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&kl Jflwftu wi PmwmMm wWiy 2 r -J& -J& !! vi'W - fifth vi:au E.Walker&Sons The largest exclusive Dry Goods house in central central Nebraska requests your presence this week at our SPECIAL SALE bf Spring Dress Goods and Wraps. To each patron purchasing a Slk or Wool Dress this week we will present the following articles: 2 yards Silicia f" 25c. 5 yards Cambric f-' f-' f-' 5c. I set Whale bones 1 spool sewing silk 2 spools twist 1 pair seamless shields I velvet binding, 4 yards $ 5 20 10 5 25 20 N 55 The above are all of the best quality and cost you nothing this week: The inducement in our WHITE GOODS DEPARTMENT Will be a modest discount of J2 1-2 1-2 1-2 Per Cent. Note that white goods include include Lace Curtains, Dotted Swisses, Table Linens Kle. and in fact everything While iu the house. From our entire new stock of SPRIG WRAPS AND JACKETS We will deduct 20 PER CENT From the regular plain figure quotation. This is our banner week. Respectfully, E. WALKER & SONS, KEARNEY. Oklahoma the Scene of a Frightfully I)e-lnic!ivi' I)e-lnic!ivi' I)e-lnic!ivi' ('vfloiie. FIVE HUNDRED INJURED Hull ami lUlii AM t this Terror of K WlmU S-or' S-or' S-or' of Ii Jurntl Vi a Mlflit of lrrnr In Drenching Drenching Morm. Oi-TimiF, Oi-TimiF, Oi-TimiF, f). T., April ?" The li-t li-t li-t of ffi':iIitie- ffi':iIitie- (if the cyclone ia increasing hourly Near Norman 34 bodies are prepared fur burial ami several bodie-t bodie-t bodie-t were found this morning. Half a score of people were injured, several of whom will din. Near Furcell U are dead. The town of C'at was swept awav. EiLrht were killed at LinRton. Two are dead at Cimarron. Six are dead and i!0 injured east of there. Two families numbering 11 members perished in the eastern part of Pay"" county and a ncoro were killed. The list foots up 1CI killed and 500 injured. I'urtlnl I. It of thfi Killed. Rev. J. M. Com, Mr and Mrs. Perry. Mr. and Mrs. Hanks, Miss Klla lianks, Terrv Hanks, Frank Banks, whole family family of Mr. Johnson, consisting of five per-Hons, per-Hons, per-Hons, Kd. Johnson, three hired ham's. John O'Connor. Jr., John O'Connor. Sr. , wife and seven children, Mrs. Rooney, Mrs. Moroney and four children. Miss Redds, R, C. Clements, child of Mrs. Uaterman, Henry IVavy and family of (even, Rev. Mr. Carlo. I'nxvril n Night of Terror. Thfi ninht pas-ed pas-ed pas-ed by those who had escaped escaped the storm's ravages was hideous in the extreme Around Norman, after the cyclone had done its destruction, a fearful hailstorm started in, and after it a violent rainstorm. It was too dark to search out the dead and to most of the iniured and dyinR who were successful in making their voices heard above the storm's roar, came but feeble relief. The would-be would-be would-be rescuers could hear the pitiful cries of unfortunates and here and there locate the imprisoned victims, but hell 1 in most places was outofi'v ipie-'tion ipie-'tion ipie-'tion and several of the unfortu -:;t''S -:;t''S were compelled to lay buried underneath the debris of the their once happy homes. Those who survived their injuries and after laying in the cold all night, were too faint when moruing came to call for help. lHiiini;eil by a Oyolon. Littf.f. Rock, April 27. A terriff cyclone almost wiped out of existence the little town of Jenson in Sebastian county. Nine buildings were demolished, demolished, freight cars were blown from the track, and a portion of the Frisco depot was carried away. One man and a child were seriously injured, lleuvy Snow- Snow- Ht Dnliilh. Pn.i'TM, Minn., April 