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Opposition to elevated railroad - la-cladlad aa- aae-mya g msaa-bera la aa-vots O...
la-cladlad aa- aae-mya g msaa-bera la aa-vots O haad-vriunff a eer-tlSoete oata-lof ax-am Kat-laf Lonf-fellov aa yeeter- of It anthorl-tlaa a to ia-Jurtes 10 poa-aaeaed or a to fert- of la be-s, to Brook-lye, as-saileate Be"-day a a at to AESQHTELY PURE OPPOSED BY THE ELEVATED HEXBBR& OF ITS COMMITTEE DOAT LIKE TEE BOARD'S FLAX. MB. OALLAWAT BATS IT WILL BOT IB PBOTE TBABflIT FACIL1TI B8 A GOB. FBBBBCB TO-MOBKOW TO-MOBKOW TO-MOBKOW COBTBOLLBB MTBBB WILL Uf BUT OX THB C1TT COMPBBSATKD. Btnia Tka eommhtoe of Ua alavatad railroad com pany appelated to confer vlU Ue Bapld-Traaalt Bapld-Traaalt Bapld-Traaalt Commtoaloaara with reference to Ua axteaaloa ot) Ua elevated ayetem baa not yet gtvea any afflciai attention to U project adopted by tka Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Cammiaaloaara at BaturdAy nlaetlac at Mr. Btalavay'a kouaa. J. Plarpoak Morgan, tba Chslrmaa of Ue eom- eom- mlttecle eht of Ue city, and George Gould, vko as Freeldeat of the oompany la aa ex-ornolo ex-ornolo ex-ornolo member of ma aommlnoa, vaat home early yaatarday yaatarday allghily Indisposed. Tka ehlef j olark of Ua commission bad aont copies ot the project to Ueae tvo gentlemen and to ao one else ens nee ted with tbe company, aad as ao actios was taken by either ot Ueae gentlemen, the matter rests, so tar aa the alavatad alavatad raUn ad committee to concerned, where It waa befor Ua adoption of Ua project Members i if U committee wk vara la arV daaoe yaetc day ware not Inclined to talk very mack about Ue project, bat waat Uey aald vaa In dlaappro fl of It Robert M, GaUavay vaa especially emphatic In dsnoasoi if It a a scheme not at all responsive responsive to tba i ippUoatlon of tka Manhattan Company Company aad n t at aU calculated to Improve transit faeUltlea la tale city. 1 It will be remembered Uat Ue oompany applied applied tor ex mansions which would oover many atreota aad avenue aot now occupied by Ue alavatad tu actures. Whatever may have been la Ua mlad of Ua committee making this application, application, it w is generally construed by the pub-Uo. pub-Uo. pub-Uo. aa wall ka by Ua Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Commlasloa-ars, Commlasloa-ars, Commlasloa-ars, as tka IBtenUon of Ue Manhattan Company to acquire poaaeaaloa of ao many of the etreeta aa to abut out not only any ether possible rival above ground, but alao to discourage capital from enterfcog into an undsrground scheme. Bo far aa the Commlasleaara hare now gone on record. Uey stand by the conclusions which Uey reaoked when aa underground franchise waa offered to the pubUe. They say Uat anything anything that might ba done by the elevated railroad railroad wouldi of necessity be but a temporary expedient expedient aad maxeshlrt, and tbat la Uelr action Uey felt they rould not afford to great to the elevated railroad privUecea vhlah would serve as a bar to genuine rapid transit whenever capital may be ready to provide It. In specking yesterday of their action tha Commissions said they thought Ue elevated management onght to be fairly wall satis Med wtU vhat Bad been done, and ought to be pre-' pre-' pre-' pared to attend to-morrow's to-morrow's to-morrow's meeting to confer In good temper upon this project It la fair to Infer, from what the Commission-era Commission-era Commission-era said, that It the elevated management shall decide to reject this project it vlU have very bard vork to get any furthnr concessions from tbe commission. On Ua other band, tba acceptance acceptance of tba project may open the vay to further negotlatloaa vhich vlU look possibly to providing providing transit facilities to the