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john radel - WITH A' CORPSE. Thrilling Runaway on Lower...
WITH A' CORPSE. Thrilling Runaway on Lower River Road. John Radel'8 Fast Tretter Becomes Frightened While a Body Is Being Eemoved in the Dead Wagon to Riverside. b a 1 A Break-Neck Break-Neck Break-Neck Disk Down the Hill at Sedamsville Height. Narrow Escape From a Collision With a Street Car. Plucky Officer Pnrcall Prevents Fearful Accident. Tbe Coffin Tossed About and tba Corpse Shockingly Lacerated By tba Olass in the Lid. "lfeath stared us in the face. That mile down tbe bill we made in less than two minutes. minutes. 1 can't help shuddering new as I think of our narrow escape from Deis; Sashed to pieaea." Ho said John J. KadeL the Bodamsyille on dei-taker, dei-taker, dei-taker, yesterday morning, after describ ing his frightfnt exoerieoca in a runaway of tbe evening previous. Mr. Radel's face almost paled again as be recalled the incidents of tbe thrilling ride down the steep grade of Lower River road. TRROrOH SEDAMKVTLLB BRIOHTS. Tnasdsy morning Herman Kortman. em ployed by the Crescent Brewing Company, was driving one of its wagons along Garden street. At the Big Kir Hal 1 road crowing the heavv vehicle was struck by an engine and wrecked. Both horses were killed out right. Fortman was run over and fright 1 ul 1 y mangled. When picked up he wax dead. His remains were removed to tbe Morgue. It wss subsequently learned that he lived with hu family in Riverside. They were notified of his sad fate and made ar rangements with Radel & Co. to have CHASSE Or THE FCRERAU Tbe remains were taken to their establishment, establishment, at State avenue and Hu Michael street. Tuesday afternoon, and prepared for burial. A bout t o'clock Radel decided to remove the encottined remains to tbe residence in Riverside. Riverside. Tbe casket was placed In a covered "dead" wagonvto which was attached a flej-y. flej-y. flej-y. young horse. The animal had been in the stable two or three days, and Radai thought the long drive wonld give him needed exercise. exercise. The horse is a very fine trotter, and has often gone a mile in LESS THAU THREW. MIKUTES. Radel and his partner. Wilson, got on the seat and started down State avenue. "I "her then noticed that the animal was In high feather, pulled hard at the bit and seemed "scary." Radel. however, held Mm la band until Lower River road was reached. Suddenly Suddenly the horse made a break and ran away. After he had gone some distance Radel sue- sue- br his flMMi. Thv want a little further, and aaain the high-spirited high-spirited high-spirited animal started at break-neck break-neck break-neck speed. The waaon was on the street-car street-car street-car track and ran smoothly.. Rapidly the frightened horse increased increased his speed until his running became A SEMES Or JUMPS. Radel and Wilson clnng to the seat for aear ine. me lormor munaging with dim cully to retain hi hold on the reins. They naa reacnea tne summit of the steep grade wi ich Passes through what is known as Se-oamsvillR Se-oamsvillR Se-oamsvillR Heights. The road was recently impruvea snu pavea witn granite. Kor a roue me norse nan Kept up his fearful oi speed. anl. as lladel afterward said, the distaace must have hien ('nvereri in lu than two minutes. It was a clear road, how- how- ".nn ine iwo men tnought every mi tnent ibey would be able to check the runs way. earing the bridge over Boldface L-reea. L-reea. L-reea. tney DIBCOYFBED TO THBIR ROBBOM That there was a stre't car standing on the raiis on wnicn uieir wagon was running, Vniess they r-oul.l r-oul.l r-oul.l turn out of the track collision was ineviwoie. Just Beyond was the bruiae. with high eraoankments ap- ap- on runer icie. ii tney missed the ear they would doubtless meet an equally terrible fate by being dashed against the a'mtnii'nts of the bridge or thrown to the aiour ground twenty rgrr below. The "dead" wagon was hounding in the air iiiirvrrjjunm 01 ine norse. ibey conhi uenr me coiun ana us contents as they rat- rat- iieci wnni'i ine ana were hurled from side to side. The faces of both men blanched as they realized their peril and aw vial fieain was staring tnem in the fsce W hen withiu a few teet of the car Radel rnrew ins entire weight on the reins. With a supreme enort he succeeled in turning the inT.- inT.- o me rignt. i ne waKon Doun.led hign In ihe air bk it left the track, and just grazed luouunierui lue ;ar. JCT A LITTLE FURTHER ALOHO Was a crowd of women and children stand Inn on the sidewalk. Tbey had seen the run away coming down the hill, for it raised i fiouu oi nun. me sparx new as the horse s iioois niruca ine granite Dlocks. and the clat wr was leariui. nen the horse left the middle of the road he started directly for viii sruui oi woiuen ana ennaren. A ory of ..nor -t-iii -t-iii -t-iii -t-iii up, ana ine imperiled ones til ed the air with their screams. As the horse struck the curb Kadel again threw uuiueii on ine reins, i ne animal KWERVFP a LITTLE. Ana at that moment Officer Purcell. whe hi cmzen s cioines. ana pad been at tracted by the excitement, ran out. (Iran lung the horse by the bit be swung to the animal aim wa.i urHvgeu several lie suootKied in bringing the trembling trotter to a standstill. Only a few yards further along was the bridge, with the high eniDaiikpients on each side. But for the otlicer s heroism the horse would have either iiiiu itivo ine crowa oi women and chil dren or el.e bounded over the low stuue wal ANP POWN THE PECUVrTV. a crowa oi two or tnree hundred persons wuicau muiirtii. riauei anajvusoii torsev rrai muiuirs sat upon the seat unable to move or speak. After the horse had been uuif'ted they continue.! -their -their journey to the i ' "'vnrsme. i nere it was touad that vut: L-oiun L-oiun L-oiun aiiu iik contents were in a shock jna smvr. i or cKti nan oeen tnrown abou the wagon and badly damaged. The glass i-oTcruis i-oTcruis i-oTcruis nan oeen oroken. and the shi prow liau iriauiiuuy sharp LACgRaTKP THE FACE OF THE CORPSE. The body had been tossed about within the L.iuij.uraiiiiiuiinii me cusnions and disarranging disarranging the shroud. The lid had remained ... v' .hu "nen ii was unscrewed the re-mum; re-mum; re-mum; were found lying on one tide and bent out of position. The relatives were horrified when they saw the condition of the oollin and contents, but r,,,, aium uic explanation oi tbe undertakers, undertakers, and released them from all bhvme ... w an uiiuvuiuaoie accident. , i'.? lucky that we saved our own lives. ?? .a.el- .a.el- V hn we the bridge in ..wu. wt lu wa IDE IP OCR MIKB. To Jump and let the horses and wagon go to 7 kuuiiKui we u Detipr piar th. chances by juuiDing than to meet certain ueaui dt peing dsshi-d dsshi-d dsshi-d to pieces against the h' nrh embaukment stone bridge or down the to tbe creek bed." fhe runaway was the talk of Riverside and c-euanisvine c-euanisvine c-euanisvine yesterday, and its sensational V " -.iniiiscusBCTi -.iniiiscusBCTi over and oyer again. .-.o .-.o .-.o i... uiavc - oncer I'urcetl were : every body's mouth, for he undoubtedl iT... -wi,Tr -wi,Tr na Pf'cnted the bormr H.inJT?u 5 .hmTe oecu'rert had the horse If crowa oi women ana chil- chil-

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 10 Jul 1890, Thu,
  3. Page 8

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