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Part 1 - Judges Rate 4-H Clothing Consultation...
Judges Rate 4-H Clothing Consultation evaluation of clothing projects for Leavenworth Leavenworth County 4-H'ers was held last week, at the West Junior High School. The annual 4-H style revue was also presented with evaluation being completed completed of knitting and crocheting projects, skill arts and ceramics. The results of the first three divisions in clothing, namely "Exploring Clothing", "Adventures in Clothing", and "Clothing Speaks" are as follows^by rl"h: Basehor Rustlers Purple: Sherry Hoffman (2); Kim Hoffman; Blue: Lori Brandt (2); Rlnda Cooper; Becky Franklin; Sherry Hoffman; Befh Nash; Linda Schaefer; Red: Kim Hoffman; Beth Nash; Amy Noeth. Bell Purple: Peggy Kramer; Kelly Pierron; Carol Sachse; Kathleen Schwinn; Sandra Steed; Blue: Beth Young (3); Red: Ann Lowe. Doling Blue: Lisa Fendorf; Sandra Waters; Teresa Zerrer; Red: Teresa Zerrer. El Dorado Red: Mary Rita Kaiser. Fairmount Purple: Connie Rettele; Blue: JoRita Wlmer; Red: Pam Campbell Campbell (2); Beverly Eberth (3); Beth Martin; Pam Wimer (2). Happy Helpers Purple: Christine Coulter; Stephanie Daniel; Lorle Denholm; Wendee Garner; Shari Seelv; Blue- Regina Brassart; Stephanie Daniel (2); Rosi Hill; Kristin Martin; TammlOtey (2); Michelle Plake; Stacy Seely; Stephanie Seely; Lisa K. Smith (2); Lori A. Smith (2); Tina Smith (2); Edie Swinney; Teresa Theno; Red: Michelle Plake; Tina Smith; Edie Sv/inney (2); Teresa Theno. Happy Hollow Purple: Kathleen Helm; Ruth Hoppe; Blue: GailAdcock; Jolene Adcock; Kathleen Heim (3); Ce-Ce Todd, LaurieTodd(2). Jolly Workers Purple: Jennifer halfing: Denise Smith; Blue: Jennifer Hailing; Suzanne List u>; Tonja Maddox (2); Michelle McCluskey (4); Cathy Runnebaum; Denise Smith (3); Therese Stillian (2); Barbie Wingender; Red: Michelle McCluskey; Denise Smith; Therese Stillian (2). Livewires Purple: Katrina Feuerborn (2); Jackie Monroe, Jilinda New (3); Linda Stone; Beatrice Wake; Cathy Winkler; Wendy Winkler (3); Blue: Debbie Seuser. Lucky Clover Purple: Kristi Brauer (3); Vicki May (2); Martha Oelschlaeger (4); Glenda Turner (2); Blue: Kristi Brauer; Vickie May (2); Martha Oelschlaeger; Glenda Turner (2); Red: Kristi Brauer; Vicki May. Mayginnis Hustlers Blue: Robin Williams (2). Nine Mile Purple: Kimberley Fletcher (2) ; Cheryl Gerdes (3); Debbie Hattock Hattock (2); Rhonda Hattock; Karen Klaus (2); Terri Linn (3); Susie Nye (2); Blue: Kimberley Fletcher; Fletcher; Debbie Hattock (2); Sandra Hattock; Karen Klaus; Theresa Klaus; Susie Nye; Red: Rhonda Haltock; Theresa Klaus. Reno Bobwhites Purple: Tammy Nokes (3); Rhonda Pearson; Kim Quisenberry; Quisenberry; Melinda Warren; Blue: Cheryl Cranor (3); Rhonda Engelken; Sandi Kaslaitis; Suzie Kaslaitis; Dalene Pearson (3); Rhonda Pearson; Kim Quisenberry; Quisenberry; Debbie Shoemaker (3); Joyce Warren (2); Red: Rhonda Engelken; KimQuisenberry. Valley View Purple: Brenda Keller; Jonna Keller; Patty Lawrence (2); Blue: Mary Heintzelman (2); Anita Hennlng; Brenda Keller; Michelle Lawrence (2): Lesll Nielsen (2); Deborah Schmidt (2); Red: Sandra Berq; White: SandraBerg. Leavenworth Leaders Purple: Janet Rldder (2); Blue: Andes Parker (2); Kim Rogers Red: Laurie Hunnel (2); Agnes Parker The results of the last three divisions in 4-H clothing construction, construction, namely, 'Creating Your Wardrobe"', -Special Clothes', and Complete Costume.' are as follows: by club: Basehor Rustlers Puple: Lisa Sass; Blue: Lisa Sass(2); Vicki VanTuyl. Bell Purple: Marina hill; Blue: Karen Franken (2); Marina Hill; Red: Debbie Knapp. Fairmount Purple: Gayla Jones; Blue: Gayla Jones. Glen wood Blue: Marcla