sections of the elty not reached by present lines aad generally otherwise (to meeting more nearly the vlawa already expressed by Mr. Mergau'a committee. It was distinctly understood by tbe Commissioners Commissioners at aturday's meeting Uat the resolutions resolutions offered by Mr. Btsrln and Mr. Spencer may be brought up again at meo tines of tha Commissioners and Uat aometblng may be done with them to furnish tellaf to people oa Washington Heights, who express themselves aa very much dissaUefled with Ue project ea adopted ; to resldenta of the wards across tbe Harlem River, who feel that Uey have been neglected by Ue Commissioners, aad to other proles tenia. Mr. Bage le tha only member of Ue committee who baa attempted to go Into any calculation ot the expense to which the elevated road will ba put If tka project of the commission should be carried! out Aoeording to bla view. Ue adaption of tbe project by Ue company would necessitate substantially tbe rebuilding of tbe entire elevated structure at a cost that to to ba estimated n aothing less than aevea figure He baa aald that If a rallwsy to to be pat up In streets (now occupied carrying tracks sufficiently sufficiently strong to provide for express travel at a rate of thirty -five -five miles aa hour, it is mora thaa possible tbat this Improvement wUl involve aa ouUay of 5,ouo,000 or mora. ; The committee of the elevated road was appointed, appointed, according to Mr. Gailaway and Mr. Baca, to secure asw routes over whloh their company mlgbt run Its trains and not to secure new tracks alone over routes already established. established. Tfcey professed themselves unable to see that agty benefit oould corns to their oompany oompany through providing tracks for axtre trains aad more tare along lines thst are bow ruaalag. ' Whan it vaa suggested to them yeeterdsy in an Indirect message from one of the Commit. alonara tbat Uey ought to feel gratified at tha opportunity to provide an adequate service tbat would enable passengers to ride more comfortably comfortably aad mora quickly than now, they did not appear at all thankful for the suggestion. It is altogether uncertain when the Manhattan Manhattan commutes may meet The Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Commlssienere wUl have a meeting thia afternoon afternoon to ttead to general business, aad tomorrow tomorrow la tbe day aat by them In their raaolu-tlona raaolu-tlona raaolu-tlona to bear from Ue Manhattan oommlttee upon Ue projeot that kaa been adapted. There has bora ao suggestion tbat the committee wtU fell to be represented at to-morroWa to-morroWa to-morroWa meetlnc Co pise of the project adopted were cent to the Mayor ana Controller. when asked yeeterday for bla opinion aa to tba latest (project ot Ua Rapld-Traaalt Rapld-Traaalt Rapld-Traaalt Commission. Commission. Controller Myers said tkat while he mlrht net paaa apoa the plaaa la hla official capacity It was tha understanding that they were to be SDBinM to aim. be said, ka would ODlaloa ok them. After examlnlns- examlnlns- tha nln bo U a position to give kia " 1 ehsllUnslst." aald Ue Controller, -that -that one matter shall bo oarefuUy guarded, aad that la tbe pereeatege whleh the Maahattaa Elevated Elevated Compaay must pay to the elty la the way of eompeaeatloav .The agreement extending Its Uaca mast have ao loopholes through whlsh the eompaay tusy escape Its ooUgauona. I am aot now prepared to eay what Ue percentage or receipts abould be. I bare aat yal completed the ealcnlatleaa which I am making oa Uat polat But wbea.1 have asm pis ted my ealeula-tioas ealeula-tioas ealeula-tioas I will have eomethlag further to aay. - " Tba ktaahsttaa Company has aot fulfilled its previous agreements. It has bee a hundreds of tao as an ds of dollars In arrears oa tha elty'e peroeatage and wa have beea forced to bring mmm im sue wurse.