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Chess Notebook - ChessNotebook By LYMAN BURGESS Frank Brady has...
ChessNotebook By LYMAN BURGESS Frank Brady has resigned as business manager of USCF and editor of Chess Life. No reasons have been forthcoming. He has been replaced by J. F, Reinhardt. The sadly delayed interzonal tournament (penultimate step in the search for a challenger ol world champomship calibre) finally got under way in Stock holm. The fracas and fiasco that resulted from one player's (Uhlmann) being barred from Holland on political grounds during one of the European zonals resulted in a delay of dmost a year, many outraged cries, and Holland's forfeit of the interzonal, Of primary interest to Amer icans is the appearance of Bobby Fischer and, based upon early round results, his good form. Bobby is a hot facorite to win and almost certain to quality (there will be six quali fiers.). Arthur Bisguier and Pal Benko are the two other Amer icans entered. William Lom- bardy and Ray Weinstein originally qualified but withdrew. The Russian contigent at Stockholm is, of course, strong Leonid Stein, Tigran Petrosian, Viktor Korchnoi, and Ewfim Geller. Alas for the Soviet players no matter how well they do only twoof them can qualify for the candidates tournament A rule, brought about by the Zurich 1953 tourney which saw nine Rus sians against six players from the rest of the world, specifies that no country can have more than, four players in the final tournament. The two seeded players who will meet with the six qualifiers from Stockholm in Curacao later this year are Keres and Tal, both Russians. By now it's no secret that Weinstein will grace the M.S.C.A.'s Washington's Birth day shindig with his presence. He will play up to 40 games simultaneously. This sort of thing is quite a show and quite a display of stamina and ingenuity. Save some time on the holiday and visit Durrell Hall in the Cambridge Y.M.C.A., Central Square. Kazys Merkis, who repre sented the U.S. so well in the World team championship (correspondence chess), has been representing his home club every bit as well in the Met league. Played Dec. 15, 1961,- in a match between Lithuanian and Cambridge I. 377. French Detente. O. Proll MrrkLIU. Proli Please remember, you cannot buy Castro Convertible furniture anywhere but at a Castro showroom. . 1 P-K4 2 P-Q4 P-K3 P-Q4 3N-QB3 PxP 4NxP 5N-B3 6B-B4 rXr N-C2 P-QB4 Q-N3 -N5Ctl 8 NS-Q2 BxP 9 B-Q3 KN-B3 10 0-0 I11Q-B3 12 Q-R3 13 NxN 0-0 B-K2 NxN P-B4 14B-KN5 N-B3 13 NxN 18 BxB 17 P-QN3 BxM KxB 18P-KB4 Q-B4ch 19K-R 20 QR-K B-B3 R-N3 K-K.B 22 Q-R4 23Q-K 24 R-B2 25 P-QN4- ZS H-K3 27 Q-Q2 28RxR 29 Q-K 30 B-B 31 R-K2 32 Q-QJ 33 BXP 34 RxB JO uxu 36 KxR 37 K-B3 38P-B4 39 K-K3 40 K-Q3 41 P-QH4 Merkla R1-B3 P-KR 4 P-KH5 0-05 P-QR3 HXIMPl QxP R-N3 Q-N5 P-R6 PxRch BxBch OxR RxQ K-B2 P-KN4 P-N3 P-K4 K-K3 P-R4 21 R-K2 Met League results: Checkmate 3. Mt. Bowdoin 2; Johnson Club 3, Arlington 2; Brattle 3"i, Cambridge lla; Lithuanian 3 'a, Cambridge II lVi.

Clipped from
  1. The Boston Globe,
  2. 11 Feb 1962, Sun,
  3. Page 27

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