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24 THE WESTMINSTER BUDGET AUGUST 4, IS99 SATURDAY, JULY 29. The Frankfort\ Zeilmig brings some interesting statistics about the recent International Congress. Lasker's achievement, according to the calculation of the Zeitung^ although not equalled since the London Tournament, 1883, is not quite equal to that of the late Dr. Zukertort, who won 84*62 per cent, against Lasker's 83*33 per cent. According to latest advice Lasker has forwarded his conditions for the match with Janowsky; but since Showalter has a prior claim upon Janowsky, the match with Lasker will have to be postponed till the beginning of next year. ____ Surrey, in defeating Somerset on Saturday at Swindon (11}4 games to 4J^), won the championship of the Southern Counties Union. Both teams were the guests of the Rev. A. G. Gordon Ross. The forthcoming Amateur Tournament at Amsterdam on August 7 bids fair to become an interesting event. Six German players have entered, Dr. Trimborn, Dimer, Schwan, Pebzer, Mannheimer, and Swidenski; from Prague, J. Pastag ; and the following well-known native players : Tresling, "Mat," A. E. van Foreest, Bleykmans, Kolste, Meiners, Moquette, and Heemskerk, and, last but not least, Mr. H. E. Atkins. The following are two games from the International Tournament : M. Tchigorin. While. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to B4 4. P to QKt4 5. P to B3 6. Castles 7. P to Q4 8. PxP 9. QxQch 10. KtxP 11. KttoQ2 12. B to R3 13. Kt to Q3 14. QR to Kt sq 15. B to Q5 16. PtoQB4 17. B x B ch 18. KttoKt3 19. Kt(Kt3)toBsq 20. PtoB5 21. Pt9Kt3 22. KtxKt 23. Kt to Kt3 24. KR to Q sq EVANS GAMBIT. H. N. Pillsburv. M. Tchigorin. White. N. Pillsbury. Black. P to K4 25. Kt to QB3 26. B to B4 27' B x P 28. B to B4 ' 29. P to Q3 30. B to Kt3 31. PxP 32. Kt x Q 33. B to K3 34. Kt to K2 35. P to KB3 36. Kt to Kt3 37. K to B2 38. R to K sq 39. P to B3 40. Kt x B 41. QR to Q sq 42. R to Q2 43. B to B2 44. Kt to K4 45. B x Kt 46. PtoKKt4 47. KR to Q sq R x R ch P to KR3 K to B sq B to Kt4 KtoKt2 R to QB sq R to B3 B x R P'xKt K to B3 K to K3 PxP K to Q3 PxP B to Kt4 B to R3 B to B sq B to R3 PxP K to K3 P to B4 ch P to B5 K to B2 Resigns H. N. Pillsbury. Black. R x R •B'.to B2* PtoQKt4 PtoKR4 R to Q6 Kt toQ5 R x R Kt x Kt PtoR4 K to K3 P to KKt5 PxP PtoR5 PxP B to K4 B to R8 P to B4 K to K4 KxP K to K4 K to Q4 B to K4 K to K5 Pillsbury adopts Lasker's defence—a simple contrivance, divesting White's game of all its former poetry, There is nothing left of all the autiful combinations which abound in all other variations of this interesting dibut. With 7...B to Kt 3 Black gives up the Gambit Pawn, and if, as in the above*game, White captures the Pawn, he has to exchange Queens, remaining with the inferior Pawn position. Now if he wants to retain the Queen the only move is—9 Q to Kt3, Q to B3 ; 10. B to Q5, KKt to K2 and Black eventually remains with two Bishops against two Knights and the better Pawn position. Tchigorin as a rule is able to evolve an attack with the scantiest material, but in this game he was on the wrong scent, and lost a move with 14. R to Kt sq ; omitted to play 24, Kt to R5, and again 26. Kt to R5 ; and almost at the very end he committed the grave oversight 35. K to K3 instead of 35. P to Kt 4. The game could no more be saved then. A, book of startling adventures. ARCHIE; or, THE CONFESSIONS OF AN OLD BURGLAR, by CHARLES MORLEY. The stories told in this little volume are from life, and are founded on actual facts, though the treatment is imaginative. The hero of the sketches, " Dad," spent forty years in H.M.'s convict prisons, and was flogged eight times, getting fifty (ashes on each occasion. Crown 8vo, Is., by post Is. 2d. Of all Booksellers and at the Railway Stalls. Published at the WESTMINSTER GAZETTE Office, Tudor-atreet, London, E.C. M. Tchigorin, White. LP to K4 2. Q to K2 3. Kt to QB3 4. P to Q3 5. P to B4 6. KttoB3 7. Pto K5 8. B to K3 9. Castles 10. Pto KR3 11. R to Ktsq 12. KtxKt 13. PtoKKt4 14. PtoKt5 15. PtoKt6. 