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Simmons - a Seibert, Business Transacted in the Several...
a Seibert, Business Transacted in the Several Courts This Morning. MOST GO TO PRISOH FOR TEN DAYS Partiei Sentenced for Costs Knit Go to Prison Under a Hew Bale of Court— Simmons and Fiiher Granted a New Trial—Hearings Continued—Morrii A. Carver Sentenced and Unit Abate the Hnisane*. Tbe sixth day's session of the September September criminal conrt convened at 10 o'clock, Judges McPherson, Reinoehl and Light on tbe bench. INSOLVENT LAW. Com. vs. Ftanklin Moyer; false pretense. pretense. Lizzie Eckert having been directed directed to pay the costs of prosecution, she was sentenced accordingly and insolvent insolvent law taken. Com. vs. Sherman Kreiser; defrauding boarding house keeper. Sentenced and application for insolvent law taken. Com. vs. John Ringler; assault and battery. Clayton Brewer, who was directed directed to pay the costs, made application for the insolvent laws. ORPHANS' COURT. Estate of Joseph J. Karen, deceased. Josiah Funck, esq., presented a petition that the testimony heretofore taken be used in the case now pending. Messrs. Derr and Zarbe objected aud the matter was held under advisement. Estate of Isaao W. Kreiser, deceased. On motion of A. W. Ehrgood, esq., attorney attorney for Jacob Deaven, petitioner for an order of sale for the payment of debts of decedent, the court directed tbessleon Saturday, October 20, on the premises in Union township. Bail io $1400 required. Estate of Wm. B. Reist, deceased. On motio^ of C. R. Lantz, esq., the court appointed J. E. Reinoehl, esq., auditor, to report November 37th. Estate of Mary Mease, deceased. Oa motion of J. M. Funck, esq., the conrt appointed A. F. Seltzer, esq., to distribute distribute the balance in tbe hands of tbe accountant. accountant. Estate of Maria Amanda Doebler, deceased. deceased. On morion of B. M. Stronae, e«q , it was continued to November for the auditor to report. SENTENCES. Commonwealth vs. Mary Walter et. al. Tha defendant having been directed to pay the costs, was sentenced accordingly. Com. vs. Mortis A. Carver, convicted of a nuisance, south of Myerstown. The conrt sentenced the defendant to pay a fine of (5, costs of prosecution and that he abate the nuisance by discontinuing the nuisance in the building ascribed. John Benson, esq., who represented tbe defendant, objected to the sentence of the court so far that the defendant cannot carry on the business there, as it was not in the jurisdiction of tha court to pass such a sentence and against the law. The court stated that the defendant must abate the nuisance, that he must stop the business as be has been conducting conducting it, and if he cannot carry on the business without a nuisance, he must stop altogether. HBABIHQS CONTINUED. Com. vs. Lincoln Hauer; desertion of child. After a consultation with the court the bearing was continued to Monday, Monday, October 2nd. District Attorney Seltzer and A. W. Ebrgood esqs., for Commonwealth; J. M. Funck, esq., for defendant. Com. vs. Uriah Geaiy, charged with desertion. On motion of District At- torcey Seltzer the hearing will be held Monday, October 2nd. HEW TRIALS GRANTED. Commonwealth vs. John L. Fisher, convicted of an indecent assault upon Jennie White. Judge MoPherson an nounced that a new trial waa granted because the offer to settle for $100 wag such as to convinae the court that the intent on the part of the prosecutor was received with suspicion. Same vs. Henry Simmons, convicted of rape, on oatb of Lydia S. Brnbaker. Judge MoPherson made the following order: "Sept. 23, 1893. To go on argument argument list October 3d. John B. Mc- Pheraon, A. L. J." 1NQT31ST DISAPPROVBD. J. G. Adams, esq,, presented 'the report report of John D. Fcesig, justice of the peace of Jackson township, and tbe jury, George H. Price, William H. Price, Aaron J. Peifer, A. H. Wolf, William Leibich and Henry W. Myer, on tbe finding finding of a female child in Lake Tulpe- hocken, for approval of the court. The court refused to approve of the inquest because the justice had no legal right to hold it, ag it wag not ten miles away from this city, and was clearly within the power of Coroner Reager. District Attorney Attorney Seltzer appeared for the c*oroner, who objected to the approval. NEW ORDER OP COURT. Judge McPherson announced that tho court was not satisfied with tbe manner in which the costs in criminal cases was being worked and that the court had made the following new rule: "LEBANON COU.VIT, S3." The court of quarter sesssions observes observes with much regret that the number of trifling cases brought before it tends to increase. There may be several several causes for this, but it is highly probable probable that one cause at least is the ease with which persons sentenced to pay cost* have been able to escape imprisonment. imprisonment. Too many petty cases have been hastily brought, because prosecutors be lieved that, even if they failed, they would not be obliged to go to jail. "This court is satisfied that its liberality liberality on this subject has been abused, and accordingly announce the following rule: "95, A. Hereafter no order under the Act of 1887 (P. L. 80) will be made permitting permitting tbe County Commissioners to discharge discharge from prison a person who has been sentenced only to pay costs, until such person has been imprisoned in tbe county jail for at ^east ten days. The court reserves the right to modify or disregard this rule under special circumstances. circumstances. This does not interfere with the practice practice under the insolvent act of 1836 and its supplements, bat only with the summary summary proceeding under the act of 1887. t JOBS B. McPHERsoK, A. L. J. ANDREW LIOHT. ADOLPHCS REINOBHL, Associate Judges. in its as on has JL f at F man. f F No. at F old, Is a P suit, on I Ij M

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  1. Lebanon Daily News,
  2. 23 Sep 1893, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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