27. One of the worst snow, sleet and rain storms of the season occurred here Wednesday. About three inches of snow fell up to 10 o'clock, when it turned to sleet and rain. At noon it began (mowing heavily again, which continued until 5 o'clock. The fall was heavier than at any time during the winter for a like period. ChtircPA Against l-'gin. l-'gin. l-'gin. Valparaiso, April 27. Accusations against Minister F.gan in connection with the escape of Blandlett Holly have lieen mailt' by a Chilean government of ficer. It is ' claimed that the state department department at Washington was not fully informed by Mr. Egan in regard to the charge' made against Blandlett Holly, Colonel Fuentes and others who are supposed supposed to have been granted an asylum in the United States legation. l.ul ClovU Itonnpnrte Wholly Free. LiiNims, April 2V. In the case of Louis Clovis Bonaparte, son of the late Prince Louis Lueien Bonaparte, who brought suit to have his marriage with Rosalie Clovis Bonaparte declared null and void on the ground of her previous marriage to a Mr. Megone without subsequent subsequent lawful divorce, the decree declaring declaring the marriage null and void has been made alwolnte. Tlie Sultan's I'rouilie Voluntary. Lom'on. April 27. The Constantinople Constantinople correspondent of the Daily Telegraph Telegraph says that the sultan's promise to make reparation for the maltreatment of Christians and the attack on Dr. Her-rick's Her-rick's Her-rick's college in Marvan was entirely voluntary and was not elicited by an American note or any formal demaud. Wlv of Nurnnlr Otllrem lnne. Losnox. April 27. The wife of Captain Captain Roberts of the inising steamship Naronic and the wife of Chief Officer Wright, second in command to Rolerts, have lxith pone insane through despair caused by the loss of their husbands and have been placed in an insane asylum. Tli ket Srlrra In t.i.-m t.i.-m t.i.-m l.urk. Cut' uo April 2. The railway tick"t brokers have won their haV.n corpus cas,, which means that the law against scalping is unc institutional. Mine. lo lji k' Sml l'-n l'-n l'-n lllne4. PiTr-m PiTr-m PiTr-m an. April -'. -'. -Helena -Helena Xbd-jeska Xbd-jeska Xbd-jeska Wattie nuite ill and was unable to appear at the Dmiuesne theater. (ieneml Hubert Smith Unit. Hamilton-, Hamilton-, Hamilton-, Ills.. April 27. General Robert Smith died here. KEARNEY, NElil.ASKA, Fit IDA Y, AIMUL, LS, 1S!;5. W A ;N WOP.LO'S F A I H R.TE Culorailo Item-tit Item-tit Item-tit hv tliH Kin (.i-tn:)'-aiil (.i-tn:)'-aiil (.i-tn:)'-aiil (.i-tn:)'-aiil (.i-tn:)'-aiil i Tli I iijlit. Denver, April 27 Titer ar- ar- new tk'velnpmetits in the Rio ( i: cd. i',' l Fe fight. The UioOr.m I.-ouVmN I.-ouVmN I.-ouVmN 'Idly 'Idly announce that should Uh St'ittFe meet or reduce Km Grand-' Grand-' Grand-' ra' ttiev "will go them one lo-tt lo-tt lo-tt -r." -r." Tln-y Tln-y Tln-y declare declare that tln'.v are i-nlt" i-nlt" i-nlt" 1 f n- n- the v ir. and will not allow the S mt i l'e to li ive either rates or pe oc' until tin; Suit i !'- !'- restoit-s restoit-s restoit-s tlie local r,t''-s r,t''-s r,t''-s i;i C-dorad C-dorad C-dorad .). which the Rio Grande alleges were r;t by that company without cioiso. a:i I which atTect evi ry important local rate of the Denver a:i 1 Rio Grande road i.v : its entire system of l .iilO lnilrs. Assuming Assuming that the Atchison, Topek and Santa Fe will not allow the cuts mad" by tli-Rio tli-Rio tli-Rio Grande to go unnoticed, th pro-pects pro-pects pro-pects are that the peoplu of C loia i will have a very low rate to the Chicagj fair, TIMED TO SHOOT (iLADSTOXK Cutiicrvs-tfiil Cutiicrvs-tfiil Cutiicrvs-tfiil Attempt on the l.ifu of the (rum! Old l.n A i ir-t ir-t ir-t Maile. London-, London-, London-, April 27. The Pall Mill Gazette contains a sensational artiel-under artiel-under artiel-under big head lines, declaring that an attempt was made to shoot- shoot- uiad-foii" uiad-foii" uiad-foii" at midnight, as he was walking through St. James park, on the way home. Many inquiries lure been received received from venous parts of the country as to tlie accuracy of the report Its truthfulness is credited A m m is now under arrest on the charge of liritig a revolver in a public thoroughfare When arrested he was fouu't to have a pocketbook containing entries d'ailing the recent movements of Gladstone His object is unknown Glad -tone -tone was going home from dinner when the revolver revolver was tired, but saw nothing of the occurrence. Vh"ii the shooter was arraigned in the police court this morning morning tho testimony elicited s"eui'l to indicate indicate that he tried to shoot a policeman. policeman. His notebook contained a ma-s ma-s ma-s of ravings against Irish home rule .m l suggestions that the murder of Gladstone Gladstone would be justifiable. IMPEACHMENT FUND TiEO U" Auditor Mnoi-e Mnoi-e Mnoi-e Will Iue no More Wiir runt Aii'iinst the A ppi'eii'Lii ion. Lincoln. April 27. Stale Auditor Moore notified the state tiva urer not to register any of the warrants that bad already been issued upon the impeachment impeachment fund appropriated hv the recent legislature. The auditor was induced to take this step by the uncertainty which exists in his own mind as to toe legality of the appropriation. It will be remembered that in the house amend inert to the general appropriation bill the amount set apart for the expenses of the impeachment was fixed at .i,ono, hut when the bill reached the senate the amount was reduced to !'i,o)o. Judge Lwtnberts in s ii 1 that h- h- felt perfectly assured of the legilitv of the appropriation, as far as the expoa lit u-r u-r u-r of the-1.1,01111 the-1.1,01111 the-1.1,01111 wa-i wa-i wa-i concerned, fteaid tho matter coul I be ipticidy s-fled s-fled s-fled either by going to the snore, m court for a writ of mandamus or by simply making making a motion in open court when tee impeachment cases came up nt M n-day n-day n-day afternoon. The trial would n it be delayed by the action of the audito:, Iturim IfH SP--k SP--k SP--k SP--k it m Kills HlnlHelf. Rim KFiUi. Ills , April 77. -Chris -Chris Nio-man, Nio-man, Nio-man, a farmer residing at Laotia. near here, put all his horses and cattle into the barn and all the valuables about the house and then set it. on fire. Everything Everything was destroyed, i'uluding the wagon, buggies, 'M heal i f cattle, in 1 six horses. H then we it to the house, locked himself in. ami killed himself with a shotgun. His brot'.p'r committed suicide in the same planner last summer. Family trouble is said to have led to the act, his family being away from home. rotftnnllltf the ause. Not rholcra., April 27. -Mrs. -Mrs. Margaret Margaret Goodwin c;f 21 Park avenue, where there have occurred live cases of a disease resembling Asiatic cholera, died. Her husband and three children are still vide-itlv vide-itlv vide-itlv ill. The well water at the hou e h is been analyzed and found to c mtaiii organic poison and anim iV'ibe. A nuuib 'r of physicians have liu witching the cise, and claim to have found evidence of strychnine Miisoning. IMnrried In the i(ll l.nucuttge. Ai.iidna, la.. April 27. At the Kpiscv pal church occurred the marriage of Philip