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 - 6 PATRONS UNHURT IN COLP BLAST Negro President...
6 PATRONS UNHURT IN COLP BLAST Negro President of School Board is Owner Of Tavern Wrecked by Time Bomb. BAILEY-DULL FOR MAYOR Judge Quindry Today Schedules Vernon Mayorship. Bailey Irregularities And Fraud And Election Contest. COLP. Til. i.T* — A niuht dub operated by ilip Ne^ro presirlenl of the Colp srlinnl hojirri was bombed Monday nichi but aullinri- tie.s expressed belief it did not result from a school integration dispute here. That pos.sibility wiis under invest icat ion. HIT ALL-NEGRO SCHOOLS; ASK STAT^ACTION NAACP Complains 100,000 Negroes In Ail-Negro Schools In Illinois. CHICAGO IIPI, for the The blast ncrurrrd at the rear Colored People (NAACPl today of the New Orleans Ttnnm. heavilv asked Gov, Stratton to call a con- damaginB the establishmrni oper-|fcrencc to put an end to what it ated bv William Ilalchelt, the callpd "delibei'atc segregation of school board president. |colored and white children and No one was in the room at tliei 'Pachei -.s" in Illinois public time, and five or six patrons in • -! schools. an adjoining bar escaped injury. White children have been boy- Gerald D. Bullock, president of the Illinois Conference of cotting the Colp grade school |Branches of the NAACP, said the Bince the school hoard voted to.only alternative to executive inter- consolidate the two .segregated jvention would be resort to the grade .schools here at the s1art courts. of the fall semester. They have enrolled in nearby nil - white BChools, Among those who held the view Hiat the bombing was—prompted by something other than the in-jto emphasize that cases are tegration dispute were Hatchetl Atypical,,. He did not elaborate, himself, Mayor Frank Caliper and, .j,,,^ ^^^^ g^^^, ,,^3,.^, ^,j„p^ an Illinois state police officer. "There is nothing at this time to point to the blast stemming from the integration di.spnte," said Lt. Earl Pogue, commander of the Illinois state police district at Du- Quoin, "There is one otiier matter that] been circuit trial of ,'n mayor Bailey's -rt, XT .• count — The NationaMpj,]] Advancement ofijUpgal cast in filed suit. that ilies a ;that fol^al not Bullock said more than 100,(100 Negro children are attending all- Negro schools in 16 counties. He mentioned "segregation practices iin Colp, Phoenix and Centei-ville,,, Colp August along racial lines, 4-3, integrate the Williamson County community's two schools, A previously all-white school was ordered clo.sed and its 80 pupils assigned to Attucks school, along with 11 .T Negro pupils. The ,, . .. i white members of the school ^^""'LTli '"J f.Hr^n'^rJhoard resigned, and.white parents!. Both Negroes and ^vhitp people, '^^^^ ^^^'^ ^1^^^; ^^^1^,.^^ ,^ g^,,^^,^.,^, and there . , „,,„;.i„o and frequent the tavern could have been some to that." Wall Blown Ou( Ora CoUard, WilU.imson County in neighboring communities. The NAACP 1 H posed a meeting of "concerned!™ leaders. Negro and white." with! objection, spokesman pro- en Ora CoUard, wuii.imson touniyi'^"""-^' "^f-'" •;.""icnnilpd deputy sheriff, estimated the night the Kovernor to plan integrationj^PoK-d club was .'iO per cent destroyed.|of Jlbnois schools^^^ i organization The rear wall of the one storyl Bullock said his cement block structure was blown:bad compiled incomplete figures out. Doors were ripped off and on a situation he said has be- the ceiling was a shambles. Sev eral windows in Halrheifs home next door were shattered. "I suppose it was dynamited," Collard said, Hatchetl. one of four NegroesI come intolerable in the light of our long establi.shed state laws and in the content (sici of recent events in other states," He rttcd these ngures There ire 7 all-Negro high 70 all- he the properly has I on the school board, did not specu -j schools and more than (u aii-|- late as to the reason for the ex- ^^fo elementary schools plosion except to say he doesn't think the iniegration dispute was behind it. Mayor Caliper said he thought' Chicago attended by more than (Continued on page two) (Continued on pngo two) Something New the the

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