- wurse.- saero must BOW Be a thoreuabl understanding oa Ua matter of per- per- IWIHflS DOXT WANT THE ELEVATED. HABLBM PBOPBBTT OWII1I MAKE YIQOEOOB PBOTBST AOAIX8T IT. no party owner la Oae Hundred aad -Tweatr-nuatfc -Tweatr-nuatfc -Tweatr-nuatfc -Tweatr-nuatfc Btreet are la arms agalaet tbe possibility or aa elevated reed threagfe that a treat aal recommended by the Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Commissiotar. and a meeting was Bald Uat Bight at Che komo of Mr. Joeepk J. Casey. 2(1 Bast Onel Haadred aad Twenty -ninth -ninth tree a, to pretest afalaat it ' speeches war made, but It wa Ue aaaao ot Ue moating that earnest, eoaoerted effort might dojmash to avert what waa eonaidered a threatealkg disaster ta property valuee aad Ua practical rata of pleasant homes. Tkara rare abeul 100 proparty evner la at-toadaaee at-toadaaee at-toadaaee Mr. kdwla F. Corey vaa made per-Baaaeat per-Baaaeat per-Baaaeat Chalrmaa ar a eltlsens' analsti which It see propocod to pecthU W t B.F?mI"""" bVerurt. vmmiisoe, oouaiauaa or u Ckalrmaa. Pec rotary, aad Massrs. W. v Jtoe. WUilam Pryer. oka 0. Haylar. John B . JtV var uonaea, waa appelated, wliu faU powers to represent the aiisoUUu laeoe aeatiomoa wiu meet to-alcht to-alcht to-alcht at tka heme of Mr. Boee. 223 West Oaa Hundred aad Tveaty-klaU Tveaty-klaU Tveaty-klaU Btraat, to perfect fNllaiisn raagomeaia, aad a dslsrsUsa vlU attoad the taeettag or taa Bapla-Traaalt Bapla-Traaalt Bapla-Traaalt Csaaustss Z morrov.l Ittotbooabt Uat a farther heertae-vUl heertae-vUl heertae-vUl ba grassed to Uem. aad tf thu Is deneids arata data vUl be prose a led agalaat tba bm. poaod agteaaloa. Am oast atkar vko attended tka meoti tbe Bed. J. - B, Day. Peter Condon. W. aT Helmaa.1 Charles H. MaKevsr, J. Carlssa. J H. emlta. d W. Oayler. B A. amlU, T7 aT DaVi. U Bovvat, ZMt B. B. Xiltoea. Ix Vikiia. kt u. Wood. BL E. Buraton, Aaron H. Burr. X Bayre. . B. dervoss, W. B. Bllbor. W. B, Boee, Goorg Lcenhart K. Frank. J. H. Haavaa, and tka legal repreaenteUvee of a number af estates. A largely-atUnded largely-atUnded largely-atUnded meeUagof Uoparlakloa-era Uoparlakloa-era Uoparlakloa-era of All Balato' Church. One Hundred and Twsnty-nlaU Twsnty-nlaU Twsnty-nlaU Btreet aad Mad tao a A venae, waa held lest Bight In Ue parish keuae In Eaal Oaa Hundred and TklrUeU Btreet. Tka Rev. J. W. Fewer, pastor of U church, acted aa Ckalrmaa, Ckalrmaa, aad a number of vigorous peeekea were made, deaouelag tka prepoeed pun af running aa axteaaloa of Ua elevated road Urougk Oa Hundred and Twenty-alnth Twenty-alnth Twenty-alnth Btreet It vaa aot forth tbat each a road would mar Uo beauty of Ue baadaome new church vbiok Ua parish baa Just completed, aad in J are It A peUUoB circulated among Ua partokloaera proteetlag agalaat tka axteaaloa received a large Bumbar of signature It vUl be preeent-ed preeent-ed preeent-ed to tbe commission to-morrow. to-morrow. to-morrow. A oommlttee repreaaatlag tbe parish or AU Batata vlU be present at Ua mestlag of Uo commission aad la the Interest of Uo district vlU act la conjunction with Uo general dtl-naa dtl-naa dtl-naa committee. It to prepoeed to bold a mass meeting la some eae of Ue larger Harlem kalla later la U week. After Ue services at Calvary Methodist Episcopal Episcopal Church. Oae Haadred and Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Twenty-ninth Btreet and Seventh Area no, on Buaday evealac. Ua True lees met aad pretested agalaat tbe prepoeed prepoeed extension. A delegattoa from Ue church, including the paator, Ue Rev. Mr. Day, attoad ed Ua lUsea' meettag last Bight NEW RAPID-TRANSIT RAPID-TRANSIT RAPID-TRANSIT SCHEME. PBOTUIOBS OF THB LA BOB BILL IBTBO-DCCED IBTBO-DCCED