K. Englehardt of Milwaukee and Lottie Bacon of this place. Both of : the parties are deaf niu'es, ainl the mar- mar- ' riage ceremony w is jiert'orme 1 by means ! of the sign language. j Peiitli el oliwiMlider ille. WahIniipin', April '.'7 A t b'grain : recipe 1 rt ti e ravv di partment from New York annotvice 1 the di-ath di-ath di-ath tiiere i f Captain Gilo-rt Gilo-rt Gilo-rt ('. Wiltsn from co'iets- co'iets- ' tion of th brti i after an illness (if vjx days. i Arbitrator Adj oiru Mtimi.r of llliie. Pakk. April 27. ' i.viiig to the il'ti'-'s il'ti'-'s il'ti'-'s of Lord J. hip s Hat.- Hat.- eti. "tie of th" I'.nt-i-h I'.nt-i-h I'.nt-i-h I'.nt-i-h I'.nt-i-h memlt-rs memlt-rs memlt-rs of th Bering ,i c.-urt c.-urt c.-urt of arbitration, tlie tribunal has a ljourr.e, ; for oue week. i .-nteni-ed .-nteni-ed .-nteni-ed .-nteni-ed .-nteni-ed I i.elMij;. j Mii.wai-kkk. Mii.wai-kkk. Mii.wai-kkk. April 27. Matthew ; Thomot. the fm-leig. fm-leig. fm-leig. pb a-led a-led a-led guiityof having fired the Ma It thfater. Hwaj given eight years at h ..d labur in the itate prison. I GOTHAM'S GREAT SHOW.' Mikity Fleet uf War mU lie-ieY'''l lie-ieY'''l lie-ieY'''l liy hesiMit (.'level, i nd. HINDERED BY THE RAIN jpleniliir ol the t.rpiitest riiuemut in the! '''' ' "Mrr slllitly lUiiiniHd. lliin-.itiid. lliin-.itiid. lliin-.itiid. of l'ccoe Watch the Spt-rtaolp Spt-rtaolp Spt-rtaolp l)i-s0te l)i-s0te l)i-s0te tiie euthi-r, euthi-r, euthi-r, Nrw YiotK. April 27. T'r' interna tional rendezvous and review in honor j of Columbus, which has been in active pn-gress pn-gress pn-gress for nearly two weeks, culmin-l culmin-l culmin-l ated today in a demonstration moiei i '. '...i.i.. ; ,. i ui n - tiuo iriu.u iuiiiiq ill uia.i. i'--iir, i'--iir, i'--iir, i'--iir, i than anything of the kind recorded in modern history. Tiie line of vessels reviewed reviewed was ovor three miles in length. The f reign vessels were mostly stationed on the New York side of Hudson Hudson river. Too American fleet occupied the New .Jersey side. Thousands of visitors poured into the city to witness the sight. The day was a public holiday holiday and business was generally suspended. suspended. It was a great disappointment to the assembled thousands to find tb;s morning that tlie bright snnshii.e of the day before had been followed followed by leaden skies and a cold rain and driving northwest wind. It deprived the decorations of much of their effect and interfered with the comfort comfort of spectator.;. The embarkation of the presidential party on board the reviewing boat Dolphin Dolphin at I was a gorgeous affair. The president was escorted by naval aides and accompanied by Mrs. Cleveland, members of the cabinet and wives and members of the diplomatic corps representing representing foreign governments. As soon as the president stepped on heard the Dolphin the vessel slipped anchor and fired one gun as a signal. Daring the next half hour the cannonading never ceased until the whole l,0o() guns had been fired. Members of both houses of congress and their gue-ts gue-ts gue-ts went aboard thesteanier fil.ike. Tiie army boat, General Meiir, accommodated the Duke de Veragua. When the Dolphin pa-sed pa-sed pa-sed to the north of the licet and anchored, the comniaial-ing comniaial-ing comniaial-ing otticeis li-ff li-ff li-ff their shijH to pav their respects to the president. Fifteen minutes minutes before th" ire-.i ire-.i ire-.i lent landed from the Dolph'ii a signal was made from that ship, ; -id -id as he left every vo-s vo-s vo-s d iu tiie fleet tired a salute. With the last gun, the ceremonies of the day were ended NO POLITICS IN THE CASE. Seri-i-liiry Seri-i-liiry Seri-i-liiry Seri-i-liiry Seri-i-liiry Morion Aifwi-r Aifwi-r Aifwi-r V't!ir Cllii-f Cllii-f Cllii-f llarilPi;toli Stum- Stum- Milt Itepurt. W.i!i.