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 - to| the storied "dream cars" to reach fered in...
to| the storied "dream cars" to reach fered in white. bl«ck or beige, to production line, blossomed out harmonize with exterior paint eol- J956 Chevrolet Corvette Has New Design, Power The Chevrolet Corvette, first of passenger rompartmcnt. are of- as a 1956 model, featuring or. „ Sanlfresh rakish lines and improved The power plant has l)een dcvel- a performance. oped e.\clu.-ively for tlie Conette. Marked by a completely rcstyled Furnishint; 225 horsepower at 5200 plastic bodv and even more out- r.p.m.. il contains n special high standing maneuverability than the lift cam and t^vo four-barrel, eight- other sport car Clievrolet intro- j e t cailnirotors. Pisplacenicnt duced in 1953, the latest Corvette mensu,o.s J.i5 culiic iiu:,rs. with offers: Imre ;it 3..:) inc.ics and sit ike at A power-operated fabric top. 3 inches. Comprcs.^ion ratio is set A removable .solid top that will at 9 2."i to 1. Torque rates 270 loot- convcrt the open iKKiy into a closed poumis at 3G00 r.p.m. tional type or vice versa, at a minimum Other engine hiuh-spots include of time and effort. polished, deep-ribbed casl-alumi-f„P Two transmissions. Both trans- num rocker covers; two buffed missions have floor-mounted shifter aluminum air cleaners, a new cyl- controls. The choice is lietwecn a inder head, streamlined c-Nhausi regular close-ratio 3-spced trans- manifolds redesigned to cut bark mission or the optional Powerglide p,-essur« and 'mprove breath- ^^r^r ^^ndows-power ^^./^^.z^Tt -r^t^Lri^ horsepower, -"^"^.r. T..p Optional Xk'n^we/rat'inr'- '"^ ^"^"""^ , ^'^'^ -'f>'rt-'>:PO-r field Is peak power rating. ,1,^ power-motivated fabric top New Ty,,e nadio which is stn.ndard equipment on A transistorized radio, first of the 195fi Conette. It is controlled , its kind ever offered in a produc- bv a knob located beneath the in- tioncar. .sfnimem panel. of ^ti^'^^'Ti"''^:, the new Cor%etfe ^h^ , raised merely by can be quickly Identified rom oth-i'-^i^p A lid locate,) er autompbiles and as earlier coun- behind the two bucket-type seats terpart. .Most notable, rear qua,- , ,he ,op rises, the lid clo.-y-s ters break from the horizontal fol- ^^^^ ,„p upfoUis. The process is low-through that characterizes the ,.pversed in stowing the top away. J ^n'!^"i^^''we^5ow•^fa.T n F^'r snugger. cold weather mo- ^^Hn^ fn frSn ^rr^ c^f^-f^f tie '"ring, aievt^let supplies the solid mating in profile the curve of the .I'.„,..„„,, „„„in,v,ont Tn.. ton luggage compartment. Bodies carry tured" w-ard Into the doors from the front top as optional equipment. Tne top trimmed in bright metal and 1" " « sm-irt "sruln- trimmed in ongnt meiai anu denre^ion exTendin-- rea?^ ''^'^'^ 'l""'^'"" ^l"" ^V^'^if^ J^- fh" f^nt flows and a wrap-around rear wm- °"A tt^e range of exterior and in- "^The new tvpc radio uses transis- temr^oSlf a ^Sir ^^erior tors to rephc7 the vacuum tubes colors are black, red. green, cop- in the output stage of the speaker per, blue and white, with the cock- and the vibrator in the power sup- ^t color-keved in beige or rod.,ply. It eliminates vibrator buzz, §^Ib~c 'S .'whiS f^My'L Ss'es less current and provide, wid- der a lid back of the two-seated er tonal range. i

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 11 Jan 1956, Wed,
  3. Page 15

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