IBTBO-DCCED BT 8BBATOB BEOWK. ALBurT. Msrck IS. A third Rapld-Traaalt Rapld-Traaalt Rapld-Traaalt bUl appeared In U Legislator to-Bight to-Bight to-Bight kaowa aa Ua Labor bUL aad lntrodaeed by CoL W. L, Brown of Sew York. It to tka res nit of a eoafereaoe at the Beaatof kouaa tva veeka age between real aetata and labor man, vbo met by accident The Legislative Committee of tka Trad Union Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Rapid-Transit Conference, aasiatcd by Uelr oooBaeL drafted Ue bUL It to a voluminous voluminous document covering forty-throe forty-throe forty-throe aeatlons. It provldea for a new commission of three parsons parsons to be appointed by tka Mayor. After Ua commission organises Uey tkail determine vkat sort of a road underground, ever kaad. or through blocks ahaU be built and shall lay out routes wlU the eoneeat of Ue property property owners and of Ua local auUoritica, PabUe parka aad pubUo buildings ar exempted from the operations of Ue act vith Ue atreota designated designated In Ue Rapid- Rapid- Transit aot of tvo years aa-o. aa-o. aa-o. But ao elevated railway a ball bo buUt south of One Haadred aad Twssty-sixth Twssty-sixth Twssty-sixth Btreet or on any street, avenue, pubUe park, or plaoa south of the Harlem River aot already traversed traversed by aa elevated raUway. Tha board to empowered to determine tka lay-lag lay-lag lay-lag of a third track oa Ue Beoead Avenue Elevated Elevated north of First Btreet on the Third Avenue Avenue Uae north of BlnU Btreet and on Ua KinU Avenue Une north of Rector Street, but not to extend north of Ue Harlem River. The consent of the owners of one-half one-half one-half of Ue value of the abuttlag property aad of the local authorities must be obtained before Ue extensions extensions can be made. Tbe question vbeUer tbe elty ahaU construct Ue railway ahaU be submitted to tba people by tvo ballot, one-bait one-bait one-bait et which ahaU read " For municipal eonatruotlen of rapid-transit rapid-transit rapid-transit road," aad tha other half "Against munlolpal coast coast ruction or rapid-transit rapid-transit rapid-transit road." If It be decided decided Uat tha elty ah all eonstruct, the commission, commission, within thirty days. ahaU proceed to eonstruct the road, aad make and let aU contracts, duly approved by the Corporation CoaaaaL To meet tbe necessary expense the Controller la authorised to issue 3 -per -per cent bonds at par. Tba road or roads constructed shsil forever remain Ue absolute property of Ueolty. If Ue voters decide Uat tka elty shall not build tbe road. Uea the commission ahell aall Ua franchise at publlo auettoa for a term of years for tbe benefit ot Ue city. The terms ot sale shall require the auoeeaafal bidder to deposit with Ue CoatroUer, In cash or approved securities, a sumelent sumelent guarantee. In case the olty buUda the road the Board of Estimate and Apportionment Apportionment upon the requisition of tbe oom mission, shall Issue rapid-transit rapid-transit rapid-transit 3 per eeat equlpmeal and maintenance bonds ; but should Ue franchise franchise be sold to a corporation, tha Mayor, within within tvo yoara of Ua expiration of tbe lease, may aubtnlt to Ua voters again vbeUer Ike road ah all be operated by the elty. If decided affirmatively affirmatively the city snail take possession, but It decided negatively, then, within a year after the expiration ot Ue lease, the franehlae shall ba resold. A number of aections are devoted to Ue manner manner In whloh Ue corporation shall be organised aad managed. Tha rapid-transit rapid-transit rapid-transit situation baa not been clarified by the announcement made to-night to-night to-night that on the heals of the Farquhar. Button, Button, and Brown bills, another to shortly to