(iToN, April 27. Ill reply to tlie objections of Chief Harrington of the weafher Jiureaii, Secretary M irt m has sent to him a sharp note declaring that the iiei n'rv was not inten le I to subserve subserve purposes, but was and is meant to eh ar uii charges which have reflected upon the bureau. Mr, Harrington Harrington is cordially invited to attend the uiry and tlie hope is expressed that , will lie vindicated. The resignation of Israel W. Stone of Kansas, assistant disbursing otiicer of the bureau, has J en demanded to take I elTei-t elTei-t elTei-t Vav 1. He refuses to resign and will be removed at that time. . I nsitive In Wrrlrheil l.neU. Ciiicao-o. Ciiicao-o. Ciiicao-o. April 27. J. F. Robinson nf Springfiel 1. O., who was l-i-t l-i-t l-i-t l-i-t l-i-t se-n se-n se-n here and who is now a fugitive from justice has fallen heir bv the death of an uncle to :(1, oi 0, but d's not know he is an heir an 1 even if he did he cmld not go back to get bis money without running the risk of being convicted and sent to the penitentiary. V ant a hole Town. Little R' k, April 27 A suit is about to lie brought by .fame G. Thomas Thomas involving the title to the whole town of Nashville, Howard county. ArV:. Thomas gave a quitclaim d-.,I d-.,I d-.,I in'sst to the raill i 'd c ouiinuv. Then h built into NasJivie. not knowing that h? had a fee title in the i md. OU-lirate.i OU-lirate.i OU-lirate.i the 1 i f t - li Aiiiihrrt.irv. Nkw YoI:k. April 77. -The -The fiftieth B-iuiversarv B-iuiversarv B-iuiversarv of the introluetioii of toe order of Odd Fellows into th" I'nite l States was celebrated in this t it v bv a street parade vid an oration In' M V, (. G. M. Williaoi f .rsvr Il. Iirt.-il Iirt.-il Iirt.-il l.r.iiit4 ItirlliilaT. nn rvi, 1:1. Atrir.'". -The -The birthdav f.f fifiiera' 'irant wa- wa- crbl.ritel on a l-trio- l-trio- l-trio- l-trio- -cole -cole h"ie. The protrram consist-j consist-j consist-j el f a f.illnwei by evi-n evi-n evi-n i-iei i-iei i-iei in ',r::it pifk. li-iVMrnor li-iVMrnor li-iVMrnor Me'Cmiey of, i :: ..i d livi-M'.'! livi-M'.'! livi-M'.'! an nra'i-'n. nra'i-'n. nra'i-'n. ' Il lkot; .-,I .-,I .-,I :rait4. c A Fo i -i. -i. April :7.--Th" :7.--Th" :7.--Th" :7.--Th" Repub-. Repub-. ' . , t j or .t -::;;r'i-.- -::;;r'i-.- -::;;r'i-.- -::;;r'i-.- -::;;r'i-.- no-t no-t no-t a:i 1 H v 1 tijun -,i- -,i- -,i- f; tiiuf and Jlf- Jlf- n a the on t) i t COIJVHU I.. 11 I'I IV. r v.... April .7 -V. -V. (', C .-i.'.ly. .-i.'.ly. .-i.'.ly. a . 1 l.iAv.-r l.iAv.-r l.iAv.-r a' d oi ..f the m'Ht -o -o nini'tit l)'-'nocr:itii- l)'-'nocr:itii- l)'-'nocr:itii- l)'-'nocr:itii- 1, lit: nam in the dropped dead iu his olace at iio-ju iio-ju iio-ju . cofrcr. jtetat:cn- jtetat:cn- 8 ' art I i n II.- II.- lih 0 ,tn In-, In-, In-, r-.t r-.t r-.t it Ion br tie- tie- .1: iri.lnirT! Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Dt-tirrt-n-nt. Wasii:m;i A'.; 2 . Tiie exrc"'s nf tlie agrico'turii i".i tr'tn e.t r-vetitly r-vetitly r-vetitly had their atte-r atte-r atte-r : n fir'i I t-i t-i t-i the subject subject of artili i i! and a I'l'.t-T I'l'.t-T I'l'.t-T l'e 1 e iYe. A Srieiitili;' i'.ve-tig i'.ve-tig i'.ve-tig itiou i--is i--is i--is i--is i- i- ma :e under the do. 'i i i .-f .-f .-f P; ;-ir ;-ir ;-ir ',1 W. Wiley, chief cn-mt't cn-mt't cn-mt't " t:i" .1 ir;:mvit, with nstimi:-!;i:ig nstimi:-!;i:ig nstimi:-!;i:ig r--ti!t r--ti!t r--ti!t r--ti!t -. -. T.nrty sam ples from as ma iv di.V. nt stores were obtained of what tiie de.ileis ,lec!.ir-l ,lec!.ir-l ,lec!.ir-l (o he pnre coffee. t' the-1. the-1. the-1. 