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MORGAN-7 - Hollywood Rcundup -By Jimmy Fidler maximum of...
Hollywood Rcundup -By Jimmy Fidler maximum of $25,000 a year, local Me is due for drastic changes. sn.95 ] That sum may be large elsewhere. HOLLYWOOD, May 13 -- If Congress e n d o r s e s President Roosevelt's suggestion that individual individual incomes be whittled to a and ROCKLAND 1 Box Ave. Dodge condition. why available? but to a movie headliner it's chicken feed, barely sufficient to pay for the absolute essentials 01 existence. Before branding what- I say as rank insanity, give a thought to the peculiar position of Mr. Star-and Star-and remember, \vhile thinking, that you fans played H major role in shaping the conditions of his life. He lives in a mansion (if he runs true to form) that costs more than $25,000 a year to maintain. maintain. He lives there partly because because it is pleasant and flattering to his vanity, but also because YOU expect il of him. He spends six or seven thousand a year on clothes, partly because his job demands demands an expensive wardrobe, partly because his fans would be disillusioned if he dressed like an ordinary, wealthy man. He gives heavily to charity, part- ly because he's a big-hearted Samaritan by nature, partly because because you say nasty things about him if he doesn't. And he cuts an expensive swathe in ultra cafes and swank hotels, largely because you've let him know you like to be "impressed." On $25,000 a year, poor Mr. Star will have to relinquish many of those traditional appurtenances of stardom. He can, of course, struggle struggle along on $500 a week, but it is YOU who must be patient, for he can't do it in the style to which you have become accustomed! !· »' -y Consider the fair Annabella, For beauty few gals can excell 'a; She has what it takes, Yet she's given no breaks, And I'd like to ask why the hell-a? Today's reddest face belongs to a snooty starlet who went to AW.VS headquarters in Westwood to volunteer her services. After enrolling enrolling with the uniformed commander commander of the unit, she -lingered to chat with some of the workers. ''By the way," asked one, "do you know Mrs. Pat .O'Brien?" No. I don't," answered the starlet, pertly, pertly, "and I have no use for most these stars' wives. They--." "Pardon, "Pardon, me," interrupted her vis-a- vis hastily, "perhaps I had better introduce you to our commander, again. Her name is Mi's. Pat O'Brien." Mr. Union jover visited Lt. Lee. on day Caton. On John where tions Marnell, daughter, the Philadelphia, Mr- Uniontown in two has and on Dr. Kensington the she St. 10 YEARS AGO IN HOLLYWOOD: HOLLYWOOD: The late John Gilbert announced announced he would marry Virginia Bruce when he was divorced by I'na Claire Mildred Harris, ex- wife of Charlie Chaplin, was sued for non-payment of a New York hotel bill Hoot Gibson, after his marriage to Sally Eilers, won custody of his 4_-year-old daughter by a previous marriage The will-; of LUyan Tashman, wife of Ed-; mimd Lowe, left her entire estate to a sister. Kitty Tashman Claudette Colbert and Norma Foster Foster announced "they would live in separate residences, because they found it more pleasant, but would not divorce" (but they did) Margaret Livingstone put husband bandleader Paul Whiteman on a diet that reduced him from 287 187 pounds Vic McLaglen was sued for $90,000, on defamation charges, by his brother, Leopold. R. 45'x In the RKO commissary yesterday yesterday noon, Michele Morgan said something that made a group of five Americans stop and think. We'd been, "selling" Michele the scenic marvels of California-Yosemite California-Yosemite Valley, the Golden Gate. Mt; Whitney. All of us being veteran' veteran' Californians. \ve \vere vying to see \vhich could use the most extravagant superlatives. "You do have wonderful scenery," said French-born Miss Morgan, when at last we allowed her to edge the conversation.;"but to me, the most wonderful thing about America America is not its mountains and its deserts. I'm more impressed by ease with.which your people can still laugh!" * £ ^y

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Standard,
  2. 13 May 1942, Wed,
  3. Page 9

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