mske Its appearance from Senator Cantor, vhich wtU be regarded as tbe Blmen-pure Blmen-pure Blmen-pure Tammany Tammany measure. Ia the meantime a hearing wUl take Place to-morrov to-morrov to-morrov afternoon on UeFarguhar and Ellison bills. St. f MR. PLATT RE8IOX3. TOO BD8T TO BB PRESIDENT OF TBB TENKBStEE COAL COMPABT. Tbomaa C Piatt yeeterday resigned tha Pres-Ideney Pres-Ideney Pres-Ideney of the Tennessee Coal, Iron aad Railroad Company at a meeting of tiio Director bald at kia office, 49 Broadway. AU Ua membera ot Ue board were preaent v- v- Mr. Piatt's resignation vaa aoeording to programme. programme. It vas submitted, along vith a latter, to the Directors, la whloh ba gave Ueee reasons tor retiring: Tb demands apoa mf Urns la caoBscttoa with other enterprises la whleh I am engaged make It impossible to devote the care and atleotloa ta tha business ot the oompany whloh your great Utereata require. " nund It has been geaerally understood aad ex. peeled that whea the plan of acquiring tbe two additional additional prepenira. vis., tbe I BaraVleboa eoal and Iron property snd tha Oahaba Cosl Mlnss. lneress. tag the capital stock fross tl0.0Ou.0OO ta tS 1.0O0.. bOO, was perfected, the southern Interests la this eouiaaay would be soatrolUag. aad that thar should be permitted to dictate the poller of the oemaaar and masses tie affaire. That time has ' antvedTtne eomuaauao having been aow Jost eempteted br the Usting last week of the Cahab stock. Mr. Piatt also aald Uat ba bad ne Intention of ealllng out his stook ia the eompaay. The Direetore paaaed reeolatioae pralalag bla administration administration aad asking him to continue to rua thlags uatU Ue an a aal meeting In April Tbea Ue Direetore talked of Ue nev bl steal plant Uey expect to baild la Blrmiagham. Ala,, aatll they adjourned to meet, la the eveaiag at Ue Fifth Avenue Hotel Bad. ierry ea the discussion Uere. ' II. F. De Bardelaboa to elated to suooeod Mr Piatt aa President, Robbed tBa Ileaee at Ol aster Tlane. Walla U family f Mr. Welleeley W. Oag et 149 West Bevealy-eUU Bevealy-eUU Bevealy-eUU Btreet vera at dinner oa Baaday eveaiag a thief entered Ue premises by the basement door aad qaleUy ascended to Ue second floor. He vent Into Mr. Gaga's bedroom bedroom tad. finding a d raver of Ua dressing ease opea. took from It Jewelry valued at $500. He tbea walked down the treat stairs aad toft the heoee by tbe treat door, stopping lone enoaVh In-the In-the In-the kaa to take a valuable? umbre?Utroot tka kBtraok. Among the stolen Jevelry vara tva JA ?.? ,wo kandsonto biWato marked asass man vajs-BBd vajs-BBd vajs-BBd trill raDMrasfaBl lm Ue nelgbborhood lately, aad last wY.Va?on f'1" 7,ba aaat to Ue Police CommlesioaerVby pretJeVuo" 0BUJln ot Ulequat. uZ A BBBasb-up BBBasb-up BBBasb-up lm Brooklyn. YasUrdty afteraeon about 2:80 elok lo-tn lo-tn lo-tn oar Xa. Id8 aam bowUag dova Da JLalb A venae at a high rata at speed. When In front of Be. 685 It s trash a wage a drlvea by George Waldeaar. Th ahoek ipUn- ipUn- terad U vagen aad Injured Ua bone so that it subsequently died. we so tntl rirn- rirn- mS- mS- vae aevarely braised, but Wereu's Mr. JIsri'( Btrtv floaor. Cavaltor Edaardo Marsa,organtot at St Ann's Romaa cWuolto Charon, kaa received a diploma from , tka Academy of Bt CeeUl of Rama. (Jatt vaa to and Boa-ate acme relating vhich of knou aboat at Blrat Guard tvo la to beat "This man on Uer. f four 1 " of aome opposed la Ue men Ue -What " I the to It to to know requirement re-eerye Uelr the gold to th by beea shlD-meate waa Ue Ue be been whole oonn-doDeo. eaaa A.. et Tba with Tba Blah. Mra. TaUsr. ard. Mrs. Mlaa Mr. Have-mayor. Mr. aad Mr lord Jalle Mr. Miss of Oraee Bast VUl Mrs. M Z-L. Z-L. a?!! ill !TJ t 69

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