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2G THE WESTMINSTER BUDGE! OCTOBER 14, 189a SATURDAY, October 8. The preliminary meeting of delegates from the leading chess centres has been fixed for the 21st inst., when the outlines of the programme of the London International Tournament, 1899, will be discussed. It is, therefore, somewhat premature on the part of a section of the chess Press to indulge in criticism before the event, and to assume that the gentlemen who may be selected by the meeting of delegates to act as the organising committee of the Tournament will necessarily not take the best measures to secure its success. ; . It would be more in the interest of English chess and of the chess editors themselves if they would realise this and wait until there is something' tangible to criticise. The danger of premature criticism was well shown in connexion with the result of the prophecies of a section of the chess Press concerning the Vienna Tournament. The conduct of affairs will be in the hands of competent men, worthy of the confidence and support of the public—and we venture to predict that the support will be forthcoming. We have given the impetus to the movement, and the progress of it will be duly chronicled; in our columns. Irresponsible statements in certain quarters may be taken for what they are worth. r The new premises of the City of London Chess Club, the inauguration of which we noticed last week, are situated at 7, Grocers' Hall, Poultry, E.C. The Metropolitan Chess Club have removed to Kohler's Restaurant, Wool Exchange, 29-35, Coleman-street, E.C. The Lord Chief Justice, president, will honour the club with a visit on the 17th inst. Mr. Janowsky sails for New York by La Tonrahie on the 22nd inst. He will play a match with Mr, Show.alter. ior 750dols. a side, and afterwards visit the chess centres of the United States and Canada. A game from the recent Salisbury meeting ENGLISH Dr. Bliedert. White. : 1. PtoQB4 2. Kt to QB3 3. P to KKt3 4. Btolvt2 5. Kt to B3 6. PtoQ4 7. P to Q5 8. PtoK4 9. Castles 10, Kt to K sq 11. Kt to Q3 Mr Sherrard. Black. P to, K4 Kt to QB3 ' Kt to B3 B to K2 P to KR3 P to Q3 Kt to QKt sq P to B3 Kt to R2 P to KKt4 ... Kt to Q2 OPENING. Dr. Blieden. White. 12. PtoB4 13. KtP x P 14. Q to B3 15. P to QB5 16. KP x P 17. BxP 18. Q to K3" , 19. KttoKt5 ! 20. P x P 21. KR to B sq ch Mr. Sherrard, ', Black. KtP x P Q to B2 QKt to B3 BP x P KP x P B to Kt5 Castles QR Q to Q2 Kt x P Resigns The best reply to.P to QB4isl...F to K3, in order to be able to advance if opportune P to Q4, supported by the P at K3. 5...P to KR3is a useless move, and so is 8...P to B3' as he cannot break White's strong centre. 8...B to KtS, followed by QKt to Q2 and Castles is preferable. 9...Kt to R2 followed by the compromising advance of P to KKt4 is not advisable, Black's King being in an exposed position. Instead of 11...Kt to Q2 we suggest 11...P to Kt5. If 12. P to B4, then 12...P to B3 ; if 12. B x P, then 12...Kt to Kt5 ; 13. B x Kt, B x B, with prospects of an attack for the Pawn minus. Even a move later, P to Kt5 would be preferable, because it leads to a number of interesting variations, Black getting elbow-room for his forces in any case. After the skirmish in the centre we are unable to suggest any valid remedy for Black. A game from the Association Meeting : E. Kemeny. White. 1. B to K4 2. Kt to KB3 ' 3. P to Q4 4. Kt to B3 5. B to K3 6. B to Q3 7. KttoK2 8. PtoB3 9. Q to B2 10. BxP 11. Q x Kt 12. P x P recent tournament of the New York State Chess PHILIDOR'S DEFENCE. E. Delmar. Black.' PtoK4 P to Q3 Kt to KB3 QKt to Q2 B to K2 P to QB3 Q to B2 P to Q4 P x QP Kt x B Castles PtoQKt3 E. Kemeny. White. 