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FIRED UPON ATROCIOUSLY PROBABLE DELIBERATE MURDER OF A HELPLESS WOMAN, ran js shot tx the ttxti while srniirrk- srniirrk- JXO AWAT BEFOEt BEE ASSAILANT OT3 PSOKPT AREE8T TTTROCGII THE ERA VERT OF A'' BMALL MAS. Catharine Crave, agod 61, u shot in the left temple yesterday at "No. A Charlton-street Charlton-street Charlton-street by Wil-nam Wil-nam Wil-nam Mndram. a tUhngrapb prtnter. and It 1 believed believed that ber tejttrtei art. fatal. She to the aooood wife of Jobs B. Crave, a Frenchman, employed at shipping- shipping- clert 1 r Lehmnler Ilrothers. of So. 26 Gnrnatrae, and to the mother of three sons and two damcttem. She St an eiceilent woman of IrreproacUlle character The Crave leased the - nous In Charlton t reet and found room for on or two boarder and several lodgers. About a year airo, Adolph Hindram, brother brother of Wluiam. became a boarder there. He u tndiMtrloiM and well behaved, and wben he asked If bl brother could share hi room by paring a small ram per week to Mr. Crave the pro-poau pro-poau pro-poau wn accepted. William was Ave year older than bto brother, whose aire was S3, and had a bad record. Shortly before bis father died he attempted to stab him. and hto mother admit that he stole ' money from her home at Inion Hill. Several of hi relative refused to reoognlze him. He liked to earn a few dollar and then wait until they were spent before worklnff ajraln. hut it Wn strictly temperate and fond of study lie associated with mechanics of an invective dHpostiltm. and mivb of bis leisure time wa paNsed at the Conner Institute. He aim associated with erman Socialist, Socialist, and by constant rcadlnc and discussion bad picked up much t'cnerul lnforniiition about Dm ciilnery and political economy He w regarded . at his lodging house a harmlessly enthusiastic on thesubjectof Invention, lit: was never In .b- .b- C'Mn grace of the Inmate ot the house, while his brother wa esteemed "and treated .as one nf tbe family. It due not appear that there wan aiif dispute of ronswocTioe between WlilUtm and Mr. and Mrs. Crave Until Tuesday, llifi dislike of , work had often compelled him to ask Mn. Crave to allow him to run into debt fur the mi mil amount be paid lor sharinc hi brother' room Km. Crave did not like him, and on Saturday he was not alio to pay hia rent and was reoueat"d to look fur a loduiui; elsewhere, lie asked to be allowed to remain until nt-it nt-it nt-it Saturday, Saturday, and it wa arrantred that he should leave then. Cm 1 oeeday. one of Mr. Crave' stepsons told her rotindeutiauiy of atrocious stories that W iliiam told of her ante-nuptial ante-nuptial ante-nuptial life.. Tbe poor womuti s lv tensely grieved atoui the mutter, und her hustmnd. wben he returned home, found tor In tttnt. When he knew the ixuw, he wa enraged and watted for William to come" in ; Ho often returned home very late, and Mr. Crave 1 directed one of hi son to watch until William camu, and to tell him he could not sleep tn the hoUMt iHrain. W hin William came to the house, between 11 o'clock-utid o'clock-utid o'clock-utid midnight, young; ('rave told him what hi futber had said. William became very violent and abusive. He went to hi brother s room, took some article from a trunk, and ou lenvins the houne laid be would nsturn yenterday uud settle the matter with some one. At 10 o'clock yesterday morninir Mr. Crave wu in Adolpf room, Adolph b-tnjr b-tnjr b-tnjr 111. She bad tuker. him some coffee. Mla Henrietta Cruvo. who wan in the basement, heard the front door own and a stealthy atep-in atep-in atep-in the ball. Kunnlcs up tuint she encountered William, and asked nim what husiiieo he had tn the hou.se after he had been told to keep away. He treated her very rudely, and said her mouth was full of lie. lie poke in a very loud tone, and ilrs Crave, who heard him from the attic enroe down Mair. .lust a he reached the second floor lauding. Miss Henrietta, who bad been watcbint: htm elosely.