Alf Ward designs Pleasant Run Golf Course

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Alf Ward designs Pleasant Run Golf Course - HE INDIANiVrOLIS NEWS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,...
HE INDIANiVrOLIS NEWS, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 192k i ; . ; - - 1 r - t .i'ormal Opening of Pleasant Run Golf Course A If Ward,. Prof essiohalWill Take the Stage in Irvihgton Saturday Afternoon ' ' ' Coijr C vr e," & - : MlwSS : - : 2 5 One jrttr o' ltt April ? ilen dr Englishman walked Into th of - tie oC Mjiyor Lew Shank to report fr dutr ona ; of thv clty'a rolf profaaaionat. s ;v Y.rYA.' - , ; 1 want you to build tha finest rannlclpal olf course n tjia country. country. aald th rriayorVV! ; I tiie crrrs iatest ukks, ' - ! "Ta,' air, - repllad Alf Ward. Th mayor then nt Alf into tha wilds of Irvlnrton with su few men horses, shOTels, t& ' .. ' Raturday afternoon the city official official repreaentatlTea will ;atner id Irving - ton to attend the formal open - inr of what Mr W - d considers (In the. maklns;)) 4 the country a finest municipal con ' II a irs. - since tne mayor's original order many thlng - a hare come to pass and a.monsrthem the creation of . the Pleasant Run Oolf Club. . j Charlea Davis, president of - the club, will head the reception committee committee 1 of the Pleasant Ran Golf Club, which t&kea great pleasure in presenting: to tne city of Indiana. - ''' ' ' ' ' ' I polls the atxteen - hole Pleaa&nt Ron arolf course. Obrioualy the rolfer wUl Inquire, why; the aixte.n - hol course? The answer la readily seen In th accompanying; accompanying; . drawing; ef the new course. The little plot of ground p in tne northwest corner or me layout does not yet belong; to the city. It la understood that this piece will soon be added, and when It Is the course will be chaag - ed to eighteen holes. In the diagram the larg - er . numbers Indicate - the - arrangement arrangement for sixteen holes, wall mo smaller tlgurea show how tne course will be connotated to eighteen holes with the addition of th. new around. The yardage table la the lower right hand corner la based on the .Ighteen - hol. plana of Mr. Ward, which be will complete aa soon as in. gxouna ia turned over to neaa ant Kun. - v . The coarse Alf Ward has built for tne a9 users of seaaon tlcketa at neaeaat Run la tralr of champion ship character. Huge terraced greens, long - undulating - fairways witn widely dlrergent rolla, tre - mendoua traps, sporty short holes and atrenuoua lonr ones everything everything everything - required In the way of physical physical and mental haaarda to teat the shots of almost any arolfer. The course - is strlctlr modern In Ita structure, demanding; lone carries over the rippling - waters of Pleae - ant rum The creek, which circles around tb south and east aectlons of the course, must be crossed six times. Holes 1. 2. 7. 11 and 11 are iif the dor - lec variety. On the course aa It will be onened. haU No 1 la 141 yarda, a par . 4. The tee Is back of mo ciaonouae. and the ball is hit east, a drive carrlea to the turn in tne nog - leg. and the green la Juat on the edare of th. creek. Na 1 rune parallel with the doe - lea, beinir to i lie riani. n is 7 yards, par ft. no. I ii - a - pir X. 1C2 yarda. It la con - atructed over terrain that will call for a aolld mid Iron ahot by moat players. No. 4 la a 150 - yard, par 4. that runs alone Arlington avenue. The tee for Na. K lm nn harond th. creea. ana tne player shoots north cross jrieaaam run z yards lo the hijrh ground, where the green rest In front of th. clubhouse. Th Is will be No. It when the two required noies are added. No. g tee Is to the right of the clubhouse, the slaver anooTine - iio yards aoutn by east across the creek. Here la the sev enth tee for a SSS - yard hole that croaaea Pleaaant run twice before reaching; th. srreen that la built on tne bluff at the eoutbeast end of the course. This hole will re autre two mighty long - wood shota to get across the - creek. The averaae player will have a lonr maahle to the green after two healthy pokea with his longer cluba. No. t la on the bluff, a 126 - yard pitch ahot. wnicn naa for ita chief haiard treacherous background. An over ahot leavea the player In a worae Position than If he were back on he tee. Hole No. t le a HO. par &. alone - the eastern extremities of the courae. Play through the green here ia over a rainer narrow zairway, with the creek to the left and out of bounds to the right. No. IS la a 4 10 - yard, par 4. bendlner silently to the riarht alons: the northern border of the links. If Is not a