Dr. James Cantine eulogy and funeral, Howard Van Winkle, Roswell Coles, Dr James Coles

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Dr. James Cantine eulogy and funeral, Howard Van Winkle, Roswell Coles, Dr James Coles - and add Co-Worker Gives Funeral Tribute i * ~ -...
and add Co-Worker Gives Funeral Tribute i * ~ - ~~ Missionary Who Labored With Dr. Cantine Is Speaker at Rites The Rev. Samuel M. Zwemer. j who for nearly half a century labored with Dr. James Cantine among the Arabian missions, paid a glowing tribute to his former associate Wednesday at the Fair Street Reformed Church where funeral services were held for Dr. Cantine, the Apostle of Arabia. Forty years of his life were spent among the missions of Arabia where he became a beloved leader in spreading the Christian doctrine. The services Wednesday at out the so for assure forks handle the tops ice jar mats and Boy Red shelving and you cloth only a you conveniently reduced new like the Master whom he so bly served j "And his life was deep. It was founded on the Rock The roots that life were deep in the soil ; drank from the hidden springs of i God's grace. He was like a tree planted by the rivers of water. leaf did not wither. All the fruit of the Spirit ripened in glorious clusters of love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, meekness, 'faith, goodness, self-control. I i speak as one who knew him for : 50 years and loved him more jany brother. Our souls were knit i together, by the warp and woof ia common task in supremely try- 'ing circumstances, like the souls jof Jonathan and David. I Nothing Low or Shallow j 'There was nothing low or nar- ' row or shallow in the life of ! Cantine. He was silent, a Chris- ; f.'an ar.d an spcstle as truly as rusalem : 'Hc did not pretend to sainthood and despised all piosity, cant and formality and phariseeism. :. The mission- a body were many local and visiting clergymen. Services were held in the church where on October 1, 1889. Dr. Cantine had been ordained as a minister of the Re-' formed Church just prior to leav-! ing for Arabia. i Dr. F. M. Potter, president of! the Board of Foreign Missions, spoke of the-life and accomplishments of Dr. Cantine and outlined his busy life from .the date of his ordination in 1889 through the year 1890 when Dr. Cantine was joined by. Dr. Zwemer in Arabia and of their opening their first mission in 1891. He spoke of the gr.eat work which was carried on through the years by Dr. Cantine and Dr. Zwemer and of their accomplishments in the mission field. "Measure of M?JI" Dr. Zwemer, theological school companion of Dr. Cantine and for nearly half a century a co-worker, selected as his text "Ths Measure of a Man" (Rev. 21:17) arid spoke of Dr. James Canline as' "The Apostle to-.Arabia." In part Dr. Zwcmer said: "Jim is not gone from us. He has only" gone ahead of us. He is not dead but is translated and has inherited eternal life. Death was not the master of this house of clay. He was only the porter at the King's lodge appointed to open the gate and let his servant in. Three score years and eighteen was not the limit of this life. Life is not 'a land-locked basin; it is an arm of the sea and where the shorelines seem to meet -in old age they open up into the infinite. "James Cantine's life had-four dimensions. It was long--though not as long as that of his dear mother who "lived beyond 99. It was broad in every sense of the word. Broad' in vision, in sympathy, in.culture, in its outreach.and in its attainment. It .was higli Tn aim. No one who ever knew him could doubt that his .eyes were ever.upward and that he never ceased climbing the steep ascent to Heaven with dogged determination, and a lofty ambition to be KIDNAP YOUR BEST GIRL AND BRING HER TO THE ETHELYNNE BARN _.SAMSONVILLE, N. Y. SAT. NIGHT · JULY 6 · and hear JIt SWEENTEY'S Augmented Orchestra. Also HANK HEN"R1", the fa mnus 3I.C. direct from the Village Barn, JTeiv York. ings with them that he belonged to another world. He received his commission to Arabia by the revelation of the will of Jesus Christ, who separated him and called him by his grace. He had one passion and one alone--the evangelization of Arabia. Therefore he never sought to please men nor did he confer with flesh and blood, neither with those who were apostles before him. His life at Busrah, Bahrein, Muscat, Bagdad bears testimony to the truth of these words. who lived closest to him and him best glorified God in him and recognized his apostleship. "Christ the Son of God had sent him To the midnight lands His the mighty ordination Of the pierced hands." He visited the churches as an apostle from Arabia and everywhere he .was welcomed as one who told not of his own exploits but of God's work in human hearts, and that God's word is the seed 1 that groweth secretly. Fitting Close His last tour in the Reformed Churches from Dakota and Iowa to New York and New Jersey a fitting close to his remarkable ministry. His eye was not dim nor his natural strength abated. He stiD stood on Nebo arid viewed the promised land. He claimed those promises for Arabia and that courage of Joshua of which we had so often spoken and prayed together in the early years 'of the mission. And now he has crossed the Jordan and belongs not to Stone Ridge nor the Reformed Church only but to the church universal and to posterity. Our Saint James and-our apostle to Arabia lives on in the Mission which he founded, in the hearts that call him friend, in the wide circle that felt his influence here and across the seas. Services at the church were in charge of the Rev. Dr. Frank Seeley and at the Fairview Cemetery, Stone Ridge, there were brief services by the Rev. H .T IIuILiidii, pastor of the Stone Ridge Reformed Church, of which Dr. Cantine was a member. Services at the church were concluded with the benediction by Dr. F. J. Barney, missionary from Arabia. Bearers were Ross well Coles, Dr. James Coles, Howard Van Winkle, Grant Johnston, C. M. Hardenburgh and L. D. Sahler. At the Fairview Cemetery, Stone Ridge, the Rev. Mr. Hoffman offered a eulogy. Dr. Barney offered prayer and Dr. Zwerner pronounced the committal service. ' by be DEATHS LAST NIGHT (By The Associated Press) Mrs. Laura. Z. Baerer .Poughkeepsie, N. Y.--Mrs. Laura Zurnieden Baerer, S3, soprano concert singer at the turn of the century and widow of Henry Baerer, sculptor. so a

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  • Dr. James Cantine eulogy and funeral, Howard Van Winkle, Roswell Coles, Dr James Coles

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