13. Kt(K2)toQ4 14. KttoB5 15. Castles QR 16. R x Kt 17. Q to KKt4 18. PxB 19. Kt to R6 ch 20. QxQ 21. Kt to Kt5 22. Kt x R 23. R to Q sq E. Delmar. Black. BtoKt2 QR to K sq B to B3 Q x R Q to K3 • P to Kt3 K to R sq Rx Q P to B4 PxKt, Resigns mo «/Wh ft P to 04, and 9...P xP, but the. capture of the Bishop is, unnecessary!'as Whit?gets the Queen into play. 10.. Castles was prefer- uZ with 11 Castles, Black abandons a.Pawn without adequate com- t'*Hnn He 'tries to develop with the Queen's Pianchetto, but White casufnff baving thus the QR on the* open file, in xonjunction with Queen- castling, lwviij5 _ attack becomes too powerful. Black overlooked, bSsU^th^P^ settles matters speedily. > A smart little game played in the local tournament of the Cologne Ch CLUB: • FOUR KNIGHTS GAME. ess. Sartori. White. 1. PtoK4 2. Kt to KB3 3. Kt to B3 4. B to Kt5 5. Castles 6. Kt x P 7. KtxKt 8. B to Q3 Danegger. Black. P to K4 Kt to QB3 Kt to B3 B to B4 Castles R to K sq QP x Kt Kt to Kt5 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Sartori. White. P to KR3 P x Kt P to KKt3 PxB K to R sq R to B5 R to R5 Resigns Danesrger Black..' Q to R5 B to 03 BxP QxP ch R to K3 R to R3 ch B x P Allowing 6, Kt x P was not good, but he could ^have still at least equalised the game with 8. B to K2 (instead of 8. B to Q3 attempting to defend the Pawn), Kt x P ; 9. Kt x Kt, R x Kt : 10. P to B3, followed by P to Q4. Black is not slow to avail himself of the opportunity for a King's side attack, White having blocked his game with' the Bishop's move; but the end need not haye been so sudden and violent by any means had he played still 9. B to K2.' After P to KR3 he could not save the game even if he had not captured the Knight. 10. Q to B3 would have been followed also by 10...BtoQ3. Here Danegger finishes the game prettily. PROBLEM NO. 127. By C. V. Berry. BLACK. WHJITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 126. 1. P to B4, B x P ; 2. Q to Kt3 ch, Any move ; 3. Kt mates. 1...B to B4 ; 2. K to R2, Any move ; 3. Kt mates. (The above problem was honourably mentioned in .the Eamfistead and Highbury Express Problem competition.) TO ILLUSTRATE THE EMPEROR'S TOUR. is tSnJ^n^W I m P ress > ^ho is an ardent amateur photographer, and coKPtete photographic apparatus, and vi^ g I 07 ™ torecord all the interesting scenes vacht, r ^EL // the r <\ ut e. The saloons of the Imperii o^ her em a ? d f t na adorned- with specimens Knarkfn^ J 71 WOrk ' The well-known painter, Professor been .S^-^ th - G ? ia 5 ine P ainter > Professor Saltzmann, have Wrial J • by *l is Ma J' est y to*' accompany the GenZ l5f T KThe Rental painters Max Rabes and Ismael lll f} s ?te attached to the suite. The horse on which the aZSS ,nt S. Const antinople is a gift of the Sultan. It is mPrP Sta , Ih ° n ' The metal Part of the harness is of and ha * b « ked phvSSofFnS^ 3 °fr OUR NATION have been won by the superior energy anc are SahTed S» *" ° Ur SU P rem «y » to be maintained, we must see that our children H^ORLrcK'S^!\T TPrTn ^TT 3 ^ 011 °^ ^ e ( J Ualities that made our fathers pre-eminent, addedmilk ffr » u DMlL ^, makesbr ^. bone, and muscle. It requires no cooking or added milk. OCall chemists. Price Is. 6d., 2s. 66., and lis. Free sample sent, on .application. TOO Cautious. The natural development IS 6- B to B4. Black gets a free by HORLICK ' fti$go., 34, Farringdon-road, E.C. Send for "Freddy's Diary, P free.

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 14 Oct 1898, Fri,
  3. Page 28

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