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HUTCHINSON NEWS Single Copy Price (jfi Outside Hutchinson 5c HUTCHINSON, KANSAS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, .1938. NO. 112 Green Joins Mourning Election There were some, like the Rev. C. M. Cope (he performed 668 ceremonies last month) who allowed allowed that the state would live to regret "taking away $250,000 of .revenue from Elkton.'' * But there was the other side of it, as expressed by Henry Pippin chamber of commerce president: "It will prove the business condition condition of our town. It will make it a cleaner place to live." Joseph H. Sloan,' trustee of the Elkton Methodist Episcopal church, agreed. "Jitney men and squabbling ministers brought the downfall of themselves In the manner in which they conducted their business," business," Sloan asserted. "The town will' benefit. . . . Elkton has had too mtich _ bad advertisement."' Even residents of Cecil county, of which Elkton is the seat, favored favored the new law by a heavy vote. Pearl Buck Is Awarded Nobel Prize Former Wife of Missionary Third American to Win Paris Ruin Assassination Every Jew In What Was Left of Allen McCoy's Car President of Turkey Dead Kamal Ataturk Wrote History During His Post-War Regime Istanbul (JP) —President Kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, died today after - a long illness. He was 58. ; His death had been expected for 24 hours following a relapse. He had suffered long from a liver ailment. It was officially stated I death occurred at 9:05 a. m. | A huge crowd stood in mourning mourning outside the beautiful white Dolma Bagtche palace where tne president breathed his last. The throng sadly watched the flag outside being lowered to half staff. Uncertainty existed as to the successor of the man who took command of the shrunken Ottoman Ottoman empire after the World war and built a new, strong nation according according to the western pattern. Three Mentioned Among those prominently mentioned mentioned were General Ismet In- eunu, a soldier and politician, Field Marshal 'Fevni Pehakaj, chief of the Turkish general staff and Feth Okyar, Turkish ambassador ambassador to London, who was an old friend of Ataturk. The ^president of the'national assembly, Abdul Halik Renda, automatically automatically assumed the presidency presidency of the republic, pending election of the soldier-hero's successor. successor. An urgent convocation of the national assembly was ordered ordered to hold the election. Just a week ago the heavy- jawed, hard-living president sent from his sickbed a message to the national assembly announcing a Stockholm tA>)— The 1938 Nobel prize for literature today was awarded to Pearl Buck, American author of "The Good Earth" and ottier novels, dealing with China, Mrs. Buck, formerly Pearl Syd* enstrycker and now Mrs. Richard J. ' Walsh of Great Neck, New York, was born in Hillsboro, West Virginia in 1892 and has spent much of her life in China. (Mrs. Buck's parents were missionaries missionaries in China and her first husband. J, Lossing Buck, was a Likely To Germany Nazis Start Campaign of Destruction Every Store Front, Most Synagogues In Ruins Today Allen McCoy, r>2, Hutchinson barber, was pinned by twisted steel in the above wreckage of what had been his car after the vehicle was struck by a Santa Fe passenger train at the Pershing crossing, Wednesday afternoon. The car was knocked and jolted a distance of 94 yards from the point of impact, before it was pushed clear of the train, a tangled mass of metal and glass With considerable dit- ficulty police extricated McCoy, whose head and arms were dangling through the rear window. McCoy McCoy died less than three hours later at a local hospital. Staff Photo Berlfin UP)— Nazi Germany today today indulged in its greatest wave of anti-Jewish violence since Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933. As a national day of vengeance for the assassination of.a German diplomat by a Jew in Paris wore on reports from every section of the country told of the burning and dynamiting of synagogues and demolition and looting of Jewish shops. The reports indicated that the campaign was conducted with a thoroughness and precision that left little to chance. Goebbels suggests a Halt Only after mote than 12 hours of nationwide violence did Propaganda Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goeb- Pearl Buck member of the faculty of Nanking