Hunt. Green Promise Purple: Melissa Wiley; Blue: Melissa Wiley. Happy Helpers Purple: Kim Metcalf; Blue: Jeanette Frevele; Lee Anne Mark (2); Kim Metcalf; Red: Jeanette Frevele; Debbie Neff (2). Happy Hollow Purple: Mary Beth Schwinn (6) ; Blue: Mary Beth Schwinn (2). Jolly Workers Purple: Teresa Haag; Blue: Teresa Haag (2). Lucky Clover Purple: Diana Wilhite; Blue: Chris Leach; Laura Stidham (2); Donna Wilhite (2); Marcia Wilhite (3). NineMile Purple: Karen Johnson (2); Blue: Karen Johnson (3). Reno Bobwhites^ Purple: Leigh Ann Hand; Ruth Herrington; Blue: Brenda hand (2); Leigh Ann Hand; Ruth Harrington. The results of the annual 4-H style revue which were decided Wedensday are as follows by club: Basehor Rustlers Blue: Lori Brandt; Kim Hoffman; Hoffman; Sherry Hoffman; Amy Noeth; Lisa Sass; Vicki Van Tuyl. Bell Blue: Karen Franken; Marina Hill; Peggy Kramer; Kelly Pierron; Carol Saches; Kathleen Schwinn; Sandra Steed; Beth Young; Red: Debbie Knapp; Ann Lowe. Boling Blue: Sandra Waters; Red: Teresa Zerrer. Falrmount Blue: Beverly Eberth; Gayla Jones; Beth Martin; Red: Pam Campbell; Pam Wimer. Glenwood BlueP Marcia Hunt. Green Promise Red: Melissa Wiley. Happy Helpers Blue: Rgina Brassart; Stephanie Daniel; Lurie Denholm; Jeanette Frevele; Wendee Garner; Garner; Lee Anne Mark; Kristin Martin; Wendy McDaniel; Kim Metcalf; Debbie L. Neff; Shari Seely; Stacy Seely; Lori A. Smith; Lisa K. Smith; Tina Smith; Red Rosi Hill; Michelle Plake; Stephanie Seely; Edie Swinney; Teresa Theno. Happy Hollow Blue: Gail Adcock; Jolene Adcock; Kathleen Heim; Ruth Hoppe; Ce-Ce Todd; Laurie Todd; Mary Beth Schwinn. Jolly Workers Blue: Teresa Haag; Barbie Wingender; Red: Jennifer Hailing; Tonja Maddox; Michelle McCluskey; Denise Smith; Suzanne List. Leavenworth Leaders Blue: Agnes Parker; Janet Ridder; Red: Laurie Hunnel. Livewires Blue: Katrina Feuerborn; Jilinda New; Jackie Monroe; Linda Stone; Beatrice Wake:Wendy Wake:Wendy Winkler; Red: Debbie Seuser; Cathy Winkler. Lucky Clover Blue: Kristi Brauer; Chris Leach; Vicki May; Laura Stidham; Diana Wilhite; Donna Wilhite; Marcia Wilhite. Mayginnis Hustlers Blue: Robin Williams. NineMile Blue: Cheryl Gerdes; Debbie Hattock; Rhonda Hattack; Sandra Hattock; Karen Johnson; Terrie Linn; Susie Nye; Red: Karen Klaus; Theresa Klaus. Reno Bobwhltdi Blue: Cheryl Cranor; Rhonda Engelken; Brenda Hand; Leigh Ann Hand; Ruth Herrington; Sandi Kaslaitis; Suzle Kaslaitis; Tammy Nokes; Dalene Pearson; Rhonda Pearson; Kim Qulsen- berry; Joyce Warren. Valley View Blue: Sandra Berg; Anita Hennlng; Brenda Keller; Jonna KetFeT-; Patfy La'wreTieey MTcTleTr Lawrence; Lesll Nielsen; Deborah Schmidt. . , The results of consultation evaluation of 4-H knitting and crocheting projects are listed below by club: Basehor Rustlers Purple: Beth Nash; Blue: Lisa Brandt; Rlnda Cooper; BecKy Franklin; Red: Rinda Cooper; Janet Scherer. Bell Purple: Marina Hill; Debbie Knapp; Ann Lowe )2); Gall NavinsKy; Blue: Marina H!TT;" Tammy HIM; Ann Lowe; Sandra Steed; Red: Tammy Hill; Marllpv Karczewski J2); Debbie Kninrr. Ann Lowe; Ciail Navlnsky; Red: Sanrtra Steed. Bolinq Purple; Lisa Fendorf (?l. tl Dorado Purple: Sandy Murawski; Blue: Brenda Fowler; Sandy Murawski; Red: Brenda Fowler. See JUDGES. Page 5 3 The Leavenworth Times, Monday, August 9,1976. Good Selection Short Rolls and Carpet Remnants Dix Carpet Center 521 Del. 682-3011 Free Parking Everyday Downtown Leavenworth YOU1LSAYYES TO OUR CLEARANCE AUTMOfltftO °!»LZ» S^ CHRYSLEF 76 Chrysler Cordoba

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  1. The Leavenworth Times,
  2. 09 Aug 1976, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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