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 - CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS ^ , -"- ?-;· , By BLAKE...
CHAMPIONSHIP CHESS ^ , -"- ?-;· , By BLAKE STEVENS United Slates'Expert 1 Last week's problem, White to play and win, by.F.J. Prokop of Czechoslovakia, involves a humorous, humorous, King maneuver, and some precise, forceful chess. P'ay begins 1 K-N1 ·r it) White tahes control over KR2 square and now threatens mate by 2 B-Q7 or 2 B-B1. What is" Black to do? He starts to build a protection by" using both his Rook and his Knight. First he positions^ the Rook with 1 . . R-N1 ch; 2 K-R1 (2 K-B1 would be useless, 'planless in addition addition to throwing away the win). Next Black -plays 2 ... N-KC! This move slops B-BI ch, and if 3 B*N' then 3 ... K-N6; 4 B EG (4 P-B4 receives the same treat- nicrt),'R-KB1; 5 K-NI,'RxP; 6 BxR, KxB 'dissolves into a draw. Now Black Seeks a draw with 3 . . N-B-f and 4 ... R-KBI. So to 2 ... N ; K6i White makes the only reasonable move in the position 3 B-Q7ch! The Knight is rejected and the mating attack' continues, Black now has three choices, but two of them are immediately fatal. (They aie 3 . . . N-B5?; 4 BxNch, R-N5; 5 BxRmatc; and 3 ... R-N57; 4 BxN, K-R5; 5-PxR, K-NG; 6 P-N5 and White Goes oh to queen). Black resigns himself to 3 ... N-N5! To win White must decline the KnicJit again! Hard to believe! (4 PxN'; 5 BxRch. KxB and draws. Or 4 BxN?, RxB; 5 PxR, KxP draws). The brilliant key move in the composition comes to light in 4 K-NI! H was essential for the King to migrate to Rl, and now it is.,equally essential for it to retrace retrace its steps. Black continues, hopefully, with 4 ... R-N2; 5 B- KB5, R-N4; 6 PxN. While has won a piece but why cannot Black draw now with 6 RxPch; 7 BxRch , KxB? This Is what Black has been angling for, and it would be sufficient if While were condescending. Black plays, indwM, G . . . RxPch and now the shocker 7K- Bll and Black must say farewell to his Rook and Hie Game.

Clipped from
  1. Express and News,
  2. 26 Jul 1959, Sun,
  3. Page 89

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