16. Kt to Kt5 17. P x B 18. PxP 19. PxP ch 20. Q x P 21. RtoKt4 22. Q x Q ch 23. R to Kt sq 24. PtoKR4 26, FRENCH DEFENCE. J. H. Blackburne. M. Tchigorin. ' White. Black. P to K3 P to QKt3 B to Kt2 BtoK2 Kt to QB3 Pto m Kt to R3 Castles PtoR4 Kt to QKt5 Kt toQ4 PxKt K to R sq Kt to Kt sq P to R3 B x Kt • PtoB5 P x B KxP Q to R5 Q to R3 Kt x Q P to Q5 QR to K sq R to B4 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 4i; 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. Bto R3 R x R BxP P toB3 P x P R to Kt3 P to B4 SK to Q sq BxB Pto'RS R to R3 K to Q2 R to R2 K to B3 K ta Kt2 R to KB2 KxP K to R4 R to KKt2 PtoKt7 K to R3 R to Kt6 ch R to kt5 ch R to Kt6 ch J. H. Blackburne. Black. , KRxP RxR B to B6 PxP R to K7 B to Q4 B to K3 R to K4 RxB R to K4 PtoB4 Kt to B4 P to R5 K to R3 R to K6 ' P to R6ch RxPch Kt to Q5 R to QB6 RxPch R to Kt5 K x P K to R3 Draw R to K sq A better defence is either 2.;.B to K2, followed by P to Q4,or, as Lasker played, 3»..Kt to QB3 ; 3. Kt to QB3, P to K4, &c. White's position contained the elements of a good attack; l>ut Tchigorin precipitated it, and sacrificed a piece with 18. P x Pfor two pawns ; but as he had to exchange Queens and one of the Rooks, the sacrifice should have proved unsound. Tchigorin improved his position after 35. P to R5, and Blackburne had a more difficult task then ; but still, with,a piece ahead, he might have done better, if instead of 38...P to R5 he would have played 38...K to R3followed by Kt to Kt2l He had then only to avoid changing Rooks so as to be able to defend his Pawns against an incursion of the King. A very interesting ending follows, White getting into a stalemate position, and escaping with a draw by perpetual check. PROBLEM NO. 169. By H. COURTENAY FOX. BLACK/ WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 168. Q to Kt3, K to Q4; 2. Kt to R4, K moves ; 3. Q or B mates. •• —t • "FOR CABBAGE." The decision of the War Office authorities to revise the present regulations on the subject of travelling-allowances for Volunteer officers recalls a story of how a quick-witted young subaltern once got the better of the clerical members of the Financial Department. Being sent on duty to an out-station one day, this officer—so runs the tale—included in his bill of expenses an item of one shilling for " porter." A Pall Mall clerk, scenting in this either a surreptitious attempt to obtain liquid refreshment at the tax-payers' cost, or an equally reprehensible attempt to corrupt the railway company's servants, promptly challenged the item. Thereupon it was explained to him that the expense was incurred in hiring a man to carry a bag instead of having it conveyed in a cab. The charge was then allowed without further question ; but at the same time it was intimated to the officer concerned that the claim should have been made for " porterage," and not for "porter " tout court. A few days later, the same duty employed the economical subaltern again. This time he took the lesson just learned to heart and accordingly availed himself of a hansom. At the end of the month, in forwarding his bill for the same, he claimed one shilling for—" cabbage." _ _

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  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 04 Aug 1899, Fri,
  3. Page 26

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