Margaret's Funeral Details Feb. 12, 1882, p. 14

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Margaret's Funeral Details
Feb. 12, 1882, p. 14 - , , 1 . , ; ; , i 1 , HARGARET. FUMERALi...
, , 1 . , ; ; , i 1 , HARGARET. FUMERALi CTEBBMORIBS IJf BESFECT TO THB 3IE3IORY OF THE DIGBKST TYPE OF A CHRISTIAN WOMAN. The funeral of Mrs. Margaret Haaghery, which occurred on Saturday morning, was of the most Imposing character. At half - past 9 o'clock the cortege formed In front of St. Vincent Orphan Asylum, corner of Magazine and Race streets, while the casket was being covered In the chapel of that Institution, and prayers for the dead were being said by the Rev. Father Hubert. The order of the f procession was as follows: The Catholij clergy in carriages; carriages; Mgr. Alien, Very Rev. Father Bat - ler, and Rev. Fathers Hubert, Btnlth, Flts - gerald. O'Xeil Dnrkln. McKluery, Agaarcni, AnCrlenx, Gtlsen, Kenedy and Broqaere. Then followed the hee - se containing the casket enclosing the remains. The pall bearers were: Gov. McLnsry, Ex Gov. NlchoUs, Mayor 8hakspeare, Bernard Bernard Klolz, Charles Macready. Nicholas Burke, George Nicholson, Thos. J. Ssmmes, W. B. Schmidt. C. Taj lor Gauche, M. Mas eon, and J. G. Devereanx. Following these, in carriages, were iwecty two Infants of St. Vincent s Orphan Asylnm, and on foot, the remainder of the orphans of that Institution and thjse of thi New Orleans Orphan and St. Elizabeth Asy inms. in charge of the Slaters of Charity ; the dots of 8;. Mary's Aeylam and ths girU of tte Immaculate Conception Asylum, la charge of the Sifters Manonites ot the Haly Cross; the children of Monnt Carmel Asylum, Asylum, Id charge of the Carmelite Nans ; those of thn Protestant Episcopal Orphans' Home; tte Foydras Aeylam ; the managers and rhilsien of the Seventh Strett Prot - stans Orphans' Home ; the children of tho Gar man Asylnm ; the LitUa Sisters of tha Poor, and the colored orphans, in charge or the Sisters of the Holy Faml y. Otbtr aeylums ani ibrUole i - isMca - tlors who nd teen tho leilpienrs of Mr - - aifci's bounty, weee also represented. The members of Mississippi Fire Company Company No. 2. ol which 6li9 was an honorary rueicber, were aao in the prooesai iu la citizens' Cress. Foilowiog them. In carriages, were the Sisters of Chanty, Sisters of tho Good Shepherd, the Daughters ol Christian Charity, Charity, and the Carmeuttj Saua. In carriages, and on foot, ollowe 1 a host of sympathizing friends and admirers of this noble woman, who, by their pTraeiice, evlnc d tfcelr hlh appreciation of the life and services of Margaret, in behalf of th.3 orphans and of the suffering poor. Not only was this inspect shown la pro cession to tua honored dead, but a'.l along the Une of the funeral march to the church, and from the church to St. Louis Cemetery, No. 2, the streets, elcewalke, balconies and wladows were thronged with mourners. Among these were Gens. Meyer. ORden and Beauregard, th Rev. Dr. A. J. Wltherspoon. and a host of other representative men, regardless of color or sect. The ladies of every denomination denomination assembled by thousands, thas proving proving that rarely If ever was such a general outpouring of respect ana true sorrow evinced In any community at thedeta of an bumble Individual as was shown on Saturday Saturday morning while the remains of Margaret Margaret Haughery were being conveyed to tte tomb. Upon arriving at St. Patrick's Churoa tha pall bearers had great difliculty In bearing the remains tbroush the centre alale. ol3 to the dense throng of persons anatuViled. Not only was this ats.e. but those to the right and Je't. the body of the church, and even the galleries thronged with people. The foxeral ceremonies were conducted by tte Most Rev. Monsignor Allen, who celebrated requiem mass, with the Rev. Father Fingerald as deacon, and the Rav. Father Heelln aa cub - deacon, Areh - blhop Perohe reafling the prayers after Mass, and the venerable