. Falrweather, the unfortunate i. followed bv the Dtrbllcatton nf Lathetio recital of the circumstances to king for aims in Madison- Madison- ras' aa old man. Jihad of arousing much . svmnathv .a!f after his committal, on the : Island for six . mnntha Opening of the Jafferaon Market y morning, Mr. C. ?G. Thomtson, 1 ttinnnr Thnmrunn ft th. Tin.. Works; F. J. Worcester, of No. 150 a. uomeu. 01 .o. 14 jiast rwenty-Mordaunt rwenty-Mordaunt rwenty-Mordaunt Bodice, of No. 1S1 Whi sect: William Cummings. of Jaffrav I Mr. jJohn C. Hubbell , caaed fBlxby iand Informed hint that sr i arrived in this City 1 ... . . JA , , . icibor Kti uitrosnction rmm. ttfcyiey, of London, to the members of rgian tUiurch. In Thirty-firth Thirty-firth Thirty-firth street. Ihe letter recommended Falrweather tctable man. Messrs. ThomnFon anri that, tiaving seen tbe handwriting of believed the communication1 to be had , found among the prisoner's m iuo Asior-x-iace Asior-x-iace Asior-x-iace Asior-x-iace Asior-x-iace Hoiei several lals an'd an illtinilti eettlng forth tbat the Lords rr .: had mtlrvkd P, Pi iSt. OftinA nn an en.....! . account of sickness.. Justice Blxby a tbe papers handed to him. a letter from Cnllnrdinir rmk Obmique, London, recommending the vocalist or much ability and of good sfcother.i similar- similar- in tenor. - from l the Palace Gardens Church, and one from the Rev. John aU ef Lowea. Norwood. charat,rl7in 4Jan excellent man." Convinced tbents w.ere genuine, and that the an. had been harshly dealt with in the uiuuj hhiuu goou cnaraoter. tbe bis discharge from the prison. Mr. xuuciuca actximpanying nim KlV rjerSABS whA lnt.M. .u eathers case. About 2 o'clock ' A twp well-dressed. well-dressed. well-dressed. restectabie-lonk restectabie-lonk restectabie-lonk Prison belt and asked to be allowed l, iuti were not admitted.- admitted.- at nnseasonable hour. During the " cours yesterday several IntrniBfA,! am II .nma . . jthe squad for delivery to the incar- incar- .- .- -nt. -nt. c?viiruier. Llit musio put Justice Blxby informing him tbat was roceivea in tne morning at the returned to his lodcings immediately v.. it. v. hura i tutj oay went out to kentleman who had offered him em- em- t i - T- T- v. un oh vteurjre s so (City ; addressed to Thx. Tia es states iivpuse u aia rairweatner, ana take charge of any sabscriptions aade

Clipped from
  1. The New York Times,
  2. 21 Jul 1881, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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  • My Great Grandfather Henry F. Fairweather

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