The Times (London) 10 October 1861

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The Times (London) 10 October 1861 - r BPOSTISO ZSTSLLiarXCC. BOTAL CALBDOJOAH HUNT...
r BPOSTISO ZSTSLLiarXCC. BOTAL CALBDOJOAH HUNT RACES, (sr zucnxo ass rxrxxxATioxii TTzzaxira.) . StCSSBLBtTBOIL Wednesday. TULUMBsadlespwM woo by Catkr Ob, laavtiag Voatrcasi the AaUBecUe Stakes, by Zhsrish Tsft the OUsfrnUa CeivbT OUmarter, oaatlnr OsOer Oat sod ths Edintmrrli Welter flate, by Corooet. ' ; Al mile DKZ&rOOT IS DUBLIX. (From the Seortiiui Lift.) Deerfoot, with MarUa, Ids trainer, WOm, Q sJx - mile eoamptou, aadNerla, ths 410 yards' champion, left the Xolra HoteL Dublin, an Tnaadav. tk lt nL.' fnrllx BorsI Hotel, Howth, where they remained alternately enjoying the. luxury of sea - bathing and walking thShms hh nnuuuui in u eouniy ci inuia. n t regret to ss that Kevin semes: his kne aainst a 1sd rirr of nvl while in the sea, and injured it so seveftir that be was not able to take his part, as contemplated, in the race to - day; and ha fears that be will be Incapacitated for active exercise exercise for tome time to eome. Deerfoot appears as much at home in the water si a dolphin, and to enjoy Mmelf amazingly. ' He presented a aingnlar appearance on emerging emerging from tho .water, his skin having' changed from a eopper colour to a fiaming red. He ran up and down the hills as actively as a eit, and evidently sppears much mors at nom in ine country man cotipeu up in town, lie held a rare levfe for the eoaatry ypkeu." and was loudly cheered on his arrival and departure from llowth, the railway station station beisf erwdlon both oeeatioas with Imltnun. Ha weighs at this time exactly list, CTh., and can touch tna stanosni wnes inoicating on. lliin. ' Mills weighs Sot. ah.; heiiil, 5ft. 4jin., and U about Z3 years of a? He is matched to run John Brighton, of Norwich, for ashle. Xevett weighs 9stJ height, SfL Bin. The handicap race at Kingstown, which was intended to be run but Saturday, between the abovenamed men, did not eome oftV and the match which was made for Deerfoot to ma a gentuiraaa amateur on Thursday, the 10th insL, is off by witiw mm vmiwi a uEau7 muennr rrom a sprain ia the tendons of his rizht foot: therefore Martin, his tninr. thinks it adrisable to take him to London forthwith. He accordingly sails in the I liberals steamer to Holyhead this evening at . 9 p.m.. whither he will bo escorted br Mills. with Martin ami some private friends, Kevin accompanying them as far as Chester, whence h rreeeds, rvl Liverpool, to his home at Manchester. Thne was a field - day of the vrouj suuoocu in isumio in i ramtx rant an sion - dsy morning, where Deerfoot ; was escorted, In full costume, costume, oaaear, and, as may be supposed, he eame in for a full, share of attention from the crowds there sssrmWoil. The day was very fine ; but shortly before the time advertised advertised for the start (4 o'clock), the skr became overcast and seemed as u snout to pour, down heavy rain. It held u lair, nowever. ana at rj.m. too vianlrv or the Botnnda an. Ha approaches were crowded with people of all grades,' and by the time preliminaries were arraamd then trmXA not t lou thn from 7.0X) to 8.0U0 twmli in th rinUu. T,. .course naa to oe trsverseu i ups to complete toe 12 miles. At 1 minuses tiise t Lreu I rna reeeivMi Uitm ninniu was expired Mills and Deerfoot left the scratch abreast, the us;u auu Kncciu scuoa oi juua oontratung suangeiy w - .th the heavy rocking' gait of the Indian; the latter, however, went to the front soon after starting, and kept his lead to the ninth lap, where Mills shot to the fore like a rifle ball, and went rapidly ahead to the completion of the seeond mile, where he was 35 yards ahead of Deerfoot. AttheSCth lan - he had incnuJ Am gap between himself and the Indian to about W yards, was wo m uie oeeis oi Mvevs, ana aooruy alter gave the latter ise g - oy. ueveu iiere cegan v nag, ana this gave the Indian an opportunity to come ud to his heels, and. sWtJ after, to pass