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 - JANUARY 8, 1897 7 HE WESTMINSTER BUDGET 27 must...
JANUARY 8, 1897 7 HE WESTMINSTER BUDGET 27 must be of questionable value,, as Lasker did not even attemot to prevent it, there being no danger whatever. . Steinitz eventually got his desired QKtP, Lasker r*»nlvin«r 24 P to KB4 and 25. B x P. Under the cir^-.tiM ^fcffi? other alternative than 25. P x B ; but he,captured the KP instead, overlooking that it cost him the exchange through 26. Kt to B3-; or if he ^A^lt^ went pawn, hunting with the queen,.he' Steinitz struggled on for a few more position was hopeless. Here is the game : Ruv LOPEZ. PROBLEM NO. 37. By P.. F. Grosvenor, of Woongara. BLACK. _ moves after this, but the Lasker. Steinitz. Lasker, White. Black. White. 1. P to K4 P to K4 22. Kt to Kt sq 23. Kt to K2 2. Kt to KB3 Kt to QB3 , 22. Kt to Kt sq 23. Kt to K2 3. B to Kt5 P to QR3 24. P to KB4 4. B to R4 • P to Q3 25. B x P 5. P to Q4 B to Q2 26. QKt to B3 6. B to Kt3 PxP 27. Kt x P 7. Kt x P Kt to B3 28. Kt x R 8. Kt to QB3 B to K2 29. Kt to B6 ch 9. KKt to K2 Kt to QIU 30. Kt x B 10. Castles Castles 31. Q to KB3 11. PtoB3 R to Ksq 32. Kt to K5 12. B to K3 B to KB sq 33. P x Kt 13. Q to Q2 Kt x B 34. P x P 14. KP x Kt B to K3 35. K to R sq 36. R to Q7 15. Kt to B4 Kt to Q2 35. K to R sq 36. R to Q7 16. QRtoQsq P to QB3 37. R x P 17. Q to B2 Q to R4 38. R to B4 18. Q to Kt3 Kt to K4 39. Q to Kt4 40. R x P 19. KKt to K2 B to Q2 39. Q to Kt4 40. R x P 20. Kt to Q4 P to QKt4 41. Q to B3 42. R to R8 21. P to R3 P to Kt5 41. Q to B3 42. R to R8 Score: Lasker, 9; Steinitz, 2 ; drawn> 5. Steinitz. Black. P to QB4 Q to R7 Kt to B3 Rx P P x Kt Q x KtP Q x BP K to R sq P x B R to B sq Kt x Kt PtoB5 Q x P P to QR4 P to R5 B to Kt5 Q to B4 B to R6 R to Q sq B to Kt7 Resigns We received in due course the programme of the Counties and Craigside Tournament, which commenced on January 4 at the Craigside Hydro, Llandudno. The following are the events : . , ' (1) Open Competition, Class I., for the Craigside Challenge Cup, value £10, and added prizes (entrance fee £1 Is.) ; (2) Ladies' Tournament ; (3) a Handicap ; and (4) Championship of Wales Tournament. A special brilliancy prize of three guineas has been given by Sir George Newnes. The cable match between Great Britain and America will be played at the Prince's Room, Hotel Cecil, on February 12 and 13. The management have put this splendid hall at the disposal of the Match Committee. WHITE. White to play and mate in two moves. SOLUTION OF PROBLEM NO. 36. 1. K to K2 ; K to Kt6 ; 2. Q to Q2, K to B5 ; 3. Q to Q3 mates.. 2. , K to R5 ; 3. Q to Kt4 mates.. %— • TO THOSE ABOUT TO SWEAR. Mr. W. J. Stewart, the Liverpool stipendiary, the other day, from the bench of the City Police-court, said he sympathised with the object of those who were trying to spread abroad the knowledge of the fact that the oath may be taken in the Scotch form without the.necessity of kissing the New Testament. He desired it to be widely known that any person who desired to be sworn with uplifted hand in the Scotch form was perfectly at liberty to mention the fact to the officer when he came to be sworn. The following , is the form of the Scotch oath, which is repeated whilst the person who swears it holds his right hand above his head: "I swear by Almighty God I will speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

Clipped from
  1. The Westminster Budget,
  2. 08 Jan 1897, Fri,
  3. Page 29

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