21 - i mplcs. or "lij per cent, w.-re w.-re w.-re a luitera'e l. nr, if there is tnchtd-l tnchtd-l tnchtd-l a s imple v.:itaitnng no coffee at all, this percentage is increased to '.in. In lo :im;'les t lie pure baser obtained obtained half or le s than h ilf the coffee he paid for. Th retail price of this bogus coJee was u.j ial to that asked for the putv art:; le. Ab'X. .1. Wed ler-1.1,1:1. ler-1.1,1:1. ler-1.1,1:1. .-; .-; .-; ,'cial gu :t of the agncnltur il department, reports th tt the artificial c It" bean is iil-nt: iil-nt: iil-nt: al in appearance with genuine gr-'.'i. gr-'.'i. gr-'.'i. iv roi-'-d roi-'-d roi-'-d roi-'-d roi-'-d coffee It was originally of German m inn' i"t:ire but has lately been m ide i'i la-g- la-g- la-g- la-g- ipi oiti ties in New York. Poll lelphi i Jersey (':ty and elsewhere. Tiie -ale -ale of tha bean has been tremendous IOWA'S (J. A.K.KXCAM I'M KXT I'll 11 Srlmller of Sae I lly l leiliel le-pui-tineiit le-pui-tineiit le-pui-tineiit le-pui-tineiit le-pui-tineiit Coimii miler 1 ont.rll ISloIVs t ho Nrt I'I nt-Kl'.oKl nt-Kl'.oKl nt-Kl'.oKl K, In., April .'7. --The --The --The se"oud day of the bwa department encamp-ment, encamp-ment, encamp-ment, Grand Army of the Republic, was devoled wholly to '-iness. '-iness. '-iness. phi! Sclialler of Sac City w t- t- I'le-.-ted I'le-.-ted I'le-.-ted I'le-.-ted I'le-.-ted d-p.artmt-iit d-p.artmt-iit d-p.artmt-iit d-p.artmt-iit d-p.artmt-iit ct ii'mander: Th- Th- .c is 11 of Fairfield, senior vice presiilen': I.. S. S. T rouse of WV-t WV-t WV-t Mite! ell. junior vie commander, and Rev. G. 1C Hoover of Davenport, chaplain. The net encampment encampment will lie held nt Council DiulTs. TESTING VETERAS'RIGHT TO VOTE- VOTE- Jllt-nt Jllt-nt Jllt-nt inn oT tinr:ii;e ot lniniiti-4 lniniiti-4 lniniiti-4 oT the Sol, hers lli'ltle in Court. (HiAND R.M'ins. Mich., April '.'7 -The -The right of the inmates of the -oMiers" -oMiers" home to participate in local ele -tions -tions in the precinct, in which th" home is located located is being tested iu the circuit court in (tio warranto proceeding! instituted by W. G. Saunders who claims t!io home Vote defeated him for justice of the peaee. a-lvs a-lvs a-lvs ttiat the entile vote of tlie homo p. iuct be thrown out and that he be then the oO'ico on tiie plurality plurality he received in the other pre; inc's. In the liill i t the veto i. .tier ir is claimed that the h me is mi asylum and tint residence th -rein -rein d i-'s i-'s i-'s not gain for tiie inmates the right t i vote in the pre-citn pre-citn pre-citn t. but that ii' th"V would vote they must go o their former residences. READY TO SUBMIT THclR VIEWS Keport on Th n tole il SMiiio:irl,-s SMiiio:irl,-s SMiiio:irl,-s by the I'rrshvt et-itiii et-itiii et-itiii (O-nio- (O-nio- (O-nio- (O-nio- il As.'-mhly. As.'-mhly. As.'-mhly. ClNi innati. April v7. The special committee appointed bv the Prespyte'-ian Prespyte'-ian Prespyte'-ian general asse-isbiy asse-isbiy asse-isbiy tsf ye.-.r ye.-.r ye.-.r at Po.-tl-md, Po.-tl-md, Po.-tl-md, Po.-tl-md, Po.-tl-md, )r., to take into cousi-'.-ea'i cousi-'.-ea'i cousi-'.-ea'i cousi-'.-ea'i cousi-'.-ea'i hi th whole subject of the dogi-ul dogi-ul dogi-ul .o:nitiu.-i"s .o:nitiu.-i"s .o:nitiu.