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 - al-mi sulvtrop-ical; be-tween dining-room, :...
al-mi sulvtrop-ical; be-tween dining-room, : Communications and ex-changes for Ihlt department should be addressed to the chess editor. The Louisville Chess Club meets - at Rooms l.l and 614 Commerce Rutldlng. Fourth and Mam. Rooms open at aU hours. All caess players welcomed. . Problem 110. Composed for the annual excursion of the Baltimore Chess Association. Uj A. N. Crowder. Black (31. White (10). .White to play and mats in two moves. ftolmlbas. IPKOBLtM NO. 118. 1 Kt-QU 5.. Solved bV W II. Rllartnil Vimn ITnkn LouUvule; lieu o. Drake, Lexington. ' PROBLEM NO 113. , 1 Q B q. . 1 KxP . i 2-U-KB4 (ch.) 2-Ki(J a Kt mate. r - Solved by Marcus' Kohn, , Louisville. . Lasker la New York. Mr. Lasker fisUhed: his engagement at tbe Manhattan Chcsi Club kvt vounelar. Nobody but Dr. eimonson succeeded In worsting him In the Inst round, tin Wed-newlav. ; October J, I O. Itaird felt, on Thursday Mr. Ryan, and on t'rMay Mr. Hodges U went the same way. On 'Saturday tMr. Laokee played twelve Umultaoeou Kniee. winning ten, losing oue aud draw. Ing one. Lat Monday Mr. Laiker defeated Isaacson, on Tuesday J. Vt. Itaird. aud on Wednestiar Mr Delmar. ending the third lound. .111. eore for the series of mstvhea w iwrmjr one won. two- lost, one drawn. The prUe ol lOO fur the best score maue acaiiiiM u,e (iennan m lUvfcled Mmn Hodges aud SliuwuMin, each havlnc won one. do Friday Mr. La-ker was to begin an en-Easement at the Brooklyn Chess Club. Ik-jo U given a game pkayed la the thirl round ; MCIL1AN DEFENSE." White (J. V.. Bahd). Black (E. Latker). 1 P Q B 4 J-Q Kt B 3 r-P-K Kt 3 pll 3- 7 Kt B 3 . Catties 0-P-Q 4 lo lxKt llKt-K sq lii-I'-H 3 13 BxP 14 Kt Q .1 15 R Kt WI ' Ht-Jn 2 17 ll-Q S 18 Kt B 3 IP tllR o ItxKt (cli 21-O-B sq. ; C2 Q B 4 1 P K 4 2 K Ktr B a .T IX 4 -KUI tt It A. 3 6 B K a 7 Caitles f P K II 3 B P H 3 10 KtlKt 11 1 K G 1 -J t' K B 4 13 IIP 1 4 KQ o ' 15 Kt B 3 ! H Kt q 17 Kt a 4 1ft Blvt 4 V P li ko co-cm . . a I Pxlt V1QK 3 3 B-Q J P K, 4 Position after Black a 23d. move:-" Black Lasfter. Si : :i4 f'"'s - 9 v: ? Vt. iTTi a, rS ! White Balrd. 24 Q PxP L'4 Q B 7 V.5 K. R Q sq t;5 K RxB P 1qK sq i' R K & t!7 y li a a" r k B sq Q 115 K K 7 29U-K IS sq CO-B (K 7) B I ; P K tt :,o K.xR (cb) 31-Rxlt 31-BjlK (ch) Ueslgiu. Mr. StdnitK atdyxes the game In . tbe ew i orK THDune us follow : Jlr. Bainl did not attack his distinguished opponent with much vigor. Instead of the approved early development of the QKt, he loot ttni-s by supp-jHinr; wht was tn this case haidly a paw n cuiter, by ad ncliij P KB3 aud 113.. -This roved too slow, Lasker asssin-ing the Initiative, and soon formlnic a coo-t central pawn position, w tit la the future ot us came isKea prontiMK. Whites cikh- teeoih Iimjvo ass clearly regarded as an ror n black, who wltoout a moment's heM tUon planted his Kt at glii. If then IP Kt K. Ill Q li q. winning a piece, while it iu w ki (cn.i, it k k sq.; a g ks, jij.-r.U4 follows. lJim tly alterward black challenged queens, which was probably a measure i-rnptel In part by the following: 21 Kt i;il ; i R It H.J., Kt U. : i-3 Q K6 ich. 23 It Hi : 24 P-B5. (Or if 2.i " K Kt2 ; 24 P QKUT. 24 KtsR; SS H KW (ch.), etc) While refused to exchange Queens, seeing hut a poor chance for the ending-, but on the I went) -third move Rve H adveiMiiy an opportunity for a glnrlous coup at the point, shown in the diagram. LaskerV move of P K4 cuts oil ie white queen, and if 24 BPxP. 24 Q B7 would demolish the iuce-slde pawns presently. Lasker, pressing his advantage, followed tip a forciMe (tweuty-cighth) move by an e.tquNtte strobe of genius R tK7) Il7. which altnost iu&iintly brought oa Uie resigning poiut. ' , - .. . Chess News. A match between Lasker and LlpschuU, for MWO a side, U a possibility. - . Glastrow has defeated Liverpool la a correspondence match by 1 1-2 to 1-2. . A ftomishlns ches club has been organ-lied at Bay City. Mich. This Is the second cluh i a city of 30.000. Ttlnk of It, LoulsvUUtns feMfcM 4iA ' fuJuii. ZZ ws?s mn r a mm m: ma W&iM VmiMttt

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 13 Nov 1892, Sun,
  3. Page 22

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