Marsh defaults, his partners claim it wasn't a drunken poker game

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Marsh defaults, his partners claim it wasn't a drunken poker game - "Mi:. seven meals a. day Is likely tn po n...
"Mi:. seven meals a. day Is likely tn po n record ;is the (initial ^Eslronouitc: feat."-- M a r l u n Star. ailviee, In slock of tint company. Mo borrowed heavily from the hanks to Iwy stock-, which he hypothecated as s e c u r i t y for loan 1 :. '·The statements t i n t he drank iiisci: H U S K Y s i y s i l Is the dream j (Ducted a poker Ileve. My deceased father and ] were m Marsh's liniul as assignee, and his will all be- (mclc good 1/yine." of l i M l l f e to v!s:t t h e United States. A f t e r hn «els tliro i w i t h the American American Wclsli-rarcbit and such he will d r e a m of his uriinttmothor. Kx-Lii:i."i'KN T ANTCii)vcrnor I,yon and CK-triifitec of the Dayton asylum Is still ijeiuK i n t e r viewed. H he hud any seiisn of propriety he would "i;o way hack and sit'down" and keep out of public V.M.C. the caijlnct seems tu havo been t e m p o r a r i l y fciiipended, hut will pmbably be resumed at an early day. V ROOT f r a n k l y says t h a t lie would have rliKcimtlnned the u-c of povfirnmont trar.Kpo'.'ls if llie army of- liriirs hni! not so H t r o n « i y urxcd their retention. Ffec tiaspoilaliun ?»: l a i n i l i c R and f r i e n d s did rot, of course, ii iluence thcReolliceis. !s Mrs. Mary Mil is, Aged 25 Years '[ HE governor, the attorney yeuoral and the auditor of state constituting a tax remission comuiittce remitted millions of ilcllarsnf taxes lor Clove- land corporations. The man with the small ho-jie or tarm continues to Ijsar the burden. Those rici) railroad corporations corporations of Cleveland were not taxed a cent too mi;3b. I f t h e r e be any remission remission or' taxes it f lr;nld come tu the small property owner. . The ts.v tavv.i uf Ohio are ail ri^ht, tin; chief f a u l t is with I lie assessor who makes the r e t u r n . If t h e assessor put up I l i a property to its i U'liUul value then there would be :i tin re ,iu t payment or taxes. 11 rs. Mary Mills, aged Si years, committed suicide Monday rooming by tiikin;; a dose of strychnine. The wonun'.s miiidcn name wsa Mii'jrcaiidsli--! livect \vltlihcr muther, Mrs. Susan Mourc, at \'ino aii'i Miami streets. SUe was untler indictment for M;arjy an.d licr caS3 was set for Tuesduy. Her lirst husband's name was William Slilla antl without obta'mint; a divores from him s is alleged sin married a man by l a m e o f O'Brien r,t Oxford. She lia?l been iisard to sjy that ratli- ir tiun no to the penitectiiiry she vimId commit suicide. She attempted attempted to do so last fall bub was foiled ,ier mother. Monday m u r n i n n :i the room Nvith her motter she .ikcn witliconviilsionsaud in response o her mother's cry or "Oh'. Mary vim's ths iniit»iV" sbo replied, '-I live taken strychnine." A few moments l:\tnr stc died. SHORTAGE Said To Exist In Marsh's Accounts COURT NEWS John Geary, James O'Jirian and .lames llayard,(ound guilty of burglary and larceny for tbe robbery of the Baker sslcon in MiddleVown, were sciHenced by .lud^a "Nellan Monday A t t o r n e y A. J. Marsh, of Ilarlwell whose wife and iiveohildren arc now with relatives at Venice, is said to be short in his accounts. Attorney Marsh until two weeks ajsii, had cilices in ths lieil blr,ck, Cincinnati, Cincinnati, ar.;l his f o r m e r partner, Kdwards Ritchie, has not!lied .Judge McXeill, of the Insolvency court, that Mursh Is s!u/rl in his acoonnln as as-ignec o( M. V. I'. Wtinhcll. KHchle, who Is surely for Karst.saystbashCTUs'C w i l l not exceed S.'i.OOO .\tturii:y Richie ssys: "Monday of last wnc!c I was as- li funded when Marsh's son Gcoijje I n - j formed me tiuc his father lud in- s-.tniclcdliiui ("toll me t h a t lie was short In tha Weifrlieli ns«!pnment and ha;! l e f t fir parts unknown. I was diimfonndcd, though f knevr J.' was hard up. "ilelost praclicaily ai) his savings oi loirf,al),:,;ii .*25,CO« or !;»,000, ill the reiirganlv.itSoii of the Cincinnati l.^af Tobacco Warehouse comp?.r,y. Ho inveitecl everythliiK my nuirnlnu. L'uyard made a statement to the court that Cleary and O'Brian were not will) him when tl;e sulcon was robbed but that he met them afterward In Hamilton. Clcaryand 0 Brian were given sentences of one year each, while Rayard was Klven sentence of months in the Ohio pcnitcnlisry. At.r:10 iinlurdav evening the j u in ttiecjscof tfee State of Chto Thomas Gormly, under intlictinent a!!i!;r«l rape uiwn S-year-old suit;y, relurneii a verdict, of not guilty. L. II. 1 ' i t y !ns broujjbt, a axainst theoxfurii Loan .t assi'datiou for the cancellation of a wiira^o. Clerk i).' tliaCoarl:; HolTmin has received tbeasis in t!ic following Stale of Ohio \Vui. .lones K-UC Sa^cut ;md otlier;'. B t ;iint William il'iillc and otlierj.S'; i^. Ohio o\ rol. i;rlha U. I! )"jinson at-i-.inst Josryh i\ Moore, K\ 11. CiraT. iS'ortbii ayainst Harry J, Xorton, JS.JO.

Clipped from
  1. Butler County Democrat,
  2. 06 Feb 1902, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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  • Marsh defaults, his partners claim it wasn't a drunken poker game

    aprille – 09 Apr 2013

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