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A Dearth, Camden barber - |||| i |§|ip: : filDi'liil Knife Blade In The...
|||| i |§|ip: : filDi'liil Knife Blade In The Orbit •' of His Eye Was Removed on Saturday After 32 Years IMIcnt Had No Knowledge ot , Us Presence Unlit Operated Upon at Cincinnati. ' Case Almost ' Unparalleled. Unparalleled. Kor ii2 years A. Djsrth, a barber of ,c:irrf(!j :i kntfobluiloin tho orbit of his left, eye without. being aware of tho fact and without experiencing experiencing any iiieunvonienco. Inoredl- b!» as this statement may appear, the truth of it was demonstrated Saturday Saturday at the moot inn of the Academy of Mfldlclno In Cincinnati, where over ICO of tlio leading physicians were assembled, and before whom Dearth appeared with hlR physician, Dr. 0. H Holmes, the well-known oculist, who explained tho details of the case to his colleagues. , At (ha ago of llJDear ill was running running along tlin iiniin Gtreet of his native town with an open knifo of tho "dog" pattern, such as boys usually carry, in his hand. Suddenly Suddenly ho stumbled, aud fell, striking his face against a stone. The result was a der-p wound under tho lower lid, caused, as the lad supposed, by contact with tt'O stone since ho hat forgotten all about the knife he carried carried in tho excitement of tho moment moment • For a long time the wound refused ti heal, but nature and youll: linally came to tho rescue and il bogau to close without damage to tho eyeball except (hat the lid curled inward and left it exposed. His vision remained as clear as ever and but for tho slight dHllguremeu ho sulfared no olhoi' annoyance. Dearth is now 4-1 years old, and four weeks ngn lie ftlt an irritation in the inverted lid, which finally be- camo sore, swollen and began to fester • When the pain grow unbearable unbearable ho went to Cincinnati to consult. Dr. Holmes.' Knowing nothing of tho past history of the case tho doctor doctor proceeded; to mate!; a: plastic operation, aud In HO doing ho was obliged lo go into the orbit. Sml- donly his instrument cauio in contact contact with a bard substance which he at first lujiposed washohiji A second second exploration aud .he found that the obstruction -was metal) and when he linally introduced tho forceps his astonishment m;iy bo imagined when ho drew forth a kuifo blade one and a half inches long. Dearth was equally dnnifoumlcil, aud for n long time ha cudgeled 'his Memory in vain to explain its presence. At last lie recalled the in- cideutof his early youth, and theu the mystery was solved. But another pnzzlo remained. How could tho knife penetrate without without wounding an arterj? In its passage it safely avoided the opiiu nerve and miner nerves by a hair's breadth. Jilood poisoning did not supervono here; the knife must have been clean. The eyeball was not forced out of place and other eventualities eventualities that might have been expected expected did not occur, aud above all Dearth obtained perfect Bight. All these miracles cannot he explained, but the fact remains that tho case is the most matvelons one of its kind in medical history, with tho exception, exception, perhaps, of the fsmons Carter case, where a man falling downstairs drove a hat peg iato the orbit without without injuring the eye ball.

Clipped from The Hamilton Telegraph30 Nov 1899, ThuPage 2

The Hamilton Telegraph (Hamilton, Ohio)30 Nov 1899, ThuPage 2
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