-i"s an I re-port re-port re-port at the geii 'i'.i! assembly at Wash ingtoti next month, net her". Tiie snb-coinniittce snb-coinniittce snb-coinniittce t i which the subject was referred referred su'-mitted su'-mitted su'-mitted an elaborate repiirt. which dealt Ihoroughlv with the question. question. It was discussed by the general committee, but it was determined that no conclusion or recommendation diotdd be given out in advance of the d"liveiy of the report to the general assembly. ItiM-llanrin ItiM-llanrin ItiM-llanrin houml toiiltv. Nrw Yoi:k, At ril 27. - Dr. R diert W. Buchanan, who !ias been on trial for the past few weeks, charged with the poisoning of bis wife, was found guilty Wednesday night of murder in the first degree. The jury had been out sines Tuesday evening and their lengthy deliberation deliberation gave tiie defendant and bis counsel the hope that they would at least disa rre". The verdict was in the nature of a suria i-e. i-e. i-e. ! i i BE SURE TO ATTEND ' ,i The Special Discount Sale it the Empire Store We have too many Spring the following styles, numbers BLACK JACKETS No. 1 25 at 79 ICI 13c S 1 5 00' 1 1 00 9 50 7 to 5 S'J I The above jorices subject to in plain figures and by tiie w;;y not tor this occasion. SOLE AGENT FOR BUTTERICK'S PATTERNS. HI TTT1 l A T T BOYS CLOTHING. TWO - AGE 4 TO n $2.25 $2.75 4.00 4.50 Short An immense line of goods well made and of splendid value. An inspection is solicited. CROC KER, FINCH & CO, Tills Makes Four." '. J'or the PtM'ciiil Bccotionoilation of the j t it .ens aiung the main l;,,i the l.'o.o.i j Pacific has attached a uisr-i'tri-r uisr-i'tri-r uisr-i'tri-r uisr-i'tri-r uisr-i'tri-r coach to the "Limited Mail." 'I h s gives cast hound pHtwtigcrf four chances dailv to reach (imiiba and intei -mediate -mediate jiomte. 1 Time of the Limited l a-t a-t a-t Mai!: l.enye North I'lutto H :n AM LoHVe Ki-iiniey Ki-iiniey Ki-iiniey II:!" AM oenve run.! Inl'it'il l-.ln l-.ln l-.ln I'M ,1'nve ( i-utra: i-utra: i-utra: i lly I'M I.OHV-e I.OHV-e I.OHV-e foliitnlais I I", I'M 1 Leave Seuylcr '.' I'M Lriive I reinniit Its'it I'M rrlve tiinahn ... 4:1,', I'M Arrive Cuoiii li llluttH 4; !t I'M , t,ol:ill Fust Are 1'ofiT Do you know the bt t route? route which has the last toad bed'' route which inakea the fa "teat time? route wJii' Ji passes tl nfii the The j The The 1 moet ' io-re io-re io-re i thick'v tionulal'-d tionulal'-d tionulal'-d uectii li" oelwevn and C hicairo. 1 be i.o;t- i.o;t- wluili line tin-, tin-, tin-, flneet rollitif Ptock? Tiik rou'i ? You know it, of course. If you don t, ko to the local ap-nt ap-nt ap-nt of the Ii. A M. R. Ji. iirwl (FPt ,owted ' Commencing April 19 and continuing 10 days- days- Wraps of Konic kin.'ls hctice we tak-.n tak-.n tak-.n from the original stock COLORED JACKETS jo. at - - yi3 00 2 : I 13 00 9 00 ; ;o 'J 50 1 1 00 7 00 237 240 229 236 3 ; per cent discount from the -n -n IT Til I J T PIECE anii duns 14 YEARS. $.1D) $3.50 5.00 6.00 A GOOD INVESTMENT Is ono that brings big roturn3. A eCOO MEDICINE Is tho pTio that rtoos what la claimed for It. OREGON KIDNEY TEA will r-nr' r-nr' r-nr' ''' te-i te-i te-i nfM ' f :'i Ki'! n-', n-', n-', .'ilel I ' niMl y l H(';,i,- H(';,i,- ' .:i-li .:i-li .:i-li ; 'i-,ii 'i-,ii 'i-,ii Ic.,i . ,-,, ,-,, ,-,, V 0 I- I- - ..'-il ..'-il ..'-il t r ,f, , ti. i'ii in - ill t ilf li .' 1. .'ill I' . Irnt ei-,11 ei-,11 ei-,11 ,f lie I'.; Mt, I'.r k IjiiI Iji ; ,!' aiv Hi ii-lit ii-lit ii-lit s Ji; CURE YOURSELF and Llvo a Long Time without without paylnt Intoroat on your Lea90 of Llfo, by sufioridy. ' ' ,UI t;- t;- .1' I le- le- ot. Iiriiut will sell for the next t;ckct on garment. te n tl.w.s CAPES ixonai 13 to I 1 00 I I OU 25 OO 'J ' P5 51 regular ; v. ji:. .1 ; -, -, 1: : i C. B. FINCH.

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