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 - I CHESS. Communlcstions, exchanges,, etc.. In....
I CHESS. Communlcstions, exchanges,, etc.. In. tended this department should be addressed addressed to ths Chess Editor. ContrtbuUona of gauies. problama and news wUi be thank- thank- -fulijf -fulijf recel-ed. recel-ed. recel-ed. The Louisville Chess Club meets a S2T .Third street, second floor.. Hours of play. daily, from 4 to 7 p. m. Strangers are .luYited to cafl. Problem Ke, 1. White ailK at KB so; Q at K7; Kt at KB sq and Kd; U at KKU and QE3; JS at KB and Q5 ; P at KKtS, Q2. QS. Uia;:k (T) K at K3: Q at K; B at K3 and KK7; P at Qa, KBS, KK4. Vi'hlto to play and mate in two moves.' (By " Oeorga Hume, Nottingham. Tfalnt- Tfalnt- -pris -pris winner in tie problem tournament of the British Chess Isgazine. The SteiaUz.GoHteiYMate. v The match for tbe chaoipionshlB of toe world was brought to a , deUnits coa- coa- duslon on Thursday last, when the nineteen nineteen til game was played and drawn, making making the score fctand: Btelnlts. 6: Ouns- Ouns- berg. ; drawn, tt, and ronderinr it Ira- Ira- vosioni for Qun3be-g Qun3be-g Qun3be-g to tie, as it was stipulated that there should be pot over twenty gases played. tshiee the last report there were three more games piajeo. two of which were drawn oca. duo ot which Stointts won. Below la given the score ol ths eighteenth game, played last Wednesday. Notaa by tstcluita. EVANa OAalRrr. WHITE (Qunaberg) BLACK. (Stdtdis.) a" a. , 1 tt. 4 HKir-S. HKir-S. HKir-S. B S iJ-KV-Q iJ-KV-Q iJ-KV-Q iJ-KV-Q iJ-KV-Q Bl . S B f: 4 3 U B 4 -f -f 0 k 4 n x r B P-B P-B P-B 3 6 11 R 4 camtes 6 J b 3 7 P-Q P-Q P-Q 4 7 K Kt K S (a) O-K O-K O-K 4 ., ,. 8 B Kt 3 9 U K Kt O Q a 10 Kt 3 JO P X P (e) 11 Kt kt 5 11 Q Kt 3 J-2-P J-2-P J-2-P J-2-P J-2-P x P Iffr-P-Q Iffr-P-Q Iffr-P-Q Iffr-P-Q Iffr-P-Q B 3 13 P-Q P-Q P-Q 5 IS Kt K 4 14 Kt a Kt 14 Q x B 13 Kt K B 3 15 ta R n IO U Kt 8 lO-4-asUea lO-4-asUea lO-4-asUea lO-4-asUea lO-4-asUea R B SO. ... 17 P Q B S lS-3 lS-3 lS-3 Kt a 4 IB P Q B 4 in Kt K Si 1 P to Q 3 SO Kt Kt 3 20 B Q so. M 2t P K5 1 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 P-QKt4 -a -a Q R 3 22 P B & 8a P z Q P S3 Kt X Q F 84 B B S 24 P Kt B , 2S Q H 4 US J x Q P VH IJ K. 4 Kt Kt 3 27 Q B U 27 Q R Kt SO. 2 II X P eh 2 K R o C Q R Q SO 29 P-R P-R P-R 8 no B 5 feo P K Kt a lt 81 B x B 31 11 x R 33 Q Kt S Ck a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt a-3-o-Kt 3 u-i-g u-i-g u-i-g u-i-g u-i-g x p 8.1 rln 8 . 84 B Q 4 34 K R Q M SV R K4 eh 0) 33 K Kt SQ SM Kt Kt 6 He H Q 8 ;t7 It K 4 37 P U :iX K R K sq 09 8M K B Q SO. SO Kt K 3 SB Kt O 4 40 Q M 4 40 J B 3 0) 41 Kt K B S 41 U K 3 43 H Q B aa 42 P B 7 4JJ P K R 3 n) 43 O-Kt O-Kt O-Kt T 44 Q Kt 3 44 Q x Q 45 P X Q 41 H R 4 4H R Q B 4 K X B 47 r X tt t Kt-Kt Kt-Kt Kt-Kt B K Kt 3 S B x P ch 40 K X II -KiO -KiO A ok 0 K K : til Kt X Kt 6O K X R Bl R O 8 B2 P B 3 (pi B3-P B3-P B3-P Queens 64 B x Kt 2 h. M mlSj 2 Kt K a 53 Kt (II 3) Q 4 64 Kt x 0 uu id inn nnr aames wavca nacwm Tftcoia-ctin Tftcoia-ctin Tftcoia-ctin and 8telntu at Havana, this n was arways sdoptHi by th derencei 7 Kt it a, as ia uio cauie niatcA, was an arter- arter- tuiougbt taac can-m can-m can-m up in one ol the con-kultation con-kultation con-kultation frame at the end of the msrc h. (r v. bile's estahlialilng a center ia now mucn neutrauxeo By Having iiia UKt at R3 and his being aWo to manoeuver It to Qb3, his stroncret pot. rt A weak move; B D2 was much superior. superior. (Kk A grave error: P B6 was th Correct piay no luto then mnrti leas to rear from the Kt coming In at U after exehaog. lug Blvbops. (1) Serious loss of time that gmatly eom-pmmlaes eom-pmmlaes eom-pmmlaes hii prupecta of drawlug. (ki R 2Bsa. at once was hero much better. ill This mnv rela.a th K and greatly strengthona Black's aiurk. (nl Perhem K Baa was a better dofeaaA. p Not to let the advert K pais at onre and also raining important time tor nalah- nalah- in quicaiy. Pfetea. . dexlntrton has brcanlicd a chess elub wiia rourteen charter members. The Liverpo4 Chess 2nh has stgntflea its wliUnRness to play a cable mateE with The fifth annual meetine of the Rhode jsiana Lera Asoruitlon win be held to morrow at A-roviaeDce. A-roviaeDce. A-roviaeDce. Messrs. P. Harm-sou Harm-sou Harm-sou and L L Tabatt, vf New Ork-anv Ork-anv Ork-anv Chess Checker and Whlat uiuo, are piaymg matca. The Indiana Assnrlation held Its semi annual oieetlnK at Indianapolis January 15 to 17. Mr. W. H. Ripley won th SUte ciiamptonauip wita ten won ana two lost. A typographical error las week aaad tt appear that iunsberg won Seven fumt in the match, iih Htetntts. It should hav been out. Mr. fShowalter did not lose, but wen. xue Bunaioai. . The annual bu!nes meeting of the xjotnsvuie -unesa -unesa iiua was bekx yesteraay. All the oll nrlleers were re-eteetel. re-eteetel. re-eteetel. as fol lows: ."ir. 11 tram Robert. President Mr I Tf. TJemolts. 1ce-Presllent, 1ce-Presllent, 1ce-Presllent, and Ir O. B. TheLss. tierretarv and Treasurer. A committee was appointed to arrance ft tbe annual tournaiutnt which will be held In the near future.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 25 Jan 1891, Sun,
  3. Page 9

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