Rav. Father Hubert Hubert dosing the services with an eloquent seimoo, choosing for his text the words of Margaret: "God bas been good tome. I am His child. Let Him do to me as He may please." Father Hubert referred to the Chris ian life and character of Margaret, as e, noste example for others to follow. Silence and tears were more eloquent tributes to her memory than any words which mm cou.d sjeak In her praise The reverend gentleman said he won'.d not enter into a history of her llfo, p.s a fall sxd detailed account was published In th Plcajune on Friday morning, exprtsslre with sentiment and In just praise of this noble woman. No one was known in this ommnnUy moie than Margaret, and no person that h.te lived In any other, wss more highly esteemed esteemed for bounteous goodness and deads of charity. The orphans and tha poor never cal. - d to her for help In vain. Margaret did not give oat of he true goodness of her heart only, but als i from a natural instinct of conscience and virtue. virtue. She did not dispense her bounty for the mere pleasure of doing good, nor from philanthropic philanthropic motives, nor for mere popularity, popularity, for she waa as simple as a child In the true simplicity of a pure heart, aad hid hnr charity from the world with sensitive c - . God lavished His bleeslngs with a bo - i . - cus band upon every undertaking wnioh Margaret let her will upon, whether In bosiness transactions or In works of charity. charity. The bounties of Margaret were at times magnifioent in their proportions, and her charities boundless. As an Illustration, she hulit a tomb for tb.3 Little 8isterB of the Poor, in the New St. Louis Cemetery, on Esplanade street, which cost between 3o00 and 4oo Father floli'tt spoke in terms of pralie ot the principal adviters of Margaret, men - Honing Messrs. Charles Micreafly and Nicholas Burke by name, and paid a high tribute to Sister Irene for ber lone and constant constant devotion as the personal frl - ud and assistant ot Margaret for several years, and as ber untiring nurse during the many months of her last Illness. , 1 i 1 ' i 1 j j I ' ' ; The reverend gectleman conduced his sermon by readlcg to the vast aaieoT - laa of mourners preent the brief lesson wht - h I bad been the motto of Margaret for nearly I half a century ; that It was better to give In i life ard see the good resulting from ear chanties, than to leave our money to heir, or to executors, to carry theui ou; after ' death. There were few who oonld not give srmethirjg. however small, for the help of ' the orphans, or suffering poor, and those who gave according to their mean?, with tte spirit lht the beloved Margaret irve, - would, like her. be received at last by the ; angels in the holy tabernacles. ' The services being concluded shortly after j noon, the procession ra - Torme:l and rr archsd to the cemetery, taking the following route : 1 Dotsn tsnr.p to Poyrtras, to St. Ch t - lea, to j Canal, out Canal tj Rampart, to Con tl, oat I Contl to St. Louis Cemetery No 2, where the Ural serTiats for the ded were per formed by tne Kev. fanner i). iarert, a. J. The mortal remains of cool Margaret Haaghery were then entombed in the receptacle receptacle where lay the ashes ol Bisier Regis Regis that saintly friend, who twenty years ago prt - ceded her to the "promised land." By nieciat permission of the then 3j pari pari or ol tte Order of tte Lszarlsts, now de - cesee - f, The tomb of Sister R?gls was ordered ordered to remain closed, and not to ie opened except to receive tte remains of Margaret Hanphery. Oiice untted In lire now united In dath and united for all rime In a blessed eternity - are M?rzaret and Sister Regis. Fciuitscat in pace.

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Picayune,
  2. 12 Feb 1882, Sun,
  3. Page 14

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  • Margaret's Funeral Details Feb. 12, 1882, p. 14

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