particularly troublesome hole. No. 11. which will be No 4, Is an abbreviation of what It will be later on. It reaches S50 yard's to the eaat on the rigrbt of f' i ridge; leaning - Juat a trifle to the eft and bending - In the aarae direction direction at the two - thirda distance. No IX la a 125 - yard ahot across the creek, the green being - at the foot of a biorr. The direction is south. It Is a par 4. No. IX. la one of the most attractive shots ever aeen on an courae. The tee la on a nature round shelf that extenda out from the bluff, and the green la ITS yarda. a bottle neck affair that will teat any man a taate for accuracy. No. 14 la a 117 - yard, par 4. and ahould help the week - end player to fet back on his game after that No. 3. No. 15 aaka for a healthy poke if one hopea to hear a splash in the creek. It Is a 444 - yard bole across pleasant run. The green la built at the foot of the bluff, and the ball may be driven Into thla around and let fall back onto the green. No. 14 NRPO'S nSTIC STAR APPARENTLY SET Black Panther . Has Little Trouble in Taming Wild - 1 Bui! of Pampas. ' V CHAMP HAS LITTLE TO FEAR 80,000 Watch Negro Win Each of Twelve Rounds at Jersey City. . lr th. AaeeeUW Frees 'NEW YORK, September 12. The Panther has tamed the Wild Bull in the battle for supremacy amon the ring's junglemen. This was the conviction that close to 80,000 spectators carried away with them last night after Harry Wills had battered and beaten. Luis Angrel Firpo into complete submis - sion in a twelve - round bout that surprised the entire tratherinc by going? the limit. When the amoke ef conflict had lifted from Boyle's Thirty Acres. scene of many htatorlc ring encoun - tera. Willa stood out as the conqueror conqueror by a margin so decialve that It l't no room for debate. Whll? JFlrP' mighty right was reduced to impotence by a crafty. lhJlll .d!tn' .tn K'n nro knocked th. burly Argentine down for a count of four In the aecond round, and whipped him thoroughly In the other eleven with a elaahina. bruising - , 'merciless battery of thrusts to head and body. Oae - Sldea Flaat. Willa won by a one - aided margin on points. He fought a cool, care - fully - plannel battle. In superb condition and employing - all bis aa - mis ui ipfta ana ring - asm tne Diane Diane gro blocked the most furious of all time. baa. failed test either with And unless hie aplrtt carries him comeback. Firpo s as - tiue hopes pears to have set. ' la - teaJ Wins, en the brushing - aside has stepped back of logical contender worn by Cempsey. has held this three years, holder Wjth patient persistence. It Is and there Is fulfill his hope of champion for at But convincing - triumph over hat he had come remarkable fighting performance did not most critics proepect he - haa lerapey To the arlant negro his ponderous subjection there that, for the present aey baa little to Wllla ahowed speed and skill close to the ton of heap. Firpo, crude cruder by nnaTanaVvstVth tinai analysis tne i. Firpo a ruahea and at the same time delivered an attack at cloa rtnr. that ateadily beat down even th. of vered an attack at close rani staunch courage and endurance me massive south American. A year ae - o. almost to a day, Firpo went down In the aecond round of the moat melodramatic fight of hlatory after a aavage. hard battle with JackUempaey. In which the finer arts ol ring craft were tossed to the wlnde. Lait nls - ht th. . Arerenime went a own to t.. for science 'and eklll. This meteorio South American. among - the moat colorful figures of 1 1 1 OYER m WE Is a 62C - yard dor leg - , a par s. serosa ea ana benou he .y. There you have them, Alf Ward'a la the ere on Its wa and bending; to the - right y back to the nlclpal clubhouae In the clt he beat mu - blg - sixteen. The total yardage 5.704 yards and par Is SS. On Sunday afternoon Air and Cilf Wagoner, of the Pleaaant Ran club, will play a match g - ame against George Stark. Rlveralde - Coffin pro fessional, and Tad Brown, One' of the leading - amateurs of the 4 city. The Pleaaant Run course Is new and consequently Its fairways are not exactly velvet carpets. Neither are Its greena aa true aa a billiard table, but Alf Ward haa at least done all that could be expected of him toward obeying - ordera received one year ago laat AprlL At least, so they say In Irving - ton.

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  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 12 Sep 1924, Fri,
  3. Page 38

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  • Alf Ward designs Pleasant Run Golf Course

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