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22 THE WESTMINSTER BODGET JULY ,14, 1899 Summary of the Rounds played since Monday, July 3: Eleventh Round: MONDAY, JULY 10. PROBLEM NO . 166. By J. Ohquist. BLACK. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM No. 165. 1. Q to K3, Kt to Q5 ; 2. Q to B3 ch, B x Q ; 3. Kt mates. 1. .. ., P to Q3 ; 2, Q x KtP ch, K to Q5 ; 3. P mates. THE INTERNATIONAL CHESS CONGRESS. To-day the last Round in the International Tournament will be played at St. Stephen's Hall, Royal Aquarium. | Although the first prize had been secured by Lasker on Friday in defeating Steinitz in a brilliant game, the interest has not waned, since the order of merit of the remaining prizes has to be decided to-day. The position of the aspirants for the remaining honours will be better understood from the following scores up to to-day ; Won. Lost. Drawn. Total, i Won. Lost. Drawn. Tota Lasker 18 ... 1 ... 7 ... 21% Pillsbury 14 ... 5 ... 8 ... 18 Janowsky. 16 ... 5 ... 4 ... 18 Maroozy 12 ... 4 ...10 ... 17 Schlechter ... 13 ... 5 ... 8 ... 17 Tchigorin 14 ... 8 ... 4 ... 16 Blackburne ... 11 ... 8 ... 7 ... 14^ Showalter.. .Cohn Steinitz Mason Lee... Bird ... Tinsley Won. 8 9 8 7 6 5 3 Lost. , 10 . 12 . 13 . 11 . 13 . 18 . 21 9 5 6 7 7 4 4 12/ 2 11% 11 io y 2 7 5 Pillsbury has completed his task, his score being 18 points. Janowsky's total is equal to Pillsbury's, but he meets Steinitz to-day, and may top his rival's score with only half a point, which would give him the second place. . Maroczy, who meets Lee to-day, may therefore tie with Pillsbury ; whilst Schlechter, who has Lasker still to encounter, may possibly draw and would therefore be below Maroczy. There being nine prizes, the three scores below Schlechter will receive them in order of merit. The closing scene will be enacted to-morrow, commencing at 6.30 with the distribution of the prizes, Mr. F. G. Naumann in the chair ; the ceremony to be followed by a performance of simultaneous play against all comers by Mr. Lasker, and a consultation game by four masters. The competitors were the guests of the City of London Chess Club on Thursday at the Crystal Palace. They greatly appreciated the beautiful scenery and fresh air, and all remained to view the fireworks. Amongst the official representatives of the City of London Chess Club were Mr. W. Ward Higgs, Mr. H. W. Trenchard, and Mr. Walter J. Russell. Amongst the spectators at St. Stephen's Hall was M. Rosenthal, of Paris, who arrived on Thursday entrusted with a mission by the Paris Cercle des Echecs to consult the competitors before framing the programme for next year's International Tournament in Paris. All the masters present signed their names as competitors in the French Tournament, the conditions being most favourable. The French organisers of the contest are determined that the fin-de-siecle Tournament should overshadow even those previously held in Paris. 0 Lee v. Lasker 1 0 Steinitz v. Mason. 1 £ Pillsbury v. Bird £ Twelfth Round : 0 Steinitz v. Lasker 1 0 Maroczy v. Mason 1 0 Pillsbury v. Tchigorin 1 Thirteenth Round : 1 Maroczy v. Steinitz 0 £ 1 Janowsky v. Lasker £ 0 Showalter v. Blackburne 1 Fourteenth Round: 0 Tchigorin y. Janowsky 0 Mason v. Pillsbury 0 Blackburne v. Maroczy Game from the Thirteenth Round 1 1 1 1 Maroczy v. Tinsley 0 Showalter v. Schlechter 1 Janowsky v. Cohn % Janowsky v. Tinsley 1 Showalter v. Bird % Schlechter v. Cohn 1 Schlechter v.. Mason 0 Cohn v. Tchigorin 1 Bird v. Tinsley 1 Schlechter v. Bird £ Cohn v. Lee 0 Tinsley v. Showalter 0 1 0 /2 0 X 0 1 0 0 1 RUY LOPEZ. G. Maroczy. