Sir Chalaomer Ogle

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Sir Chalaomer Ogle - blood .Ireland,, 2nd altrung country and that...
blood .Ireland,, 2nd altrung country and that our habit as it'. Our to be be- Conftitti- more loaded contrary it. If crushing, gave the opinions,—But had been fa&^Equiiiity. A.frian,wh^ "* man.-that unequal tuVobjects prjiv, .they r a^.ightHon. Honourable: .might be tfe was a true when it government. Jingland right of by any who had of being family ol would^be by what autho-^ female negro'hav' fettlements' on th< County of Corn *wall,. Thh^da ^1 011 exportation having QUEEN'S PALACE, FEB. I. The Qiieen has been p.'eafed to appoint the Right Hon. Elizabe:h Tady Cathcart, to be Lady of the' Bedchamber to. the Younger Pi inceffesv .. .SHERIFF appointed by his Royal Highnefs the Prince of Wales for the Year 1793. ^ ) Francis Ghnville, of Catchfrench, i ADMIRALTY OFFICE, FEB. I, ^" „ • This^da;*; in purfuanre of the Kiag*s pleafurt^fte'v^'*| followitig-Flag'Officers of His Majefty-s Fleet, Verk promoted, viz. 1 APMIR*A.LS of'the BL^P, to le ADMIRALS of the WHITK.^ .Right Hon. Mclyneux Ld. Shu.dha:n, Sir Hugh Pallifer,-Bait* .... Wuuhe\y,Burt<«^ Eftj., . > VtcK -A ^i'B A*LS df tiie RXD. to be A.DWTRALS oftlie B^vKiJW Mariot . .Aj -huxhnot, R-»herr Roddam, Eftj. WiJJia^- Ltoyd, Ef^^Sir.Edward Hughss, K'.'B. John Evaas, Ef<^. Mark," MtlBan'k, "E 'fq.. . — ,, « VICE-ADMIRALS bf the WHITE to be ABMIPALS of the Nitholf.s Viticef.r, Efq. Sit Edward Vernon, Km. Richard .^t&'^l', \ v wards, Efc^. Thomas Graves,E'f^.Robert Digby, Efq. Biiijaiftft* Mariow, Lfq. Sir Alexander iiood, K. B. . - ^ VrcE-^DM.iRAL5 di the RLITE, to be ADMIRALS of the Sir Chaloner Ogle^Kht. Ri^Kt Hon. Samutjl Lord Hpod. •VtCE-AbMiRAi.s of the BLUE, to be VICE-ADMIRALS <*fx WHITE —Sii-Richard Hugtics, Bart. JohaEllioit, E%. WiP —liam- Hotham, Efq; Joie^h Peytop, Efq. . _ RrE A R - X \D y.t RA us bf-the RED, to ..'be, Vi .c E *ArJ -M i 'R A ts of ,*#8B?$ 'WIJITE:-;-.^^" Carier-Allenj .Efq. Sir. Charles-Midd!ctoo> ' Barf..Sir John l^aforcy. Bait. John Dalrymple, Eiq ^ \ " REAR-ADMIR ALS of the T^icp, tp be Vr9E-Admirals o BLUEl^-Herbert Sawyer, Lf^. Sir Rich-ua King, Bart. Jfonv r 4 :'• tl\an.Fau!l-;Tior, Efq. REAR-ADMIRAL of-tlie WHITE-, to be VICE-ADMIRAL-S of th* ?~* : J-£ ' "BLUF,—Philip.AMfxk, Efq* Sir John J?rv.s, K. B. Adafti.-Bfta- H can, Eiq. Richard Brathjvaite, Elq. "Phillips Colby, Efq. . . REA.R-'VJ>MIR M.s.of'.heiiL.ui;, to be REAR-ADMIRALS of the RF/D.—-riH>nias Fitzfi^fbert, 'Efq. Samuel Cormlh, Efq. John Briibarse, EI'Q.' Ch-rh-s W<;Ifc!ey > Efq. Sara*.:el €ranftone Goodhall, Goodhall, Efq. - Hoi.. Keith St^wait; Ilis'Royal Highnefs the.Duk.. of Clarence. • . .. _ The-undermentioned' Captains were alfo appointed appointed Flag GMiceis of His Majdty's Fleer, viz:—

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Mail,
  2. 01 Feb 1793, Fri,
  3. Page 3

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