universitv, They were divorced in 1935.) The Nobel award was understood understood to have been based particularly particularly on "The Good Earth," which also won the 1932 Pulitzer prize for ar. American novel. The Nobel literature prize amounts to 155,000 kroner, about $37,975.' The 1938 Nobel prize in physics was Awarded to an- Italian sciea- tist, Enrico Fermi of the University University of Rome.. • Arsonist Is Sought After Farm Blazes Dozen Grass Fires Kindled Apparently By Thrown Matches Third American To Win Pearl Buck was the third Amer-„ lean to "win the'Nobel award in literature, literature, an honor she shares in this country only with Sinclair Lewis, Who was awarded it in 1930, and Eugene O'Neill, who received it in 1936. She joined the company of such literary greats as Maurice Maeter­ linck, Rudyard Kipling, Anatole France, William Butler Yeats and George Bernard Shaw. She was the second woman of the decade to win Nobel recognition With no clues other than an unbumed match, Reno county officers have little to, work on in seeking the arsonist who late yesterday yesterday started a dozen grass fires which burned over hundreds of acres of ground east of Hutchinson^ Hutchinson^ • No jnajpr,.Josses .were reported from the series of incendiary blazes, authorities marveling at how farm buildings and livestock were saved from the wind-driven flames. It looked as though somebody in a car drove along the road throwing out lighted matches," said J. F. Kelly, deputy sheriff,) who was called to the area. Moved Eastward The first fire was about four miles cast of Hutchinson, others Allen McCoy, 52, 811 East Seventh, Seventh, died at 3:35 o'clock yesterday yesterday afternoon at a local hospital of injuries suffered when his car was struck by a Santa Fe passenger passenger train at the Pershing crossing crossing at 1:15 o'clock. Death was caused by internal injuries, his physician said. His chest was crushed and ribs were broken. His head, arms and shoulders shoulders were jammed through the rear window of his car by force of the impact. The funeral will be at 2:30 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the Johnson Funeral parlors. The Rev. O. P. Garlock will be in charge. Interment will be in Fairlawn cemetery. Mr. McCoy is survived by his widow; two sons, Kenneth and Allen McCoy both of the home; and three daughters. Mrs. Gwendolyn Gwendolyn McCreary, Winfield, Mrs. Maxine Taylor, Hutchinson and Bonnie Jean McCoy of the home. Farm Program Fight Looming Mid-West Demonstrates Dissatisfaction With New Deal Plan A Workable Minority In New Congress Politicians Scan Tuesday's Results For 1940 Signs By The Associated Press The Democratic and Republican parties, began a two-year struggle for power today as the aftermath of political upheavals in Tuesday's elections. With 11 new governorships, eight new senate seats and at least 78 more house seats firmly in their grasp, Republicans turned from ballot counting with the avowed intention of trying to take over the presidency In 1940. Democrats, characterizing many of their losses as inevitable casualties casualties to Roosevelt coat-tail riders, riders, minimized Republican claims of widespread anti-new deal sentiment. sentiment. They were equally, determined Go To It, Paper Advices Berlin (/P)— Der Angriff, organ organ of Propaganda Minister Paul Joseph Goebbels. in a short account today of the destruction of Jewish stores and synagogues said "we shed not a single tear for them." "They (the synagogues) stood in the way long enough," the paper continued. "We can use the space made free more usefully than as Jewish fortresses." bels call a halt, in a brief appeal to the people to desist from further demonstrations. But his appeal concluded with what responsible Jews feared might be a threat of a general order for all Jews to leave the country. Late in the afternoon Goebbels' appeal had had no apparent effect in the west end of Berlin. Raid Every Shop Wrecking gangs systematically toured that section's main thorough/are, thorough/are, Kurfucrstandamm, pulling pulling down hurriedly constructed protections in front of show windows windows and raiding Jewish-owned shops and wrecking everything. Soon after 7 p.m. Goebbels' appeal appeal was repeated by radio. Police quickly appeared on Koenig- strasse, where Israel's department store and other Jewish shops are (Page 8, Column 1, Please)

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