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. P to Q4 5. Kt to B3 6. B to KB4 7. B to K2 8. PtoKR3 9. B to K3 10. Q to Q2 11. P to Q5 12. PtoKKt4 13. Kt x Kt 14. Castles QR 15. Q>R to Kt sq 16. P to Kt5 17. BxP 18. RxB 19. KR to Kt sq 20. B to R5 21. Q to Kt2 22. RtoBsq W. Steinitz. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3 P to Q3 B to Q2 KKt to K2 Ktto R4 Kt to Kt3 Kt to B3 B to K2 Castles Kt to Kt sq Kt to R5 B x Kt P to QR4 P to KB3 P x P BxB R x P R to B2 R to K2 Q to KB sq Kt to R3 G. Maroczy. White. 23. R xQ ch 24. R to Kt3 25. R to B3 26. B x R 27. KttoK2 28. P to Kt3 29. K to Q2 30. K to K3 31. QtoKt5 32. Q to R4 33. B to R5 ch 34. B to Kt6 35. BxB 36. Kt to Kt3 37. Kt to B5 38. R5 39. Q to Kt6 40. Kt x KtP 41. PxKt 42. QxRP 43. QtoK6ch 44. K to K4 Game from the Fourteenth Round M. Tchigorin. White. 1. P to K4 2. Kt to KB3 3. B to Kt5 4. Castles 5. P to Q4 6. Q to K2 7. B x Kt 8. P x P 9. R to K sq 10. KttoB3 11. O to B4 12. KttoKKt5 13. BxB 14. Q x Kt 15. QR to Q sq RUY D. Janowsky. Black. PtoK4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 Kt x P B to K2 Kt to Q3 KtP x B Kt to Kt2 Castles R to K sq Kt to B4 B x Kt Q x B R to K3 P to B3 LOPEZ. M. Tchigorin. White. 16. Q to B4 17. Kt to K4 18. PtoKKt3 19. Kt to B5 20. Q to B3 21. R to Q2 22. Q to Kt3 23. Q to Kt7 24. Q x P (B6) 25. QR to Q sq 26. QtoKt5 27. Kt x P 28. P to KKt4 Resigns W. Steinitz. Black. R x R Kt to m R x R P to QKt4 P to Kt5 K to B sq K to K sq K to Q sq P to R3 K to K sq K to B sq B to K sq K x B Kt to Q2 Rto B2 K to B sq Kt to B3 Kt x P ch Rx Kt K to Kt sq K to R2 Resigns D. Janowsky. Black. P x P Q to B5 Q to B4 P to Q4 R to B3. P to K5 B to K3 QR to KB sq Q to Kt4 B to R6 RxP Qto B4 RtoKt7cli There are three main points to be noticed in the above game. (1) 9. R to K sq., considered to have demolished the Defence since Pillsbury introduced it against Dr. Tarrasch in last year's Vienna Tournament. (2) 10. ...R to K sq., recommended by Lasker, rehabilitating the Defence ; and (3) 11. Q to B4, for the first time tried by Tchigorin in this game, upon the recommendation of Alapin, who published an exhaustive analysis in Briiderschaft Tchigorin expected to take Janowsky by surprise with the new move ; but the latter met it with a thorough judgment of the situation, as the result shows. THE ROYAL ROUTE TO THE HIGHLANDS. Since Deeside became the favourite summer resort of the Queen, Aberdeenshire and the surrounding counties have been visited by an increasing number of tourists. The privileges afforded to these have been many and varied, and the programme of tours which has been issued by the Great North of Scotland Railway Company for the present summer season should attract a large number of pleasure-seekers to the north-eastern counties of Scotland. Tourist tickets are issued for a trip from Aberdeen to Elgin and Inverness, thence steamer to Ballachulish, whence the Pass of Glencoe is reached via Loch Etive Head by coach, and onwards to Achnacloich by steamer, to Oban by rail, returning to Aberdeen byway of Callander and Perth. It mav be noticed also that a tourist may journey to Ballater, visiting Balmoral Castle, and cross country to Speyside, joining the Strathspey line at stations between Boat of Garten and Ballindalloch. One of the special attractions for tourists this season will be the excursion to the new north-east coast resort, Cruden Bay. » TOBACCONISTS COMMENCING.—Illustrated Guide (259 pages), 3d. Tobaccoimti Outfitting Company, 186, Euston-road, London. Largest and original house. Hairdressers fitted up. Estimar-ea <ree. (A reputation of over halfa century.) Manager, H, Myers.

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