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 - tification. ' ' ' THE STURLA TRIAL. A...
tification. ' ' ' THE STURLA TRIAL. A Celebrated Csae ' at OUoaffo. Sacoad Weak af tbs Trial ef Tbarssa StarU for tbs XlUlac- XlUlac- of Cbarlea SUlss, or taa Board af Trad. aractsx, amrsTca to raa aaravn CBloaeo, 'December 1L It la almost certain that Jodg Gardner aad the Jary bow- bow- eUlng la tbs Criminal Court will never forget tbc Start a trial. Tbs actual Tacts and the alleged facta bare been banged and thundered at them ao oers-stsatlr oers-stsatlr oers-stsatlr br counsel and wlt- wlt- Beeses, tbat It will lake a special dispensation af Providence to cleanss their ear and minds. sad fit tbcm lor tb ordinary boalnesnof life This mornlug lbs same picture-gallery picture-gallery picture-gallery of faoas. tb asms sebems ot Jaw-et Jaw-et Jaw-et mining polysyllables, sad tbs same .ludicrous at tempt of the Jary to pierce tbs cloud of words npd Bad tbc arstn of idea aiosea ia toem. were paraded before tb public, as thsy bavs been for tb past three weeks. As tbc can drsws to a close tb defendant seem to recover from her mania, aad betray a rational interval In tbs proceedings, whicn. however it msr affect bar chance of a a ao qalilaJL, renders ber a more directive adjunct of the trial tbaa su waa befor tb fact waa established of ber insanity for tb time being. Tb feature of 'the osa lo-dsy lo-dsy lo-dsy wss tbs sp- sp- pearanec oa tna stand of Sirs, alary M- M- ttoo- ttoo- naun,aa auatof tb slsogbterwd maa, wbo testified wltb a vim and bitterness wblsb en d eared bar to tbat part of tbs audience wbo wiarttoae the killing followed byssoapea- byssoapea- aloa. Mr. Boblnaoo la a reeldentof Council Blatfk, Iowa. She said aba bad lived there for 1 waa ir -five -five year. Bba bad knawa Charles UUlee (rom bta birth. -Shortly -Shortly after tb deatb of XL B. SUles, did ya meet Cbsries sulesr -Yes. -Yes. at -Dixon, -Dixon, where be earn wltb bta father rem Ina. I bad a conversation wltb Mm there, aad 1 tbaa me to Chicago, aad bora a message from Cbsries to tba defendant defendant at Vo. SIT Wabash even a. where I saw ber for ' tb Brat tlide. 1 went stone from tb irel lo tbs Aat where sb lived, on Wsbaab avsaaa. Wbea 1 first met ber, 1in aanoaacd my preseuee and brought ber la. I said ta ber: This Is Made line. I sup poser The letters I bsvs broaght back will explain my miss ton. nod Charier baa decided lo leave yoa and live with bt He wast m to tab tbla fist aad keep boarders. Tea bad bur glv aim Bp tally aad quietly.' -She -She was vary angry, aad aatd If b at tempted to leave bar aba woald bill blm. u.i4Mba . .u Mf euk .caILmI. Bha aot aaly'aald aae ' woald kill' Cbarleatrut saM ah woald kill bis damned Method 1st avarble-hearted avarble-hearted avarble-hearted mother. 1 spoke ta bar af ber vote aad attainments, advised ber to devote herself to music, and bar tbat Cbarlea would beip bsr wltb mesay a he said she did aa want aay af bis moasy ; tbat she tbea bad BVauC r S7.000 belong lag ta blm, aad taat If ba Isft ber b would not gat say af It. ah also sbawsd ra a baadsom drees wblsb aba mid ba bad given bar. 8ae took oat a larga roll of moaey from her stosk-lag. stosk-lag. stosk-lag. aad gav bar boskpr a tea-dollar tea-dollar tea-dollar bill to boy aom little things. X wan led to ap Charley's alotblaa. when h drew a revolver aad said I should tousb tb elotaiag tbat shs woald pat hols tbreagB aay oa Who tooaaaa it. I stayad tbsra tbat night. I was a!k. aad bad a aervoae, eoagestlvs sh 111. and did aot leave na ill tea or elevea o'clock tba axl day. I never caw her again after that; aad tbat to aboat all I can aay about her, except soma vary sspleaaant remarks aha made. -Wbat -Wbat war tbeyr asked tba Bute's. At torney, told ma taat Charley bad streak ber; aad I asked h why aba continued to live with blag wbsa there wer ao tie betweea them aad b Ill-treated Ill-treated Ill-treated Bar. Z esked why shs did not davote herself to musis and give ap ber dissolute life, and shs said sba dldat want to tbat she eoaid go to Carrie Watson's aad aall mor win tbaa aay woman la Chi cago; that shs liked tb life, aad would aot give It ap; thatabs bad followed It si ace shs wss flfleea, aad woald aot leave Chicago to go to Europe with Charley, a ah would rather stay bsr. During tba afternoon ssioa of tb Court a sum bar of wltaeas ware called for th prose- prose- cauoo. but tba evidence obtained strong. Tbsreaa Bturla, the prisoner, was re called, .but ber former testimony remained Bnsbakea. Counsel oa both Bids announced tbat tbey bad ao mora evtdanoe to offer, and. after a onnitatloa between them and th Cbart aa to tbe conduct of the argument, the Court adjourned aatll tea o'clock to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. ekes Mr. Mills wUl address tba Jary. Mr. Trade will then reply; snd tbsa Mr. Mills will reply to blm. after which tba Court will give lb cess ta tb Jury. to of ao to oa la To-morrow of A to-dsy, to-dsy, ta tb the day 100 It that wer A aad dsy sad aad Halar-day. lifeless thst

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