-aaw elosely.-aaw elosely.-aaw aomtthmc gieatu In hi hand. It was a revolver, and. dlvtnin? his intention, sh creamed out. " Mother, run ! go and look yourself In somewhere; he's irot a revolver here." Mrs. Crave had reached a little landing on tbe top of the flrit flight of stair, and In full view of the hall, fclie stopped and ald to William- William- "What do you want here I what should Von want to do to mef I have never done anything to you." William then advanced. toward her, and she turned and threw nn a window on the landm-. landm-. landm-. scn-amliur scn-amliur scn-amliur " Murder ' polloe !" William ran up stair until he was near the top, then leveled tne pialol and tired. The bullet bullet paxvd through a window not far from Mrs. ' Crave head. He the got on the landing, and, wbiie Mr Crave cowered m a corner of the landing, he belnff taller than xhe. he pointed the pistol at her left temple and fired. The weapon wa dist-tiarfred dist-tiarfred dist-tiarfred so near her that the tiowaer blackened her face. The bullet entered her skull takUur a downward and backward direction, and lodcin at its base. Mrs. Crave fell Into a-comer a-comer a-comer of the landimc with blood itnmmitiL' trr m a brauch of the temporal- temporal- artery, whk-h whk-h whk-h was severed. Mndram a-t a-t a-t was wttneaed by Henrietta, by Mr, btnith. and by H. I. Nettieton. the two latter belns lodirer. -When -When Hindram ran down siutr toward the front door, Mr. Nettieton went to a front window on the second floor and shouted, "There" murder irotng-on irotng-on irotng-on here. Police and as Stndram left tbe bouse he added, "and there'. tbe murderer; atop him." A small man in a-brown a-brown a-brown overcoat, . who appeared to be delicate, was . passing. and bad tbe courage to rtcp up to SiiBlram and catch him by the arm. 'hindram said, with an oath. '" 'TiTO't me; It' the feliow behind in the house." The courageous little man looked up at Nettieton, who nodded, and he told Sindram be guessed he'd bold him a little while. A crowd had collected, and a ear was passing. On it was liottndsman Weils, of the Hrst ITeeinct. who Jumped off. passed through the crowd, and tbe man in the brown coat told him to cntcb bold of hindram Then the man In the brown coat walked away. He i anxiously desired to be seen by the Polk-e. Polk-e. Polk-e. Wells took Stndram into the house. : Mr Crave, who wa conscious and could speak, shrank from him as (he identified him a the man who shot her. He we then taken lo tbe Prln'-e Prln'-e Prln'-e st reet statlon-hoase. statlon-hoase. statlon-hoase. l)r: W. E. Forest, of No. I Chartton-strvet Chartton-strvet Chartton-strvet was summoned. He found brain matter oozing from tbe woman's wonnd, and declared the tn nirv to be fatal. Later In 'the day he said death nu;bt not occur for several days, and that If Inflammation or compression of tne brain could be averted Mr Crave had a cnance of recovery, recovery, but Itwl the chance was about one in ten thousand. Coroner Ellinger called, but as the shot wa fired In tbe presence of three witneMK it was not considered necessary to take an ante-mortem ante-mortem ante-mortem stautneirt : tjtndram wa taken Police Head-quarter Head-quarter Head-quarter Head-quarter and after that was committed to the Tombs. He admitted that he purchased a pistol to settle account account with Mr Crave and that be shot Mrs. Crave because she caTed him a thief. - He wils ready to " swing" for what he bad done, c'hould Xn. Crave die, Hindram' friend will set up Insanity as a plea, befor Mr. Crave married, she was a cook, and knew the Wndraro. William' (tones abont her were manufactured from tattle he heard wbtn a boy. EECVRITLK AT at cfS-c-r cfS-c-r In L C. meeting by of ist ( en; Method-fct, to cial on in ing Brothers, the of are to the the bv be or the all

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  1. The New York Times,
  2. 27 Jan 1881, Thu,
  3. Page 3

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