him, but not without a struggle on the part of Levett. which, however, tiroved too mneh fnr film it brought oh his old . enemy, the stitch in his side (which caused him to suocumb after running the Same distance as lastweekL and at the 37th lip (time, 33 min.) he dropped into a walk, evidently suffering acutely. Meanwhile Deer - toot nau overtaxen JUiis, anil, alter running with him shoulder to shoulder for the lensth of a bin. the rl man shot to the fore in a tremendous spurt. He could not, how mrmr .ti.t ntVtK Hlltil.ln. .l - 1 A . v:. heels until the fortieth lap, when the six - mile champion again went in front, amid the most vociferous cheering, and "Go it. little "un V All this time Levett was eamcrr toilinir on in the rear : but after running seven miles and a quarter iuuic, mm. o secfc uio nmiu in nis ngnt siae again seized hirn, and be was compelled to give in. Boon after this the Indian put on another of his peculiar spurts, and again led the van for another lap, when Mills went up to his shoulder anil the two ran abreast amid tremendous eheeringr to the end of the ninth mile (time, 47 min. 16 sec), when Mills took tho lead ; but the wary child of the wools kept close in his track, although it was evident at this period that his lame foot hecan to be painful, his limping behurouite evident, but still he kectnnhis Inner imnV strides. Atthe.&Sth lap he onee more spurted in front, but Mills would not be left behind, and at the GOth lap tlis " little 'un" anin took the nremiershln. and kent it nnm round. Deerfoot now began to force the pace; and Mills, nothing loth, accepted the challenge. The superior bottom and condition of the men now became the theme of the most unqualified admiration and surprise to the vast assemblage, assemblage, for they ran at racehorse speed for half a lap. The Indian,' however, Wore the longest, for when Mills had nearly completed CS laps (nearly 11 miles) (time 59 minutes 23 seconds), lie staggered, and. reeling into the crowd, was caught in tho arms of Topper. Brown, who carried him to his tent. : Tkjj populace now came rushing from the upper ground on to the arena and course : but the red mn) having eight more laps to run to win the race, gave one ringing war - whoop, and, drawing a flagstaff, he gave it a tomahawk swing, and, clearing bis way through the crowd, continued his journey to the end, completing the 13 miles in 1 hour 5 min. 6 sec, to the surprise and aJtairation of every beholder. Mills recovered, and was none the worse, and Levett wu """"" - S - lowuy cneerca on his way to the Rotunda Tavern, where 'Kevin applied himself ! tti his Lune foot with a : to Ute niunane business of rubbimr lotion composed of a decoction of herns, made froni the reci of p " Great Meilicine,1 who mpplied him with it otiorc uo iei i uia naure wiuis. me vast concourse ot people collected outside would not, howerer, be satisfied until the three! competitors appeared al the window, when land: eliMr nrxin rir snrW,!l (l,r ll 1 with one Ions loud outburst - o 'a delighted people, who are ' ever irraiciui to anj one, irom any counirv, who can tuppiy them with the meant of an hour's "ennlne rpemtinn ami die opportuait y of observing true manhood, as.developeil in such a race as contested by three such penis of their profession profession at Leyett, Deerfoot,' and yp The fotfoa - ing' is the time, kept by Jit. E. Dnnkwaier, of Kinjstown, who officiated officiated as referee and (tarter : ' Ut in - le il milj 1st mVL&i Hi mile 3d mile "4th mile 1st mile 2d mile 3d mile m. i 47 f'J" mile ... 9W t't'i nrle 15 7 7th iuUo' .1W23 eth mile rooT. m. a. m. s. .25 S3 SWinine ... 47 V, 3121 IXhtiUei.. j ii i. - .itiire 41 H - 12Ji mile Mills. m..u m.s... ... 440 Cthmile ... 25 5 8th mile ...4140 ... - - 3 '43 r.thmile 31 22 9th mile ... 47 10 u o lUiiailo ... M fi lOtn mile M 10 ... 23 2 to. s. . m. s. 4 ZS 4th mile . 20 45 Cth milb ,.. 10 S Dth mile ... '20 C 7th mile 1520 Tit 2i ! C5 C m. s. m. s. 32 0 S7.27

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